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Yoga for Weight Loss: A Guide to the Best Practices and Poses

Yoga is a way of living that can help you lose weight by making you healthier in body, mind, and spirit. Here are some of the ways yoga can help you with your weight loss goals:

  • Yoga uses up energy and makes muscles stronger. The kind and level of yoga you do can make you use up from 180 to 460 energy units per hour¹. Yoga also helps you grow more and better muscles, which makes your body use up more energy even when you are not moving².
  • Yoga lowers stress and cortisol levels. Stress can make you gain weight by making you hungry, want to eat more, and have more swelling, as well as making you sleep less and feel worse³. Yoga can help you deal with stress by making your cortisol levels go down, making you feel better, and making you sleep better⁴. Yoga also shows you how to breathe and think in a way that can help you handle stressful situations in a good way.
  • Yoga makes you more mindful and eat better. Mindfulness is the skill of paying attention to the present moment with awareness and acceptance. Yoga can help you be more mindful by making you more aware of your body feelings, thoughts, and emotions. This can help you eat better by making you eat less when you are not hungry, eat less when you are full, and eat without thinking, as well as making you like and enjoy food more.
  • Yoga makes a group of support. Yoga can help you meet people who think like you and want the same things as you. You can join a yoga class, a yoga place, or an online yoga group to find help, encouragement, and ideas for your weight loss journey. You can also learn from your yoga teachers and friends, and share your stories and problems with them.

Some of the best kinds of yoga for weight loss are:

  • Power yoga: This is a strong and fast style of yoga that has quick moves of poses that test your strength, stamina, and bendiness. Power yoga can help you use up a lot of energy and make your muscles better.

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