Force 8 Helping to Reduce Burglaries in your Area

Force 8, the Stockport-based composite door and UPVC windows supplier, are doing their bit for UK communities as they look to further spread the word about their products.

It may shock customers to find out that an alarming 67% of burglaries are attempted through a door, this fact should certainly reinforce the fact that home owners need to look at the security measures they are taking in their homes.

We all know about the value of burglar alarms and locks, but have you taken a minute to see if your door could withstand some force? Force 8’s range of composite doors is built using the most robust materials on the market.

If customers are looking for reassurances that they are buying the best quality doors then they need to ensure that the door that they are choosing has a PAS24 certificate, this shows that the door has been rigorously tested with everything from Battering Rams to Stanley knives.

Dennis Sumner, Managing Director of Force 8, wanted to reinforce how important having a solid door is;

?As a business we always pride ourselves on the quality of our products and whilst we encourage home owners to do all they can to save on certain areas in the home, you simply can’t afford to choose a sub-standard door.

Our composite doors can be purchased in a variety of designs so whatever design you are looking for, there is a very good chance that we will be able to match it.

As well as the security benefits, customers can also benefit from the style aspects of a composite door. They come in all different shapes and sizes so no matter what you are looking you are sure to be able to find it at Force 8.

Customers can also make the most of the brilliant door design option on the website where customers can design their own door to match their specifications. There are 18 different designs and 8 colours to choose from so whatever style you have given your home, there will be a door to match.

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Electrical Counter Gets Their Sockets Down To Ground Level

Electrical Counter supply a great range of electrical sockets and switches and there is something for everyone. One of the major problems is to keep up to date with all the options so that the finished customer can have the best system for their personal application. The ranges of sockets have changed markedly over the years as the range has extended from the most practical socket to one, which is also the most decorative. One of the areas where the socket usage could often be used more effectively is the floor electrical socket as this socket can be placed far closer to the intended usage than any wall mounted socket.

Electrical Counter is pleased to promote the Hamilton Range of Sheer Floor Electrical Sockets, which comes in a full range of modern metallic finishes. The floor socket has been around for some time but the latest designs are certainly more effective and do look good. The socket is a typical electrical socket fitted into a metal face plate, which is screwed onto a socket box, which has been sunk into the floor. The socket will accept a typical 13 amp plug but when it is not in operation there is a hinged metal cover, which is spring mounted for automatic closure over the socket as soon as the plug is removed. The final socket with lid is then virtually in line with the floor with no noticeable protrusion. The Hamilton Range of Sheer Floor Electrical Sockets are very robust and will accept people walking on them but for obvious reasons the siting of these sockets is usually in an area where they are not in a typical walkway. The advantages of these sockets are many but the typical one is that they can be put in areas close to where they will be used, for example by a table lamp or near to a television station or a radio and I Pod docking station. These sockets will also be virtually unseen when out of operation, as they are not noticed in the floor but often stand out when wall mounted. Electrical Counter is delighted with the range of sockets as they are available as a single or double socket for 13 amp plugs and also they are available in single and double 2 amp sockets for a table lamp circuits and also as a single television aerial socket.

The Hamilton Range of Sheer Floor Electrical Sockets provides Electrical Counter with a range of sockets in 6 different finishes so that it gives the customer a number of design options. There are 3 brass finishes in antique, polished and satin as well as polished chrome, a satin nickel and a satin stainless steel finish. This provides an excellent choice for the customer and will enable them to find a good finish, which will fit in with the floor covering of the room concerned.

Electrical Counter is pleased to note that the price of the Hamilton Range of Sheer Floor Electrical Sockets has reduced significantly and the full range of sockets is available now at half the list price.

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ePathChina: The Most Reliable Electronic Goods Supplier

ePathChina is a proficient B2C e-commerce website owned by a Chinese drop-shipping and wholesale company, ePathChina Limited. This Hong Kong-based company serves buyers across the world. It is also a wholesale exporter of a wide variety of electronic products, including Cell Phones, Media Players, Computers and Office Accessories, Car Accessories, Games and Gadgets, Cameras and Camcorders, Home Electronics, Security and Surveillance, General Accessories and much more.

In particular, ePathChina has an exclusive range of products in categories like spy cameras, LED flashlights, iPads, and Galaxy Tab accessories, which have gained tremendous popularity in global markets.

