FlowerAura Started Raksha Bandhan Prep Early, Says “Wants To Go Beyond Expectations”

Gururgram, Haryana, India, 2022-Jul-01 — /EPR Network/ — Even though the occasion of Raksha Bandhan is more than three months away, the Indian gifting giant, FlowerAura, has started its preparations with an official announcement right away.

The gifting brand makes Raksha Bandhan shopping easy for the customers as it serves gifts, return gifts, different types of rakhis, sweets, designer rakhi thalis, and combos through its online portal. There are brothers and sisters who don’t get to meet each other in person on the special festive occasion, and that’s when FlowerAura makes things easy for them. Not just one can buy Floweraura rakhi but can also choose from the plethora of rakhi varieties which are hard to find in the market elsewhere. From exploring rakhis and gifts to sending them to the preferred address, everything is taken care of by FlowerAura’s team.

Early preparations are a part of the business strategy that aims to go beyond the expectations of the customers. All the Raksha Bandhan products get delivered through prompt delivery services. “The team is getting connected with local artisans around the nation to get the new and unique rakhi designs and, in return, to help local artisans grow. A lot of focus from the early preparations is laid upon the deliveries and to expand the limit of delivery as many orders around the occasion.”, as per the official announcement.

FlowerAura is also adding more foreign countries where the deliveries can be made of Raksha Bandhan. Ordering rakhi gifts for brother gets easier being miles apart through online gifting options.

In a media conversation, Mr Himanshu Chawal, CEO of FA Gifts Pvt Ltd, said, “We are getting ready early this year as we want to go beyond expectations and want to go above the business numbers of all the previous years. Keeping customer satisfaction on top and making it possible to express emotions perfectly are the key-driven elements.”


Are Affordable watches from China Any Good? Yes, And Here’s Why

NEW YORK, 2022-Apr-01 — /EPR Network/ — There are many, many watches around that, besides having a smooth design, also carry a high, high price tag. As a consequence, people are wary. Are all great-looking watches so pricey? Well, no. The great-looking, affordable watches from China are definitely not as pricey but just as stylish.

In fact, if you are looking to add one or several great-looking affordable watches from China to your collection, then look no further than Megalith. Our curated selection of only the most stylish yet, affordable timepieces is ideal for the fashion-savvy young man of today.

Rest assured that there are a lot of stylish watches out there, and you don’t have to go broke in order to get one. However, you might ask yourself: are affordable watches from China really any good? Well, yes, and allow us to tell you why:

The Switzerland-China Watch Connection
Unbeknown to most, the cheap labor costs China is known for can make for some pretty awesome watches. See, it’s an open secret that most of the Swiss watchmakers get some key parts from Asia, mostly China, for cost-efficiency.

However, the fact that they do so does not prevent them from slapping the ‘Swiss-made’ label into the finished product. Why? Simply because a Swiss law mandates that industrial products, which watches are, need to be 60% Swiss.

To be more specific, 60% of the total cost and assembly of them need to happen within Switzerland. That means that manufacturers can get some parts from elsewhere and assemble them in-house just fine. Said law, however, is not all-encompassing and leaves plenty of room to wiggle.

For example, some manufacturers do outsource as much of the manufacturing process as they can to China when demand is high. They need only to fulfill the key in-house requirement for the final assembly, and they will still retain the right to say the product is ‘Swiss-made.’

On the Chinese side of the question, however, things are more interesting. Since brands regularly outsource to China and outsource larger and larger amounts of work pretty often, Chinese watchmakers are learning.

Just like with electronics, Chinese watches have, over time, been getting better and better. This is how the industry got quality, stylish and affordable watches from China.

Affordable watches from China
Let’s say that you are a young man who is very fashion conscious. You know that clothes do not make the man, but they can surely make the man stand out. There are few things that can make a great first impression or command respect from onlookers than dressing fine.

One problem, though: dressing fine does cost a bit, and if you are just starting out in the real world, chances are, you can’t afford it yet. Or can you? At least when it comes to watches, you need not break the bank in order to add something stylish to your outfit.

A well-dressed man is a man that commands respect from those around him; people tend to take them more seriously. That is something you can use for when you are just starting out.

Traditionally, high-end watches were the go-to for young men wanting to look great. However, their soaring prices might have you putting off buying one until much later in life. Luckily there’s an extensive selection of affordable watches from China that are just as stylish.

The fact is that Swiss watchmakers have been gradually outsourcing for decades to Chinese factories. So, Chinese factories now know how to make watches just stylish and, conveniently, less pricey.

While they might lack the precious stones and rare metals that make high-end watches fetch obscene prices, they make for it in style.

As such, no matter which kind of outfit you are choosing for the day, there’s more than one nice-looking Chinese timepiece to go with it. And, again, you won’t even remotely have to go broke to purchase several of them for each occasion.

The Made in China Label
In the west particularly, there has been a stigma written largely around the made-in-China label. Namely, that its synonym of shoddy quality. Not without its reasons, Asia and China specifically used to have a bad reputation for counterfeiting.

Often, the western market would flood with large quantities of goods that were suspiciously cheap. The reason for that was that their quality was questionable at best. Among those goods were, yes, watches. By the later 20th century, however, that began to change.

Due to the sweeping economic reforms taking place around the country, China gave its first step into becoming the manufacturing center of the world. In hindsight, it might seem like an obvious thing to happen but not so much at the time.

It was a bold gamble that paid off, and it took the untold amounts of sweat and hard work of millions upon millions. Fast forward to today, and you will be hard-pressed to find one item, either mechanical or electronic, that does not feature some parts made in China.

Seriously, do a little digging around your favorite brands, and it’s bound to turn up that at least two of their suppliers are from China. And, yes, that does include watchmaking brands. Famous Swiss watchmaking brands are also in on it. Their participation also plays a large role in making affordable watches from China possible.

Swiss Watchmaking Before and After
The Swiss watchmaker industry has long been pretty much a national source of pride. Exactly around 481 years long tradition at this time and a source of pride probably for that much longer as well.

When the industry began, and for most of its existence, it was a craftmanship-based occupation. Meaning the craft master built himself the parts that went into the watch. They would occasionally take in apprentices and teach them the ropes to have them become assistants.

Such it happens with all craftmanship-based industry around the time; it was an in-house national industry pretty much completely. A Swiss watchmaker made the parts and assembled the watch, which they could later commercialize.

The fact of the matter is that producing a single timepiece was a very labor-intensive, time-consuming, and demanding job, as well. That remained the case until the industrial revolution introduced machinery into the mix.

Factories could help mass produce timepieces on the scale at previously unimaginable speed. Of course, it came with a trade-off. Not all workers would develop a Swiss watchmaker level of skill. Nor did they need to since machinery produced functional, good enough watch parts easily.

As watches became more common, enthusiasts were no longer content with just any run-of-the-mill watch. They wanted something unique, and thus, the luxury watch industry came to be.

The reasoning behind it was simple: use the best available materials and craftsmanship to create distinctive and pricier timepieces. For that, they needed rarer materials which, thanks to the soaring international trading of the 20th century, they could get easily.

This was the start of globalization and, in a way, the birth of the industry that is the affordable watches from China.

How Swiss Watches Paved the Way for Affordable watches from China
The opening of the Chinese economy was a success because of something called the cost of labor. See, developed countries have a higher standard of living, which means, among other things, that things like utilities and basic services tend to be pricier. That it’s the cost of living and in order for a worker to keep up with it salaries need be higher.

That it’s not an issue for developing countries which China pretty much was back in 1989. Basic services in China could not be as pricier as, say, the United States. The economy was not there yet. What China had in spades was a massive pool of working-age population that, again, did not need yet to command high wages.

That means that Chinese labor was far cheaper than most western labor. Thus, it was a no-brainer decision for brands to take advantage of the opening of the Chinese economy. Setting up shop in China for manufacturing or relying on Chinese factories to source from fast became the norm.

It ultimately meant a welcomed cost reduction for businesses. Something which in an ever-expanding global economy it’s something all brands aspire to. Even Swiss watchmaking brands.

See, ‘Swiss watches’ have long been the gold standard in quality for the watchmaking industry. But what makes a watch Swiss? More specifically, how much of it need to actually come from Switzerland?

According to an ordinance by Switzerland’s Federal Council dated 29 December, 1971 they needed to be 60% Swiss. To expound: for industrial goods, 60% of the manufacturing costs and important manufacturing steps must happen inside Switzerland. That was the minimum requirement for a watch, which is an industrial product, to be ‘Swiss-made.’ This ordinance, however, it’s a bit lax.

Swiss Watches (partially) Made in China
The fact of the matter is that the demands of the 60% ordinance no longer required all parts to be Swiss produced. That, realistically speaking, would be impossible for most brands and cost-prohibitive for even the biggest brands. Thus, it gives leeway to manufacturers to source some key parts from elsewhere.

One of the favorite parts of the world for Swiss manufacturers to source from just so happens to be, you guessed it, China. Since the 1970s, the Swiss watchmaking industry’s biggest open secret has been its sourcing of parts from Asia.

Cases, crowns, hands, dials, and even watchbands and covering glass. Swiss watchmakers can legally get those parts from China and elsewhere in Asia. Given that they still take care of providing the watch movements and assembling in-house, they can still pretty much call the final product ‘Swiss-made.’

Although a few lawmakers and even fewer watchmakers call into question the alleged loopholes of the law, the industry is not stopping. Watchmakers from the top brands still source key parts of their product from the outside.

Competitive Swiss watchmaking brands take it one step further. In order to remain competitive as a budget brand, they seek to source and outsource to and from China as much as possible.

From getting most finished part from there and/or getting components of important parts to Switzerland to later assemble there. This kind of complex manufacturing schedule it’s what allows Swiss budget brands to remain in business without dropping the ‘Swiss-made’ label.

Finally, at times of high demand, some big brands pretty much outsource most of the manufacturing work to Chinese factories. Those Chinese factories have been getting better and better at it due to the vast amount of work said Swiss brands heap upon them.

What The Future Holds for The Swiss and Chinese Watchmaking Industries
An interesting situation unfolded in 2020. Due to the restrictive measures required in Switzerland due to the COVID-19 pandemic, lots of Swiss manufacturers stopped or deescalated operations. But that was not the case in China.

Several factories remained open by adopting protective sanitary measures, and the Swiss brands took notice of it in two ways. First, they either outsourced, increased manufacturing to China, and/or shifted to opening more stores in mainland China.

The second represents an interesting choice. See, Chinese consumers love to do purchase tourism. They go abroad and buy non-essential things like watches. However, most of the global tourism saw a downturn during 2020. Chinese buyers, a significant source of revenue for said brands, were not able to buy from them. As such, they opened stores in mainland China to make it easy for them to buy.

Both actions were favorable for the affordable watches from China part of the industry:

  1. They had access to the latest models.
  2. An ever-growing digital economy allowed them to sell their affordable brands at home and abroad to the enthusiast that wanted in on the fashion but were conscious about their wallets.

In short, despite the obstacles, the watchmaking industry remains in business, and the stylish, affordable watches from China are just getting started.

Megalith Watches
Speaking of affordable watches from China, there are few brands that can do better for you than Megalith.

As a brand, we proudly focus on providing for the young man of today that is just making his way into the world. We know just how difficult it is to make an impression these days, but we are sure that looking fine it’s a big step to it.

Since most starting young men tend to lack the funds to match their lofty ambitions, we proudly put forward for them stylish yet, affordable watches. We showcase the kind of curated selection of affordable watches from China that, no matter your style, has something for you.

All of our watches come with a warranty, and our expansive selection allows us to humbly call ourselves ‘the mature men’s first watch.’

Suppose you are a man of today looking to turn heads with your style without breaking the bank; Megalith, it’s here for you. You can swing by our shop to see which of our watches will compliment your style. https://www.megalithwatch.com/

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The 8388M Chronograph Watch with Stainless Steel Band and Its Timeless Elegance

NEW YORK, 2022-Feb-20 — /EPR Network/ — The 8388M chronograph watch with stainless steel band’s look is one of timeless elegance. For at least five decades now, stainless steel watches managed to remain in fashion due to both durability and style.

