QuatroSpa Garden Hot Tub From Splash & Relax

Splash and Relax, the purveyors of all things that revolve around water involved sports, relaxation, spa treatments and play equipment are well-known for the supply of swimming pools and hot tubs and a myriad of other equipment. The range of goods that they are able to supply grows ever larger and whilst some of the equipment is fairly inexpensive quality is never compromised. The range of goods runs from the small to the large and from the inexpensive to the very luxurious and expensive.

In the range of Hot Tubs this very much follows that pattern with the range going from the small portable outside hot tub to the luxurious swim and spa combined which will cost over £20,000 when fully fitted. The QuartoSpa Garden Hot Tub is an excellent compromise to this market place being a good outdoor hot tub which will satisfy all members of the family at a price that is reasonable. The price at a little over £3,000 buys a good quality circular hot tub which is covered by a good vertical slatted cedar wood effect surround. This pool will fit excellently onto any flat surface but it looks particularly good on a wood slatted deck and it will also benefit from having a raised wood decking with a good set of access steps that the Hot Tub fits into so that any participant has an easy entry or exit from the tub. This will mean that there is a semi-circular wooden decking fitted neatly around the tub, which will give an excellent appearance as well as a safe and easy entry point. Splash and Relax have supplied similar hot tubs for many years and are pleased to give advice on the hot tub and any of the ancillary equipment that is required.

Splash and Relax have stocked this pool as it provides access for 5 or 6 people at a time with seating and a full range of pressure jets and a special master chair set up for an individual massage system. This “hot seat” has 15 individual massage jets. These jets consist of at least 5 full power therapy jets and 6 eye directional jets. The jets within the hot tub can be arranged as requested and the set-up is such that all jets have a constant pressure and not that some more powerful than others dependent on where in the hot tub (or where in the supply pipework) they are.

Keeping the Hot Tub clean and properly treated is a recommendation that Splash and Relax are pleased to make as water safety is always of paramount importance to them. Chemical treatment kits are available and these work well but there are also other systems that are worth considering. The Ozone sanitizer system is strongly recommended as it greatly reduces the chemical levels that are required and sanitises the water quite naturally. The system works 24 hours a day and converts small quantities of oxygen into Ozone. Ozone kills bacteria quicker than Chlorine and Bromine but does it without the eye and nose irritation of the other chemical types. It also removes odours.

Splash and Relax recommend this as a great way to begin with a good quality Hot Tub that removes those aches and pains on a good day or a bad day.

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Thames Valley Catering Adds The New Foster ‘Xtra’ Range Of Refrigeration Products

Thames Valley Catering Equipment where pleased to announce today that they have officially launched the sale of the new Foster Xtra Refrigeration products range to their already extensive lines of refrigeration and catering equipment supplies.

Foster Refrigeration Equipment has always been well known as a leader in the UK’s market place for their refrigeration equipment and have been building, producing and supplying a vast array of reliable, dependable, robust and innovative products which are now available to you in a new affordable range via Thames Valley Catering.

The Foster xtra range has cleverly been designed to provide a solution that meets all your refrigeration requirements on a budget. Available at a competitive price, the range includes a suite of value for money cabinets, counters and blast chillers, offering reliable products you can depend on.

The Cabinets on offer are the 600 litre XR600H refrigerator and XR600L Freezer single door units (pictured top right) and the 1300litre double door XR1300H refrigerator and XR1300L freezer. All of these units have a stainless steel exterior and aluminium interior, adjustable 2/1GN shelving, easy read digital controllers, removable door gaskets, fan assisted cooling, castors and door locks fitted as standard and fully automatic operation. The Xtra cabinet freezers and cabinet refrigerators can be found here and here respectively.

Two counter refrigerators are available the two door280 litre XR2H (pictured below) and three door 435 litre XR3H both of which have 1/1GN shelves as well as all of the benefits of the cabinets shown above can also be supplied with 100mm splash backs, basket drawers and rear stainless covers for those units located in the centre of the kitchen.

There are also 3 xtra economic blast chillers available from the Foster xtra range; the XR10 (10kg chilling capacity), XR20 (20kg chilling capacity and XR35 (35kg chilling capacity) pictured below. All of these blast chillers have a stainless steel interior and exterior with shelf positions set 75mm apart to maximise capacity. Microprocessor controls provide food safe chilling from +70’c to +3’c in 90 minutes with hard and soft chill options. The units are also designed with no visible screws or dirt traps for ease of cleaning and will operate to high ambient temperatures up to approx 40’c.

