The Door Store Announce A Quality Range Of Oak Fire Doors

The Door Store has developed a superb range of doors for all applications which can be viewed on their website and supplied at a delivery time to suit the customer. Their range of internal doors are excellent and in particular their range of Oak Internal Doors.

A great example of the Door Stores range of Oak Internal doors is the JB Kind Yoxall Finished Oak Internal Door which is a superb door fully engineered to a very high standard to give a door which will survive the general day to day activity of any house. The door finish is an excellent Oak veneer which gives the door a very luxurious finish. The design of the is a very simple vertical plank system with a top and bottom horizontal wide oak faced board which with the outer two vertical planks makes a great visual surround to the design. This design of door brings a richness to the house and The Door Store is proud of the effect that a complete range of these doors will bring to the home or office. The range will fit ideally throughout the property and will fit in whether it be in the kitchen, sitting room or the bedroom.

Having a great looking door is one thing having a door which will resist fire for a time and allow the occupants of the property time to escape is a completely different problem and one which the Door Store takes very seriously. The JB Kind Yoxall Finished Oak Internal Door is just one of the range of internal doors which can be sourced in a fire door specification, in this case to a level of FD30 which means that it has been made to a specification which will allow 30 minutes for the occupants of the property to escape safely. These doors have achieved the BWF Certifire certificate which has been established by the British Woodworking Federation to testify that these doors have achieved the FD30 or FD60 (60 minutes escape time) requirements under rigorous testing procedures. In this case the JB Kind Yoxall Finished Oak Internal Door has been tested so that it is certain to give that escape time.

It is becoming more common by the day that fire doors are fitted throughout the home particularly for any door that enters or exits the hallway of a property. The Door Store also notes that the fire door must be fitted correctly into a frame with the correct intumescents and smoke seals. The smoke seals stop the major killer in any fire which is the fumes that are generated in a fire and the intumescents stop the flames creeping around the door edges.

The Door Store – – has worked hard to get a safe door catalogue as well as an attractive door range and they have plenty of experience in this area. The Door Store website will give a full range of oak internal doors but they will be only too pleased to offer any advice on the fire prevention and safety aspects which require to be addressed.

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Splash And Relax At A Price That Suits Most Pockets

Splash and relax are a company that has worked hard to develop a full range of products that will not only cover every sort of leisure activity but will do it at a price that can be afforded by most people. This is due to Splash and Relax working hard to obtain a full range of product within any category so that there is something for everyone. The very name of the company suggests that the water based sports and leisure activities have always been at the forefront of Splash and Relax’s business model. The swimming pool business is a major part of that area and the company can supply a full range of pools from the typical blow up paddling pool through the inflatable pools and above ground pools to the in the ground models.

Splash and Relax are pleased to be able to provide a great in ground swimming pool that will cost a fraction of that of a fully fitted tiled swimming pool. Splash and Relax are pleased to supply the Kafko DIY 4 ft Polymer In-Ground Swimming Pool Kit which is basically a DIY swimming pool that most active families can deal with or get a local contractor to erect at a very low price. The in ground swimming pool has always been considered the ultimate in swimming pools as it fits so well into the standard large garden and can be landscaped with paths and patios to make it the major centre of any garden. The Kafko DIY 4 ft Polymer In-Ground Swimming Pool Kit comes in kit form in various sizes up from 20 ft x 12 ft to 30 ft x 14 ft and at a price range for the full kit from less than £6,000 to less than £8,000 for the largest then comparing this to a price of over £30,000 for fully tiled and fitted swimming pool this unit has some very attractive advantages. The kit pool will usually take around 7 to 10 days to install whereas the tiled pool will take a good 10 weeks to install.

Splash and Relax are pleased to promote the Kafko DIY 4 ft Polymer In-Ground Swimming Pool Kit and note that the work can be carried out with assistance in a complete do it yourself fashion. The biggest problem is the hole for the pool but a good local digger contractor will deal with that and requires a good base. The Kafko DIY 4 ft Polymer In-Ground Swimming Pool Kit supplies a full framework for the pool with a fully insulation panel wall around and below the pool. The liner is a polymer one which will last about 7 to 10 years but a simple replacement will restore the pool to new. All the cleaners and filtration units come with the kit but there are a great range of extras that Splash and Relax can supply including a serious water heater and good solar covers.