Unlike older watches that preferred using leather bands for fastening, stainless steel bands guaranteed a more durable, more aesthetic look. Within its case, also made from stainless steel, the 8388M chronograph watch with stainless steel band features the aforementioned chronograph.

Thus, adding additional measures of time by having three little extra dials dedicated to measuring milliseconds, seconds, and minutes.

However, the one thing that strikes you about the 8388M chronograph watch with stainless steel band immediately once you glance upon its looks. With a silvery color due to the fact that its primary material is stainless steel, the piece evokes a classy appearance typical of watches of the 1970s.

The overall very stainless-steel-looking appearances of watches started prevailing in the 70s. However, we’ve been using stainless steel in watchmaking for much longer than that. How long, you ask?

Stainless Steel and Watchmaking: When Did It Happen?
Way before the appearance of the 8388M chronograph watch with stainless steel band, the watchmaking industry was comfortably riding a wave of manufacturing based on precious metals. Around the 1920s, gold and silver watches were the norm. It might sound shocking for people nowadays. After all, they are still luxury items as of today.

But back then, manufacturers did prefer to make their watches based on those metals mainly because of their high levels of malleability. As such, it was relatively easier to shape the metals into the shape of the many, many little pieces that made up their watches.

Also, the fact that they looked distinctively luxurious and fashionable couple with people at the time having relative financial abundance indeed contributed to their popularity. All of that changed with the 1929 wall street crash, which was the beginning of the financial depression, better known as the great depression.

Soon, people were very reluctant to spend on non-essential items due to widespread financial uncertainty. As such, watches made from silver and gold had to be the last thing on their mind, one can infer. As a result, manufacturers saw a dramatic downturn in demand for said watches.

However, military tension building up somewhere else in the world and protracted economic recovery in the factories meant people still needed watches. That presented a challenge. The average consumer was not willing to spend much on a watch made from precious metals. They only wanted the watch for practical purposes, its functionalities so that it could help them in their day-to-day work for a long time.

As such, they needed a watch that was relatively inexpensive and, preferably, reasonably durable or able to withstand rough treatment. Soon, they came up with an answer: using stainless steel as a base material for their watches.

Stainless Steel as A Watchmaking Material
During the 1920s, stainless was already a material used in watchmaking, albeit sparsely and only for models of specific use. Pilot, scientists, divers, and railroad workers commonly used models made from stainless steel due to their durability. However, such models were occupation-specific and often were very bulky to the point of seeming impractical to day-to-day wearing.

Watchmakers at the time also had tremendous difficulties working with steel, which was considerably less malleable than gold and silver. Manufacturing techniques at the time didn’t help either.

Thus, they simply preferred to buy the latter metals, however more expensive they were, in order to keep productions levels high. This is the reason why, behind its many advantages, the industry relegated stainless steel as a second-tier manufacturing material.

Soon, those techniques became well known even for watchmakers. As a result, both the technique and equipment to better work the material became commonplace rather quickly, as did its use in watchmaking.

Little by little, stainless steel watches ascended from almost workwear exclusive to everyday fashion. Thus, setting the stage for the production of much better-looking watches like the 8388M chronograph watch with stainless steel band.

Advantages Of Using Stainless Steel as A Material
Due to its nature, stainless steel as a particular material offers a few advantages over more common, less refined metals. Here are some of the advantages of using steel as a material in watchmaking:

  • Durability

As a material, stainless steel is notably durable and able to withstand a lot of wear and tear on its own. So, watches made from it, like the 8388M chronograph watch with stainless steel band, are pretty much able to handle rough situations well.

On top of that, the material has the advantage of being exceptionally resistant to the forces of corrosion. Unlike iron, stainless steel is much less prone to rusting after extensive contact with oxygen and moisture. In short, your 8388M chronograph watch with stainless steel band is likely to look good for a long time and under a lot of conditions.

  • Affordability

Unlike gold and silver, the former preferred metals involved in watchmaking, stainless steel is affordable, very affordable in comparison. Thus, making it a very popular choice for those budget-conscious consumers, especially if they want a watch for purely practical purposes.

However odd, it is also possible to stumble upon a timepiece majorly composed of stainless steel that’s pricier than a golden one. In that case, it is likely a luxury model, and the craftsmanship that went into making it does sometimes tally to a higher price. Still, most stainless-steel watches are not expensive at all.

  • Stylishness

One standout feature of stainless-steel timepieces it’s that they almost always do look very elegant. Aesthetic choices of the manufacturer aside, this is in grand part due to the seamlessness of the material.

There’s something definitively pleasing about the sleek, silvery, clean look timepiece like the 8388M chronograph watch with stainless steel band has. Guaranteed to bode well with both business and casual outfits.

Megalith’s Stainless Steel Watches
As the company that proudly considers itself ‘the first stylish watch of the mature man’, Megalith watches does offer a curated selection of stylish stainless steel watches.

As such, and due to our privileged location near Guangzhou, the watchmaking capital of the world, we are able to provide high-quality-tier models affordably. Rather than having men spend too much on a watch when trying to assert their style, we instead offer them the same quality at a lower cost.

If you’ve ever thought of complimenting your personal style with a great-looking watch, but the price tag stopped you cold in your tracks, fear no more.

Megalith watches offers you a reliably affordable selection of the most elegant timepieces, like the 8388M chronograph watch with stainless steel band and more, much more. Shop around and affordably find your style at Megalith. megalithwatch.com/

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SendBestGift.com delivering Rakhi and Friendship Day Gifts during Lock Down

Gurgaon, India, 2020-Jul-15 — /EPR Retail News/ — Coronavirus pandemic has presented numerous challenges in front of the world since it’s outbreak at the fag end of the last year. As the world wrestles with these challenges, many green shoots have emerged as well. Having been locked up in our own homes, it seems like the fast paced life of the twenty-first century has come to a standstill. This much needed break has made everyone realize how disconnected they were with their beloved ones. These days loved ones are certainly on everyone’s mind. People cannot go out and hug their loved ones; however they sure can present their beloved ones with heartwarming gifts to reassert their love.

SENDBESTGIFT, one of the leading online gift shops, has taken upon itself to ensure that people can reach out to their near and dear ones from anywhere in the world. Keeping the upcoming festive season and COVID-19 lockdown in view, the website has updated its product portfolio and has upgraded its services to meet the gifting needs of millions of households in the nation.

Gifting has been used since ancient times to express the feelings of love, care and support. Today, people need love, care and support more than ever. And thus, the importance of gifting multiples mani-fold in these testing times. It now forms an important part of social lives. And why just social, it treads into the realms of personal life as well.

With just a few weeks left for Raksha Bandhan 2020 and friendship day, the company has started its Rakhi and Friendship day gifts delivery services despite the coronavirus advisory issued by the government. The website offers a wide array of unique gifts for friends. These friendship day gifts include friendship band, greeting cards, personalized gifts, cakes, chocolates, soft toys, combination gifts, and much more. For Rakhi gift ideas for brother & sister, the online gift portal offers designer Rakhi, chocolates, Rakhi with dry fruits, flowers, gift cards, sweets, cakes, Rakhi gift hampers, and so on.

“Online gifting is the future of gifting in India. This pandemic has shown us how important it is to go digital, do as much as we can from our homes. Understanding the need of the hour, SENDBESTGIFT has stepped up to the task of connecting hearts. We strive to deliver the best services to our customers and doing so has become more important in these difficult times. We have geared up for the massive demand during the upcoming festival season. From exclusive and extensive gift collections to a varied range of delivery services like the same day Rakhi gifts and same day friendship day gift delivery, we are ready with it all. Come shop with us, use our services to reach out to your dear ones and we promise to deliver excellence on your behalf. Stay home, stay safe and take care of yourself and your beloved ones,” says the founder and Chief Executive Officer of SendBestGift Narender Kumar.

The website has a very systematic approach to gifting and thus making it easier to place an order for gifts. It offers gifts for best friend boy as well as gifts for best friend girl. The website believes that there is a bond of friendship in every relationship and thus it offers friendship day gifts for girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, and husband too.

A delight for people looking to indulge in hassle free online gift shopping, the website offers separate sections for Rakhi gifts for brother and Rakhi return gifts for sister. Sisters can go to the Rakhi gifts for brother and choose gifts for their brothers and brothers can visit the Rakhi return gifts for sister section to place an order for the same.

SendBestGift has a range of gifts for various occasions and festivals. From numerous Rakhi variants like kundan Rakhi, kids Rakhi, rudraksha Rakhi, mauli Rakhi, beads Rakhi, zardosi Rakhi, fancy Rakhi and other to a plethora of Rakhi with gifts like Rakhi with dry fruits, Rakhi with sweets, Rakhi with chocolates, and Rakhi with personalized gifts, the website offers it all. In fact, this online gift shop offers pair Rakhi for brother and sister-in-law like the lumba Rakhi for bhaiya bhabhi.

Customers can send Rakhi with sweets, place an order for Rakhi with dry fruits, purchase Rakhi with cakes and soft toys or buy Rakhi with chocolates online from the comfort of their homes. The fast and precise provision of online Rakhi delivery ensures that the gifts are delivered to their respective destinations within the specified time.

Similarly, the website boasts of a diversified assortment of Friendship day gift ideas to help everyone commemorate the bond of camaraderie. One can use the platform of SENDBESTGIFT to titillate the taste buds of his/her friends with delicious friendship cake, amaze their best friend with a beautiful friendship flower delivery, present them with thoughtful personalized gifts, or satiate the cravings of his/her dear friend with an online friendship day chocolates delivery.

The website provides a customizable range of delivery options as well. Their delivery options include normal gift delivery, same day gift delivery, fixed time gift delivery and the midnight gift delivery in India. Customers can shop for gift for friendship day or other occasions and opt for any of these delivery options. In addition, customers can customize these delivery options to meet their personal gifting goals.


Surprise your BAE with beautifully curated gift options from Giftstoindia24x7

KOLKATTA, India, 2020-Feb-12 — /EPR Retail News/ — It is that time of the year when the whole world celebrates the spirit of love on Valentine’s Day. Couples who live across boundaries often miss the chance to keep up with the joy of this day. Giftstoindia24x7.com, an e-commerce gifting platform is helping customers to send Valentine Day gifts to India and surprise their special one and enjoy this day. GiftstoIndia24x7, is an e-commerce platform which caters to the needs of non-residential Indians and allows them to conveniently send gifts to their loved ones back in India.

GiftstoIndia24x7 offers a great product range to its users. It has a specially curated category for Sending valentines day gifts to India for their loved ones. To provide customers with utmost convenience, the portal offers 24X7 customer service support, these experts curate a personalized experience and help customers pick the best gift option for their loved ones. The Valentine’s Day category boasts of 1000+ personalized gifting options in addition to the array of other gift products. To amplify the gifts options, give users the best shopping experience and enable them to send the best Valentine’s day gifts to India, the portal partnered with gifting start-ups across India. Additionally, Carvaan products from SaReGaMaPa are available for the music lovers giving customers more options to make Valentine Day gifting truly special for their significant other. 

From classic gifts like Luxury Bouquet Boxes, teddy bears, cushioned hearts, jewellery, etc to specially curated hampers for food lovers, grooming set for the grooming addicts and hampers for the fashionistas; GiftstoIndia24x7 has something in store for every person who wishes to shower love and Send valentines day gifts to India for their significant other. Additionally, it also has personalized options like personalized calendars, select-experiences and dining vouchers, personalized mugs, t-shirts amongst others. For those who want to keep it simple, it offers an option to Send specially curated arrangements of flowers to India from USA on the same day. 

With its premier offerings and strong delivery network, GiftstoIndia24x7 spreads smiles across 1500+ locations in India. With services like exclusive delivery options like same day delivery and midnight delivery, an easily accessible portal and 10,000+ gifting options, GiftstoIndia24x7 is helping couples celebrate love across distances. 

