Spring Summer Streetwear Collection from King Apparel Arrives at 5 Pointz

5 Pointz, a leading UK streetwear store, launches a brand new spring collection from King Apparel, a leading British urban fashion brand.

King Apparel, one of the UK’s leading urban fashion labels, is rubbing shoulders with all of the biggest names in the American streetwear scene, after landing at the 5 Pointz online store.

From legendary heritage brands like Adidas Originals and Nike, to the hottest indie labels from California and New York, like HUF and Only NY, the 5 Pointz online store remains a premier destination online for followers of British street fashion. Now, shoppers can access the latest designer clothing from King Apparel, an urban fashion brand from right here in the UK.

Fans of the King Apparel brand will recognise the iconic Dappa design, which is available across an all new t shirt or cap, but a number of all new graphics are also available including Prestige, Insignia and the RS logo.

The King Apparel Prestige t shirt is available in black and white with the eye-catching Prestige logo printed across the chest. It’s also available on the Prestige Starter Snapback Cap and Prestige New Era Cap.

Subtler and more contemporary thrills are to be had with the King Apparel Insignia t shirt in grey or black. Both feature oversized lavender lines which cross at the centre of the tee, while the letters K and A, in addition to a crown logo, are printed at the chest. Also available are a matching Insignia 5 Panel Cap, Snapback Cap and Insignia Crewneck Sweatshirt in black or grey.

The brand’s crewneck game is as strong as ever. The King Apparel RS Crewneck Sweatshirt is a solid crewneck accented with a left chest pocket with tiger camo print.

5 Pointz brings the best of the international streetwear scene to UK doorsteps with a massive online store, offering the latest new releases by heritage brands like Adidas Originals and Nike, along with the best new independent labels, including Only NY and many more.

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Aranez Announces Release of Flip Samsung Galaxy S4 Leather Case

Today Aranez announced the release of the first of its new line of leather cases for the Samsung Galaxy S4 called the Aranez Flip Samsung Galaxy S4 Leather Case. With the many hundreds of cases out their for the Samsung Galaxy S4 on the market, Aranez now provides Samsung Galaxy S4 owners with a premium choice that offers protection, function and luxurious styling.

The biggest features of the Aranez Flip Samsung Galaxy S4 Leather Case is the slim and light weight clam shell design, credit card slot, intricate silver-thread stitching and premium cow leather.

Features of the Aranez Flip Samsung Galaxy S4 Leather Case:
– Made from premium genuine cow leather
– Comes in both black and red leather versions
– Outlined with high quality and strong silver thread stitching
– Features a credit card or ID card slot
– Ultra light and minimalist design
– Access to all charge and audio ports
– Unobstructed camera punch out
– Punch out for the rear speaker
– Luxurious feel
– Genuine Aranez case

“Based on feedback from our Samsung Galaxy S3 leather case customers, we’ve included some enhancements to the Aranez Samsung Galaxy S4 Leather Case that will make it even more functional than it’s predecessors. Even though they may seem like small improvements, for us, they’re big things because it means that customers will love our case even more!” said Arnold Aranez, Founder of Aranez.com.

The Aranez Flip Samsung Galaxy S4 Leather Case will go on sale in the first week of June which aligns with the recent availability of the Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone in the United States.

For additional information contact Aranez.com on info@aranez.com.

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Electrical Counter Brush Up The Stainless Switch And Socket

Electrical Counter have recently found that there has been a substantial change in the market desire for different types of switches and sockets and one of the major changes has been in the supply of brushed steel socket and switch. Brushed steel finishes on electrical equipment has been a long time coming but since it did arrive there has been a very positive shift in the types of finish that are now requested by the customers. Electrical Counter is pleased to supply the Nexus range of brushed steel electrical fittings and these are now becoming a standard in the supply chain. The brushed steel effect is excellent is it is coated with a clear lacquer it does not mark with fingerprints like some of its counterparts and it is very easily cleaned when it does get marked.

