Debenhams First With Disabled High Street Model

Following an approach by Nikki Fox and Natasha Wood, both disability campaigners and presenters of the hit TV show ‘How to Look Good Naked’, Shannon Murray will appear in photography in the stores windows and online. Shannon, 32, has been confined to a wheelchair since breaking her neck in her teens.

Shannon will join three other models appearing in imagery to promote the recently launched Principles by Ben de Lisi range which prides itself on its inclusivity. Joining Shannon will be Kate Fullman, a size 16 model, Tess Montgomery, a petite 5’4″ model and Tokumbo Daniel, a size 10 model. The Principles clothing range starts at size 8 and goes up to size 20 with a specific petite clothing offering.

Unlike other high street stores, Debenhams is showing an increasing willingness to inject some variety into the people modelling its clothes. The campaign follows hot on the heels of the retailer using size 16 mannequins in its windows.

Michael Sharp, Debenhams’ Deputy Chief Executive said: “We cater for women of all shapes and sizes, young and old, non-disabled and disabled so we wanted our windows to reflect this choice.

“When Nikki and Natasha approached us with the idea, we didn’t have to think twice. We are proud to be the first high street retailer to deliver this. We only wished we had done it sooner,” concluded Sharp.

Nikki Fox praised the store for using Shannon in its campaign: “I am so happy and proud that Debenhams has used our disabled model for such a massive campaign.” she said. “It’s a really big deal. If seeing Shannon helps another disabled person, then we’ve done well.”

Ben de Lisi added: “Every woman deserves to look good and feel special which is why there are styles to suit, fit and flatter every body shape in the new Principles range. I think that Shannon looks amazing.”

Shannon Murray complemented the retailer for supporting disabled models: “I think this is a fabulous step forward by Debenhams and I’m proud to be part of such a big move towards positive representation of disability in high street fashion.”

Gok Wan added: “We in the UK have the best high street in the world. It’s a multi million pound industry that needs to recognise all shapes, sizes and disabilities. Filming ‘How to Look Good Naked’ has been a life changing experience for me, because I have learnt so much about a community I knew existed but have never been involved with.

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The Make-Up Time Bomb In British Women’s Cosmetic Bags

Debenhams has revealed that the average British woman’s cosmetic bag is out of date by a worrying four years.

The new research highlighted that many British women are using cosmetics well past the use-by date, unaware that products can be a magnet for germs which could cause damage to their health and looks.

Sara Stern, Director of Cosmetics at Debenhams said, “British women are famously loyal to make up brands and products, however, their reluctance to throw away old products is a risky business.”

Beauty essentials such as foundation, concealer, blusher, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick and perfume all include a ‘period after opening’ indicator, denoted by an open pot with the number of months of safe use written inside.

Despite European Union guidelines meaning brands have to state product shelf lives, 89% of women are unaware that such information exists, do not understand what the symbol means or are unable to read the often tiny writing. Make-up, perfume and skincare products used after the expiry date carry a risk of irritation and infection. This is due to air and bacteria infiltrating the products. Multiuse products carry an even higher risk as they can spread germs from eyes to skin to lips.

The study also found that 68% of women only replace make-up and skincare when they run out, however long that might take. 72% of women never wash their make-up sponges or brushes, even though they should do at least once a week. 81% of British women also regularly (at least once a week) go to sleep without removing make up.

Bevis Man of the British Skin Foundation said: “It’s not always obvious when make-up has passed its prime, so it may not occur to people to replace their products. It is best to err on the side of caution and if a product looks or smells strange, it is worth throwing it away.

“Cost is probably a major factor in why people do not replace out-of-date cosmetics. However, products can dry out and become less effective as they age.

“Your eyes are one area of your face you need to be particularly careful with, as eye infections can be painful and long-lasting. Make-up sponges are a particular haven for bacteria, especially if they are kept for a long period of time and are not washed. Again, it is best to keep them clean and replace them after a few months’ use.”

As a result of the findings, Debenhams is exploring ways in which the ‘best before’ date of products can be better communicated to customers. Staff members are being trained to point out the importance of regularly replacing products and a ‘make up’ amnesty is planned nationwide. Debenhams has also written to the Secretary of State for Health to push for further legislation to cover the safety of consumers.

Sara Stern concluded, “Hopefully this call to action will encourage women to have a ruthless spring clean of their cosmetics collections. All our Beauty Hall staff members are on hand to advise customers of the use-by dates of their current items and help replenish any empty cosmetic bags”.

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Access Discounts Announces Sale on Grow Lights in Time for Spring Gardening Season – a leading supplier of grow lights, home lighting and commercial lighting, is celebrating the start of the Spring gardening season by offering storewide savings on its entire selection of grow light systems, bulbs and accessories. The online retailer is a complete shopping solution for all gardeners, f r o m beginner to advanced.

Thanks to increasingly energy-efficient, “greener” lighting solutions, gardening is moving indoors at an unprecedented rate.

Indoor gardening continues its rise in popularity due to its numerous advantages over outdoor growing, and not just to those living in harsh climates or small spaces. An indoor garden helps create a cleaner environment by absorbing hydrocarbons and airborne chemicals and allergens, all while releasing oxygen. And now the clinically proven therapeutic effects of gardening as an activity can be enjoyed any time of day, year-round.

Meanwhile the organic gardening boom of the last decade, fueled by growing interest in nutrition and overall health along with concerns about environment, has only further broadened the scope and possibility of indoor growing as more people each year decide to indulge their inner green thumbs.

Arguably the greatest application of grow lighting is its usefulness in hydroponic gardening, which is increasingly preferred to conventional soil-based gardening due to the its superior water-efficiency and higher, more stable yields. The controlled environment of a hydroponic garden results in far fewer problems with disease and pests, and the adaptability of the method makes gardening possible in all manner of small, indoor spaces. has been a leading supplier for growers and gardeners since its establishment in 2002, offering a top-to-bottom inventory of grow lights, fixtures, bulbs and accessories. “We’re proud to be an indispensable resource for growers of all levels, f r o m recreational to commercial, anyone who wants to join the growing community of indoor growers, really.” says the company’s spokesperson Christina Roush.