About GiftstoIndia24x7

Established in 1999, GiftstoIndia24x7  is India’s premier gifting platform specially curated for the gifting needs of non – residential Indians. The e-commerce portal offers its users about 20,000 gift options for multiple occasions along with same day delivery and mid-night delivery options. The e-commerce platform delivers has the largest distribution network and delivers to 1500+ locations in India. The platform boasts of a 24X7 customer service support which gives customers across the globe a personalized gifting experience, making them feel more connected with their family and friends back home.


GiftstoIndia24x7 logo

DFS brings BVLGARI’S new Serpenti Passion Red collection at DFS airport stores and T Gallerias

DFS brings BVLGARI’S new Serpenti Passion Red collection at DFS airport stores and T Gallerias


HONG KONG, 2018-Jan-29 — /EPR Retail News/ — DFS Group, the world’s leading luxury travel retailer and the magnificent Italian High Jeweler, BVLGARI, are delighted to introduce the new Serpenti Passion Red collection, available exclusively at DFS airport stores and T Gallerias from January 1, 2018.

This exclusive collection introduces four new brilliant BVLGARI pieces, immediately recognizable by their unmistakable Italian design reflecting 2,700 years of Roman history, and embracing stylistic audacity and a penchant for rich, vibrant color.

The collection features two Serpenti Twist Your Time watches with interchangeable straps crafted in calf and Karung leather in pink and red or burgundy and black, a Serpenti Seduttori pendant with a ruby eye, and a Serpenti Forever ruby red handbag in brushed metallic calf leather with a red and white Serpenti head and onyx eyes.

Christophe Chaix, DFS Group Senior Vice President Fashion, Watches, Jewelry and Accessories said the introduction of the new collection symbolizes DFS Group’s appreciation of BVLGARI’s unrivaled commitment to high-end quality.

“We are delighted to continue our unique partnership with BVLGARI, whose name is synonymous with a luxurious lifestyle,” said Christophe. “These stunning new designs are a perfect complement to DFS’ belief that life should be lived beautifully. We are sure our discerning traveling customers will be thrilled to find Serpenti and Seduttori in our collection of fine watches and jewelry.”

Lelio Gavazza, Executive Vice President Sales and Retail BVLGARI, said the new collection signifies what BVLGARI is and has always been about; homage to legacy, and the grace of uniquely designed jewelry, watches and bags.

“BVLGARI is pleased to present this exclusive capsule collection to DFS. This premium network represents the ultimate luxury retail shopping experience in travel retail channel. With BVLGARI‘s unique products combined with DFS expertise in delivering customized customer experience, we are certain to satisfy various travelers’ needs, especially during the coming Chinese New Year holiday. ”

DFS brings BVLGARI’S new Serpenti Passion Red range to global travelers, luxury shoppers and particularly to customers in Hong Kong, China, Macau and Japan who value high-quality luxury fashion and jewelry.

BVLGARI’s Serpenti Passion Red will be available for purchase at T Galleria by DFS stores worldwide until 31 December 2018.

Details of the new BVLGARI Serpenti and Seduttori range:

• BVLGARI Serpenti Twist Your Time 27mm Watch with Pink and Red Interchangeable Straps in calf and Karung leather: Watch size 27 mm in steel case, Mother of Pearl dial sourced from Australia and Indonesia, pink bracelet calf with two loops, hour/minute display, quartz stones, waterproof up to 30 metres and Crown with Rubellite

• BVLGARI Serpenti Twist Your Time 27mm Watch with Burgundy Red and Black Interchangeable Straps in calf and Karung leather: Watch size 27 mm in steel case, red dial, bordeaux bracelet calf with two loops, hour/minute display, quartz stones, waterproof up to 30 metres and Crown with Rubellite

• BVLGARI Seduttori Pink Gold Pendant with Ruby: Pink gold necklace with .24 ct pear ruby in a round mounted setting

• BVLGARI Serpenti Forever Nappa Handbag Ruby Red Limited Edition: Flap Cover, Serpenti Forever Accessories, brushed metallic calf leather in ruby red and light gold with 100% Nappa Ruby Red lining.



Source: DFS Group


DFS Group launched its ninth annual Masters of Time exhibition

DFS Group launched its ninth annual Masters of Time exhibition


HONG KONG, China, 2017-Dec-14 — /EPR Retail News/ — DFS Group, the world’s leading travel retailer, launched its ninth annual Masters of Time exhibition on Saturday, December 9. The exhibition, which is held at T Galleria by DFS, Macau, in partnership with Shoppes at Four Seasons, will run until February 28, 2018 for customers to view and shop the curated collection. The DFS Masters of Time exhibition is well known for being the world’s largest and most prestigious retail event for luxury watches and jewelry, showcasing the best in design, innovation and heritage for men and women. This year, DFS’ expert teams brought together an unparalleled collection of more than 450 fine watches and exquisite jewelry from 30 brands in a theme that focused on the concept of memories.

“This year’s Masters of Time exhibition explores how watch collectors and creators commemorate life’s most significant moments, so that certain pieces become imbued with our memories,” said Christophe Chaix, Senior Vice President, Fashion, Watches, Jewelry and Accessories. “As always, the customer is at the heart of everything we do at DFS, and each year we travel the world to curate a Masters of Time exhibition to delight returning and new customers alike. This exhibition offers seasoned collectors and first-time buyers the chance to own exceptional pieces that will forever become part of their own memorable journey.”

The ninth annual Masters of Time exhibition kicked off with a prestigious gala event where award-winning artist Jade Kwan performed for guests as they explored a variety of intriguing activities. A multi-sensory exhibition was introduced for the first time at Masters of Time, in which the curated collection of timepieces and jewelry was displayed through a series of interactive pop-up spaces and animations to evoke emotions and ignite the senses. Guests were taken on a multi-sensory journey through four different spaces that explored the concepts of nostalgia, memories, adventure and heritage, each of which transported guests back to a special place, moment or time.

Romantic, rare and archival pieces with a focus on “savoir faire” took center stage in the section dedicated to nostalgia, whilst innovative complications that are certain to become future icons embodied the idea of making memories. Highly technical sports and lifestyle watches dominated in the adventure area, and finally, iconic and classic timepieces brought heritage to life.

In addition, guests were treated to a taste of The Macallan whisky and fine Petrossian caviar, paired to provide the ultimate culinary experience. Korean illustrator Jae Suk Kim flew in from Seoul to hand-paint guests’ portraits in his signature style, featuring Su Su girls adorned in fine jewelry and watch pieces, as holiday gift cards to commemorate the event.

The 2017 Masters of Time exhibition is available for viewing and purchase at T Galleria by DFS, Macau, Shoppes at Four Seasons until February 28, 2018.

SOURCE: DFS Group Limited


Zenith opens pop-up boutique at the renowned Place Vendôme in Paris

Zenith opens pop-up boutique at the renowned Place Vendôme in Paris


Paris, 2017-Dec-07 — /EPR Retail News/ — Zenith chose the renowned Place Vendôme in Paris for its new 160-square-meter boutique in Paris. The Maison inaugurated a pop-up space that showcases its savoir-faire with Swiss prestige style, kicking off a series of exclusive events.

The highly symbolic Place Vendôme in Paris is home to the world’s most celebrated watch and jewelry houses, including Chaumet, Fred, Louis Vuitton, Hublot and Bulgari. This makes it the perfect setting for Zenith’s 160-square-meter pop-up boutique, the largest ever opened by the Swiss Maison. Featuring a trademark blend of cutting-edge innovation and time-honored tradition, the  Zenith boutique invites visitors into a sophisticated universe with a refined atmosphere.

The space will present Zenith’s unrivalled watchmaking expertise for several months, showcasing some 80 watches, along with a preview of upcoming 2018 releases and two special Vendôme editions. The boutique will also host a series of exclusive events, including gourmet dinners, workshops and special experiences to illustrate the universe of the Swiss manufacture.


LVMH Moët Hennessy – Louis Vuitton
22, avenue Montaigne, 75008 Paris – France
Tel: +33 (0)1 44 13 22 22
Fax: +33 (0)1 44 13 22 23

Source: LVMH


Judith Ripka launches a new casual fine jewelry line RIPKA

NEW YORK, 2017-Dec-06 — /EPR Retail News/ — Xcel Brands, Inc. (NASDAQ:XELB), owner of leading global jewelry brand Judith Ripka, today (Dec 4, 2017) announced the launch of RIPKA, a new casual fine jewelry line featuring 14K gold, available exclusively at Lord & Taylor and on judithripka.com.

Modern with a distinctive interpretation of today’s casual trends, the 14K gold designs also feature diamonds and gemstones such as amethyst, rhodolite and sapphire. Judith Ripka, who started her eponymous brand 40 years ago, said, “In designing this new casual collection, I was inspired by the way women are styling my pieces as part of their everyday wardrobe. I drew my artistic influence from the architecture and wonders of the Mediterranean coastline. I am excited to debut RIPKA in time for the holiday season as its wearability makes it ideal for gifting.”

Robert D’Loren, Chairman and CEO of Xcel Brands, commented, “We are thrilled to celebrate the debut of the RIPKA line.  Judith’s ability to transform her brand from a single retail outlet to a global business that has achieved over $2 billion in retail sales is a testament to her extraordinary talent and passionate following. Judith has proven to be a visionary ahead of her time, and we look forward to continued brand momentum ahead.”

Among her many accomplishments, Judith recently received the 2017 Women’s Entrepreneurship Day “Accessories Pioneer Award” during a celebration at the United Nations that was livestreamed in 144 countries. Other career milestones include receiving the prestigious DeBeer’s Award for Outstanding Jewelry Design and her induction into the CFDA, the Council of Fashion Designers of America.

In addition to her presence at Lord & Taylor and other fine jewelry retailers worldwide, Judith is now in her 20th year at QVC, where she was the first female jewelry designer to have her own show.

ABOUT XCEL BRANDS, INC. (www.xcelbrands.com)
Xcel Brands, Inc. (NASDAQ:XELB) is a media and consumer products company engaged in the design, production, licensing, marketing and direct-to-consumer sales of branded apparel, footwear, accessories, jewelry, home goods, and other consumer products, and the acquisition of dynamic consumer lifestyle brands. Xcel was founded by Robert W. D’Loren in 2011 with a vision to reimagine shopping, entertainment and social as one. Xcel owns and manages the Isaac Mizrahi, Judith Ripka, H Halston, C. Wonder and Highline Collective brands, pioneering an omnichannel sales strategy which includes the promotion and sale of products through direct-response television, e-commerce, and brick and mortar retail channels. Headquartered in New York City, Xcel Brands is led by an executive team with significant design, merchandising, production, marketing, retailing, and licensing experience and a proven track record of success in elevating branded consumer products companies. With a team of over 100 professionals focused on design, production, and digital marketing, Xcel maintains control of product quality and promotion across all of its product categories and distribution channels. The total lifetime retail sales of its brands exceed $7.5 billion.

ABOUT JUDITH RIPKA LTD. (www.judithripka.com
As luxurious as they are timeless, Judith Ripka’s iconic designs are sought-after by women from across the globe who have fallen in love with her striking compositions and extraordinary eye for detail.  Judith’s devotees appreciate the way each exquisite style captures one of life’s beautiful moments, making it natural – and effortless – to wear her pieces forever. As seen on celebrities, CEOs and fashionable women everywhere, each piece reflects Judith’s distinctive ability to translate modern trends into enduring wearability. @judithripka


Stephanie Taylor

Source: Xcel Brands, Inc./globenewswire

Kering appoints Grégory Boutté as Chief Client and Digital Officer

London, 2017-Dec-04 — /EPR Retail News/ — Kering announces the appointment of Grégory Boutté as Chief Client and Digital Officer, effective today. He will report directly to Jean-François Palus, Managing director of Kering, and will be a member of the Group’s Executive Committee.

His responsabilities as Kering’s Chief Client and Digital Officer will be to lead the Group’s digital transformation and to drive the development of e-commerce, CRM and data management.

About Gregory Boutte 
Grégory Boutté, 45, began his career in fast-moving consumer goods, working in brand management at Procter & Gamble in Paris before moving to the tech sector, joining the French online auction start-up iBazar in 2000, which was acquired by eBay in 2001. He then became General Manager of eBay France, which quickly became one of the most popular e-commerce platforms in France. He went on to manage eBay Europe (excl. UK and Germany) in 2007 before moving to eBay Motors and Electronics divisions in San Jose, California in 2010. In 2013, Grégory Boutté joined Sidecar, the first short-distance, peer-to-peer ride-sharing platform which was bought by General Motors in 2016. In 2015, Gregory joined Udemy, a start-up which provides 15 million students the opportunity to take online courses.