Over 5 Years of Industry Experience and 25,000 Satisfied Clients

With more than five years of experience, the company has served over 25,000 customers globally. All the products offered on their site are made in Shenzen (China), which is a global sourcing center for electronic products. All of them are passed through 100% quality inspection to ensure high quality, and are offered at wholesale prices. After the sale, if the customer is facing any problem with the products, they are eligible to avail unconditional after-service.

ePathChina is a great online shopping website for buying wholesale electronics, especially if you are buying things in bulk. This website supplies goods and products to all businessmen, like eBay sellers, retailers, distributors, drop shippers, store owners, and small wholesalers.

Why Should You Consider ePathChina for Your Electronic Shopping Needs?

If you have just come across ePathChina, it is quite obvious that you would be wondering why you should consider this e-commerce website. There is more than one reason as to why you should opt for this! Read on to know.

•  Products with Great Value : Of late, ePathChina has re-entered the market with only high quality products, implying the site has got rid of the poor quality items after researching through them. This appears to be an excellent improvement since all the products that are on sale now are high quality ones at inexpensive cost, meaning they are products of great value.

•  Safe and Easy Payment Methods : The website offers easy methods for payments through Western Union, bank transfer, PayPal (credit cards), and Money Gram. All payment currencies are also available on this online shopping site.

•  Best Delivery Procedures : The goods are delivered in time as promised by them. Usually, they promise to ship 30% of the products on the same day as the order is placed, 50% order within 2 days, and 15% orders within 3 days.

•  Good Client Support : The client support that the company offers is good even for after-sales service. They are courteous and quick enough in answering all customer concerns. The company still focuses on improving service quality all the time.

Overall, ePathChina is a reliable company for all your electronic shopping needs.

Upgraded Website

As a successful foreign trade wholesaler, ePathChina always stays updated with the changing times and technology so as to meet the higher demands and needs of the customers. Recently, the company updated its old website by not only changing the homepage’s overall layout, but also individual product’s web page. Customers can get to see more product images that are more colorful and clearer than before, while they can get a refreshing and pleasant feel. Moreover, there are more images displayed for each product from different angles as against just one image for one product earlier. This helps to give the purchaser all-wave info of the product.

In addition, customers can get clear details of inquiry in a new page. Irrespective of whether it is just one deal or two or larger orders, customers can find great deals. They can also find few useful tips given on the page like shipping, after-sales service, and FAQs, which have been added to meet the consumer demands.

ePathChina Coupons

If you are a regular shopper at, the benefits that you can avail do not end at just competitive prices and good customer service. Further, there are ePathChina coupons that offer discounts and promotional offers, making the purchase even more meaningful and valuable for you as a customer. Customers can use the coupon codes to avail an extra discount. Reviewing the website on a regular basis can help you to be aware of such offers and avail them.

Thriving to Ensure 100% Customer-Satisfaction

Ever since the company was established in the year 2007, it has been striving hard to be consumers’ desired partner. It will continue with its website optimization and offer more exceptional service to meet the higher consumer demands.

This way, ePathChina has always been striving hard to meet the consumer needs and keep them up-to-date with the advancements in technology, and ensure 100% satisfaction in every regard.

So, what are you waiting for – come and shop at, and avail all the exclusive deals today!

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Ace Sheds Design The Thanet Summerhouse With A Hint Of The Georgian Look

Ace Sheds build all sorts of wooden structures from garden sheds to exotic summerhouses in all different sizes and variations. They supply directly from their manufacturing facilities to the customers in a “Flat pack” delivery for erection by the customer or Ace Sheds can arrange the erection if required. The result of this type of sales is that Ace Sheds can supply these buildings to the customer at an excellent price for the amount of work that goes into the design and construction of these buildings, This means that there is something for everyone when it comes to a good summerhouse at a price that is affordable by the majority of home owners. They also provide luxury summerhouses for the top end of the market.

Ace Sheds is pleased to promote their Thanet range of summerhouses which is a good low cost summerhouse with a fairly standard rectangular building with a standard apex roof with the centre of the apex in the middle of the long side of the summerhouse. The building can be bought in many different sizes and this enables the user to get just right size for the garden concerned. Ace Sheds have designed this building with a touch of the Georgian architecture in it by putting all the windows and doors in Georgian small paned windows. This gives the building a touch of character and looks very good among the trees and flowers of a standard garden.