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WOMbat Starts 2010 With Fairtrade Sales Surge

Sales of Fairtrade T-shirts and sweatshirts have shot up in recent weeks according to adventure clothing retailer WOMbat.

The Cheshire-based company has reported a 9% like-for-like rise in the number of Fairtrade branded goods sold so far during February along with an overall growth of 45% with the addition of their new stores.

The news follows hot on the heels of an announcement by the Fairtrade Foundation this week, which revealed a 12 per cent year-on-year increase in the volume of Fairtrade products sold in the UK. Despite the recession, it is estimated that consumers spent £800m on ethically-sourced items such as clothing, tea, chocolate and coffee in 2009.

WOMbat, which has four shops and an online outlet, said it has seen an increase in demand for Men and Women’s Fairtrade Clothing products across its range of clothing, although fair trade cotton T-shirts have been proving particularly popular.

WOMbat’s Victoria Tingey said: “Ethical clothing is the cornerstone of our business, so it is fantastic to see this month’s sales increase. WOMbat is a supplier of adventure clothing, but we feel just as strongly about the concept of fair trade as we do about the outdoors.

“There has been a considerable increase over recent years when it comes to recognition of the Fairtrade brand and what it stands for and consumers are now far more aware of the issues surrounding fair trade and the environment.

“It is encouraging to see that even in the face of a recession, people are committed to purchasing ethically-sourced goods. The global recession has made it more critical than ever that we support producers in developing countries.”

The new summer Fairtrade clothing lines are due to hit WOMbat’s website and its retail stores in Cambridge, Chester, Abersoch and Bristol within the next couple of weeks. And in an attempt to get more shoppers to try ethical clothing, the firm is offering a 10 per cent discount on all Fairtrade cotton clothing until March 7.

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Fabulous 5 Bridal Shower Game, a leading online provider of unique wedding favors and bridal shower invitations, introduces the addition of Fabulous 5 Bridal Shower game to its product offering. The Fabulous 5 bridal shower game provides five fun-to-play bridal shower games on one, beautifully printed sheet, and is available in elegant black and white, brown or pink colors.

“Our Fabulous 5 game is a modern spin on traditional bridal shower games. It is beautifully designed with a gorgeous bridal silhouette, a cute whimsical poem and the option to personalize the game with the bride-to-be’s name,” says Sherri Yukel, founder of” The best part is that the hostess does not have to do a lot of preparation work. We also offer a variety of prizes for the winner of the games and favors for the guests to create the perfect bridal shower.”

The Fabulous 5 shower games comes with five games: “Famous Couples” challenges guests to match the famous celebrity bride with her groom; “Heavy or Light Purse” is a fun way to see which guest has the most items on the list in her purse; “Who’s Your Mate?” tests shower goers on the name of each animal’s mate. The “Wedding Word Unscramble” is a great marriage related brain teaser, while “How Well Does The Bride Know Her Man?” is a bridal shower favorite. The minimum order for Fabulous 5 is 20 cards.

In addition to the new Fabulous 5 game, carries a wide variety of original wedding theme styles, wedding favors, bridal shower favors, bridal shower invitations and bridal shower party supplies to suit many different tastes and styles. also features a Design Concierge Service that allows wedding and party planners to get even more creative with additional customization options to create the perfect bridal shower or wedding.

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House of Fraser Announce Online Availability Of La Prairie

House of Fraser has announced that, prestigious beauty brand, La Prairie, is now available to buy online at

House of Fraser Announce Online Availability Of La Prairie

La Prairie skincare gives the skin an incomparable soft splendour from the moment of application. Customers can find La Prairie makeup, skincare and fragrance collections online at House of Fraser, including the Advanced Marine Biology range, Radiance and Anti-aging collections as well as Skin Caviar and the new Platinum range.

The extremely popular Advanced Marine Biology Cream combines five deep-sea extracts in a protective treatment that both women and men can use to counteract the earliest signs of aging.

La Prairie has formulated Cellular Cream Platinum Rare with a unique complex of active ingredients including peptides, vitamins and anti-oxidants. These work in synergy to reduce the visibility of lines and wrinkles, with a noticeable improvement in the skin’s resilience and the restoration of youthful tone and texture.

The Anti-Aging Anti-Wrinkle Eye Line Filler is the latest addition to the La Prairie Anti-Aging Collection. It plumps the skin, instantly filling in lines and smoothing out wrinkles. A non-invasive extract, derived from trees grown in India, the eye liner filler increases tissue volume by boosting adipocyte (fat) storage in depressed areas of the skin to even out its surface. It rebuilds and re-organises the skin, improving the skin’s overall tone and texture. Customers can finish their skin-perfecting regime with Anti-Aging Eye Cream SPF 15, the perfect partner to the Anti-Aging Anti-Wrinkle Eye Line Filler. The cream will intensely hydrate the delicate skin around the eyes.

Customers can shop online at House of Fraser to purchase La Prairie skincare products and have them delivered direct to any address in the UK mainland (terms and conditions apply).

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Pre-Printed, Customizable Baby Shower Game Comes In Boy, Girl And Gender Neutral Options For Hassle-Free Shower Games, a leading online retailer of baby shower invitations, baby shower decorations and baby shower favors, introduces Fabulous 5, a new baby shower game that provides five fun-to-play baby shower games on one, beautifully printed sheet, in “it’s a girl” pink, “it’s a boy” blue or neutral lime, for those keeping baby’s gender a surprise.

“We have put a modern spin on baby shower games with our Fabulous 5 game by adding personalization and having 5 games printed on one beautifully designed sheet,” says Sherri Yukel, founder, “With our Fabulous 5 personalized, pre-printed baby shower game, the hostess spends less time organizing games and more time enjoying the party. In addition, we offer great ideas for prizes and gifts to create the perfect baby shower.”

