Hungry Globetrotter Sources Artisan Ingredients from Premier Partners for Worldly Culinary Adventures

As he walked the floor at the San Francisco Fancy Food Show last week, Vijay Rajendran, founder of the recently launched and rapidly growing global gourmet retailer, Hungry Globetrotter was in search of sourcing high quality ingredients from around the world. His culinary tourism company is dedicated to creating a true experience of regional cuisine in monthly meals delivered directly to members’ doorsteps through diner’s taste buds.

“Featuring truly authentic cuisine often includes hard-to-find ingredients that people may find intimidating, or may not have even heard of,” said Vijay. “The companies we partner with don’t just help us make these ingredients more accessible, they also perpetuate the enthusiasm and excitement around preparing exotic meals in our own kitchens.”

For Vijay, the show provided a chance to meet face to face with new partners to collaborate and share Hungry Globetrotter’s vision of bringing culinary tourism home. Aside from providing delicious monthly meals, Hungry Globetrotter also provides a platform for global retailers of spices, sauces and other shelf-stable items that reflect the flavors of their international destinations, and provide a platform for them to reach a globally engaged culinary audience. Three top partners to watch for in Hungry Globetrotter’s upcoming monthly mailings include:

Spicely: With a new Market Street location recently opened in San Francisco, Spicely shares Hungry Globetrotter’s mission to bring a vast array of flavors used in dishes around the world to gourmet lovers’ plates everywhere. Committed to using only the freshest, natural ingredients and planet-friendly packaging and maintaining the highest standard of production possible, the company is positively affecting the landscape of fine international foods. Spicely’s products are included in Hungry Globetrotter’s South Indian and Japanese samplers.

Wholesome Kitchen: Boasting premium quality dried vegetables and fruits, nuts and exotic grains and spices, each featured product is exclusive to Wholesome Kitchen’s product line. The company also adheres strictly to an ethical code focused on integrity and excellence, offering ingredients that are accessible and easy to use, while authentically reflecting the cuisine of their exotic origins. Wholesome Kitchen’s products are featured in Hungry Globetrotter’s Moroccan and Argentine mailings.

Casa de Chocolates: The Berkeley-based company is driven by a passion to support quality, sustainably farmed cacao products and thus, empowering the growers in Latin America to continue these practices. The mission is not just about great chocolate; it’s also about helping chocolate lovers appreciate the traditions and ancient origins of the treat within the Americas. Hungry Globetrotter members can savor Casa de Chocolates products in the Mexico box.

Hungry Globetrotter connects home chefs, culinary enthusiasts, families and busy professionals with the flavors of the world in the comfort of their own home. With easy to follow recipes, preparation tips and shopping lists, anyone can create an impressive international meal with ease and convenience. Shipped products are non-perishable, branded specialty food products that have been carefully selected and tested for quality.

After delivering the key ingredients to get the meal started, Hungry Globetrotter helps consumers locate hard to find components with local shopping tips. The company also offers many of the flavorful ingredients on the Hungry Globetrotter website, so repeat meals can be easily created, any time.

Signing up for the monthly food delivery service can be easily done online at Many customers love the excitement of seeing a Hungry Globetrotter box on their doorstep. As the holidays approach, the service makes a unique and delicious gift also.

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More Retail press releases – Integral to Retail Business’ Success

Many business experts agree that the retail business changes how the business world is perceived. In recent years, GIS mapping was embraced not only by big companies but retail business owners as well. Their understanding of geographic intelligence is used to further their business dealings and makes it possible for them to keep up with the growing demands of retail.

One of the tools that helps retail business owners to better run their business is through the use of an online mapping tool called uses modern geocoding services and mapping technology to allow the users to easily create maps from Microsoft Excel spreadsheet data. From this, they can easily achieve the following:

– Improve planning, buying, and shipping
– Manage individual stores effectively
– Strategize business plans
– Profile the location

“A Totally Cool Tool” as a business intelligence tool is used by both big companies and retail businesses. With its exceptional features, data analysis can be done in half the time. Hence, it is considered by retail owners as tailored-fit to their needs. It is a rich platform where information from different sources is collated. Retail owners may use Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to plot their data and paste it to for instant data visualization through mapping. The attractive maps that effectively tell stories are ready to present to clients and customers. It usually results to better insights for decision making.

Says Kim, a retail business expert from the beauty industry, “This is a TOTALLY COOL tool. Thank you for creating it.”