Take a look at the Splash and Relax website and see just how good this swimming pool looks.

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Warranty on Trucks and Trolleys Extended to 10 years by The Workplace Depot

The Workplace Depot is delighted to announce that their range of Fetra trucks and trolleys will now be under warranty for 10 years; previously the warranty was for five years.

Many workplaces rely heavily on trucks and trolleys to move goods around and they can take a heavy pounding from regular, hefty usage. So it may come as a surprise that a company could guarantee the reliability of such an item for an extended period.

Ken Miller, Director of the Workplace Depot explained, “The reason we can give a 10 year warranty is because the equipment is now manufactured at highly efficient production facilities using some of the most advanced precision machinery. The Fetra range of trucks and trolleys are also powder-coated and undergo vigorous shot blasting pre-treatment.”

The new manufacturing process extends the product life as well as keeping the finish in tip-top condition for much longer.

There may be cheaper alternatives in the truck and trolley ranges provided by other suppliers, but buying an inferior item can be a false economy. This type of transport equipment has notoriously high levels of wear and tear, so lower quality equipment may only last a few years and therefore need to be replaced. This wastes both time and money versus the alternative of purchasing a reliable product that is guaranteed for 10 years.

Steve Miller, The Workplace Depot’s Managing Director commented on the quality of the Fetra products, “We are proud of the fact that if any of the Fetra products fail within 10 years, we will replace the whole truck or trolley, not just replace a part. We will of course do this free of charge. Our range is built to last and nothing says this more than a 10 year warranty.”

To view the full range of Fetra manufactured trucks and trolleys, visit the Workplace Depotwebsite.

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Door Furniture Direct Offer Biggest Cleaning and Maintenance Range Yet

Door Furniture Direct, a leading online retailer for door handles, locks and much more, now offers more a door cleaning and maintenance products than ever, in time for customers’ big spring clean.

The Door Furniture Direct online store has long been a popular destination for high quality door handles, locks and other furnishings, and now the site is also the perfect place to pick up cleaning and maintenance products for all of the door furniture available; with their largest cleaning range yet.

Now is the perfect time to purchase door cleaning and maintenance products, as many homeowners are carrying out their annual spring clean and sprucing up their homes. With the cleaning range from Door Furniture Direct, shoppers can find products to refurbish their door handles and improve the look of their rooms or house exterior.

The cleaning and maintenance collection includes all the necessary products to clean and re-lacquer tarnished brass and much more; Nitromours lacquer remover, Brasso cleaner, brass restorer, metal lacquer, grate polish, steel wool, graphite lubricant and much more.

All are extremely cost effective, and worth the price when it comes to improving the look of your door furnishings, and ensuring they last as long as possible.

Highlights of the range include a brass restorer for tarnished brass, available for just a few pounds, just brush on or dip small items.

After a few minutes the tarnished brass can be rubbed down with superfine grade 0000 wire wool then polished with Brasso, and if required, recoated in lacquer to keep the shine. The quality, quick drying metal lacquer does not yellow as it ages, and can be brushed or sprayed on brass door furniture. Cellulose thinners can be used to clean the lacquer brushes after use. Brass restorer can also be used to clean un-lacquered copper and bronze on the exterior of the home.

Remember to never use Brasso, wire wool, metal restorers or any chemical products on lacquered metals or the lacquer coating will get damaged.

Unlacquered brass around the home, or brass door furniture which has had the lacquer removed, can however be maintained using Brasso Cleaner or Brass Restorer; removing tarnish from exterior brass furniture and restoring their original colour.