Grégory Boutté is a graduate of ESCP Europe.

About Kering 
A global Luxury group, Kering develops an ensemble of luxury houses in fashion, leather goods, jewelry and watches: Gucci, Bottega Veneta, Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga, Brioni, Christopher Kane, McQ, Stella McCartney, Tomas Maier, Boucheron, Dodo, Girard-Perregaux, Pomellato, Qeelin and Ulysse Nardin. Kering is also developing the Sport & Lifestyle brands Puma, Volcom and Cobra. By ‘empowering imagination’, Kering encourages its brands to reach their potential, in the most sustainable manner.

The Group generated revenue of €12.385 billion in 2016 and had more than 40,000 employees at year end. The Kering share is listed on Euronext Paris (FR 0000121485, KER.PA, KER.FP).


Emilie Gargatte
+33 (0)1 45 64 61 20

Astrid Wernert
+33 (0)1 45 64 61 57

Claire Roblet
+ 33 (0)1 45 64 61 49

Laura Levy
+33 (0)1 45 64 60 45

Twitter: @KeringGroup
LinkedIn: Kering
Instagram: @kering_official
YouTube: KeringGroup

Source: Kering

Kering Foundation launches 6th annual White Ribbon For Women to stop violence against girls and women

London, 2017-Nov-21 — /EPR Retail News/ — Running from 20 to 25 November, the Kering Foundation’s 6th annual White Ribbon For Women campaign will be led by Alessandro Michele, Stella McCartney, Christopher Kane, Joseph Altuzarra, Dennis Chan, Salma Hayek Pinault and other renowned influencers. Centered around a digital movement #ICouldHaveBeen and new website ICouldHaveBeen.org, the campaign aims to raise awareness of violence against girls and women amongst the general public, specifically Generation Z, by asking them to imagine their lives as HER; the 1 in 3 girls and women who are victims of violence.

Via ICouldHaveBeen.org, the Kering Foundation will ask those not born a girl to imagine who they could have been, by entering the name their parents would have given them if they were born a girl into the website – or alternatively another female name of choice. Similarly, girls will be asked to unite in a show of sisterhood and solidarity with survivors, by all taking on HER as their name and challenging males in their entourage to join the campaign. Subsequently, users will discover the violence they could have experienced as a girl, and are invited to share this across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and WeChat. Although one cannot understand what survivors experience without having lived through gender-based violence oneself, via I Could Have Been the Kering Foundation aims to draw attention to the higher risk of violence girls and women face – simply for being born female.

As this year’s official ambassadors – Alessandro Michele, Christopher Kane, Joseph Altuzarra and Dennis Chan – will kick-start the Kering Foundation’s call to action by unveiling the names their parents would have given them if they were born as girls. Kering Foundation Board Directors, Stella McCartney and Salma Hayek Pinault, will likewise lead the campaign by calling on all girls and women to join them in becoming HER.

The Kering Foundation will also collaborate with young influencers from across the globe – such as Leonardo Decarli in Italy and Z.Tao in China – who will feature in the campaign alongside the Maisons’ artistic directors. Through a series of short films, these young males will discover who they could have been if they were born a girl and in turn call on youths to join the #ICouldHaveBeen movement. Despite boundaries on gender and equality opening (89% of Generation Z say girls and boys should have the same rights[i]) and progress on women’s rights (the fifth Sustainable Development Goal dedicated to gender equality), violence against girls and women remains a persistent transgenerational epidemic (1 in 10 girls worldwide aged 15 to 19 experienced forced sex in the past twelve months[ii]). The central objective of this year’s campaign is thus to engage younger generations, specifically Generation Z and Y, in order to provoke a deep and sustainable change in mentalities, behaviors and cultures.

François-Henri Pinault, Chairman & CEO of Kering, and Chairman of the Kering Foundation, said of the campaign’s launch, “Being born a girl should not equate to a higher risk of violence. Yet, unfortunately, it is the case in our world today. We all could have been born a girl, we all must take on this combat. A combat I am proud to confront together with the Kering Foundation, our Houses and their designers via our sixth annual White Ribbon For Women campaign.”

About Kering
A global Luxury group, Kering develops an ensemble of luxury houses in fashion, leather goods, jewellery and watches: Gucci, Bottega Veneta, Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga, Brioni, Christopher Kane, McQ, Stella McCartney, Tomas Maier, Boucheron, Dodo, Girard-Perregaux, Pomellato, Qeelin and Ulysse Nardin. Kering is also developing the Sport & Lifestyle brands Puma, Volcom and Cobra. By ‘empowering imagination’, Kering encourages its brands to reach their potential, in the most sustainable manner. The Group generated revenue of €12.385 billion in 2016 and had more than 40,000 employees at year end. The Kering share is listed on Euronext Paris (FR 0000121485, KER.PA, KER.FP)

About Kering Foundation
Launched in 2009, the Kering Corporate Foundation combats Violence Against Women. To enhance its global impact, the Foundation focuses on one cause in each of the following three regions: Sexual Violence in the Americas; Harmful Traditional Practices in Western Europe (France, Italy, United Kingdom); Domestic Violence in Asia. In addition, it pays particular attention to the situation of migrant and refugee women. The Kering Foundation supports NGOs’ projects, social entrepreneurs and awareness campaigns while involving the Group’s 40,000 employees.

About White Ribbon for Women
Launched in 1991, the White Ribbon movement commenced following the Montreal Massacre where a male student of École Polytechnique University massacred 14 of his female classmates telling them “you have no right being here (in education).” It encourages the promotion of gender equality, healthy relationships and a new vision of masculinity in order to bring about a cultural shift to a future without violence against women. In 1999, the United Nations declared 25 November the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, with a White Ribbon as its symbol. In 2012, the Kering Foundation launched its own White Ribbon For Women campaign, with board director Stella McCartney redesigning the White Ribbon, in order to bring further attention to the cause.

Press Contacts
Emer Hallahan
+33 (0)1 45 64 63 07

Carly Newman
+33 (0)1 45 64 65 58



Social media
Twitter:      @KeringForWomen  @KeringGroup
Instagram: @kering_official
Facebook:  KeringGroup
LinkedIn:    Kering
Youtube:     KeringGroup

Source: Kering Group


DFS Masters of Time returns to Macau this December

DFS Masters of Time returns to Macau this December



Macau, 2017-Nov-20 — /EPR Retail News/ — DFS Masters of Time, the world’s leading retail exhibition of fine watches and jewelry, returns to Macau this December for the ninth year exclusively at T Galleria by DFS, Macau. Held in partnership with Shoppes at Four Seasons, this year’s Masters of Time will explore the idea of memories with a curated collection that celebrates how collectors and brands commemorate the moments they hold dear. Bringing together over 450 fine watches and jewelry masterpieces from 30 brands, DFS’ team of watches and jewelry experts has assembled an unprecedented collection that showcases the best of design, technology and heritage for both men and women.

“For nearly a decade, DFS has created an unparalleled experience for the world’s top watches and jewelry collectors in the heart of Macau. At this year’s Masters of Time, we are proud to celebrate the masterpieces whose elegance and innovation evoke our most important memories, and have the ability to transport us to a special time or place. We’re thrilled to once again host the world’s top collectors who continue to build their collections and make history with DFS,” said Sibylle Scherer, DFS Group President Merchandising and Consumer Marketing.

Christophe Chaix, DFS Group Senior Vice President Fashion, Watches, Jewelry and Accessories, added, “This year’s Master of Time exhibition showcases a fantastic range of the latest novelties and innovations as well as iconic pieces from the worlds of watches and jewelry. Building a collection is intensely personal and through this year’s Masters of Time exhibition, we’re confident collectors will find unique and exceptional pieces that will stand the test of time.”

Available for viewing from December 9 – February 18, this year’s Masters of Time introduces for the first time a multisensory exhibition inspired by the theme of memories. Guests can tour the curated collection displayed amongst a series of interactive pop-up spaces. Evoking senses, emotions and experiences, Masters of Time will take guests on a journey of nostalgia, heritage and adventure, all while making new memories with DFS.


Elegant, yet supremely functional, the Masters of Time collection promises to intrigue seasoned collectors and first-time buyers alike. At the core of this portfolio lies a passion for precision, design excellence and storied tradition. DFS’ watches and jewelry experts have searched the globe to curate the 2017 DFS Masters of Time Collection, which features exceptional pieces from brands including:

Arnold & Son; Angelus; Audemars Piguet; Blancpain; Breguet; Bulgari; Cartier; Chopard; FRANCK MULLER; Girard-Perregaux; Glashütte Original; Grand Seiko; Hublot; IWC Schaffhausen; Jaeger-LeCoultre; Jaquet Droz; Officine Panerai; OMEGA; Piaget; Roger Dubuis; Romain Jerome; Tag Heuer; Tiffany & Co.; Ulysse Nardin; Vacheron Constantin; Van Cleef & Arpels; Zenith and more.

Highlights include:

  • Audemars Piguet – Royal Oak Tourbillon Extra-thin
  • Blancpain – Tribute to Fifty Fathoms MIL-SPEC
  • Breguet – Tradition Dame 7038
  • Bulgari – Diva’s Dream High Jewelry Watch – DFS Special Edition – Unique Piece
  • Cartier – High Jewelry Tiny Panthère Watch
  • Hublot – Techframe Ferrari 70 Years King Gold Tourbillon Chronograph
  • IWC – Da Vinci Perpetual Calendar Chronograph
  • Jaeger-LeCoultre – Master Gyrotourbillon 1
  • Jaquet Droz – Lady 8 Flower
  • OMEGA – Moonwatch Co-Axial Master Chronometer Moonphase Chronograph
  • Piaget – Limelight Mediterranean Garden Necklace – Unique Piece
  • Roger Dubuis – Excalibur Aventador S
  • TAG Heuer – Carrera Caliber HEUER 02 T Automatic Chronograph 45mm DFS Masters of Time IX Special Edition
  • Ulysse Nardin – Marine Grand Deck Tourbillon
  • Vacheron Constantin – Heures Créatives Heure Romantique
  • Zenith – Defy El Primero 21

DFS Masters of Time is part of the DFS Masters Series, a signature program of exhibitions that also includes Masters of Wines and Spirits that takes place each year in Singapore. The Masters Series is a showcase of the pinnacle of DFS’ leadership and innovation in curating and creating exceptional experiences across its five pillars of luxury: Wines and Spirits, Beauty and Fragrances, Watches and Jewelry, Fashion and Accessories, and Food and Gifts.


Source: DFS Group


Macy’s offers preview of more than 100 Black Friday specials beginning on Thursday, Nov. 16

Macy’s offers preview of more than 100 Black Friday specials beginning on Thursday, Nov. 16


  • Macy’s kicks off Black Friday savings with a preview of more than 100 deals starting Thursday, November 16
  • Take advantage of more than 500 Black Friday specials beginning at 5 p.m. in most stores and all day at macys.com on Thanksgiving, November 23
  • Macy’s offers customers more time to shop with Cyber Week savings in-store and online from Sunday, November 26through Wednesday, November 29

NEW YORK, 2017-Nov-15 — /EPR Retail News/ — The holidays are a time when Macy’s truly shines. As the season gets underway, Macy’s is excited to bring customers the special experiences they look forward to all year – holiday traditions at Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade®, Black Friday and Cyber Week shopping, Christmas tree lightings across the country, and the beloved Believe campaign where millions of children send their letters to Santa.

So whether it’s stocking up on gifts for family and loved ones for the holidays or finding something special for yourself, Macy’s is the place to shop Black Friday and Cyber Week with phenomenal deals on the best items and brands in home, fashion, beauty and tech. Shoppers can find the perfect gift and stay on budget with a wide assortment of specials, and also take home a selection of free gifts in-store after mail-in rebates. Beginning on Thursday, Nov. 16, Macy’s will preview more than 100 Black Friday specials online and also give customers even more time to shop during Cyber Week with week-long deals in-store and online.