In its fourth year, continues to help many retail businesses in solving complex business problems. It provides effective solutions in terms of:

– Operations and Logistics
– Product Supply
– Distribution

Improved Sales Statistics

Retail business owners may gather different information and plot them to their spreadsheets. allows them to plot maps from different location sets. Data visualization from different data sets can be seen in an instant projecting a clear meaning of what the maps are really talking about. The Plus Features of makes data analysis even better. Users can have an awesome mapping experience as they take advantage of some of its features like:

– Customize Markers
– Custom Image Markers
– Show Location Labels
– Add Territory Layers
– Build Heat Maps
– Embed Maps
– Save Unlimited Maps
– Add Infinite Data Sets

Create retail business’ maps today and experience the fast solutions it provides.

Contact Details:


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Missguided Announces More Lines Added To Their Winter Sale!

Just because the month is coming to an end, it doesn’t mean the sales are! Online women’s clothing retailer Missguided have added even more seasonal essentials to their Winter sale, ensuring that you wash your January blues away with up to 60% off fabulous goodies!

Need the perfect reason to stock up on a few gorgeous dresses for that all important spontaneous night out? Missguided have handed you that very excuse with amazing discounts on clothing, footwear and accessories. From that statement sequin dress to the classic midi dresses, you definitely won’t be shying away from your end of season wardrobe this year!

If you’re feeling the cold after the “great freeze” wrap up warm with the perfect winter coat, from leopard print furs to tartan oversized jackets Missguided’s outerwear range has every style you need to keep the chill off this season.

Cosy up in style with Missguided’s fabulous knitwear collection or if you’re lucky enough to be jetting off somewhere a little warmer this month Missguided have made sure that your every needs are covered with their collection of cute tees and women’s swimwear. From slogan essentials to statement tunics you can pick up a summery bargain from a perfect £10.99!

Finances might be tight, but Missguided certainly know how important it is to look your best without breaking the bank. With sale items from as little as £7 how can you resist indulging in a little online retail therapy, and with free UK delivery on orders over £40 you can guarantee that your wardrobe will be fully prepared for fabulousness this year!

For behind the scenes footage, sneak peeks at the latest campaigns and an abundance of fabulous products make sure you check out Missguided on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube and Tumblr.

Happy sale shopping!

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AGA iTotal Control – The all new on-off AGA you can control wherever you are!

If you grew up in the 70s, it was tempting to imagine the home of the future would be decidedly space age, with robots running everything and us sitting back doing very little. This, of course, isn’t quite how things turned out – but things are getting decidedly more techie in the kitchen.

AGA has taken things a step further by launching the AGA iTotal Control range cooker. Owners of these innovative new range cookers will be able to control it wherever they are, using a mobile phone, smartphone, PC, laptop, iPad or tablet.

The AGA iTotal Control cooker’s three ovens (roasting, baking and simmering) are remotely operated, so you can ensure the cooker is warm and supper will be cooked at exactly the time you need it – wherever you are in the world. Essentially, you can sync your AGA at the touch of a button.

Those AGA iTotal Control owners who don’t have a smartphone, tablet or laptop can still take advantage of this technical revolution – simply by sending a text message to the AGA. The AGA can also be controlled via the web, so even if you have no phone signal you can use a wireless network to ensure the cooker is doing exactly what you want it to.

AGA is using Orange technology to run the communications element of iTotal Control. Marc Overton, VP of Wholesale and M2M for Orange, said: “We are very proud to be working with such an iconic British brand and starting a conversation between people and their ovens all over the world.”

Controlling your AGA by text:
Each AGA iTotal Control has a dedicated SIM card linked to a unique phone number. Once your cooker is installed, you should save this number into your phone. When you wish to operate it remotely, simply send by SMS text message one of the following commands:
• Roasting oven on
• Baking oven on
• Simmering oven on
• All ovens on
• All zones off

Once the text has been sent you will receive a reply saying, for example, ‘roasting oven on activated’.

Using the AGA app:
The app can be downloaded from Apple’s app store or the Android Marketplace. You will then be directed to a screen which mimics the cookers control panel. This will show each of the ovens, as well as symbols for all ovens on and all zones off.

You then simply use the touch-screen facility to select the option you require. A message will flash on the screen saying, for example, ‘baking oven on activated’.

You can also register on a dedicated website, which will allow you to control your AGA iTotal Control from a laptop, desktop PC or mobile device. The process from then on is exactly the same as when using the app.

The AGA iTotal Control is available now, prices start at £10,090.

