EPR Retail News’s Editorial Staff

Oleg Lazarov, Editor-in-Chief at EPR Retail News Oleg Lazarov, 41, is the founder of EPR Network LLC, which operates EPRRetailNews.com. He also serves as EPRRetailNews.com’s Editor-in-Chief responsible for and overseeing the PR distribution operations and policy. Oleg Lazarov takes care of the news-wire’s categories Auctions, Consumer Information, Consumer Services, Discounts, E-Commerce, Financial, Grocery, Merchant Services, Mobile, Retail, Retail Software, Transportation & Logistics, among others.

Oleg Lazarov is also responsible for making sure press releases that are disseminated via EPRRetailNews.com are newsworthy, objective, legally and factually accurate, authorized, with real contacts and clear news source, among others.

Oleg Lazarov made his first steps in the web-based public relations back in the nineties when he ventured into his first Internet projects where he had to do online PR for – something only a few have done at that time. More professionally he begun to deal with press releases online since 2004 when he founded EPR Network LLC of Calif., currently one of North America’s largest* and leading press release distribution networks, with more than 50 PR related sites under management and over 1M press releases distributed since inception.

Oleg Lazarov is a serial entrepreneur and conceptualist working over Internet since 1995 as his full biography can be found at oleglazarov.com.

Sheryl Rivera, Senior Editor at EPR Retail News Sheryl Rivera, 37, co-founded EPR Network LLC and is presently EPRRetailNews.com’s Senior Editor with focus on the Apparel, Art, Baby Products, Beauty, Books, Children, Cosmetics, Coupons, Fashion, Fragrances, Gifts, Healthcare Products, Home & Garden, Jewelry, among others.

Sheryl Rivera is also responsible for making sure press releases appearing on EPRRetailNews.com are with proper and correct spelling, grammar, writing style, formatting, company logos, photos, videos and more.

Sheryl Rivera’s PR experience spans nearly two decades starting with various PR and marketing positions held back in the ‘90s in one of the leading business newspapers in Asia, BusinessWorld. Her professional PR career continued in 2004 when she joined Oleg Lazarov and helped him found EPR Network LLC. Sheryl Rivera has since then previewed, edited and distributed tens of thousands of press releases.

* in terms of total number of PRs disseminated and PR sites operated.