“Our customers enjoy coming to Macy’s to find the perfect gift for loved ones and themselves, and as the leader in all things holiday, we are making shopping even easier and more affordable this year,” said John Harper, Macy’s chief stores officer. “We’re prepped and ready to ensure the Black Friday holiday tradition will be extra special this year with tremendous deals in-store and online on Black Friday, as well as during Cyber Week.”

Macy’s offers customers the convenience they need to shop the way they live, in stores, through the app and on macys.com. Most store hours for Black Friday are: Thanksgiving Day, 5 p.m. through 2 a.m. Friday, Nov. 24; Friday, Nov. 24 from 6 a.m. through 1 p.m.; and Saturday, Nov. 25 from 8 a.m. through 1 p.m., and online all day at macys.com Thursday through Saturday. The following are a sampling of the amazing doorbusters available on Black Friday, while supplies last:

For Him, Her and Home

  • $29.99 diamond earrings with any purchase of $50 or more
  • 75 percent off select sport coats and overcoats
  • 50 percent off select holiday tops and sweaters
  • $19.99 jeans
  • 60 percent off select infants’ and kids’ styles
  • 40 percent off select boots and shoes
  • $10 beauty products from brands like Urban Decay, Origins, Clinique, and more
  • 50 percent off Crux kitchen electrics
  • 65 percent off select holiday ornaments and dinnerware
  • $29.99 sheet sets
  • 60 percent to 75 percent off Samsonite

Tech and Toys

  • $70 off Apple Watch Series 1
  • $69.99 Brookstone Cat Headphones
  • $29.99 Amazon Echo Dot
  • $17.99 Dream Vision Virtual Reality
  • $99.99 Fitbit Charge 2
  • $89.99 JBL 3 Charge Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker
  • 60 percent Off Protocol Drones
  • 60 percent off Polaroid Bluetooth Headphones
  • 50 percent off FAO Schwarz
  • $15.99 Karaoke Microphone
  • 50 percent off remote control cars
  • $4.99 gifts for kids and babies from brands like Melissa & Doug, Mattel, and more

FREE (after Mail-in Rebate*)

  • Select tote bags FREE after mail-in rebate
  • Gold toe slippers for men FREE after mail-in rebate
  • Select men’s thermal tops FREE after mail-in rebate
  • Select glassware sets FREE after mail-in rebate
  • Select men’s joggers FREE after mail-in rebate
  • Disney Olaf plush FREE after mail-in rebate
  • Select graphic sweatshirts FREE after mail-in rebate
  • Select kitchen electrics FREE after mail-in rebate
  • BCBG MaxAzria Eau de Parfum Spray FREE after mail-in rebate
  • Designer pillow FREE after mail-in rebate

Cyber Week kicks off Sunday, Nov. 26 with great savings through Wednesday, Nov. 29. Plus, with free shipping online with a $25 purchase on Nov. 26 and Nov. 27, shoppers will be excited to take advantage of the awesome savings. Some highlights include:

  • 65 percent off select family pajamas
  • 60 percent off select wool-blend coats
  • 40 percent to 60 percent off select cold-weather accessories
  • Buy 1, Get 1 Free select shoes and boots
  • FREE 4-piece Prada Candy gift set with any large spray purchase from the Prada Candy fragrance collection
  • FREE 3-piece Marc Jacobs Daisy gift set with any large spray purchase from the Marc Jacobs Daisy fragrance collection
  • $25 Michael Kors For Men Eau de Toilette Spray
  • 65 percent off select kids’ sleepwear
  • 70 percent off select designer suits and suit separate sets
  • 50 percent to 70 percent off select men’s footwear
  • 60 percent to 70 percent off all select mattress pads, feather beds, and fiber beds
  • Buy 1, Get 1 Free Fiesta dinnerware

Additional Ways to Save Time and Money

On top of these extraordinary specials, customers can save even more with the new Macy’s Star Rewards program. Gold and Platinum Macy’s cardholders get free shipping and all Star Rewards members save 25 percent on select merchandise with star passes any day they choose.

Customers can view a full list of specials online at macys.com/blackfriday and add favorites to their list, which is available via desktop, mobile device and tablet. They can also create custom tags to organize recipients, sign up for reminders and shop straight from their list all Thanksgiving Day on macys.com.

Macy’s best-in-class mobile app is the perfect shopping sidekick for Black Friday. Download before the big day to check store directories and hours, scan bar codes in store and access instant price check, availability or even order the item on the spot and have it shipped home. Plus, take a photo through the app of a style you’re looking for, and find it or something similar in a flash!

Visit macys.com/stores for local information, as Black Friday hours may vary by store. Most Macy’s stores will open at 5 p.m. on Thanksgiving evening.

*In store only, one per customer. Allow 6-8 weeks for rebate delivery. In Connecticut, Rhode Island, Puerto Rico, and in Dade and Broward Counties, FL, rebate is given at register. Regular sales tax will apply. Limited quantities.

About Macy’s

Macy’s, the largest retail brand of Macy’s, Inc. (NYSE:M) delivers fashion and affordable luxury to customers at approximately 670 locations in 45 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and Guam, as well as to customers in the U.S. and more than 100 international destinations through its leading online store at macys.com. Via its stores, e-commerce site, mobile and social platforms, Macy’s offers distinctive assortments including the most desired family of exclusive and fashion brands for him, her and home. Macy’s is known for such epic events as Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks and the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, as well as spectacular fashion shows, culinary events, flower shows and celebrity appearances. Macy’s flagship stores – including Herald Square in New York City, Union Square in San Francisco, State Street in Chicago, and Dadeland in Miami and South Coast Plaza in southern California – are known internationally and are leading destinations for visitors. Building on a more than 150-year tradition, and with the collective support of customers and employees, Macy’s helps strengthen communities by supporting local and national charities giving more than $54 million each year, plus 180,000 hours of volunteer service, to help make a difference in the lives of our customers.

For Macy’s media materials, including images and contacts, please visit our online pressroom at macys.com/pressroom.

Julie Strider

Billy Dumé

Source: Macy’s, Inc.


Zenith and Bulgari recognized at the 2017 Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève awards

Zenith and Bulgari recognized at the 2017 Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève awards


Paris, 2017-Nov-14 — /EPR Retail News/ — The prestigious Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève awards took place on November 8th in Geneva. The international jury saluted watchmaking excellence, innovation and expertise, awarding 16 prizes. The Innovation Prize went to the Zenith Defy Lab, while Bulgari took home two prizes for its Octo Finissimo Automatic and Octo Finissimo Tourbillon Skeleton men’s watches.

Considered “the Oscars of watchmaking”, the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève announced its 2017 prizes on November 8th. Zenith won the Innovation Prize for its Defy Lab, the world’s most accurate mechanical watch thanks to a groundbreaking oscillator. Awarded triple certification, this exceptional timepiece revisits the balance and hairspring regulator invented in January 1675 by the scientist Christiaan Huygens. A concentrate of precision and innovation, the Defy Lab is the first watch made from Aeronith, an aluminum composite lighter than titanium, aluminum or carbon fiber.

Bulgari was also celebrated at the awards, receiving the Men’s Watch Prize for the Octo Finissimo Automatic, plus the Tourbillon and Escapement Watch Prize for the Octo Finissimo Tourbillon Skeleton. Unveiled at the 2017 edition of Baselworld, the Octo Finissimo Automatic has a thickness of just 5.15 mm, making it the thinnest automatic watch in the market.

The Octo Finissimo Tourbillon Skeleton features the world’s thinnest tourbillon, revealing an open-work movement with 253 components and featuring 13 rubies and eight ball bearings. This double win recognizes two icons of contemporary horological creativity and unrivalled watchmaking mastery.


LVMH Moët Hennessy – Louis Vuitton
22, avenue Montaigne, 75008 Paris – France
Tel: +33 (0)1 44 13 22 22
Fax: +33 (0)1 44 13 22 23

Source: LVMH


Signet Jewelers: successful completion of the first phase of strategic outsourcing of our credit portfolio

HAMILTON, Bermuda, 2017-Oct-25 — /EPR Retail News/ — Signet Jewelers Limited (“Signet”) (NYSE: SIG), the world’s largest retailer of diamond jewelry, announced today the completion of the first phase of the strategic outsourcing of its in-house credit program, including:

  • The sale of its prime-only credit quality accounts receivable to the Columbus, Ohio-based card services business of Alliance Data Systems Corporation (“Alliance Data”) (NYSE: ADS) for par value of $960 million at the time of closing;
  • Outsourcing of the credit servicing function of its existing and future non-prime accounts receivable to Genesis Financial Solutions (“Genesis”); and
  • Implementation of its lease-purchase program in partnership with Progressive Leasing.

Virginia C. Drosos, Chief Executive Officer of Signet, said: “The successful completion of the first phase of strategic outsourcing of our credit portfolio has allowed us to reduce our outstanding debt and return capital to our shareholders. In addition, the transaction enables us to optimize our business model with greater organizational focus on driving the growth of our OmniChannel retail platforms and delivering a true Customer First experience.”

Ms. Drosos added: “A key priority of our credit transaction has been to minimize impact on our credit customers and substantially maintain our net sales. This has been achieved through our partnership with Alliance Data and Genesis to continue to provide the full suite of our credit offerings for our customers, and adding an incremental lease-purchase financing option with Progressive Leasing. I want to thank our partners and Signet team for their hard work in executing this complex transaction on time.”

As previously announced, Signet and Alliance Data have entered into a seven-year program agreement under which Alliance Data will become the primary provider of credit, including funding, underwriting, servicing and associated program functions, to Signet’s U.S. stores. Signet will receive future payments from Alliance Data under an economic-sharing agreement.

Signet and Genesis have entered into a five-year servicing agreement, under which Genesis will provide credit servicing functions for Signet’s existing non-prime accounts receivable, as well as future non-prime account originations. Signet will retain the existing non-prime accounts receivable on its balance sheet and continue to originate the majority of new accounts until the expected completion of the second phase of credit outsourcing.

Finally, Signet implemented a lease-purchase program in partnership with Progressive Leasing across its U.S. stores. Lease-purchase is an incremental payment option available for customers who do not qualify for Signet’s credit programs, or do not wish to pursue a credit option to finance the purchase of our merchandise. Signet believes the program represents an incremental growth opportunity.

As part of the transaction, nearly all existing Signet team members supporting credit operations have been transferred to Alliance Data or Genesis, or retained by Signet to facilitate a smooth transition for Signet’s team members and customers.

In the first phase of strategic outsourcing of credit, Signet completed the sale of approximately 55% of its credit portfolio to Alliance Data and outsourced servicing of its full credit programs. Signet is in ongoing discussions with several interested funding partners related to the second phase, which is expected to be completed in the first half of calendar year 2018. In the second phase, Signet expects to sell remaining accounts receivable on its balance sheet at the time of the transaction and fully outsource new account originations to a third party.

Use of Proceeds, Accounting Considerations and Financial Impact

Signet received $960 million of proceeds from the sale of its prime-only accounts receivable to Alliance Data. As previously indicated, Signet directed the sale proceeds to fully repay its $600 million securitization facility and repurchase shares earlier in the year based on opportunistic market conditions. In the second quarter of Fiscal 2018, the Company repurchased 12% of its outstanding shares using cash on hand and revolver borrowings. Therefore, the remaining $360 million of sale proceeds will be used to repay the $350 million short-term loan used to finance the R2Net acquisition, which would otherwise be financed through revolver borrowings.

As previously disclosed, Signet will report a $10 million pre-tax, non-cash gain at closing reflecting the future profit sharing agreement with Alliance Data. Total transaction costs related to legal, advisory, implementation and retention expense were $36 million for the full year Fiscal 2018, of which $30 million was recognized in the third quarter and $6 million was recognized in the second quarter.

The table below provides information on the Fiscal 2018 Operating Profit and EPS impact of outsourcing on Signet’s financial statements as disclosed on August 24, 2017.

