Hotter Shoes Reveals Uncomfortable Shoes Cost UK Women £2.5 Billion Per Year

Women across the UK are frittering away £2.5 billion* each year on uncomfortable shoes they rarely wear a new study** has revealed.

The average woman in the UK spends £136.52 on five new pairs of shoes every year, at a cost of £27.40 each. Instead of investing wisely in shoes they can wear more than once, three out of the five pairs of women’s shoes end up at the bottom of the wardrobe having only been worn once or twice, because they hurt the wearer’s feet.

The research, commissioned by shoe specialist Hotter Comfort Concept, also revealed that 40% of the 1000 women questioned admitted to choosing their shoes purely for how they looked and not how they felt on their feet.

Lisa McCarten from Hotter, said: “Shoes really can change your life: they have an impact on the health of your feet, can influence how you feel and play a significant part in how much you enjoy your day. Not only do uncomfortable shoes make for a bad day today, squeezing your toes into ill-fitting footwear can also damage your feet causing pain and discomfort in later life.”

Worryingly almost a third of women (28%) who have tried on shoes and know that they will be uncomfortable, still purchase them as they can’t resist how they look.

Lisa continued: “We all want to look our best, keep up with our busy lives and have fun; stylish comfy shoes are an essential part of the modern woman’s wardrobe to help her tackle all three.”

62% of women revealed that they spend at least one day a week wearing uncomfortable shoes with 48% hoping to wear them in until their feet get used to them.

More than half of women (53%) will keep uncomfortable shoes for up to a year before giving up on them and throwing them away despite only wearing them once.

They also revealed that they own at least four pairs of shoes just to be worn when sitting down or ‘Dinner Shoes’ that look amazing but are very painful to walk in.

Regionally, women in Chelmsford buy the most shoes, purchasing on average seven new pairs a year whereas women in Leicester buy the least purchasing just four pairs every year.

Women in Worcester buy the most uncomfortable shoes admitting that 70% of their shoe collection has only been worn once, whereas women in Cambridge are the most comfort savvy revealing that just 20% of their collection has been worn only once.

To assist with the problem of uncomfortable shoes, Hotter’s website offers a handy shoe fitting guide, allowing customers to ensure their shoes will fit just right.

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More Retail press releases Unveils Free Wedding Budget Calculator

BridesVillage, an independent e-commerce retailer of wedding supplies, announced today that it has released a free budget calculatorto help couples manage their wedding costs. The calculator features an extensive list of common wedding expenses arranged categorically; couples can create cost estimates as well as monitor their spending. The budget spreadsheet, along with a special limited-time coupon and promotional giveaway, is now available at

“The wedding budget calculator is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time,” said Cathy Ward, founder of BridesVillage. “We spent a lot of time talking to brides and breaking out the expenses they have to deal with these days. This project is really for them.”

Ward noted the calculator was built using Microsoft Excel and is downloadable in an .xls format, one of the most compatible file extensions used by modern spreadsheet programs. It was designed, she said, to be easy for anyone to open and use.

The download is presented as a simple wedding budget worksheet that contains over 120 common wedding expenses listed as line items. Expenses are organized into categories like attire, stationery, flowers, legal fees, and many more. The spreadsheet includes columns for entering estimated and actual costs and calculates running totals for each.

“There are a variety of wedding budget planning tools out there,” Ward added, “but all of them seemed to be missing something. We’d find one with a section on photography costs but nothing about transportation, but that’s important in this economy. We wanted our brides to be able to manage all of their budget, not just some of it.”

To celebrate the release of the calculator, Ward said, she is also posting what she described as an extremely high value coupon that can be applied to purchases from BridesVillage. The coupon can be accessed on the website and will expire on July 31st, 2012.

BridesVillage is also giving away an authentic Queen Elizabeth Sixpence to the first 50 readers who download the spreadsheet or read the accompanying article of money-saving tips. The sixpences come in a range of years and values, Ward said, and all are out of circulation. The sixpences can be ordered for free — customers pay only for shipping

“It’s more of a thank you than a prize,” Ward said of the coins. “There’s that old wedding rhyme about it being good luck to have a sixpence on your wedding day, and we thought it was a nice symbolic way to say we appreciate the economic challenges couples face.”

Ward said that even after the promotions end she expects the budget calculator to be a popular ongoing feature of her site. She believes it could make a significant impact on how couples plan their celebrations and, she hopes, gets them to plan to smarter.

“It might be a bit self-defeating as a retailer, but I’ve always encouraged customers to stick to what they need,” she added. “I don’t want brides to get this spreadsheet and think they have to fill in every line or buy every item listed. I want them to use it to see the big picture and help them feel like they’re in control of planning a fabulous wedding that’s within their price range.”

Force8 Securing our Homes with New Aluminium Bi-Folding Door Range

Stockport based Force8 Windows and Doors is pleased to announce the launch of its brand new range of Bi-folding aluminium doors.