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Ace Sheds Are Made In Kent For The People Of Kent

Ace Sheds are one of the cheapest and best shed manufacturers in the UK with a superb range of buildings for all the best possible applications. However it is a bonus for the people of Kent because Ace Sheds are based in Bethersden near Ashford in Kent right in the heart of the county. This is a lovely part of the South East of the country but Ace Sheds have developed a business for the whole of the UK. Ace Sheds have a proud tradition in the building of sheds and have developed their present range over many years so that the refined product of today not only meets the best design characteristics of the modern shed but is also one of the cheapest if not the cheapest on the market at the present time without losing any of the quality expected of the Company. Ace Sheds have designed all their sheds themselves so the process starts and finishes within the company at Bethersden.

Kent has had a great influence on the designs of Ace Sheds and several have been named after the towns, city or county. The designs are taken from the buildings, which are part and parcel of the Kent countryside. This area is a lovely part of the country and whilst it is a busy commuter area for London it is also a very important agricultural area of the country.

Probably one of the best known of the Ace Sheds range is the Kent Apex Wooden Garden Shed and this fine building is one of the cheapest of the Ace Sheds range. The design is a simple apex type with a door at the front and a good side window that allows a good deal of daylight into the shed. This is a typical garden shed and is a favourite among the Ace Shed customers both in terms of design and cost. There is a large range of sizes for the building from a typical 8 ft x 6 ft to a massive 14 ft x 8 ft shed, which will hold a large amount of stuff or act as a good workroom.

The Ace Sheds Romney design is reminiscent of the county of Kent having a large heart and big double doors to allow the world to enter. The double doors are the major feature of the building making it ideal for a large storage that may include ride on motor mowers. Again this building has the same list of shed sizes but is a more flexible shed for storage of large items.

The final Ace Sheds design, which is Kent based in name is the Canterbury design, which is a large summerhouse designed shed with an apex roof and a central door flanked by two windows. This is an excellent design for the good garden and as its name suggests is one of the stars of the Ace Sheds portfolio.

Ace Sheds are extremely proud of their whole range and are extremely proud to run their business from the middle of the great county of Kent.

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Terra Patio & Garden’s Fourth of July Sizzling Summer Sale

Celebrate the Fourth of July with incredible values as Terra Patio & Garden, a premier supplier of all-weather outdoor patio furniture in a variety of styles and materials, opens the Summer season with its annual Fourth of July Sizzling Summer Sale.

Save up to 40% on select outdoor patio and garden furniture and pay no sales tax through the Fourth of July weekend only! Customers can find special markdowns in celebration of this grand summer event. Price markdowns include Ventana brand deep seating, dining and lounging sets. Customers will also be able to choose an array of premium teak deep seating, all-weather wicker, and a wide selection of cast aluminum and iron sets.

While enjoying a unique shopping experience at Terra Patio & Garden, they look forward to assisting our customers in creating a beautiful outdoor setting for their home. Customers can find fresh ideas for their outdoor living that will enhance their way of life and bring unique character to their yard. Andrea L., a Terra Patio & Garden’s customer, recently reported, “Not only am I happy with the product, I’m very impressed with their commitment to customer satisfaction.  They went above and beyond to correct a difficult situation. Wow! This place is as good as it gets!” (Source: Terra Patio & Garden’s Yelp Account).

The sale begins Wednesday, July 3 and runs through Tuesday, July 9. Terra Patio & Garden’s July Sizzling Summer Sale only comes once a year, so don’t miss it! Visit any one of their five Bay Area locations including Mill Valley, Walnut Creek, Burlingame, San Ramon, and Mountain View.

For more information about Terra Patio & Garden’s July Sizzling Summer Sale, please visit: www.terrapatio.com. Terra Patio & Garden will be closed on Thursday, July 4th.

About Terra Patio & Garden
Featuring Ventana outdoor furniture since 1998, Terra Patio & Garden works directly with artisans from all over the world, to provide original patio furniture at exceptional values. Find high quality, stylish furniture sets made from wicker, premium teak, and fine cast wrought-iron, aluminum and others. As well, Terra Patio & Garden provide a wide range of outdoor accessories, spas and play structures that will add a special touch to your yard.

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