FY18 Net impact from outsourcing credit portfolio¹
Operating Diluted
Profit EPS
Elimination of bad debt, net of late fee income $10 $0.10
Elimination of finance charge income ($38) ($0.36)
SGA savings (net of servicing costs, Alliance Data net economic
profit sharing and elimination of in-house credit operations) $6 $0.06
Interest expense savings from repayment of $600 million ABS facility $0.04
Net impact ($22) ($0.16)
FY18 Net transaction costs including gain on sale of prime A/R
Operating Diluted
Profit EPS
Q2 gain recognized in reclassification of portfolio as assets held for sale $21 $0.19
Q2 transaction costs recognized² ($6) ($0.06)
Q3 transaction costs to be recognized² ($30) ($0.28)
Q3 beneficial interest gain recognized upon closing $10 $0.09
Net impact ($5) ($0.05)
Share repurchase acceleration
Operating Diluted
Profit EPS
Q2 share repurchases associated with A/R sale proceeds $ – $0.50
Net impact $ – $0.50
(1) Impact is almost entirely in Q4 of FY2018.
(2) Credit transaction costs related to legal, advisory, implementation and retention expense.

About Signet Jewelers and Safe Harbor Statement:
Signet Jewelers Limited is the world’s largest retailer of diamond jewelry. Signet operates approximately 3,600 stores primarily under the name brands of Kay Jewelers, Zales, Jared The Galleria Of Jewelry, H.Samuel, Ernest Jones, Peoples, Piercing Pagoda and JamesAllen.com. Further information on Signet is available at www.signetjewelers.com. See also www.kay.com, www.zales.com,www.jared.com, www.hsamuel.co.uk, www.ernestjones.co.uk,www.peoplesjewellers.com, www.pagoda.com and www.jamesallen.com.

This release contains statements which are forward-looking statements within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. These statements, based upon management’s beliefs and expectations as well as on assumptions made by and data currently available to management, appear in a number of places throughout this document and include statements regarding, among other things, Signet’s results of operation, financial condition, liquidity, prospects, growth, strategies and the industry in which Signet operates. The use of the words “expects,” “intends,” “anticipates,” “estimates,” “predicts,” “believes,” “should,” “potential,” “may,” “forecast,” “objective,” “plan,” or “target,” and other similar expressions are intended to identify forward-looking statements. These forward-looking statements are not guarantees of future performance and are subject to a number of risks and uncertainties, including but not limited to, the benefits of the credit portfolio sale including future financial and operating results, the timing and expected completion of the second phase of the credit outsourcing, general economic conditions, the impact of hurricanes on Signet’s business, regulatory changes following the United Kingdom’s announcement to exit from the European Union, a decline in consumer spending, the merchandising, pricing and inventory policies followed by Signet, the reputation of Signet and its brands, the level of competition in the jewelry sector, the cost and availability of diamonds, gold and other precious metals, regulations relating to customer credit, seasonality of Signet’s business, financial market risks, deterioration in customers’ financial condition, exchange rate fluctuations, changes in Signet’s credit rating, changes in consumer attitudes regarding jewelry, management of social, ethical and environmental risks, security breaches and other disruptions to Signet’s information technology infrastructure and databases, inadequacy in and disruptions to internal controls and systems, changes in assumptions used in making accounting estimates relating to items such as extended service plans and pensions, risks related to Signet being a Bermuda corporation, the impact of the acquisition of Zale Corporation on relationships, including with employees, suppliers, customers and competitors, and our ability to successfully integrate Zale Corporation’s operations and to realize synergies from the transaction.

For a discussion of these and other risks and uncertainties which could cause actual results to differ materially from those expressed in any forward-looking statement, see the “Risk Factors” section of Signet’s Fiscal 2017 Annual Report on Form 10-K filed with the SEC on March 16, 2017 and quarterly reports on Form 10-Q filed with the SEC. Signet undertakes no obligation to update or revise any forward-looking statements to reflect subsequent events or circumstances, except as required by law.

Source: Signet Jewelers Limited


Signet Jewelers

James Grant, 1 330-668-5412

VP Investor Relations




Signet Jewelers

David Bouffard, 1 330-668-5369

VP Corporate Affairs


JCPenney launches innovative selection of smartwatches just in time for the holiday season

JCPenney launches innovative selection of smartwatches just in time for the holiday season

Retailer unveils new Modern Bride® experience within rebranded fine jewelry department

PLANO, Texas, 2017-Oct-23 — /EPR Retail News/ — The fine jewelry department at JCPenney [NYSE: JCP] just got a little brighter. Beginning Oct. 30, the Company is launching an innovative selection of smartwatches in 245 stores and JCPenney.com from top brands, including Samsung, LG and Garmin®, just in time for the holiday season. The Company has also rebranded its fine jewelry department to reflect its classic heritage and established history with a new trademark, JCPenney Co. Fine Jewelry, Est. 1902. Within the fine jewelry assortment, JCPenney has unveiled a reinvigorated Modern Bride concept that offers today’s bridal customers designer styles at a value. By highlighting the glittering selection and innovation found in its selection of fine jewelry and premium watches, the Company is underscoring the importance of its brick-and-mortar locations when attracting customers to stores for a unique, personalized experience.

“Fine jewelry is an extremely personal purchase, boasting some of the most loyal customers in our store. By bringing the latest trends in smartwatch technology into our assortment, we have the chance to attract new customers and introduce them to other areas inside JCPenney,” said Pam Mortensen, senior vice president of fine and fashion jewelry and watches at JCPenney. “Our research tells us that fine jewelry is one of the best opportunities for cross-shopping at JCPenney as shoppers may initially come in for a smartwatch, and then discover a captivating mix of fashion, beauty, salon, shoes and accessories. As JCPenney focuses on driving sales and increasing revenue per customer, fine jewelry is a shining opportunity amid an ever-changing retail environment.”

Tapping into Smartwatch Technology
Shoppers seek a blend of function and style when choosing a smartwatch, and the new assortment of wearables at JCPenney offers both at an incredible value. In select stores, smartwatches from Samsung, LG, Garmin, MisFit and Relic® will be presented as an interactive customer experience where shoppers are encouraged to touch, play and discover the features and benefits of each watch. To deliver the best service possible, JCPenney is developing an all-new Watch Professional program that will train fine jewelry associates on the technical aspects and characteristics of each brand, including the new smartwatch assortment. Prices for the innovative collection of wearables range from $155 to $349.99, with an expanded assortment available at JCPenney.com.

A Brilliant New Modern Bride Experience
The Modern Bride concept is a unique collaboration that started with Condé Nast in 2011, and is designed to offer an elevated shopping experience inside JCPenney that caters to today’s bridal customer. To match the sparkling diamonds found in this collection of engagement and wedding rings, the Modern Bride presentation has been refreshed in all JCPenney locations. Brides and grooms will find inspiring graphics, updated fixtures and glittering in-case presentations in a modern, fresh environment. Through Modern Bride, JCPenney can offer shoppers dazzling diamonds available in popular ring styles and settings. An all-new engagement guide highlights the expansive assortment of wedding jewelry found at JCPenney, including five collections within the Modern Bride concept.

New to Modern Bride this spring, the Company unveiled Hallmark Bridal featuring affordable, luxurious bridal jewelry for millennial couples with styles that can only be found at JCPenney. For the ultimate fairy tale, Enchanted Disney Fine Jewelry is a magical addition to Modern Bride and incorporates the essence of some of Disney’s most beloved masterpieces into elegant pieces for her wedding day and beyond.

Clear-Cut Training
JCPenney associates play an extremely important role in helping a customer choose the perfect ring, which is why the Company has revamped its comprehensive training program for fine jewelry professionals. Associates are specially trained and educated on the quality and characteristics of the diamonds, gemstones and precious metals found in collections throughout the department, and the updated training tools provide the product knowledge needed to strengthen and refine the associate’s ability to provide the best customer service possible.

“The wedding ring purchase is a gateway to the rest of the store and Modern Bride represents a significant opportunity to develop a life-long customer relationship as she gets married, buys a house and starts a family. She is a budget-conscious customer and comes to JCPenney for the value that we offer – without sacrificing design or quality. We already know that Modern Bride customers shop twice as often and spend significantly more than the average JCPenney shopper, and this beautiful new fine jewelry experience will introduce more brides and grooms to JCPenney,” added Mortensen.

For images, please visit www.jcpnewsroom.com.


JCPenney Media Relations:
(972) 431-3400 or jcpnews@jcp.com

About JCPenney:
J. C. Penney Company, Inc. (NYSE: JCP), one of the nation’s largest apparel and home furnishings retailers, combines an expansive footprint of approximately 875 stores across the United States and Puerto Rico with a powerful e-commerce site, jcp.com, to connect with shoppers how, when and where they prefer to shop. At every customer touchpoint, she will get her Penney’s worth of a broad assortment of products from an extensive portfolio of private, exclusive and national brands. Powering this shopping experience is the customer service and warrior spirit of over 100,000 associates across the globe, all driving toward the Company’s three strategic priorities of strengthening private brands, becoming a world-class omnichannel retailer and increasing revenue per customer. For additional information, please visit jcp.com.

SOURCE:  J.C. Penney Corporation, Inc.


Argos’s AW17 jewellery collection makes its debut this week at Britain’s Next Top Model

Argos’s AW17 jewellery collection makes its debut this week at Britain’s Next Top Model


London, 2017-Oct-18 — /EPR Retail News/ — Argos jewellery hits the runway this week as the hotly anticipated new series of Britain’s Next Top Model returns to TV screens on Thursday 19 October 2017.

The first episode broadcast exclusively on Lifetime will see head judge, Abbey Clancy, task new recruits to take part in a Princess photoshoot – accessorising exclusively with stunning jewellery from leading jewellery retailer, Argos.

The 13 wannabe models look every bit the princess as they adorn themselves with pieces from two of Argos’s AW17 jewellery collections.  The brand-new Revere range includes comprises beautiful, timeless jewellery to suit all budgets and the Abbey Clancy collection, designed by the model herself, incorporates stunning fashion-led statement pieces.

Highlights featured in the show include:

  • Brummie beauty Alisia Grant showcases the Abbey Clancy Silver Colour Drop Necklet (£64.99), a unique piece featuring round cubic zirconia stones that will turn heads whether you’re strutting on the cat walk or the side walk.  Alisia also wears the Revere Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Multi Crossover Band (£19.99), a sophisticated ring with a dazzling design.
  • Essex shopaholic Sophia Chawki looks striking in the Revere Silver Round Cubic Zirconia Halo Pendant (£39.99). The hand crafted 18” sterling silver chain features a 1.00ct look of diamond and flawless sparkle and it really is fit for a princess.
  • Fashion student Louisa Northcote from London looks sensational in Abbey Clancy Rose Gold Colour Circle Drop Earrings(£39.99). These on-trend hoops are the perfect eye-catching accessory to add a touch of class to your look day or night.

Abbey Clancy said: “I’m loving working with all our new models and it was so fun seeing them accessorise for their first shoot with designs from my new AW Argos jewellery range. There’s nothing more exciting than seeing women wear my collection, bringing the pieces to life with their own unique style.”

Argos jewellery buyer Jo Rowland said: “We’re delighted to have Argos jewellery feature in the first episode of the new series of Britain’s Next Top Model.  It’s clear to see that this year’s contenders are really committed – and they just wowed us all with their professionalism when modelling the brand new Revere and Abbey Clancy collections.”

The new series of Britain’s Next Top Model premieres on Thursday 19 October at 9pm exclusively on Lifetime, available on Sky 156, Virgin 208, TalkTalk 329 and BT 329.


020 7695 7295

Source: Sainsbury


Chow Tai Fook partners with Disney to introduce a new lineup of “Tsum Tsum” Collection

Chow Tai Fook partners with Disney to introduce a new lineup of “Tsum Tsum” Collection

HONG KONG, 2017-Sep-29 — /EPR Retail News/ — Chow Tai Fook is collaborating with Disney this year again to introduce a new lineup of Disney “Tsum Tsum” Collection with new characters and fun-filled designs. Apart from the beloved character-inspired charms/pendants and ear studs, the new series is set to encompass an exquisite range of pure gold pieces, including gold card, gold coins and gold coin set, making it a true collectible not to be missed.