Electrical Counter notes that this range of Nexus Brushed Stainless Steel electrical fittings is excellent when used in the kitchen. The kitchen can be the standard household kitchen in the family home or the commercial kitchen in the larger catering establishment, strangely it does not matter as they look equally as good in both and the safety features are such that they can work quite adequately in both. The BG Nexus Metal NBS70G Brushed Steel 45A Cooker Unit with Neon is a good brushed steel unit, which will supply power to the oven, and hob unit and will give a useful spare socket to work with. The neon shows when power is still on and will provide a timely reminder to turn off power when holidays or enforced absence occurs. The brushed steel effect will fit in with many of today’s kitchen units, it is particularly effective in the large commercial kitchen where stainless steel is found in abundance with most modern commercial kitchen units being made of stainless steel throughout as a matter of health and safety requirements. The usage of Nexus brushed stainless steel switches and sockets is a perfect match and also continues the health and safety theme.

Electrical Counter note that these electrical fittings all have a plastic seal between the switch or socket and the base box so that a watertight seal is made between the two parts. This stops any ingress of steam or water that may be present in the kitchen. The switches are invariably of the rocker type and these are very smooth and easy to operate, these smooth switches means that there are no snagging or ligature problems and that they can be operated by an irate chef with his hands full.

Electrical Counter is delighted with the full Nexus range as there is a switch and socket for every use required, from individual sockets to ganged units as well as specialist items like data points and telephone sockets. The light switches can be fitted on the wall in single or ganged units and in single or double pole models. Electrical Counter note that these electrical fittings can easily be changed in minutes without any repair work or alterations.

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Electrical Counter Count On Keeping Out The British Weather

The Electrical Counter has a tremendous range of electrical switches and sockets, which they can supply, and this reflects the number of different applications and designs and materials used in manufacture. The Electrical Counter realise that these different types are required or desired by the commercial trade and the general public in completing their electrical circuits.

One of the areas that The Electrical Counter supply is the switch and or socket that is required to be completely weatherproof. To this purpose The Electrical Counter is pleased to be able to supply the Greenbrook PXC Weatherproof range of products. This range of electrical equipment has been especially designed and built to supply power to areas where the ravages of the British weather can reach without posing any danger to the running of the power system or to the people who may come in contact with the equipment. The range of sockets runs from the simple single sockets to twin sockets as well as time switched sockets.

The design of the Greenbrook PXC Weatherproof 105 DT – C PowerX time switched socket is one of the major items of the range of weatherproof equipment and this comes with an excellent 7 day electronic timer. The socket is a 16 amp socket housed in a clear polycarbonate case which has an excellent clip system to ensure that the lid holds shut in all weathers. The polycarbonate cover is resistant to high impact damage and seals successfully onto the body of the socket. This ensures that there is no chance of water entry into the electrical system. The Electrical Counter realise that these sockets have to deal with some difficult weather and are impressed with the design which has been made to deal with a permanent electrical installation and not just a temporary application. The cable entry is simple but effectively sealed.

The 7 day timer means that the Greenbrook PXC Weatherproof 105 DT – C PowerX time switched socket can be used to operate equipment remotely on a 365 day of the year operation without having to be altered or switched off at various times. There is however a simple manual override which can be used to turn power off or to operate the circuit on a continuous basis if the work level demands such a system. The socket is UV protected and will not lose its appearance due to Ultra Violet light from normal sunlight. All hinges are obviously rustproof.

The Electrical Counter can also supply the double socket version where one socket is covered by the 7 day timer and the other is a straight forward 13 amp socket. There are a great number of applications where the Greenbrook PXC Weatherproof range can be used and The Electrical Counter are keen to promote their usage as there are many places where these switches and sockets would do a much better and safer job than the system already being used. There are many production units where water spray or rain can get at the electrical equipment where the equipment is not adequately covered. These switches are very competitively priced and a look at The Electrical Counter website will give the viewer an excellent idea of what is available.