As in all Ace Sheds ranges of summerhouses the Thanet design can be tailored to suit each individual customer and this design particularly suits some of Ace Sheds more interesting extras. The Thanet summerhouse will stand very well on its own and looks good with no additional extras but there are some extras that can change the look significantly in the right location. Ace Sheds have been producing red cedar tiles for the installation on both sheds and summerhouses for some time now and these do look excellent when fully installed on the Thanet summerhouse roof. These tiles have a natural protection within them to keep out the worst of the winter ravages but they can also be pressure treated to give them virtual indestructibility from rain and damp. The cedar tiled roof on the Thanet summerhouse turns this building into an extremely fashionable building and will look as if it has cost a lot more than the bill charged.

Ace Sheds note that the Thanet summerhouse has two large double doors for front entry and in the Georgian design they look particularly attractive, when these are open they provide a lovely atmosphere inside the summerhouse and make it a lovely place to sit and while away some time on a summer’s day even when the weather is mixed. There are matching Georgian windows on either side of the door to balance the design and another lovely large window in one side wall. This makes the unit very light and airy and is one of the best-selling designs within the Ace Sheds portfolio.

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Celerant Technology’s Retail Management Software Brings out the Big Guns

Celerant Technology Corp has been a premium retail software provider for over 13 years, and has served the firearms industry for the past seven. Celerant was one of the first software companies to provide ATF compliant Electronic Acquisition & Disposition books to help gun retailers access their sales history faster and keep more accurate records.

“The firearms industry is heavily regulated and requires retail management software that enables efficiency and compliance,” said Ian Goldman, President and CEO of Celerant Technology. “In order to allow firearm dealers to run their businesses from one complete system, Command Retail has integrated Electronic A&D books to eliminate redundancy and error, as well as customized reporting that make it easy to provide the right data for the ATF’s Industry Operations Investigators.”

Celerant Technology’s latest version of its retail software, Command Retail v6.4, has added new features to expedite daily procedures for FFLs (Federal Firearms Licenses). At the point of sale, serial numbers are automatically incremented and the firearm is added to the integrated Electronic A&D book upon purchase, eliminating the manual process of the physical bound book. Driver’s license scanning verifies a customer’s age and ensures that the sale of restricted items is compliant with ATF regulations, as well as populates the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module with customer demographics and purchase history. To improve customer-facing services and reduce wait times at the register when making a purchase, Celerant also offers a Mobile POS that runs Command Retail’s redesigned, user-friendly POS screen.

“We have been using Celerant’s retail management system for our firearms company since 2008. The Point of Sale in Celerant has been a tremendous help in quickly processing our customer while populating the disposition of the firearm instantly into the [Electronic] A&D book,” said Celerant client Jeff Poet, owner of Jay’s Sporting Goods. “All the data is consistent across our two store locations and integrated E-Commerce site, making it a great tool for finding detailed information quickly.”

Celerant’s new features in the recently released version of Command Retail is a step in the right direction, but talks of future versions will be the total package for the firearms industry. During the 2013 Shooting Hunting Outdoor Tradeshow (SHOT Show), Celerant met with the board members of the ATF to discuss improving the retail software. Celerant developers are now working on several advancements, including a Form 4473 that auto-populates customer demographics from Command Retail’s CRM. Range scheduling is also anticipated.

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Door Furniture Direct Unveils Innovative Solution to a Keyhole Draught

Door Furniture Direct, one of the UK’s biggest online retailers for door handles and other high quality door furniture, has unveiled a brand new keyhole draught excluder, which is currently exclusive to the store. They are encouraging customers to solve their keyhole draught problem today.

In an article published as part of the brand’s Know-How Guides series, entitled ‘Solving a Keyhole Draught’ Door Furniture Direct provided some handy tips about reducing tricky keyhole draughts, and previewed the new and exclusive Brush Keyhole Draught Excluder.

The brush keyhole draught excluder is the perfect solution for the vast majority of keyhole draught issues. This small but mighty piece of door furniture fits discretely under the back plate cover on lock handles (keyhole handles) with bristles to neutralise any draught. But these bristles still allow a key to pass easily into the hole to operate the lock.

Once fitted the draught excluder is invisible keeping your handles looking great on exterior doors. While only one keyhole draught excluder will typically be required per door, they can be fixed to both sides of the door if the draught issue is particularly severe.

These unique draught excluders are currently exclusive to the Door Furniture Direct online store. They’re just one of the many high quality and reliable door furniture accessories available from the new look Door Furniture Direct store. Now better looking and easier to use than ever, this great web store is a one stop shop for new door handles, draught excluders, escutcheons and much more.

Pay a visit to Door Furniture Direct today, to find out more about exclusive brush keyhole draught excluders and much more today.

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