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What is
Where do I send my retail press release?
Does offer free PR distribution?
What can be published on
Any content restrictions in place?
Press release formatting and guidelines?
Should I register with
When will my press release go live?
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What is

Straight off: is a premium retail press release distribution and newswire service.

Pricing?’s press release distribution pricing starts at $99 per single press release distributed via its retail news-wire service. No hidden costs involved.

Where do I send my retail press release?

Send your retail press release over here:

Does offer free PR distribution?

No. does not offer free retail press release distribution service. Yet, retail press releases that meet certain criteria may be eligible for free press release distribution via

What can be published on

As the concept implies by itself only press releases that are retail related, in one way or another, can be published on and released via

Any content restrictions in place?

Yes. We are very sensitive towards, among others, adult, gambling, pharmacy, MLM, etc. related content and press releases, even deemed retail related, in one way or another. Those identified as one of the above may not be released via In addition, generally inappropriate, irrelevant, offensive and unrelated PR content may also not be permitted for publishing on

Press release formatting and guidelines?

Lets start off with the very basics about what does your press release need to have in order to be classified as a press/news release.

  • Headline / title — try to keep your headline as short as possible. Make sure your PR headline is appealing enough to entice readers. Avoid using ALL CAPITAL letters in your headline;
  • Release time — the PR release time is recommended to be in Eastern Standard Time (EST). This is set to be assigned automatically by, so you don’t have to bother with this;
  • Body — here is where your press release text goes in;
  • Hyper-links — while important for SEO purposes, make sure the number of your in-text hyper-links is kept as minimal as possible (3-5 per standard press release) for better overall results;
  • Rel “nofollow” – Should you want or need to use the rel “nofollow” attribute, let us know, and we’ll assign one to any or all of your outgoing links within your press release;
  • Images — try keeping the number of photos/images embedded in your press release to a reasonable number for better overall readiness;
  • Logo — you can have your company’s logo embedded within your press release. Make sure please your logo is sized reasonably;
  • Video — you are free to embed videos in your press release as well. To add or embed a video in your press release, the video must be first uploaded to YouTube. Once it is uploaded to YouTube, please copy the video’s URL and hand it over to us at the time you are submitting over your PR material. The video URL should look  like –, where video_code is specific to your video on YouTube. It will be fetched up from there by our editor and embedded within your press release;
  • Hype — avoid hype. Just present and support the facts;
  • Ending — Ending your press release with “# # #”, centered, is also considered an integrated thing of properly formatted press release, but is not mandatory;
  • First words — always keep in mind that the first words are the most important, so make them count;
  • Categorizing — Appropriately categorizing your press release is important for how well your press release is findable on as well as elsewhere online. Taking into consideration the importance of choosing the right categories for your PR, our editors will do that for you and make sure this is well taken care of;
  • Tagging — you are free to use as many tags as you want to associate your press release with, but please bear in mind that your tags must be relevant to your press release. Our editors reserve their right to reject irrelevant tags for your PR;
  • Comments — We tend to set the comments option to “OFF” for all press releases due to spamming issues. Yet, should you want to have your PR’s comments set to “ON”, let us know and we will enable them on your press release;
  • PR author name —  It is strongly recommended for you to use a real name or a real company name for the purpose.  While this requirement is not mandatory, it is, again, strongly recommended, if you want your press releases to be considered serious enough. At the very least, try to avoid using celebrity names, unless it is your “real you”, offensive words as well as generally nonsense author names.
  • Contact information — the contact details are very important for a press release, so make sure you have put yours properly at the end of your press release. The contact details exampled below are considered enough to suffice. At the very least a web site or an email address should be provided instead.

Contact Name,

Director of Public Relations

Office: 555.555.1234

Mobile: 333.555.7777


Basic and general information on how to properly wite and format your press release can be found on the following places:

Should I register with

No. is registration free. What you only need to do is to have your ready made PR material handed over to our editorial desk and our editors will take care of the rest.

When will my press release go live?
We tend to work on the next day distribution basis. Press release goes live within 24 hours upon submission (excluding weekends and official US holidays). Embargoed press releases are honored as well. To help us disseminate your press release as fast as possible, please make sure your press releases are well formatted and properly written in the form and style of a press release, typo and grammar error free.

Still not seeing what you were looking for? You can get in touch with us and we’ll try to help you out.
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