The Fabulous 5 shower games can be personalized with the name of the mom-to-be and each game sheet comes with five games: Famous Families – Match the famous celebrity with their child; Oh Baby! – See how many songs, phrases, or movies your can think of that use the word baby; Who’s Your Mommy? – Guess the name of each of the animal baby’s mommy; What’s Mommy Wearing? – Be the best at remembering what the new mommy is wearing and Baby Busters – Decide if the 20 pregnancy statements listed are fact or myth. The minimum order for Fabulous 5 is 20 cards.

In addition to the Fabulous 5, features a variety of unique baby shower games. “Sweet Mess” baby shower game comes with four candy bars for melting in diapers and 24 player sheets. “Bun in the Oven” pull-tab game includes 20 cards per pack and is the hottest new baby shower game in town. Always a favorite among shower goers, “The Clothespin Game” includes 24 clothespins in colors to complement any shower.

Baby shower themes, banners and tableware in a variety of styles add that extra special touch and because no shower is complete without gifts and party favors, offers some of the most unique shower favors, gifts and prizes available on one site.

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Bobbi Brown Cosmetics Unveils Pretty Powerful Spring Campaign Featuring Friends of Bobbi

Bobbi Brown has been sought out for years by women wanting Bobbi to provide them with beauty solutions, application tips and product suggestions. All of these women have ultimately inspired Bobbi in her daily life and work. Now Bobbi has finally brought many of these women together-including her friends, and those of her staff-for a 3-day shoot where she transformed women from ‘Pretty’ to ‘Powerful.’

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics Unveils Pretty Powerful Spring Campaign Featuring Friends of Bobbi

Pretty Powerful symbolizes Bobbi’s belief that all women possess natural beauty, and with the right tools, are empowered to a higher level of pretty – Pretty Powerful, Pretty Amazing, Pretty Gorgeous, etc. Bobbi Brown Cosmetics has captured their before/after photos, videos and testimonials as the centerpiece content of the Pretty Powerful campaign.

The content will live on, but will be infused throughout the season to include on-counter collateral, postcards, and direct mail pieces all featuring ‘Friends of Bobbi.’ Additionally, Pretty Powerful in-store events with the Bobbi Brown Beauty Team are scheduled at various major department stores.

On the dedicated website, Bobbi Brown real women will be featured, accompanied by their profiles, testimonials, video portraits, face chart, application tips and behind the scenes footage of the shoot with Bobbi. Videos and photos will emphasize transformation and link back to the beauty problem the collection/product launch will solve. will also serve as an anchor for online PR outreach and activities. The strategy is targeted towards online/viral marketing and will include engagement activity on the Bobbi Brown UK Facebook page where consumers will be encouraged to ‘Tell us how your makeup feels?’. Bobbi Brown will also be holding its first ever live chat ‘Ask an Artist’ session on Facebook, where consumers will be invited to ask a Bobbi Brown Makeup Artist their beauty questions and receive instant tips and advice.

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Debenhams Launches Size 16 Mannequins

Debenhams has announced that size 16 mannequins will appear in its windows in a trial to gain feedback from customers to see if they like the idea.

Like most retailers Debenhams currently uses standard size 10 mannequins in all its window displays. However the majority of women in the UK are either a 14 or 16.

Signage next to the mannequins, which will be wearing the recently launched Principles by Ben de Lisi range, will ask customers ‘I’m a size 16, do you want to see more of me?’

Debenhams stocks up to size 26 in its womenswear department, and a huge 42% of sales come from size 14 and 16 garments.

Debenhams Head of Creative, Mark Stevens commented: “We are proud to offer a broad and varied choice for women of all ages, shapes and sizes in store. So we thought we should reflect this in our window displays. If it’s popular with customers we would love to roll it out.”

Susan Ringwood, Chief Executive of charity Beat, which lends help to people with eating disorders and their families, voiced her support for Debenhams’ trial. She said: “Women often feel it is their fault that clothes don’t look as good on them as they do in the shop window, so we congratulate Debenhams on taking this initiative.”

Mark Fast caused waves when he sent size 12 and 14 models down his catwalk last London Fashion Week, and gorgeous size 16 model Crystal Ren has had a huge impact on the fashion industry recently.

The window, which celebrates a realistic interpretation of the British female physique, was unveiled at Debenhams’ Oxford Street branch in February. The size 16 mannequins can be seen in the newly launched Principles by Ben De Lisi window as well. The initiative will be later rolled out across the country, again to get feedback from customers.

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Naartjie Kids Introduces Spring Two Collection

Naartjie Kids, the original name in fun children’s clothing for sizes 0-10, has announced the arrival of its Spring Two Collection. Heralding the upcoming season, the new collection of kids clothes features the company’s trademark unique designs, vibrant colors and cool graphics along with its usual high quality and wearability.

“Springtime is a season of revival and an abundance of color, and for kids, it’s an especially exciting time to liven up their wardrobes,” said Joe Norwood, director of marketing, Naartjie USA. “This year’s Spring Two Collection combines vibrant colors with touches of retro and bohemian flair, along with our fun and imaginative themes. As always, the styles are comfortable, practical and kid friendly.”

The Boys’ Spring Two collection pulls off a cool retro vibe, with old-school printed T-shirts sporting original characters like the sci-fi “Magno Dog”, kitschy “Monster Loader” truck, or the eco-crusading, comic book hero “Enviro-Man”. Naartjie’s “Battle of The Bay” series touts showdowns between fictional heros like Doc Bolt, Zax 2000, Slick Ric and Bugg-Eye.

The Girls’ Spring Two collection rocks a vintage bohemian vibe with its long-smocked dresses and peasant tops, and a color palette that joins traditional spring pastels of vanilla, crystal and dew together with deeper hues of teaberry, royal purple and pigment spring. Naartjie’s own “Fusion Rose” floral print mixes with skinny Pixie stripes to create the latest original look. Large butterfly graphics and popping neon pink accents add a fun modern feel. The collection also includes a funky“dress-up” group with asymmetrical hems and netting.

Naartjie’s Newborn Girls’ collection is inspired by the papillon (“butterfly” in French). Prints, graphics and embroidery all feature the papillon in delicate soft shades of white, crystal pink and popsicle yellow, with neon pink added for a fresh, vibrant feel. The line also includes solid color dress-up fashions. Newborn boys’ styles and unisex styles star a whimsically hand-drawn ant and his friends, printed with a soft watercolor feel.