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Evaps.fr Launches Various Types Of Joyetech Electronic Cigarette To Help Smokers Cut Down On Smoking

Evaps introduces the world renowned electronic cigarette, the Joyetech. Cigarette smoking is a dangerous and a bad habit which can be life threatening. Therefore, Evaps takes its best foot forward to offer several types of Joyetech e cigarette which keeps the smokers satisfied and doesn’t affect their health as well. The Joyetech electronic cigarette is offered in various flavors with all the necessary accessories to keep the smokers contended without affecting their health.

Evaps.fr offers an amazing concept to help smokers cut down on smoking. The company gives Joyetech electronic cigarette which keeps the smokers contented and doesn’t affect their health as well. These cigarettes are safe to smoke in public as well, because it releases water vapor in the form of smoke which is not harmful like the regular cigarette.

Many COPD patients have been benefited by this awesome tool which helps to quit smoking. The e liquide used in Joyetech electronic cigarette is available in so many flavors that a smoker will never feel the urge to smoke the regular cigarette. Moreover, the liquid is designed in such a way that a smoker will not be able to smoke a lot. He or she will feel full after 5 to 6 puffs and they can use it later when they feel the urge. The flavors available in the market for Joyetech electronic cigarette are, strawberry, apple, kiwi, etc. It is also used as an impressive tool to throw a style statement at big business meetings, among friends and others.

A senior official from Evaps spoke about the major benefits of using Joyetech electronic cigarette. He said, “It is easy to fight the leading and the preventable death cause with the help of Joyetech electronic cigarette. The cigarette will never affect your lung and is a boon to heart patients. It will also keep your skin glowing. It is a better solution which not only keeps you healthy but even the passive smokers. It will help you spend quality time with your kids and family members where none of the members will be harmed by the smoke.”

Further the spokesperson of the e-cigarette company said, “The best part about electronic cigarettes is, it helps you save money and keep control over your health. After a few days you will experience a change in your health and see the stamina is coming back. The vapors which come out of the electronic cigarette also offer good smell so you will never have an issue with your breath. Moreover, you enjoy healthy and long life.”

The type of e-liquide offered by the company is terrific in a number of ways. It is also known by the name of e liquid, Nicotine Fluid Juice, smoke juice, and many other names. This non nicotine liquid is filled in the cartridges where you can add more liquid when necessary or change the cartridge and liquid both. It can be done either way.

For more information, you can please visit http://www.evaps.fr/

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Ace Sheds Secure The Family Jewels

Ace Sheds have developed a great range of differing wooden buildings from the common or garden shed to the summerhouse range and finally to the full purpose built self design building. All these buildings have the quality and design characteristics, which make them superb for the job they have been built to do and at a price, which is excellent, and at a fraction of what any brick or breeze block building would cost. As the name suggests Ace Sheds started life as major shed builders and whilst they supply other buildings the shed market is still a major part of the business of garden sheds in Kent.

Ace Sheds tailor make each shed to satisfy a certain part of the market and one of the best sheds that is produced is the Reigate Security Shed which is one of the strongest sheds on the market. Shed crime has become a major problem and the losses from these buildings have been very high over the last few years. This has been mainly due to the fact that criminals have not had to bring along tools to break in and therefore cannot be charged with possession of such tools, also the standard shed is usually at the bottom of the garden and in the quietest place and the darkest place so that the burglar can break in without waking the family or the neighbours.

Ace Sheds have taken this on board and produced a superb shed that is ideal for this application the Reigate Security Shed. The frame is a 52 mm x 25 mm with extra diagonal supports for extra strength, the cladding is tongued and grooved boarding throughout and the floors and the roof are also made of 12 mm tongued and grooved boarding. The windows are small and very high in the building, the standard fitting comes with plastic safety glass but toughened glass is a recommended option. There is a substantial door, which is 750 mm wide and fitted with security hinges and a 3 lever mortice door lock. The security on this Ace Sheds building is excellent and to break into the building requires some excellent tools to be used and the sensible burglar is not going to be caught with those. Even with the right tools the Reigate Security Shed is going to resist the burglar totally or cause the person to take a long time in the operation, which will deter all but the hardened criminal.