‘We feel justifiably proud of the look and finish of this latest product development for us that compliments our popular aluminium window selection’ says Dennis Sumner, MD of Force8.

Aluminium has for many years been the material of choice for high end architects and discerning home owners and the Force8 range of Bi-folding aluminium doors certainly doesn’t disappoint.

The slim line profile of the new aluminium bi-folds makes these doors very pleasing on the eye as the homeowner can enjoy an outlook that is less hindered unlike many of the thicker PVC or timber profiles so that more of the outside view can be seen.

Bi-folding doors, which is just one type of composite door, are extremely versatile with their concertina style operating system and have capabilities of aperture openings of several metres wide which make them extremely popular with larger properties and the door of choice for house extensions and sun rooms.

The extruded aluminium used in the fabrication of the doors is lightweight which makes it ideally suited for the larger sized doors but it is also exceptionally strong.

A high level of security is ensured across the range of bi-fold doors as standard as all doors are fitted with multi-point locking systems as standard

The beauty of aluminium is also enhanced with its low maintenance requirements. Simple soap and water and a gentle wipe with a damp cloth is all that’s needed to make the doors look good as new for many years to come following their fitting.

Aluminium has received some quite negative publicity in the past and had lagged behind other materials for its thermal efficiencies. Customers are very conscious of the environment and demand the highest possible thermal efficiencies which has also been mirrored with government legislation that has been passed in recent years following the Kyoto Agreement in 2005. However, aluminium is no longer just the pretty face of the door industry and has more than caught up with other materials in terms of its U values and thermal properties.

All doors within the range are expertly fabricated by the highly trained team at Force8 and are finished with double glazed argon gas sealed units with toughened glass to comply with all building legislations.

Force8 is a fully FENSA registered and approved company and has exceptional standards in quality across all its products and levels of customer care, with a range of doors and windows including fire doors and triple glazed windows available, customers can now add aluminium bi foldings to the mix.

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Force8 Launch New Composite Bi-Folding Door Range

Stockport based Force8 Windows and Doors has just announced its brand new range of Bi-folding composite doors.

Dennis Sumner, Managing Director of Force8 made the announcement at the company’s head office on 9th July 2012.

The company already produces a large range of different designs of external composite doors in a choice of eight colours which has proved extremely popular. However, the launch of Bi-folds in a composite option is believed to be unique in the industry.

Composite materials have made great strides in recent years in enhancing the security of homes, this is based a great deal on the unprecedented strength to weight ratios achieved by composites in comparison with traditional door materials.

All Force8 composite doors are manufactured to exacting standards and the high quality locking systems found across the range makes them some of the most secure doors available anywhere in the UK.

Larger door openings have traditionally been a security weak spot in many homes, however this new combination of composite frame, security glass sealed units and high security locks means that homeowners now have added reassurance that their property is well protected from would-be intruders.

Security taken care of, homeowners definitely want an attractive looking door for their property and the Force8 Bi-fold doesn’t disappoint!

The new Bi-folding range also has an available option of integrated blinds. ‘This is a great innovation in the industry’ explains Dennis Sumner, ‘as it not only combines additional privacy but also reduces the already low level after care even further’.

The blinds are contained within the glass sealed unit which gives them the additional benefit of never having to be cleaned or gathering dust as ordinary blinds do. The discreet control mechanism is conveniently located on the side upright and is easy to use.

The range of colours currently available at the time of the launch is blue, green, black, light oak, golden oak, rosewood, white and red. Every colour is made from the same high quality GRP skin and all colours have been rigorously tested for colour stability to guard against the best and worst of the British weather and that includes strong sunshine should any be seen.

The launch price range of the new composite bi-folding doors begins at £800 for doors including the integrated blind options making them a competitive option to existing bi-fold door options already on the market.

To see the full range of products simply visit the Force8 website or visit the welcoming showrooms.

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Topman Releases Comprehensive Denim Style Guide

Topman has revealed the ‘Denim Room’, a new, comprehensive online denim style guide, featuring a lookbook which showcases on-trend ways to wear the fabric as well as a guide to washes, fits and details, and a size guide.

The lookbook includes edgy fashion shots showing customers how to wear denim this season, with stunning photography that complements Topman’s on-the-pulse approach to men’s fashion.

The Washes section of the guide offers an insight into popular denim washes this season, with details on how different washes are created, and what kind of style customers can create by wearing them. This season, customers can find naturally aged vintage washes, black and grey washes and coloured washes, as well as raw denim and indigo men’s jeans.

The Fit section details what consumers can expect from each denim style so they can decide what fit would suit them best. This season, Topman is showcasing a range of slim and skinny jeans, including traditional skinny fit jeans with roll ups, the stretched skinny fit, classic slim jeans with tapering at the hems and the super skinny spray on fit in figure hugging denim.