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Spring Season Reductions on HCG for Weight-Loss Supplies, a leading online seller of HCG for weightloss supplies, accessories and mixing kits, has announced new lower prices on its selection of high quality mixing kits and accessories. Beyond merely promoting weight-loss, the innovative HCG protocol helps dieters improve their relationship with food and maintain their ideal weight over the long term.

“Springtime is right around the corner and now is the time to start slimming down for the swim suit season,” said Jim Sparks, director of marketing at “Too many of us wait until the last minute and resort to crash dieting to prepare for the spring and summer seasons. That’s why we’re offering great deals on supplies to help dieters lose weight sensibly, and keep it off with the aid of HCG.”

Daily HGC injections in conjunction with a healthy low-calorie diet, have been associated with decreased hunger and weight loss of up to a pound per day. This combination of HCG and diet is intended to help the body burn fat cells while avoiding the muscle-loss and malaise associated with many other popular weight-loss programs.’s kits are ideal for dieters following the pioneering HCG-based diet regimes as put forth by Dr.. Simeons and Kevin Trudeau.’s most popular item, the HCGTest 43-Day Mixing Kit tops the list of sale-priced items. HCGSupplies’ mixing kits are designed to provide dieters with the essential items needed to precisely mix together the ingredients needed for their specific weight-loss regime. These kits allow customers to choose their desired syringe size and mixing solvents, and can be further customized to include accessories like syringe filters, amp breakers and HGC potency test strips.

Prices have also been reduced on the popular 23-Day mixing kits as well as’s full selection of a la carte HCG mixing accessories.

Offering all the latest HCG supplies and accessories, was founded to give customers not only the best products for weight loss, but also the resources to help dieters properly understand how HCG can be used effectively for weight loss. While does not sell HCG, the web site sells everything a person might need to properly use the supplement: syringes, vials, HCG mixing kits, various mixing solvents, HCG recipes, and much more.

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JD Sports Announces Official Partnership With M.E.N. Arena

Leading British and now global sports fashion retailer JD Sports is pleased to announce its continued partnership with Europe’s largest indoor venue and the world’s second busiest arena in 2009, the SMG Europe managed M.E.N. Arena for 2010.

JD Sports Announces Official Partnership With M.E.N. Arena

First opened in 1995 the arena, which is located within 60 minutes drive of 11.4 million people, played host to Mike Tyson’s UK debut fight, seen by over 100 million worldwide, and has hosted superstar acts such as U2 and Madonna stage concerts.

As well as having strong connections with sports fashion brands like adidas Originals and Fred Perry, JD Sports is also proud of its continued musical connections which include previous link-ups with Ian Brown and Doves as well as a current partnership with popular live music club Moho Live, and the M.E.N. Arena continuing to host the biggest names in music, comedy and sport since 1995, the exclusive footwear and clothing retailer is delighted to team up with the premier venue for the duration of 2010 onwards.

The 21,000 capacity arena is known throughout the globe for hosting some of the biggest names in the entertainment business and attracting in excess of 1 million visitors a year as well as being consistently nominated for International Venue of the Year, this venture will enable JD Sports to acquire tickets for a host of specially selected and immensely popular events such as Lady Gaga, Stereophonics, Black Eyed Peas, JLS, Peter Kay’s record-breaking 2010/11 residency and many more throughout the year. These sought after tickets will then be made available to win exclusively through our Facebook fan page which has close to 50,000 members.

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Best For Bride Opens New Location In Barrie

Best for Bride, Toronto’s premier wedding boutique ( is opening a new location at the corner of Dunlop St. and Hwy 400 in Barrie. The new store’s lavish decor will certainly make Barrie-area brides and bridesmaids eager to browse through the huge selection of gorgeous gowns and accessories. Pictures and map of the new location are viewable here

Best for Bride sells top quality wedding and formal wear at reasonable prices. Their wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses are made of designer fabrics and feature fancy embellishments. Best for Bride’s dresses are created to fit every bride, f r o m petite to plus-size and come in a variety of sizes and colours.

For the bride on a budget, Best for Bride also rents out wedding gowns and accessories, allowing brides to have a wedding of their dreams regardless of budget. The added bonus of renting some (or all) wedding items is that it eliminates the trouble and cost of storing them later!

Presently, Best for Bride is offering an amazing special for the rental of bridal accessories (veil, crinoline, tiara, jewellery set, headpieces, gloves and shawl) at the price of only $100. More information about this special, as well as prices for the rental of individual items is available here:

Best for Bride also sells wedding invitations,wedding décor and wedding favours to fulfill all wedding needs for their clients. Similarly to their other popular locations, the Barrie store will allow brides and grooms-to be to find all their wedding outfits, bridal party wear, wedding cakes, invitations, accessories and favours in one convenient location.

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Animal Online Store Launches Youth Division Collection

Animal, the freesports apparel brand, has announced the online launch of its new 2010 youth division collection.

Animal Online Store Launches Youth Division Collection

This is the biggest youth collection to date for Animal and includes a new baby range, as well as offering footwear, eyewear, bags and accessories for boys and girls aged 0 – 12 years old.

The Animal boys clothing is action-packed with strong graphic print t-shirts, cool looking polo shirts and a range of shorts, jeans and boardshorts. Animal boys hoodies are big this season with a great colour palette ranging f r o m traditional navy and black to bright chilli pepper red and Hawaiian blue.

For Animal girls clothing there are plenty of pretty outfits to choose f r o m. With a lovely selection of cami tops and dresses, prints vary f r o m beautiful flowers to cute checks. There are also plenty of Animal girls hoodies and t-shirts.

Animal also offer a huge range of school bags and satchels that can easily store A4 files and all other school work. There is also a fantastic selection of boys and girls stationary with pencil cases and note books.

Product Director Scott Eden commented: “Our Youth Division has developed significantly over the last few seasons and for 2010 we have produced our largest collection so far. Careful thought has been put into the design and colour palette of the range to give it its own identity and unique style.

