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Back Pose: A Guide for Bodybuilding Beginners

A bodybuilder back pose is when you show how big, shaped, and clear your back muscles are in a bodybuilding contest or a photo session. A good back pose can help you get better marks from the judges and impress the people watching. 

The bodybuilder turns his back to the camera, his feet a little more than shoulder-width apart, and his toes pointing out. He bends his knees a little and pushes his hips forward, making a small curve in his lower back. He lifts his chest and pulls his shoulders back, making his ribcage bigger and his back wider.

He lifts his arms to the sides, bending his elbows at right angles and turning his wrists so that his palms face forward. He makes his biceps hard, making them stand out and showing the gap between the biceps and the triceps. He also makes his forearms hard, making his arms thicker.

He spreads his lats, the big muscles that go from his armpits to his waist, making a V-shape that gets smaller to his hips. He makes his traps hard, the muscles that join his neck and his shoulders, making them look like two hills on his upper back. He also makes his rhomboids hard, the muscles that are between his shoulder blades, making a diamond-shaped dent in the middle of his back.He breathes out and makes his abs hard, showing the six-pack that is different from his huge back. He also makes his glutes, hamstrings, and calves hard, showing the balance and harmony between his upper and lower body. He looks over his shoulder and smiles with confidence, knowing that he has done the back pose well. He keeps the pose for a few seconds, then relaxes and gets ready for the next one.

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