Chow Tai Fook’s New Pure Gold Collectibles
The highly popular Chow Tai Fook Disney “Tsum Tsum” Collection jointly presented by Chow Tai Fook and Disney last year represents the perfect match between Disney’s much-loved characters and the Company’s stunning jewellery design. Sought after by fans of all ages, the versatile and cute jewellery pieces allow wearers to amp up different looks and showcase their styles. In response to the overwhelming demand, Chow Tai Fook is pleased to introduce three new pure gold designs this time, including pure gold card and pure gold coin sets featuring the adorable “Tsum Tsum” characters. The individually-packed pure gold coins adorned with Mickey and Minnie and the characters from Frozen come with a special package, and can be worn as ornaments. Marrying adorable characters with the finest pure gold, these coins will enrich the precious collection of every fan.

New Disney “Tsum Tsum” Characters Joining the Team of Cuteness
The Chow Tai Fook Disney “Tsum Tsum” Collection impresses with its playful and unique jewellery designs the lovely stacking characters in the namesake game. The new addition sees the arrival of some familiar faces, including Sadness, Joy and Anger from Inside out, Mike and Sulley from Monsters, Inc., Dumbo, Lady, Winnie the Pooh and Stitch, who join the big family of Mickey, Minnie, Aliens, Baymax and Frozen’s characters to spread joy and love.

[Chow Tai Fook Disney “Tsum Tsum” Fitting Room]
Pop singer Joey Wong (JW) and KOL LuLu Tung were invited to star in the “Chow Tai Fook Disney ‘Tsum Tsum’ Fitting Room – The Three Little Secrets between Girlfriends” campaign video. As they demonstrate the “best friend” styles in different occasions in the video, the three little stories about friendship, namely “Blue Monday”, “Happy Friday” and “Chill Weekend”, will certainly touch the heart of every girl. Watch the video: https://goo.gl/hW8V8M

Chow Tai Fook Disney “Tsum Tsum” Collection Store Events
From 30 September to 15 October (every Saturday & Sunday), the first 50 individuals/teams completing the Chow Tai Fook Disney “Tsum Tsum” Collection store events in each session at selected Chow Tai Fook stores* will receive a Häagen-Dazs™ single scoop voucher. The winner in each session will also get a Häagen-Dazs™ “Star” Ice Cream Mooncake or Ice Cream Fondue voucher.

*Selected Chow Tai Fook stores

Date Time Store Address
September 30 (Sat) 2-5 PM  Shop No. 312-313, Level 3, Phase 1, New Town Plaza, Sha Tin
October 1  (Sun) 2-5 PM  Shop No. G01, G/F, Laforet Excelsior Plaza, 24-26 East  Point Road, Causeway Bay
October 7  (Sat) 2-5 PM  G/F, 677 Nathan Road, Mong Kok
October 8  (Sun) 2-5 PM  Shop  G11-G14, Park Lane Shoppers Boulevard, 123 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
October 14  (Sat) 2-5 PM  Shop  1010, L1, Yoho Mall I , 9 Long Yat Road, Yuen Long
October 15  (Sun) 2-5 PM  Shop No. C-22,  Concourse Level, APM, Millennium City 5, 418 Kwan Tong Road, Kwun Tong


Shopping offers
Customers can enjoy HK$150-250 cash discount upon purchase of selected items of Disney “Tsum Tsum” collection (Retail price HK$1,500-3,100) during event days. Customers who purchase with highest amount of Chow Tai Fook Disney “Tsum Tsum” Collection) during event time (2-5 PM) is entitled to win a pair of gold coins of Chow Tai Fook Disney “Tsum Tsum” Collection (worth HK$520).

SOURCE: Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Company Limited


Kering again the Industry Leader in the 2017 Dow Jones Sustainability Index – ‘Textiles, Apparel & Luxury Goods’ sector

London, 2017-Sep-20 — /EPR Retail News/ — Kering has been recognised for the 3rd time as the Industry Leader in the 2017 Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) in the ‘Textiles, Apparel & Luxury Goods’ sector. Considered as the standard for measuring corporate sustainability, the DJSI awarded Kering the top score overall for its environmental and social performance in its sector, following a comprehensive assessment against 23 criteria across 3 categories, and compared to its sector and Luxury peers.

Kering’s efforts to embed sustainability across its entire supply chain and the progressive targets linked to the Group’s new 2025 sustainability strategy have translated into industry-leading results. Kering’s leadership was particularly highlighted in its achievement of ‘Industry Best’ scores within the Economic, Environmental and Social Dimension categories, including the areas of: Product Stewardship, Operational Eco-Efficiency, Labour Practice Indicators, Brand Management, Human Capital Development and Stakeholder Engagement.

“To be included again as the ‘Industry Leader’ in the DJSI annual ranking is an honour and a testament to our long-time commitment and continued efforts to set the highest standards of best practices in Luxury,” said Marie-Claire Daveu, Chief Sustainability Officer and Head of international institutional affairs of Kering. “I am particularly proud that this year we received the top score overall in Product Stewardship, which reflects the strides we have been making on eco-design, material recycling and regeneration, and innovation.”

The DJSI is the gold standard for corporate sustainability and tracks the leading sustainability-driven companies based on RobecoSAM’s analysis of financially material Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors and S&P DJI’s robust index methodology. The DJSI’s ESG assessment criteria achieves deeper insights into companies’ sustainability practices and, in turn, enables investors to analyse the many economic, environmental and social factors that are relevant to companies’ success.

About Kering
A global Luxury group, Kering develops an ensemble of luxury houses in fashion, leather goods, jewelry and watches: Gucci, Bottega Veneta, Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga, Brioni, Christopher Kane, McQ, Stella McCartney, Tomas Maier, Boucheron, Dodo, Girard-Perregaux, Pomellato, Qeelin and Ulysse Nardin. Kering is also developing the Sport & Lifestyle brands Puma, Volcom and Cobra. By ‘empowering imagination’, Kering encourages its brands to reach their potential, in the most sustainable manner. The Group generated revenue of €12.385 billion in 2016 and had more than 40,000 employees at year end. The Kering share is listed on Euronext Paris (FR 0000121485, KER.PA, KER.FP).

Press Contacts:
Emmanuelle Picard-Deyme
+ 33 (0)1 45 64 61 87

Mich Ahern
+ 44  (0) 7984 684 454

Twitter: @KeringGroup
LinkedIn: Kering
Instagram: @kering_official 
YouTube: KeringGroup

Source: Kering Group

Zenith reveals the world’s most accurate mechanical watch — Defy Lab

Zenith reveals the world’s most accurate mechanical watch — Defy Lab


Paris, 2017-Sep-19 — /EPR Retail News/ — Zenith has revealed Defy Lab, the world’s most accurate mechanical watch thanks to a groundbreaking oscillator. The triple certified watch marks a major advance in measuring time, embodying Zenith’s constant drive for innovation and high precision.

Zenith unveiled the Defy Lab and its groundbreaking oscillator during a press conference at the Zenith Manufacture in Le Locle, Switzerland, hosted by Jean-Claude Biver, President of the LVMH Watch Division, Julien Tornare, CEO of Zenith and Guy Semon, CEO of the LVMH Watch Division R&D Institute.  Presented as the most accurate mechanical watch in the world, the Defy Lab is both an evolution and an improvement on the balance and hairspring regulator invented in January 1675 by the scientist Christiaan Huygens. This advance constitutes an outright challenge to the fundamental operating principle of mechanical watches.

To achieve this performance, the timepiece is equipped with a single element oscillator that measures just 0.5 mm in thickness, replacing the traditional balance-and-spring assembly. The Defy Lab beats at a frequency of 15 Hz with an amplitude of +/- 6 degrees – three times the frequency of the iconic Zenith El Primero movement. This gives it exceptional accuracy, with a daily rate precise to just 0.3 seconds, and a 60-hour power reserve. Insensitive to temperature gradients, gravity and magnetic fields, the Defy Lab maintains the same degree of precision for 95% of its power reserve. This is also the first watch with a case made from Aeronith, an aluminum composite lighter than titanium, aluminum or carbon fiber.

The accuracy of mechanical watches enters a new dimension with this innovative watch from the Swiss manufacture. The watch has been awarded triple certification: chronometer certification from the Besançon Observatory on behalf of the International Bureau of Weights and Measures, displayed in the viper’s head stamp; for thermal behavior, the ISO-3159 standard spectrum has been broadened; and the watch meets ISO-764 magnetic criteria.


LVMH Moët Hennessy – Louis Vuitton
22, avenue Montaigne, 75008 Paris – France
Tel: +33 (0)1 44 13 22 22
Fax: +33 (0)1 44 13 22 23

Source: LVMH




Vahan’s Greg Der Calousdian is A Master of Design and His Newest Design “Nuvo” is No Exception 

NEW YORK, USA, 2017-Sep-11 — /EPR Retail News/ —  Greg Der Calousdian, VP of Design, has created a new look to join the company’s signature 14k gold floral beaded petal design.  The Nuvo look has clean and minimalistic lines that that will appeal to a more contemporary woman.   According to Greg, Nuvo is:

For the woman who is looking for something polished, smooth, and understated

The new design element is on rings, bracelets and earrings and can be seen in the Buckle, Le Cercle, Cross, Diamond Line, Halo, and Pavé Bangle Collections, with more collections soon to be added.

Despite this new design being a departure from the classic Vahan look, it still makes use of the signature two-tone gold and silver metals.  Nuvo also stays true to its classic look with the use of semi-precious and precious stones including Diamonds, Blue Topaz, London Blue Topaz, Rhodolite, Garnet, Black Onyx, Peridot, Chrome Diopside, and Citrine.

When asked what the reasoning was for the creation of Nuvo, Greg stated “Vahan has had tremendous success with our ornate petal design.  With Nuvo, I felt that it was time to appeal to a wider clientele. Nuvo features a sleeker alternative which is more tailored and contemporary.   It offers a forward-looking style that I think women will love.”

The Nuvo look is available August 2017 and starts at $1,000.  The line is available at various retailers throughout the U.S., Canada, and the Caribbean.  A list of retailers can be found on the Vahan website at www.vahanjewelry.com.


Media Contact:

Bianca Bahary

Director of Public Relations

M. Patricof Creative Group

212 645-7798 Tel

202 207-5931 Cell



NEW YORK, USA, 2017-Sep-11 — /EPR Retail News/ — Historically, Vahan Jewelry only designed pieces that were specifically for women. However, the company has now expanded to include “Homme”, it’s very first men’s collection.

When asked why now? Why expand to men’s jewelry? Greg Der Calousdian, VP of Design responded by saying “Many men feel the need to differentiate themselves from the masses, and choose to do that through self-expression. Those of us who are more fashion conscious will often do it with accessories. That’s why I felt it was time to really bring Vahan into the world of Men’s jewelry.”

Vahan Homme is versatile, contemporary, and delivers fashion savoir faire to the male masses. The collection includes rings, pendants, and a unique line of reversible bracelets. These diverse pieces highlight the brands ability to create aesthetically appealing designs.

“Our Homme collection is geared to add a little pop to a man’s style. A small token of panache to pair with a lonely wrist watch or wedding ring. I’ve created brand new designs for men such as the Pyramid collection, as well as put a more masculine twist on existing Vahan styles like the Buckle bracelet and Tiger cuff. Homme is an exciting new line that will attract men who want to make a statement,” explained Calousdian.

The Homme Collection starts at $625 and is available at various retailers throughout the U.S., Canada, and the Caribbean.  A list of retailers can be found on Vahan’s website at www.vahanjewelry.com.



Media Contact    

Bianca Bahary

M. Patricof Creative Group

212 645-7798 Tel

202 207-5931Cell


Argos unveils stunning 1.00 CT diamond cluster engagement ring

Argos unveils stunning 1.00 CT diamond cluster engagement ring


London, 2017-Aug-21 — /EPR Retail News/ — As style icon Millie Mackintosh reveals her breathtaking engagement ring to the world, leading digital retailer, Argos has released an almost identical version, for a fraction of the price.

