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Yoga Definition: What Is Yoga and What Are Its Origins and Purposes?

Asanas yoga is a word that means the doing of body shapes or poses in yoga. Asanas are one of the eight parts of yoga, along with yamas, niyamas, pranayama, pratyahara, dharana, dhyana, and samadhi. Asanas are made to get the body and mind ready for thinking, as well as to make health, well-being, and peace better.

The word asana means “seat” or “pose” in Sanskrit, and it shows a feeling of firmness and comfort. According to the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, an old book on yoga thinking and doing, an asana should be “firm and comfortable” (sthira sukham asanam). This means that an asana should not make pain, pressure, or trouble, but rather make a balance between work and ease.

There are many asanas, each with its own name, good things, and changes. Some of the most usual groups of asanas are standing, sitting, balancing, backbending, twisting, forward bending, hip opening, and upside down. Each group of asanas has its own energy and body effects, such as making stronger, longer, more open, or more relaxed different parts of the body and mind.

Asanas can be done alone or in orders, depending on the kind, level, and reason of the doing. Some of the liked kinds of yoga that make asanas important are hatha, vinyasa, ashtanga, bikram, yin, and restorative. Each kind has its own things, such as the speed, level, and order of the asanas.

Asanas can be done by anyone, no matter how old, experienced, or fit they are. However, it is good to ask a doctor before starting asanas, especially if one has any health problems, hurts, or things they are allergic to that may change the doing. It is also good to do asanas with the help of a good teacher, who can give right directions and comments. Asanas should be done on an empty stomach, better in the morning or evening, in a nice and quiet place.

Asanas are a strong and deep doing that can change one’s life by joining the body, mind, and spirit. By doing asanas often, one can get a healthy weight, a bendy and strong body, a quiet and focused mind, and a happy and calm heart.

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