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Ace Summerhouses Will Drive away the Snow Time Blues

The blanket of snow that keeps covering the country makes the Springtime seem far away but in 2 months it will be here and for the past 2 years this has been the time when the best weather of the year has occurred. Ace Sheds provide excellent summerhouses that will be ideal when the good weather comes and now is the ideal time to buy a good summerhouse. This may seem the time of the year when nothing happens but it is the time when all the preparations can be made so that a full advantage of the warm weather can be taken when it comes. Ace Sheds have a superb range of summerhouses which can meet all the requirements of the different customers and different applications for which the summerhouse is required. They even supply summerhouses that can be customised with power and light so that they can be used throughout the year. It may seem strange but a warm and cosy summerhouse is an ideal place to enjoy a cup of coffee and look at the beautiful snowy countryside.

Ace Sheds is delighted to promote two of its summerhouses in Kent, which are built with a verandah included in the design. These are the Medway and the Tonbridge Chalet Summerhouses which are built as comfortable rectangular buildings with a verandah or balcony at the front of the summerhouse. These verandah’s are covered by the roof to provide shelter for the person or persons sitting below. The verandah is a lovely place to be on a summer’s day and both the Medway and the Tonbridge Chalet Summerhouse have proved to be very popular buildings. Ace Sheds build this design so that the summerhouse can be used when the weather is cold or with the doors open when it is warm or people can sit on the verandah when the weather is good. The verandah’s usually are a good way to be outside but with shelter from the sun or in some cases the rain. The verandah gives a lovely boundary between the building and the garden and provides a little oasis for the occupants.

Ace Sheds are very pleased with both these designs as they are aimed at two different parts of the market place. The Medway summer house design has been made in a very British traditional design almost like an old cricket pavilion and typically suits an old English type of garden. It has an apex roof running along its length with the lower edge of the roof at the front to give most protection to those on the verandah. The Tonbridge Chalet design however is more of an Austrian chalet type of design and Ace Sheds have made a summerhouse that is far more open at the front as the apex of the roof is in the centre of the front of the building. The verandah is wide and gives a very pleasant area where people can collect and can suit a more modern garden.

Whatever the requirement Ace Sheds are only too pleased to help and a look at their web site and a quick email or phone call will supply the answers to any questions.

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Redring Powerstream Ascari Central Heating Boiler From The Electrical Counter

The Electrical Counter Company has developed the web site to supply high quality electrical products at excellent prices and either off the shelf or on a short delivery cycle. They have been very successful in this effort and the company goes from strength to strength in producing what the customer wants at a price that he can afford.

The Redring Powerstream Ascari Central Heating Boiler is a great electrical boiler with an energy efficiency of 99% working solely off mains electricity and it will replace the requirement for gas, oil, solid fuel, bottled gas and storage heating systems. The Redring Powerstream Ascari central heating boiler will provide hot water or central heating as required and is a very flexible system, which does not require any regular servicing (Only once every 5 years), which is required annually for other fuel systems for safety and efficiency, nor does it require a flue system. The electric flow boiler supplied by The Electrical Counter will fit with a circulation pump and an expansion vessel to provide a first rate heating system which can be an under floor system or a sealed or open vented system.

The Redring Powerstream Ascari Central Heating Boiler relies on working with off peak electrical power from a white meter overnight and requires a system to store water overnight in a fully insulated container to gain the energy at the cheapest rate. The advantage of such a system is that it is extremely flexible being able to be used as a water heater or a central heating system or a combination of the two and the Redring Powerstream Boilers come in a range of sizes from 12, 8, 6, 4KW to allow a boiler for a range of different uses.

The Electrical Counter is pleased to promote the Redring Powerstream Ascari Boiler as it provides a great alternative to other fuelled boilers which is often a boon in certain places where safety is a major consideration. It fits neatly into a small space in the kitchen or boiler room and can be fitted with all modern control systems and also a 5 degree safety temperature control, they also have 5 litre built-in hot water storage boiler. Electrical boilers are a very simple and silent in their operation and fit well with modern day green technology such as solar power where the energy supplied by these systems nicely supplies energy at a time when mains electricity is at its most expensive.

In past times the thought of an electrical boiler the cost would have worried even the most ardent clean energy supporter but the introduction of the Redring Powerstream Ascari Boiler has brought a high efficiency boiler to the equation and if fitted with the storage systems and green technology provides a central heating system which is far more viable than could have been expected even only a few years ago. Electrical Counter is pleased to be able to supply not only the Redring Powerstream Ascari boiler but also all the ancillary equipment which can bring the system to its maximum potential.

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Splash And Relax Get Ready For The Snow

The winter is here and the snow is coming in large amounts and Splash and Relax have a full range of sledges ready to go. This looks like being a great year for those that like to make the most of the cold weather and good snow seems to be around for almost all of the country. Snow comes in various amounts and falls can melt as soon as they come but this year the cold weather never seems far away and the possibility of good sledging weather is quite high. Sledging is still one of the great British leisure activities which is only restricted by the weather of the British Isles but this year looks to be a good one and many areas not used to experiencing snow look like getting the opportunity to get out the sledges.