A new product area for the youth division is the baby range which offers cute babygros for baby boys and girls. We are very excited about the collection this year and we have even bigger plans for it later on in 2010.”

The online store continues to have exclusive opportunities and competitions for its shoppers as well as free delivery on purchases over £50, free returns on all orders and a safe, secure shopping online experience. The E-Store also stocks one of the widest selections of Animal products available in the UK including clothing, watches, bags, footwear, eyewear and accessories.

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Displaysense Cook Up A Recipe For Success In 2010

Displaysense has decided to help inspire the countries would-be chefs with free recipes and cooking hints.

During phone calls to their customers, Displaysense the UK’s leading supplier of shop fittings and cake stands, noticed a growing trend of sales since the start of December from customers who want to display their food creations at dinner parties and social gatherings.

Displaysense Cook Up A Recipe For Success In 2010

With the entire country still feeling the effects of one of the worst recessions in recorded history, unemployment rates refuse to drop and pensioners are struggling to get by. The recession has not all been bad news however, as more and more people are turning away from eating out and microwave meals and are instead staying in to cook from scratch, which can be healthier, more nutritious and better on the bank balance.

The company is now looking to help encourage more of the country’s budding chefs to pick up a mixing bowl and get creative with their own list of recipes and helpful hints. Customers who purchased a food display from Displaysense since November will be emailed these recipes and cooking tips close to Valentines Day in February so they can really put their new found skills to the test.

Steve Whittle, marketing manager at Displaysense, commented, “We have noticed that more and more home users are buying into our catering range, which is why we have decided to create these recipes and serving suggestion tips. The recipes for the email are actually being pulled together by our staff, who are surprisingly good cooks and who knows, you might see them on YouTube sometime soon showing off their creations on some of our food displays or cake stand.”

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Cloggs Predicts Massive Fitflops Sell Out This Spring

Cloggs has started packing its warehouse with the Spring/Summer collection of Fitflops.

Cloggs Predicts Massive Fitflops Sell Out This Spring

Since 2008, Fitflops have proved to be a massive hit in the UK, with everyone clamouring to get hold of a pair so that they can get a Workout While They Walk. This trend is set to continue throughout Spring 2010, and whilst official Fitflops retailers like are packing out their warehouses with all the top styles in all the latest colours in an effort to satisfy demand, sales are still set to soar and outstrip supply.

Fitflops have become an iconic fitness footwear brand and a massive fashion trend, ever since being endorsed by Opera Winfrey on her show in 2008. Loved by celebrities including Mischa Barton, Hilary Swank and Marcia Cross, Fitflop fever has spread throughout the UK like wildfire.

People across the world are reaping the fitness benefits from this shoe with the gym built in, which has actually been biomechanically engineered to give the wearer a workout while they walk. The unique Microwobbleboard technology that has been inbuilt into the sole actually destabilises the foot making the muscles in the lower body work harder. Wearers burn more calories than they would do walking normally, and posture is improved too.

With all of these benefits, Fitflops have proved to be a phenomenal success. So much so that Fitlops have introduced a massive new colour range of mens Fitflops and womens Fitflops for Spring and Summer 2010 including the Electra in delicious pewter, the new red Fitflop Walkstar and Fitflop sandals like the Oasis in grey. Official retailers like Cloggs are buying as much stock as they can physically get hold of to satisfy consumer demand, but it is forecast that Fitflops will sell out very quickly.

Nick Thomas, director, stated: “Fitflops sales have always outstripped our expectations, the demand is absolutely massive. We have always tried to buy as much stock as we can, but demand is consistently outstripping the manufacturing runs. The new Spring/Summer 2010 styles have just come into stock but as soon as we are uploading them onto our website they are flying out again. We do advise eager customers to start thinking about their Spring/Summer Fitflop footwear now to avoid disappointment.”

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French Connection Launches Ladieswear Spring Summer 2010

French Connection launches Spring Summer 10 collection, full of colour, shine and all things fine. It’s a tale of two style tribes – 50’s teen rockabilly’s hop amongst punks from the 80’s, the clash is evident on both proportions and tailoring giving a new 50’s slant with graphic florals creating a softer, vintage backdrop.

The spring summer style collection sits like a back-to-school pencil case full of Caran d`Ache coloured hues – everything fresh and exciting ready for its first outing. The mix of casual to formal pieces is even, endorsing the freedom of creating an individual style with a juxtaposition of clean cut lines with softer silhouettes in fluid fabrics.

Bold electric blue blazers are worn oversized with contrasting purple lining over neon Hawaiian floral dresses and exposed zips. The double-breast blazer dress with bold gold buttons gives a nod to the 50’s whilst providing a take on an 80’s classic. Bold retro prints in deep jewel colours are mixed with fluro brights on high shine batwing dresses.

Trousers are a contrast of silhouettes – sharp cigarette pants in black, neon Hawaiian print or electric blue, are given gold zip detailing on the waist and ankle, to be worn with oversized shirts or bustier tops – Sandra Dee style. Pleated harem trousers in soft to touch fabrics feature throughout the range in muted tones of beige and black – contrasted with striped or draped vests. 50’s rain Macs are updated in bold blue with gold branded buttons, which can be worn cropped and oversized for a more relaxed feel.

Knitwear is playful, with multi coloured liquorice Allsort stripes in short sleeve jumpers and body con skirts – and a hero piece knitted dress with batwing sleeve detail.

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Estee Lauder Introduces Michael Kors Collection

Estee Lauder proudly introduces the Estee Lauder Michael Kors Very Hollywood Color Collection. This collaboration stemmed from the longtime friendship between Aerin Lauder, Estee Lauder senior vice president and creative director, and acclaimed American designer Michael Kors.

Estee Lauder Introduces Michael Kors Collection

Michael Kors said: “Nobody understands modern glamour and luxury like Aerin Lauder and the Estee Lauder brand, which is what this collection is all about.” said Michael Kors.

The Estee Lauder Michael Kors Very Hollywood Color Collection is a group of limited edition, limited distribution products, which reflect both the timeless beauty philosophy of Estee Lauder and the luxurious, modern fashion style of Michael Kors.