Ace Sheds have not just made this shed to be a safe but primarily as an excellent garden storage area and the Reigate Security Shed has a good storage area. The Sheds can be sourced in sizes from 8 foot x 6 foot to a large 14 foot x 8 foot which will cover most needs. This shed is ideal for keeping garden mowers and hedge trimmers as well as the children’s cycles safely and securely. Ace Sheds also recommend using a burglar alarm in certain cases and a no window option is also available to reduce any chance of seeing inside the building.

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New ALL BUT GLUTEN™ Baked Goods Launches During Celiac Awareness Month for Canadians on a Gluten-Free Diet

May is Celiac Awareness Month and, just days after first appearing on the shelves of major Canadian retailers, new All But Gluten™ baked goods are receiving rave reviews from consumers following a gluten-free diet. These great tasting products were created by the talented product development team at Weston Bakeries in collaboration with respected nutrition experts and are manufactured in a dedicated gluten-free facility. They meet Health Canada’s gluten-free regulations and are certified by the Canadian Celiac Association’s Gluten-Free Certification Program (GFCP). All But Gluten™, is one of the first brands to bear the GFCP mark, making it easier for consumers to identify safe gluten-free products.

All But Gluten™ products are also dairy-free and Kosher.

Safety, taste and nutrition are the three pillars of the All But Gluten™ brand. “The breads, focaccias, pizza shells and muffins are enriched with vitamins and minerals and are a source of fibre,” says Shelley Case, registered dietitian, international celiac disease expert and consulting spokesperson for All But Gluten™. “This is an important feature of All But Gluten™ because many gluten-free products on the market are not enriched and often lower in iron, B vitamins and fibre,” states Case.

Unlike most gluten-free baked goods, All But Gluten™ can be found in the fresh bakery section, not the frozen section of major Canadian retailers. Consumers following a gluten-free diet really miss delicious baked products and now they can stroll down the aisles that were previously off limits. The All But Gluten ™ brand invites consumers to ‘Rekindle your love of baked goods.’

The line includes Whole Grain Loaf, Cinnamon Raisin Loaf, Sliced White Loaf, Roasted Onion Focaccia, Rosemary Focaccia, Plain Pizza Shells, Carrot Raisin Morning Muffins, Mini Brownies and Coconut Macaroons.

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Apple fixes iPhone security bug

Apple has managed to fix a bug in its passcode lock that had previously allowed users access to contacts, emails and photographs on iPads and iPhones. Hackers also found a way to make calls using FaceTime. By following a specific series of steps including making emergency calls, a person was able to get around the passcode facility.

The company has released a new update to iOS which includes a number of different improvements for iPhones, iPods and iPads. As well as the passcode lock fix other improvements and updates were included in the release. Users in Japan will experience sharper 3D images and improved speech synthesis.

The bug was introduced with the iOS 6.1 update and has been present since it was released at the end of January. The two month wait for a resolution has prompted some experts to question why Apple was not able to solve such a fundamental problem much sooner.

This update will be the last for several months before the release of the next version and the much anticipated iPhone 5S later in the year. iOS 7 is currently in the early stages of development and as the release of the new iPhone approaches, speculation as to the various new features of the operating system is sure to intensify.

Speaking on behalf of online smartphone and tablet case retailer The Snugg, Les Yates commented ,“This latest bug fix is great news for our consumers and will put a lot of user’s minds at rest, particularly because of the ease with which someone was able to bypass the passlock on the phone. Although it would have been preferable for many to have seen the update come sooner, the fact that Apple recognised the problem and solved it without letting the situation get out of hand is commendable.

“Bugs are an inevitable feature when creating any computer system and hopefully the discovery of this bug will help Apple to prevent similar problems occurring on their devices in the future. This will be very important with the release of a new iPhone later in the year; any problems associated with their new product could prove to be very damaging for their brand image.”

The Snugg create a wide range of quality covers and accessories for a variety of smartphones including the latest iPhone and iPads. Be sure to check out their slick iPad 3 cases at Amazon.com.

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