Splash and Relax have a sledge for any person who likes sledging from plastic trays to wooden sleighs. These sledges are all of good quality and the choice is large and the prices are such that there is something to fit every ones pocket. The trick is to get the sledge before the snow comes so that it is ready for the weather when it comes. If purchasing is left too late then either the shops are sold out or the snow makes a trip to the shops a difficult and sometimes dangerous exercise.

There is a super range of wooden sledges which can be supplied by Splash and Relax which cover most requirements, all that is needed is an examination of the Splash and Relax web site and once the decision is made a simple order can be placed and the sledge will generally arrive within 48 hours. The typical wooden sledge is a version of the Austrian type sledge where the runners are supported by double leg system with the rider sitting on the wooden table seat supported by these legs. The sledge is excellent for control going downhill and is extremely fast. The wooden sledge seems to have been around forever but it is still as good as it ever was and is still as popular as ever.

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Create vintage chic in any kitchen with a classic Rangemaster cooker

The UK’s love affair with all things vintage shows no signs of waning any time soon and homeowners can inject some classic elegance into their kitchens with a traditional Rangemaster cooker.

In 2013, more and more people are set to take inspiration from years gone by when it comes to decorating their homes. While some may favour the minimalist looks of the 70s, others might prefer the grandeur of the 1920s. These classic designs are being used within modern houses to create an eclectic and homely effect.

Rangemaster cookers are the perfect choice for those who are looking to capture this feel in their home as they become the centrepiece of any kitchen, radiating warmth and a very traditional feel. Rangemaster’s Classic Deluxe 110 is ideal for creating a vintage look, while still delivering all the modern conveniences people have come to expect from kitchen appliances. It boasts five powerful gas burners, a multi-function oven and a combined oven capacity of 138 litres.

To complete the look, homeowners can purchase the Rangemaster Fire-Clay Ceramic Belfast sink, which comes in both single and double bowl versions. This is the epitome of vintage chic in a kitchen.

Holly Johnson, Marketing Manager for Rangemaster said: “Vintage trends are huge in the world of interior design at the moment. Everywhere you look, people are decorating their homes with distressed wooden furniture and pretty floral prints.

“However, it’s important that a vintage-style home is still fully functional and this is what Rangemaster offers with its Classic Deluxe 110 cooker and Belfast sinks. Although they are reminiscent of appliances from years gone by, they still offer the modern conveniences householders have come to rely on.”

Rangemaster produced its first range cooker back in 1830 and since then it has gone on to become the UK’s best loved cooker brand. Functional and practical in design, its products are the ideal way to complete any kitchen with style.

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Dabs links up with Royal Mail and UPS for rapid deliveries

Shoppers looking to pick up bargains from Dabs can rest assured their orders will arrive swiftly – as the online electronics retailer has linked up with Royal Mail and UPS to provide courier services.

After listening carefully to feedback over the last few months, Dabs has decided that establishing new partnerships with Royal Mail and UPS will enable us to ensure that orders reach customers quickly and safely.

“Royal Mail and UPS have well-deserved reputations for reliable parcel delivery, so when it came to choosing new couriers, we had no qualms about selecting them,” said Michelle Helme at Dabs. “We go out of our way to ensure that our customers get the standard of service they’ve come to expect from us, and both Royal Mail and UPS share our vision – so we’re delighted to have them on board.”

Dabs customers can also keep tabs on the progress of their orders by tracking them online. When you place an order with Dabs, you’ll receive an email to tell you when your order is despatched and which courier is handling it.

In addition, the email will tell you when you can expect to receive the order, and it’ll also contain a consignment number which for most deliveries will let you track the delivery online. This should help provide you with valuable peace of mind that your order will reach you in good time.

What’s more, with a whole host of amazing deals to choose from on a whole host of items – ranging from tablet PCs to smartphones, PC monitors and much more besides, even new releases like the Razer Sabertooth Controller from! – you’re sure to find the right device for
you at Dabs.

To find out more about the great deals we have to offer and how to make as well as manage any orders, simply visit our website at

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Creative Inspire T3300 speakers on sale now at

Experience sound from your computer like never before with the Creative Inspire T3300 speakers system, now available to buy online from

The award-winning online technology and electronics retailer has announced it is stocking Creative’s brand new high-performance 2.1 speaker system, which will ensure you’ll be able to enjoy music, videos, films and games like never before.