The Details section provides detailed information about different aspects of jeans, such as creasing, dyeing processes or rivets. This section will assist customers in understanding every design element of their jeans, and help them choose which ones they like best.

The Size Guide provides detailed information about how to measure jeans. The guide shows key measurement points that are used to create different denim fits and where each size swill fit on different parts of the body so the customer can make an informed decision and allowing them to order the right size first time round.

The ‘Denim Room’ also offers a sneak preview of the Premium Denim range coming soon to Topman. The range will cater to all fit types and will feature premium fabrics coupled with the finest metalwork.

Gracia Amico, Head of Ecommerce said: “It’s the ultimate destination to find out all there is to know about Topman jeans. We’re providing our customers with the tools to make the right decision for them, from our washes right down to the differing thigh measurements between styles.”

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Style+Life+Fashion, the Newest High Fashion Blog in Maryland

Maryland fashion stylist, beauty expert and blogger Kimberly West has launched Style+Life+Fashion ( which will bring together all facets of high fashion, lifestyle, and personal styling. Style+Life+Fashion will publish numerous articles for women of all ages and walks of life in order to share information that will help readers in achieving their desired level of style, personal wellness and life happiness. Kimberly being a personal stylist and wardrobe consultant, Style+Life+Fashion will also serve as a platform to highlight the success and look of Kimberly’s clients, as well as to share ideas on personal style.

Style+Life+Fashion will be one of Maryland’s first international high fashion blogs and will help further cement the relevance of Maryland’s rapidly growing fashion scene and industry. Over the last few years, Maryland has produced high visibility events such as Baltimore Fashion Week, and most recently the Fashion Awards Maryland. Style+Life+Fashion will be one more avenue that will allow the expansion of the Baltimore based fashion scene. For more information, visit

Style+Life+Fashion is the brainchild of Kimberly West, an image consultant, fashion stylist and beauty expert. Although Kim started blogging as a hobby due to her love for Fashion, she quickly gained a loyal following as a respected industry expert and contributor for numerous fashion websites. A Fashion Educator by trade, Kim seeks to provide the latest trends as well as educate consumers about all aspects of fashion. Kim has done fashion interviews with well known industry experts such as Julie Weiss, Clinton Kelly, Gianni Rich, and Darius Gibbs. She has also collaborated with Glamour Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, and Macy’s, and worked to stream digital content and video for New York Fashion Week 2010. Kim holds B.S. and M.S. degrees in Fashion Merchandising and Design from Alabama A&M University.

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Better Than Bug Spray – Science Proves Internal Remedies Can Prevent Bug Bites

An itch-free summer is now possible without bug spray. New research has shown mosquito bites can be prevented by encouraging the body to create mosquito repelling compounds. Chemicals created by the skin cause mosquitoes to fly away instead of biting. Home remedies to keep bugs away have long included foods and vitamins. Now a Hawaii based company has developed a product based on the latest research that keeps mosquitoes from biting by confusing their sense of smell.

Researchers have discovered certain compounds to be much more attractive to insects than others, drawing them in to bite. Putting plant substances on the body or in the air is a common way to repel mosquitoes with scents they identify as unpleasant. We now know the body can also produce compounds that prevent bug bites. For more information on how humans can make their bodies naturally mosquito repellent check on the latest research at:

It’s long been known certain smells keep mosquitoes away. In a study done by the University of Guelph in Ontario, Lemon Thyme was 62% as effective in repelling mosquitoes as DEET. Citronella is almost always associated with mosquitoes. Catnip (in the form of oil) drives away both mosquitoes and cockroaches. Yet these are not effective all of the time.

Taking B vitamins, especially B1, has long been suggested as a method of changing body chemistry to keep bugs away. This hasn’t been backed by any scientific studies, and mixed results have been reported. Eating a lot of garlic has also been claimed to be a repelling method by many.

Based on the latest research of what repels mosquitoes, boosting the immune system can prevent mosquitoes from biting. Boosting the immune system changes the compounds released on the skin, so  mosquitoes aren’t attracted anymore. They get confused instead of biting, and look for a different meal.

Mosquito Solution is a new product based on this research. By supporting the immune system and encouraging the skin to produce its own repellent, mosquitoes are confused and don’t bite. Mosquito Solution is an all-natural product with simple, non-toxic ingredients is designed specifically prevent mosquito attacks.

“To stop mosquito bites for 3 hours, take 2 dropper-fulls of Mosquito Solution, in a plain or peppermint flavor and swishing in the mouth for 30 seconds and swallow. That’s all you have to do to be bite free,” said the founder of Mosquito Solution. Made in Hawaii, the ingredients are completely safe and non-toxic for kids and people of all ages. You can find out more about Mosquito Solution and how to repel mosquitoes naturally at

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