The Estee Lauder Michael Kors Very Hollywood Color Collection features two modern-classic looks.

Bel Air Beige showcases a classic Michael Kors beige and coral palette of shimmery peach lips and cheeks and a smokey eye, while Rodeo Pink spotlights new shades in vibrant raspberry tones of bright, bold lips and cheeks and a defined eye.

Both colour palettes contain the essentials needed to achieve the Very Hollywood look of choice and feature coordinating shades of blush, eye shadow duo, eye pencil, Lip Sheen SPF 15, lip gloss and nail lacquer.

In the colour collection’s advertising shot, Estee Lauder model Hilary Rhoda appears in a striking photograph shot by Craig McDean. Her sparkling gold Michael Kors gown reflects the flashes from the paparazzi cameras as she steps on to the red carpet.

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Clinique Launches New Juiced Up Colour Collection For Spring 2010

Clinique, a leader in skin care and makeup innovation, and at the forefront of Fragrance Free and 100% Allergy Tested makeup, has launched its latest spring collection for a naturally fresh look.

Clinique Launches New Juiced Up Colour Collection For Spring 2010

Inspired by the fresh and healthy feel of spring, the new Juiced Up Colour Spring 2010 collection offers a mouth-watering selection of eye, lip and cheek shades for a season of modern and naturally wearable looks. Clinique drew inspiration for the new collection f r o m its own latest lip gloss, Vitamin C Lip Smoothie Antioxidant Lip Colour.

The main focus of the collection is the limited edition Fresh Picked Allover Colour – a shimmering blusher that offers a subtle radiance to its wearer, and the Fresh Picked Eye Shadow palettes where the pretty eye shadow shades provide a luminous sheen to the eye area.

Each individual palette is beautifully pressed with a berry or pear pattern and packaged in a sleek, contemporary compact. The collection has been created to offer a balanced, full-face look: a soft wash of colour on the eyelid, accented by a defined lash line and dressed up brow, rosy cheeks and a glossy, juiced-up lip.

In addition to being Allergy Tested and 100% Fragrance Free, the new Juiced Up Colour Spring 2010 collection is also Ophthalmologist Tested to ensure it is safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

The new Juiced Up Colour Spring 2010 makeup range is being made available both in-store and online through the Clinique website f r o m February 2010.

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Tesco Introduces Tefal’s WiKook

Tesco has announced it is to introduce the WiKook cooking pot from Tefal to its shelves this spring. The scientists at Tefal are set to revolutionise the way people cook as they launch the innovative WiKook, the first ever fast cooker that cooks food up to 25% faster than any other traditional cooking pot.

Tesco Introduces Tefal's WiKook

When closed, the patented Tefal Power Lid locks in heat to accelerate cooking, almost working as a pressure cooker. All customers need to do is simply add the necessary ingredients to the pot, lock in the Tefal Power Lid, turn on the heat and when the time is done have a perfectly cooked meal for up to four people.

The Tefal WiKook fast cooker prepares food at such speed that it retains more vitamins and nutrients for healthier meals. Those who use the new pot can make varied recipes using fish, pasta, meat, rice, soups and even desserts. It also uses 25% less energy than a traditional pot, therefore helping customers to save money on annual gas bills.

Tefal’s WiKook fast cooker is expected to appeal to busy mums and professionals who don’t want to compromise on taste, and want a healthy meal in a short space of time. The Tefal WiKook fast cooker fuses speed and ease in all aspects of cooking so it is a fast cooker by name and by nature.

With its thick aluminium base, the Tefal Wikook fast cooker guarantees even heat distribution and evenly cooked ingredients. It is suitable for all types of hobs, including induction. The Tefal inner and outer non-stick coating also ensures easy cleaning.

The Tefal WiKook fast cooker will be available from Tesco in early Spring and comes with a recipe book.

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Snip-its Kids Salon Franchise Presents Unique Opportunity for New Entrepreneurs

As part of an aggressive growth strategy, the children’s hair salon Snip-its ( is seeking franchisees to open new stores throughout the U.S. Snip-its, already the nation’s fastest growing children’s salon franchise with currently 65 stores in 26 states, will partner with new entrepreneurs and business owners to capture even more of the expanding children’s hair care market.

Snip-its Kids Salon Franchise Presents Unique Opportunity for New Entrepreneurs

Hair care generates an estimated $45 billion annually and is considered a non-cyclical industry – the demand for haircuts, as with goods like utilities and household products is constant and not greatly affected by dips in the economy; a salon business is considered ‘recession-proof’. There are 40 million children in the US, who on average will have their hair cut eight times every year. Within the hair care industry, children’s hair care is the fastest-growing sector, accounting for $5 billion annually.

Franchise businesses are especially appealing in times of high unemployment and slow economic growth. They represent an opportunity for great profits, but with lower risk, owing to the power of an established, loyalty-driven brand, proven industry expertise, and the broad reach of national advertising.

Requiring no previous hair care or cosmetology experience, the Snip-its franchise is ideal for new and first-time business owners. “In fact, we prefer management, general business, or marketing experience to hair care experience,” says Christine Mudd, director of franchise development at Snip-its. ”A passion for the brand, commitment to excellence, desire to succeed, and willingness to learn are all you need. Snip-its provides its franchisees with a proven operating model and business tools to help them succeed.”

The Snip-its brand is unique within the hair care industry. Sporting a distinctive interior design featuring the company’s own cartoon characters and video game stations, Snip-its salons offer a wide range of fun, kid-friendly hair cutting and styling services, spa-style treatments for girls, and a full-line of exclusive hair care products, while also hosting parties and special events.

A visit to Snip-its is a full-on entertainment experience that’s been proven to inspire strong loyalty – over 65% of the company’s customers return every six to eight weeks. “We’re turning what can sometimes be a challenging experience into a fun-filled, entertaining, family adventure,” continued Mudd. “The result is a hair salon no kid can resist and a business model enticing to prospective franchisees.”