For the bathroom why not try out some tile and grout reviver to spruce up your tiles, or our 3 in 1 mould killer to get rid of any unsightly black mould in damp areas. Sugar soap is available in a liquid form to clean any paintwork before repainting. For a finishing touch one of our designer cord pulls is a great way of improving your bathroom for very little cost.

Glass surfaces can be cleaned using the Glass Cleaner Spray Bottle, a fast acting all purpose glass cleaner with a non smear formula, perfect for windows, glass doors and mirrors.

Items from the Door Furniture Direct cleaning range are guaranteed to come in handy and keep your door furnishings looking great for longer, but they are also ideal if your checkout cost has fallen slightly short of the minimum cost for free delivery.

Orders of £50 or more enjoy free delivery, and cleaning products can help you to reach the minimum, and will also prove extremely useful.
Discover the door cleaning and maintenance range and many other fantastic door and window accessories today, at the a Door Furniture Direct online store.

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Effortless Gifts That Guarantee Smiles. Return To Glory Launch Instant Gift Vouchers

Imagine being handed a spa treatment menu and told to pick anything that takes your fancy. With the launch of Return to Glory’s Instant Gift Vouchers lucky recipients can do just that. No longer do you have to wait for gift inspiration to strike, or grab something off the shelves at the eleventh hour. Return to Glory have thoughtfully created the perfect present for any occasion. Everyone loves pampering and these clever vouchers put the vast array of Return to Glory’s range of massage, beauty and fitness services at your recipients fingertips; maximum impact with minimal effort, what could be better than that?

Return to Glory’s elite team of professional beauty, massage and fitness specialists bring the spa experience to you. With celebrity endorsements from the likes of Jodie Kidd, Amanda Holden and Mel B, it’s easy to see how they have amassed a following of over 6000 repeating clients. In home treatments are special because the more comfortable you feel in your surroundings, the more you’ll gain from your treatment. Being able to relax at home following your appointment is sheer heaven and allows the treatment to reach its full bliss inducing potential.

Instant gift vouchers are available as eVouchers which can be delivered to yours or their inbox – within the hour. Email or call with the personal message you would like on your instant gift voucher, the amount of Return to Glory time you would like to gift and yours and the recipients details. Simple.

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Panel Warehouse Encourages Schools to Prepare for Exam Time with New Exam Desks

Leading UK supplier of displays stands for schools now offers high quality exam desks, which can be easily transported to any location in the school and safely stored, after exam time.

Panel Warehouse recently launched an affordable new range of high quality school furniture, and now the company is urging schools to stock up on great folding exam desks in time for the exam period at the end of the school year.

Folding school exam desks from Panel Warehouse are tough, durable and easy to store. They have been designed specifically for school exams. This means that they’re the ideal size for students to comfortably sit their exams, but it also means that they’re easy to fold away or transport to other rooms, as and when they’re needed.

Multi buy offers are available on all school exam desks and exam desk trolleys, and free delivery is available on orders of more than £75 plus VAT.

The exam desks range at Panel Warehouse includes the Titan School Exam Desk in blue or charcoal grey. These super strong Titan brand desks feature a large 600 x 600mm working area, and an extra strong steel frame to guarantee a long and useful lifespan. Titan school exam desks weigh around 50% less than a traditional wood top desk, and fold neatly away when not in use. A helpful snap lock mechanism ensures fast and simple assembly come exam time.

In addition to these premium folding exam desks, Panel Warehouse also offers the Titan Exam Desk Trolley, which holds up to 40 folding exam desks at a time and makes moving these desks from one location to another as simple as possible. This safe and handy trolley has a grey powder coated steel frame. This coating prevents marks and scratches when uploading or offloading exam desks.

A range of other school exam desks and exam desk trolley are also available, at less cost. Schools simply need to choose the right exam desk range for their needs, then purchase their desk using the simple online ordering system at the Panel Warehouse site.

Panel Warehouse guarantee quality, and fast delivery, and they encourage school to place their of exam desks now to receive their order long before the deadline for exams.

Find out more about school exam desks, jumbo display stands and the rest of the Panel Warehouse school furniture range by visiting the store’s official website today.

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