Thanks to superb high-quality bass and incredibly accurate full spectrum audio you’ll be blown away by just how good your media library sounds. The Inspire T3300 setup comes with a large down-firing ported subwoofer which radiates the sound downwards towards the floor. The bass is fully adjustable, while Creative’s Dual Slot Enclosure (DSE) design helps to achieve louder, deeper and richer mid-bass in spite of the compact speaker housing.

The Inspire T3300 also feature’s Creative’s Image Focusing Plate (IFP) design, which has been designed specifically to improve sonic directivity and ensure music and other forms of audio are heard as they were meant to be heard.

Power and volume controls for the speaker system are simple to control thanks to the independent wired remote control. Adjust the bass of the Creative Inspire PC Speakers via the subwoofer to ensure your sound comes out just the way you want.

Phil Dickinson, Product Manager at, said: “We’ve got a great range of speaker systems available through the site, but in this price range the quality offered by the Inspire T3300 setup is hard to beat. Despite what is essentially a fairly compact set of speakers, this package certainly packs a punch.”

The Creative Inspire T3300 speaker system is available to buy now at priced at £49.99.

Take a look at all the PC speakers at today.

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Buy Your Party High Heels From SoYouShoes

With the festive season in full swing, partygoers everywhere will be on the hunt for a new pair of killer high heels. Whether they’re after brightly coloured heels, or want to add a touch of sparkle to an outfit, high heels complete any party look. Online retailer SoYouShoes is the place to shop for all party heel needs.

At this busy time of year, diaries quickly fill up with Christmas and New Year parties. The last thing any woman wants to worry about is finding the perfect pair of shoes to wear. SoYouShoes has a fantastic range of styles to suit any occasion. Whether you need to dress up smartly in respectable court shoes for a family gathering, or want to paint the town red with some open toes and this season’s on-trend spikes, SoYouShoes is the place to buy shoes online.

As well as a great range of styles, the online retailer stocks all of the latest colours, from the classic black to vibrant jewel tones. Add a touch of sparkle to any dress with glittery red Dorothy shoes, or channel your inner rock chick with some edgy open-toed spikes.

Katie Stevens of SoYouShoes, said: “Here at SoYouShoes, we’re totally committed to offering our customers the best range of shoe styles and colours, at great affordable prices. With Christmas and New Year around the corner, our customers are bound to have loads of exciting parties lined up; we provide them with a fantastic choice of shoes to fully complete their party look.”

As if that wasn’t enough, SoYouShoes also has a great new range of snow boots, perfect for keeping toes warm and cosy during the cold winter months. So when the parties are over, customers can don a pair of snuggly snow boots to keep their feet warm while they’re out picking up some bargains in the winter sales.

For a great range of high heels, snow boots and other shoes online, customers can visit the SoYouShoes website at

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BFC announces LONDON show ROOMS in association with

The British Fashion Council (BFC) announces today a new and exciting partnership between LONDON show ROOMS, one of the BFC’s international showcasing initiatives, and, the revolutionary online market place for independent boutiques which looks to nurture talent and foster diversity in fashion. will collaborate with LONDON show ROOMS providing support through joint events in each market and will open up their global network of boutiques to LONDON show ROOMS designers.

LONDON show ROOMS aims to develop the profile of British designers many of which have been identified as London’s stars and future global fashion brands. This year saw 59 designers showcase their collections in eight showrooms across four key markets; Paris, LA, New York and Hong Kong.

Caroline Rush, CEO of the BFC said: “LONDON show ROOMS is an essential initiative to promote British talent internationally and I am thrilled that, a unique online fashion market place, has come on board to support it. This association will enable LONDON show ROOMS to further expand and develop into new markets, enabling us to continue to promote and support British designers internationally.”

Jose Neves, CEO and Founder of Farfetch commented: “We are delighted to be the first global partner of LONDON show ROOMS a dynamic initiative from the British Fashion Council. We believe the association with is a perfect fit as it connects talented and visionary British designers, all with a unique view point on fashion with the world’s best independent boutiques. Our business model is about celebrating independence and entrepreneurship by providing a platform for these amazing boutiques to sell to a fashion savvy global audience. What better way to showcase this than to support such a worthwhile project.”

LONDON show ROOMS is a British Fashion Council project aimed at boosting British designers exports and raising the profile of British designers in international markets. Launched in Paris in October 2008, this initiative provides a unique opportunity for emerging British designers to promote themselves outside London. The project is co-curated and directed by Anna Orsini and Barbara Grispini for the British Fashion Council. The pop-up showroom is a strategic element of the British Fashion Council’s support and mentoring scheme with the aim to promote London design internationally and secure new export business.

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