For more information on Snip-its franchising, please visit:

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Animal Online Store Launches New Season Collections

Animal, the freesports apparel brand has announced that its new 2010 spring collection has been launched on their online store.

The Animal online shop stocks one of the widest selections of Animal products available in the UK including clothing, watches, bags, footwear, eyewear and accessories.

Animal Online Store Launches New Season Collections

The extensive Animal clothing collection for men, women and children provide many transitional pieces suitable for the early months of the New Year as well as a great swimwear collection perfect for the up and coming summer months. The in-house design team take inspiration f r o m Animal’s surf heritage, pop culture and other on trend influences to produce a diverse collection suitable for a wide variety of online shopper.

The Animal men’s clothing offers a wide selection of product including t-shirts, shirts and jackets. The Animal hoodies have been nicely updated this season with new graphics and a fresh colour palette ranging f  r o m loud bright hues to more neutral tones. Great attention has also been spent on shorts and denim collections with new washes, prints and cuts.

For the Animal women’s clothing collection, dresses are a big trend this season with a range of cute beach dresses, floaty floral dresses and smart evening maxi dresses. Layering is also key this year with a lovely selection of cardigans, lightweight knits and check shirts. There is also a fabulous selection of Animal bags to compliment every outfit with prints and detail tying back into the main line clothing collection.

Animal retail buying director Tim Metcalfe commented: “Our new collection moves on f  r o m where our winter season left off. With a more progressive, vibrant colour palette for men and a softer, more sophisticated styling for women, the Animal collection is fresh and on trend for 2010. New product areas include the launch of a new “Enjoy not destroy” organic clothing collection, loungewear for lazy summer days and more technical advancements in stretch fabric board shorts.”

The online store continues to have exclusive opportunities and competitions for its shoppers as well as free delivery with all purchases over £50, free returns on all orders and a safe, secure shopping online experience.

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Online Coupons from Make Valentine’s Day Shopping As Easy As Falling in Love

Valentine’s Day shopping doesn’t come easy to everyone. Many gift givers struggle with what to get and how to get the best deal. – the leading source of online coupons – can help with both. offers thousands of online coupons from hundreds of popular stores. Shoppers can start by searching for a loved one’s favorite shopping destination by name, or browse popular and new coupons for gift ideas. Those shopping for a fashionista will find coupon codes from the likes of, Piperlime, Saks Fifth Avenue and Steve Madden. Music lovers will be pleased with a gift purchased using an online coupon from, F.Y.E. or Sony Style. And for the active type, coupon codes from and the Sports Authority are regularly found on

Deal seekers looking for a specific gift can use the website’s robust search to find Online coupons for exactly what they want to buy. Type in Wii for dozens of coupon codes related to the popular video game. Those wanting to surprise their loved one with a romantic getaway simply search for“travel” and returns online coupons from Choice Hotels, United and Travelocity.

Websites offering coupon codes are a dime a dozen. Only offers thousands of valid online coupons and a user community that contributes to and helps to validate the website’s offerings. Each online coupon includes the number of times it was successfully used and on what date. Coupon codes that are found to be not valid are immediately removed.

Coupon codes have changed the way smart shoppers decide when and where to make a purchase. Our easy-to-use search functionality and dedicated user and member community make us the largest source of online coupons, for everything from apparel to travel. If you have additional questions or would like to set up an interview with someone at, please contact

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Online Store Offers “Gifts With A Heart” For Valentine’s Day

Looking for a Valentine’s Day gift that really says “I Love You”? Then how about one that says “I Love My Stud Muffin”, “I Love My Schmoopie” or “I Love My Yaya”? Those are just three of the many hundreds of fun and original “I Love (Heart)” designs available from, a top online retailer offering a variety of great gift products for Valentine’s Day including men’s and women’s apparel, mugs, stickers, magnets and a whole lot more.

And now you can even custom design your own “Love” gifts with the names of two people in love and watch them appear on dozens of products! You can enter your name and your lover’s name, your friend’s name, your parent’s names, or the names of any couple you like to create a totally original gift for Valentine’s Day, a Wedding Anniversary, or just to brighten the day of someone special in your life. is constantly growing and now offers over 900 original “I Love (Heart)” designs for everyone this Valentine’s Day and for almost any interest imaginable. “While there’s a lot of e-commerce ‘I heart this and that’ stores already out there, what really makes us stand apart is not only the vast array of designs available but their originality and uniqueness”, explains founder Brian Estrin. “Instead of using the same cookie-cutter approach that many other stores have used, each design in is an original creation that captures the subject matter in a simple yet iconic way that makes them truly special gifts.” offers all of their heart slogans on a variety of shirts for men, women and children, as well as on hats, tote bags, underwear, refrigerator magnets, buttons, and much more.

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, online stores like are becoming more and more the destination for people interested in purchasing a unique gift for a loved one at a reasonable price. The gifts come in a variety of sizes where applicable, and usually ship within 2 to 3 days of ordering with express shipping available for those in the market for a last minute gift. All products sold also come with a no-hassle, 30 day money back guarantee.

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Amor Professional Will Launch The New Chocolate Blowdry Hair Treatment

If you dream of straight and sexy hair, Amor Professional is now offering you the unique opportunity to realize your dream. Amor Professional will launch the NEW CHOCOLATE BLOWDRY HAIR TREATMENT to the international market this month…

Upon recommendation by her stylist, Nicole Richie, who is followed avidly across the world by her fans, has taken her place among the ranks of other famous stars such as the top model Elizabeth Hurley and Lindsay Lohan using the Chocolate Blowdry Treatment…

Can a hair product change your life?
Especially for women, who have to spend hours at hairdressers just to find a solution to their curly and frizzy hair, Amor professional promises a sexy, feminine, elegant and sophisticated look. The product continues to be effective for a period of 4 to 5 months following its application…

The Glory of Gold is reflected on your hair…
The creator of the brand and Beauty Expert Chai Moore states that you cannot take your eyes of the lustre created on blond hair especially by the gold dust available in the GOLD Line of Amor Professional, which has been accepted worldwide as an ideal product for the modern and active businesswomen of the fast paced world of today…

The chocolate that no woman can say no to is now at Amor Professional…
Amor Professional, which has silicon and cacao extracts besides keratin that is one of the building blocks of human body as its ingredients, restores your hair back to its healthy, shiny, straight and well-maintained state…

The product straightens the hair and in the process it moisturizes and provides care. With its chocolate content that no woman can say no to, Amor Professional is a candidate to become an indispensable tool especially for the working women…

You can try Amor Professional at most well-known hair salons around the world…

About Us
In today’s life, we live in a very fast pace world. Women in our society have been expected to be independent and have more responsibilities.

