Terra Patio & Garden Announces Labor Day Sales Event

Enjoy your Labor Day weekend on from a new piece of beautiful outdoor teak furniture or a new all weather wicker patio furniture set from Terra Patio & Garden, a retailer of artisan patio furniture and outdoor accessories. From August 23rd to September 3rd, Terra Patio & Garden is hosting a Labor Day Sales Event offering up to 50% off all their outdoor patio furniture and accessories.

Find a wide selection of premium outdoor deep seating furniture including patio chairs, dining tables, loveseats, sofas, coffee tables, chaise lounge and more in a variety of materials all at an affordable price. Kids trampolines, outdoor umbrellas, play structures,outdoor fire tables, spas and sunbrellas are on sale too. Rick Payton, Online Marketing Director at Terra Patio expanded on the details of the sales event saying, “During this 12 day sales event, Terra Patio & Garden will be offering immediate delivery so that customers can have their new and beautiful outdoor patio furniture ready for the national holiday.”

While only offering the best outdoor furniture and accessories for your home, Terra Patio & Garden are also prize for their superior customer service and personnel. One satisfied customer raved, “I purchased a beautiful table, chairs and lounge chair. The prices were very reasonable, particularly for the quality and the service was impeccable. They were very competitive and the quality and value combination was unmatched.” (Source: Terra Patio & Garden Yelp Review). Terra Patio & Garden is happy to assist with any of their customer’s needs and to address any problems they may have in the future, as customer service is a key priority for them.

Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity to save huge on patio furniture, and come by to one of Terra Patio & Garden five Bay Area locations in Mill Valley, Walnut Creek, Burlingame, Mountain View or San Ramon. For more information about Terra Patio & Garden’s Labor Day Sales Event, visit www.terrapatio.com.

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Energy Bulbs Lights Your Way To Lower Bills

Are you concerned that energy prices, and in particular electricity seeming to keep rising every quarter without fail, and never seeming to drop? Well at Energybulbs.co.uk they are only too aware of your worries and this is why they are now stocking a full range of LED light bulbs that are designed to be used to help drastically reduce your electricity bills.

They stock a wide range of LED light bulbs, because in terms of providing you with the greatest energy reduction then nothing comes close to the energy saving provided by LED light bulbs. Now you may think “Are they not very expensive, and give out a funny light, and are only available for very few light fixings?”

Well all of those things are actually misconceptions when it comes to LED light bulbs. Firstly, yes they used to be very expensive when they first came to the marketplace, however now many more manufacturers have started to produce them and as a result prices have begun to drop dramatically as energybulbs.co.uk’s competitive prices show. Also consumer demand for them has now meant that they are being produced in greater numbers and this has also helped to decrease the price of them.

The early LED replacement bulbs did come in for some criticism over the colour of light they gave out. However all of the LED light bulbs that energybulbs.co.uk sell have been chosen for the excellent light properties they have, and you will find that all of the ones they sell as replacements for traditional filament bulbs offer extremely good light quality and colouration. They guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

When it comes to the availability of LED light bulbs for a variety fitments you will be pleased to know energybulbs.co.uk stock LED light bulbs in just about every fitment possible for those bulbs that you may wish to replace around your home. Whilst LED light bulbs were initially available in only a couple of fitments, there is now just about no light bulb that you cannot find an equivalent replacement LED one for.

Whilst energybulbs.co.uk offers a comprehensive stock of energy saving bulbs and LED light bulbs, if you do not see a suitable replacement for your bulb on the energybulbs.co.uk website then do not be afraid to give them a call to discuss your requirements, as one of their experienced lighting advisors will be on hand to handle your query, and it is worth calling them as even if it is not on their online catalogue then they well may be able to source it for you anyway.

Energybulbs.co.uk predominately offer and recommend LED light bulbs as they only use around 15 to 20% of the electricity that the equivalent filament bulbs you may be currently using do. So if you were to fit your entire house out with LED bulbs then your electricity bill with regards to your lights could drop by over 80%! In addition energybulbs.co.uk would also like to point out that LED light bulbs have a life of up to 50,000 hours each and this compares to around 2,000 hours for a conventional halogen bulb, and so you will also save a huge amount of money in not replacing bulbs.

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Laundry 365 Keep You Running £65 Days A Year

Laundry 365 is pleased to promote their excellent laundry repair services to an industry that often requires coverage every day of the year. The company was named Laundry 365 on the basis that people who set up the company realised that laundries were an essential part of everyday operation and a breakdown could bring the whole operation to a standstill and if this occurred at a weekend or on a holiday then a lot of people could be inconvenienced very severely. To resolve this problem Laundry 365 was set up to make sure that the industry was able to get a repair service that would see them operate 365 days a year whilst having a service available that could repair all but the catastrophic breakdown at the customers beck and call.

Laundry 365 pride themselves on the quality of the equipment they supply in the first place as being some of the best on the market but as with all mechanical equipment breakdowns will occur and a rapid response and solution is essential to good operation. The company are pleased to offer various service contracts on all their commercial laundry equipment and up to 4 years can be arranged as a service contract, which added to the manufacturers guarantee, gives a total of 5 years repair coverage. Laundry 365 is pleased to note that the repair service covers a 365 days a year with a 24 hour rapid repair service and all parts and labour. It will also include an annual preventative maintenance visit and if the equipment uses gas there will be an annual gas safety inspection. The service has been designed to give the customer peace of mind that when problems do occur there is a simple and safe solution just a phone call away.

Laundry 365 only source the repair parts from the leading manufacturers so that the integrity of the repair is secure and will bring the equipment concerned back to full operational condition that should last a long time. This is one part of laundry operation that Laundry 365 has focussed on for a long time, as it has been the Achilles heel of the business. Laundry machines by definition do a great deal of hard work and their operating speeds and rotations are extremely high and the toughest of materials can wear in time and a good repair service is everything.

If the laundry does not have a service contract that is no problem to Laundry 365 as they offer a great repair service in this case as the Companies vast experience in the industry allows them to resolve almost all problems whilst being extremely competitive in price.

Laundry 365 will be delighted to talk to 0r email any laundry or prospective laundry to show just what they can do to help the customer to make sure that the laundry operation works safely and securely for all 365 days a year and that when the work has been completed that the quality of the repairs of Laundry 365 will stand the test of time.

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