Groupe Auchan renamed Auchan Holding and organised into three key autonomous companies

CROIX, France, 2015-10-26 — /EPR Retail News/ — In order to improve its performance drivers, provide greater leeway for each of its three core businesses and increase flexibility and rapidity, Groupe Auchan is streamlining its organisation and governance.

Accordingly, Groupe Auchan, which has been renamed Auchan Holding, is being organised into three key autonomous companies:

  • Auchan Retail will bring together the food retail formats, hypermarkets, supermarkets, convenience stores, drive outlets and e-commerce. Wilhelm Hubner, current General Manager of Auchan Russia will be General Manager of Auchan Retail and Vianney Mulliez will be Non-Executive Chairman of Auchan Retail;
  • Immochan, the group’s retail property management arm, will continue to be led by Benoît Lheureux with Vianney Mulliez as Non-Executive Chairman;
  • Oney Banque Accord will continue to be led by General Manager Jean-Pierre Viboud with Xavier de Mézerac as Non-Executive Chairman.

To underpin this autonomy, the current governance structure, comprising a Board of Directors and a Chairman and CEO, will be replaced by a more suitable legal structure comprising a Supervisory Board and Management Board.

Vianney Mulliez, the current Chairman of the Board of Directors will be the Chairman of the Supervisory Board.
The members of the Management Board are Wilhelm Hubner, General Manager of Auchan Retail, Benoît Lheureux, General Manager of Immochan, Jean-Pierre Viboud, General Manager of Oney Banque Accord and Xavier de Mézerac, General Secretary of Auchan Holding.
Wilhelm Hubner will be Chairman of the Management Board.

The Management Committee of Auchan Retail, chaired by Wilhelm Hubner, will have 13 members:

7 country executive chairmen:

  • Philippe Baroukh will oversee development in Italy as Executive Chairman and in Hungary as Non-Executive Chairman;
  • Patrick Coignard will oversee development in Spain as Executive Chairman and in Portugal as Non-Executive Chairman;
  • François Colombié will oversee development in Poland as Executive Chairman and in Ukraine as Non-Executive Chairman;
  • Patrick Espasa will oversee development in France as Executive Chairman;
  • Jean-Pierre Germain will oversee development in Russia as Executive Chairman;
  • Bruno Mercier will oversee development in China as Executive Chairman and in Taiwan as Non-Executive Chairman;
  • François Remy will oversee development in Luxembourg as Executive Chairman and in Romania as Non-Executive Chairman.

6 support function directors:

  • Isabelle Bouvier will oversee the Finance Division, which will include development and technical resources;
  • Jean-Denis Deweine will oversee the Product Division, which will include brand management, product offerings and purchasing;
  • Ludovic Holinier will oversee the Performance Division, which will include management control, indirect purchasing and risk management; he will also be Non-Executive Chairman of Vietnam;
  • Xavier Prévost will oversee the Efficiency Division, which will include streamlining, information systems and the supply chain;
  • Philippe Saudo will oversee the Human Resources Division, which will include the development of talent, communication and CSR; he will also be Non-Executive Chairman of Senegal;
  • The Director of Innovation, responsible for digitisation and customer relations, will be appointed shortly.

Auchan Retail will be organised by country in order to ensure the best possible service for local inhabitants regardless of their chosen shopping format.

The Management Committees of Immochan and Oney Banque Accord will remain unchanged.

This new organisation, announced internally this morning, will take effect as of 16 November 2015.


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Groupe Auchan: Oney Banque Accord grew in 1st half of 2015 in spite of economic and regulatory effect

Groupe Auchan: Oney Banque Accord grew in 1st half of 2015 in spite of economic and regulatory effect

Croix Cedex, France, 2015-8-31— /EPR Retail News/ — On 30 June 2015, Oney Banque Accord had stable Net Banking Income compared to the previous financial year, at €190 million (+0.3%). The French subsidiary stood up well in spite of economic and regulatory effects, thanks to significant investment to support innovation and the development of new services and good control of risk and expenses. We note that the international subsidiaries were very dynamic, particularly Spain and Portugal.

Credit production increased by 1.3% to reach €1.1 billion. At the same time, Oney Banque Accord continued to improve the control of its risks: the risk rate on outstanding business thus reached 2.8% (against 3.3% in the 1st half of 2014). Net earnings increased by 1.4% to €24.3 million, against €24.0 million on 30 June 2014. The Basel III solvency ratio (before dividend distribution) was brought to 15.41%, a clear improvement (14.22% pro forma 1st half 2014).

“We are delighted by the interest aroused by our innovations in France and abroad. These results encourage us to continue in this direction and provide still more support to retail players in redefining their customer experiences, to adapt to new practices. Our new strategy is now bearing fruit, enabling us to grow and have greater financial stability”, says Jean-Pierre Viboud, Managing Director of the Oney Banque Accord group.


Groupe Auchan: Oney Banque Accord grew in 1st half of 2015 in spite of economic and regulatory effect

Groupe Auchan: Oney Banque Accord grew in 1st half of 2015 in spite of economic and regulatory effect