Chai Moore, Founder & Beauty Expert wanted to give women all over the world the ability to be and feel beautiful from the inside-out!

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British Expats In The USA Get A Great New Shopping Site

In response to requests from friends received by Brit store owner Yvonne Carlson who wanted her to bring back unique gifts and treats from Britain it led her to open an online store offering products sourced from the UK and which would appeal to expats and Anglophiles living in the US.

“Just like a bazaar or department store around the world the range of choice in The British Bazaar is eclectic and sure to interest and entertain” says the store owner. “Over 80% of the products offered originate from the UK but many such as our travel journals are sourced from the USA because they are perfect for those heading off on their travels and, make perfect gifts for visiting friends and relatives.”

Aimed at US and Canadian British expats the site is a little bit of home on the web but The British Bazaar appeals globally too. “For relatives and friends living outside of North America the website enables fabulous gifts to be sent directly to the recipient without the hassle of international postage” says Yvonne.

Choice on the site ranges from quirky to practical and shoppers can pick up anything from a pair of Union Jack Wellington boots, a Union Jack Frying Pan or an Irish Flag running vest to gifts for babies, mums and guys while indulging their fondness rummaging around in the online ‘Car Boot’ for pre-loved items such as favorite
British magazines and books.

Whether the shopper is looking for a unique gift for someone else or a treat for themselves they have plenty to choose from at the British Bazaar.

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More Retail press releases Offers An Extensive Collection Of Contemporary Jewelry In Modern Metals And Designs, a trusted online resource for titanium rings, tungsten rings, matching wedding bands and men’s rings, is pleased to introduce matching rose gold wedding bands from Benchmark. Rose gold rings are the latest addition to’s extensive selection of unique jewelry.

One of the latest trends in wedding bands is that of Rose Gold, also called red gold. “Rose gold wedding bands are hot now for folks looking for a precious metal wedding band that is different and unique,” said Ron Yates, founder, “Rose gold isn’t new; it was a very popular metal used in Retro period jewelry back in the 1940’s. But it had been forgotten for decades until recently. Modern couples are discovering and appreciating the rich beautiful color of rose gold.”

Most rose gold wedding bands are either 14K (.583 pure) or 18K (.750 pure). Rose gold gets it reddish tint due to copper being used as the primary alloy during the manufacturing process. The unique color of the rose gold against the skin is striking and creates many conversation opportunites.

The new rose gold wedding bands by Benchmark are 18K and available in two widths, 4.5mm and 7.5mm. They are also available in two profiles, flat and domed. offers sophisticated designs f r o m ArtCarved, Benchmark, COGE, Diana Classic, Edward Mirell, Formotion Watches, J.R. Yates and Triton. Enticing grooms and couples worldwide, the online retailer provides a multitude of styles and metals representing the best selection of palladium rings, titanium rings, tungsten rings, and men’s wedding bands for the fashion forward male and female demographic.


More Men Seek Alternative Flowers to Roses

An increasing number of females are receiving a greater variation of floral bouquets from their husbands and boyfriends on Valentine’s Day.

Florists see that men are increasingly looking for the delicate and original in their selections of flowers for their loved one.

More Men Seek Alternative Flowers to Roses

One of the top UK florists, Serenata Flowers, is confident that the long-established range of choices will still influence the majority of customer choices.

The Managing Director of Serenata Flowers Peter Ahl, claims:

“By analysing our sales statistics the most recent years we observe an obvious tendency to a wider selection of colours and kind of flowers for Valentine’s Day.”

“Great statement bouquets could mean a bouquet of pink flowers. By going for the unique and original I imagine that a man simply is trying to say how delicate and original his woman is.”

“In spite of the growing alternatives, red roses are still rising in sales year by year for us. In actual fact You can’t do any mistake with them and I would expect red roses to be our best-seller also this year.”

Serenata Flowers is a London florist that offers next day and same day flower delivery uk for customers who wish to send flowers. The online flower shop offers a great variety of different flowers for example Valentine roses. The customers can easily buy flowers online and send flowers by post.

Serenata has recently introduced a flexible “avoid the school run” delivery slot early mornings and late afternoons. The company also delivers on Saturday mornings. With Serenatas service customers can easily send flowers to Birmingham, Edinburgh, or London and other cities in the UK. Serenata also offers International flower delivery.

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Serenata Chocolates Look Forward To Valentine’s Day

Once again chocolate is the food for expressing love. Online retailer expects that sales are set to soar on Valentine’s Day.

Online specialist Serenata Chocolates sees a better financial climate as one of the major keys for the forecasted sales boost this year.

The London-based retailer assumes that its sales will grow by more than 50% in the build-up to February 14.

Peter Ahl, Managing Director of Serenata said:

“A secure way to a woman’s heart is through chocolate. However one issue is to find out which chocolates she prefers. This is due to the fact that women can be quite particular about the ones they like.”

“Luckily, we include one of the major choices accessible on the internet to suit each and everyone’s tastes. Just to name a few secure cards, the sexy Truffle or perhaps a mixture of the stylish Belgian Van Roy Chocolates.”

The three businesses are poised for one its busiest periods of the year with Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day (March 14) coming up.

Serenata Chocolates is a London merchant that offers next day and same day chocolate deliveries for customers who wish to send chocolates. The online chocolate shop offers a great variety of different Valentine’s Day chocolate. The customers can easily buy chocolate gifts online. Serenata has recently introduced a flexible “avoid the school run” delivery slot early mornings and late afternoons and evenings. With Serenata’s service customers can easily send chocolates by post in the UK.

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