The stunning 1.00 CT diamond cluster ring, set in luxurious yellow 9 CT gold is hardly distinguishable from the Made in Chelseastar’s newest bling accessory which she unveiled for the first time on ITV’s Lorraine today since getting engaged to Made in Chelsea co-star Hugo Taylor last month.

Argos jewellery buyer Jo Roland said: “Millie’s beautiful engagement ring is a classic piece that makes a real statement. For those who love the look but don’t have the Made in Chelsea budget, our Revere 9ct Gold 1.00ct Diamond Cluster Ring for only £899.99 is the perfect choice whether you’re showing it off on King’s Road or not!”

For further information, samples or images, please contact:
0845 120 4365

Source: Sainsbury


Kering appoints Patrick Pruniaux as the CEO of Swiss watchmaking house Ulysse Nardin

London, 2017-Aug-21 — /EPR Retail News/ — Kering announces the appointment of Patrick Pruniaux as the CEO of Swiss watchmaking house Ulysse Nardin, effective 28 August 2017. He will report to Albert Bensoussan, CEO of Kering Luxury – Watches and Jewellery division.

Patrick Pruniaux has many years of experience in the watchmaking industry, both at TAG Heuer, where he held various positions over a nine-year period, and at Apple, where he was involved in the launch of the Apple Watch. As CEO of Ulysse Nardin, his mission will be to accelerate the international expansion of the Swiss luxury watchmaking brand, thanks to his innovative thinking and outstanding expertise.

He replaces Patrik P. Hoffmann who, having played a key role in Ulysse Nardin’s development for many years, and ensured a seamless integration into Kering from 2014, is looking to move in a new direction for personal reasons.

Albert Bensoussan, CEO of Kering Luxury – Watches and Jewellery division commented: “I am delighted to see a talented individual such as Patrick Pruniaux join Ulysse Nardin, which once again illustrates the attractiveness of the Kering Group. His in-depth knowledge of the watchmaking sector, from product innovation to customer relations, and distribution, will be an important asset in the ongoing drive to develop this watchmaking House, building on its cutting-edge technical expertise and unique identity. I would like to thank Patrik P. Hoffmann and pay tribute to the pivotal contribution he has made to the growth and reputation of Ulysse Nardin for almost two decades.”

About Patrick Pruniaux
Patrick Pruniaux, 45, began his career in the Diageo group in 1997 in the United Kingdom and the United States, before moving to the LVMH group’s Wines & Spirits division in Miami. He was appointed International Export Director at TAG Heuer in 2005, and took on responsibility for EMEIA sales in 2009. He became TAG Heuer’s Vice President of Global Sales & Retail in 2010, and a member of the brand’s Executive Committee. He joined Apple’s Special Projects team in 2014, located in Cupertino, to help with the launch of the Apple Watch. From 2015, he was Apple’s Country Manager for the UK and Ireland and a member of Apple’s EMEA Executive Committee. Patrick Pruniaux holds an MBA from HEC Paris and is a graduate of the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

About Kering
A global Luxury group, Kering develops an ensemble of luxury houses in fashion, leather goods, jewelry and watches: Gucci, Bottega Veneta, Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga, Brioni, Christopher Kane, McQ, Stella McCartney, Tomas Maier, Boucheron, Dodo, Girard-Perregaux, Pomellato, Qeelin and Ulysse Nardin. Kering is also developing the Sport & Lifestyle brands Puma, Volcom and Cobra. By ‘empowering imagination’, Kering encourages its brands to reach their potential, in the most sustainable manner. The Group generated revenue of €12.385 billion in 2016 and had more than 40,000 employees at year end. The Kering share is listed on Euronext Paris (FR 0000121485, KER.PA, KER.FP).

Emilie Gargatte
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Astrid Wernert
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Tiffany & Co. declares regular quarterly dividend of $0.50 per share

NEW YORK, 2017-Aug-21 — /EPR Retail News/ — The Board of Directors of Tiffany & Co. (NYSE:TIF) has declared a regular quarterly dividend of $0.50 per share of Common Stock. The dividend will be paid on October 10, 2017 to shareholders of record on September 20, 2017. Future dividends are subject to declaration by the directors.

Tiffany is the internationally-renowned jeweler founded in New York in 1837. Through its subsidiaries, Tiffany & Co. manufactures products and operates TIFFANY & CO. retail stores worldwide, and also engages in direct selling through Internet, catalog and business gift operations. Please visit www.tiffany.com for additional information.

Mark L. Aaron

Source: Tiffany & Co.

Signet Jewelers Limited recognized for its corporate social responsibility and sustainability efforts

HAMILTON, Bermuda, 2017-Aug-11 — /EPR Retail News/ — Signet Jewelers Limited (the “Company”) (NYSE: SIG), the world’s largest retailer of diamond jewelry, has been recognized for its corporate social responsibility and sustainability efforts by being named as a component of the FTSE4Good US and Global Indices in 2017. Signet joins this group of other publicly traded companies with strong environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices.

“Signet is proud of our commitment to reducing our energy consumption and raising our efficiency levels across our business. Our responsible sourcing efforts have lead the industry as 1 of 4 US companies to have reported a conflict-free gold supply chain for 4 consecutive years,” said Lynn Dennison, Chief Legal, Risk and Corporate Affairs Officer at Signet Jewelers.

This year marks the 15th anniversary of the FTSE Russell’s ESG Index, FTSE4Good. Investors around the world use the indices as indicators to determine if investment funds and other products are socially responsible and engage in ethical activities.

According to FTSE Russell, the last 15 years have brought a measurable shift in the investment landscape. The inclusion of ESG factors in investment decisions has evolved from a niche concept to a core investment strategy among many asset managers.

Signet Jewelers’ tradition of corporate social responsibility has always been about doing the right thing for all of our stakeholders. This is a part of our Core Values. We firmly believe that CSR makes our business stronger and more sustainable over the long-term.

To learn more about Signet Jewelers Corporate Social Responsibility please visit: http://www.signetjewelers.com/CSRreport2016

About Signet Jewelers:

Signet Jewelers Limited is the world’s largest retailer of diamond jewelry. Signet operates approximately 3,600 stores primarily under the name brands of Kay Jewelers, Zales, Jared The Galleria Of Jewelry, H.Samuel, Ernest Jones, Peoples and Piercing Pagoda. Further information on Signet is available at www.signetjewelers.com. See also www.kay.comwww.zales.comwww.jared.comwww.hsamuel.co.ukwww.ernestjones.co.ukwww.peoplesjewellers.com and www.pagoda.com.

James Grant
VP Investor Relations

David Bouffard
VP Corporate Affairs

Source: Signet Jewelers Limited

TAG Heuer becomes the Official Timekeeper and Official Watch of France’s Ligue de Football Professionnel

TAG Heuer becomes the Official Timekeeper and Official Watch of France’s Ligue de Football Professionnel


Paris, 2017-Aug-08 — /EPR Retail News/ — TAG Heuer has strengthened its presence in international football, becoming the Official Timekeeper and Official Watch of France’s Ligue de Football Professionnel.

One of the first luxury watch brands to invest in football sponsorship, TAG Heuer continues to expand the global soccer partnership strategy that kicked off in 2014. The French Ligue 1 Conforama is the latest prestigious football competition to be sponsored by TAG Heuer, joining the German, English and Spanish championships, among others.

TAG Heuer becomes Official Timekeeper and Official Watch of competitions organized by the LFP, including the Ligue 1 Conforama, the Coupe de la Ligue and the Trophée des Champions, applying its unique technical savoir-faire to sports performance.

The partnership was announced during the Trophée des Champions match in Tangiers, Morocco between current champion AS Monaco and French Cup winner Paris Saint Germain. This latest partnership continues to push the limits of timekeeping, resonating with the Tag Heuer philosophy of #DontCrackUnderPressure.

In addition to the French LFP, Tag Heuer is also the official partner of:
– the English Premier League and Manchester United;
– the German Bundesliga;
– the Spanish Liga;
– the American Major League Soccer (MLS);
– the Chinese Super League;
– the Japanese J-League;
– the Asian Football Confederation(AFC);
– the Australian national team Caltex Socceroos ;
– and the International Champions Cup in the United States.


LVMH Moët Hennessy – Louis Vuitton
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French luxury group Kering and Alibaba take joint enforcement actions online and offline against infringers

Landmark agreement between the luxury group home to some of the world’s most desired luxury brands and Alibaba’s e-commerce marketplaces

PARIS and HANGZHOU, China, 2017-Aug-07 — /EPR Retail News/ — French luxury group Kering, and Alibaba Group and its affiliate Ant Financial Services have come to a groundbreaking agreement to cooperate in their efforts to protect intellectual property and take joint enforcement actions online and offline against infringers in order to provide the best consumer experience and a trusted environment.

The new partnership represents a milestone in both parties’ investment and efforts to protect brands’ intellectual property rights. The companies have established a joint task force with the purpose of collaborating fully, exchanging useful information, and working closely with law enforcement bodies to take appropriate action against infringers of Kering’s brands identified with Alibaba’s advanced technology capabilities.

Kering and its brands will continue to vigorously enforce their intellectual property rights against individuals and third parties responsible for the production, distribution and sale of unauthorized materials in China and throughout the world.

This agreement reflects the parties’ firm belief that taking proactive measures and using advanced technology will help law enforcement bodies and other relevant authorities address the challenges of intellectual property infringement.

As part of the agreement, Kering has agreed to dismiss the lawsuit filed against Alibaba and Alipay, an Ant Financial subsidiary, in the US district court in New York.

About Kering
A global Luxury group, Kering develops an ensemble of luxury houses in fashion, leather goods, jewellery and watches: Gucci, Bottega Veneta, Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga, Brioni, Christopher Kane, McQ, Stella McCartney, Tomas Maier, Boucheron, Dodo, Girard-Perregaux, Pomellato, Qeelin and Ulysse Nardin. Kering is also developing the Sport & Lifestyle brands Puma, Volcom and Cobra. By ‘empowering imagination’, Kering encourages its brands to reach their potential, in the most sustainable manner. The Group generated revenue of €12.385 billion in 2016 and had more than 40,000 employees at year end. The Kering share is listed on Euronext Paris (FR 0000121485, KER.PA, KER.FP).

About Alibaba Group
Alibaba Group’s mission is to make it easy to do business anywhere. The company aims to build the future infrastructure of commerce. It envisions that its customers will meet, work and live at Alibaba, and that it will be a company that lasts at least 102 years.

Kering Contacts:
Paul Michon
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Alibaba Contacts:
Brion Tingler

Bob Christie

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James Avery opens new store in Brownsville, Texas at the Domain Shopping Center

Enter drawing for a chance to win a James Avery Gift Card

KERRVILLE, TEXAS, 2017-Aug-07 — /EPR Retail News/ — James Avery, a family-owned jewelry retailer, announces the opening of its new store today (August 2, 2017) in Brownsville, Texas at the Domain Shopping Center. To celebrate the grand opening, visitors may enter a drawing for a chance to win one of thirty James Avery gift cards valued at $50, $100, or $500.

John McCullough, COO at James Avery Jewelry, comments: “We are very pleased to be opening a new store at the Domain Shopping Center. Everyone is invited to come browse the new store that opens today, August 2, and meet our great store associates. Be sure to register for the gift card drawing while you’re there, and plan to attend the grand opening celebration on Saturday, August 12.”

The new location is under the direction of Store Manager, Gabriel Hernandez. Store hours are 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 12:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. on Sunday. The new store is located at 2355 North Expressway 77 across from Sunrise Mall, next door to T-Mobile.

About James Avery Jewelry®—James Avery Jewelry is a vertically integrated, family-owned company located in the heart of the Texas Hill Country. We offer finely crafted jewelry designs for men and women in sterling silver, 14K and 18K gold, gemstones, and leather wallets – designed by our own skilled artisans in Kerrville, Texas. We are a multi-channel retailer with 77 James Avery stores in 5 states. Our jewelry is also available in 200 Dillard’s stores in Texas and in 27 additional states; and nationwide through JamesAvery.com. James Avery crafts jewelry in four Texas workshops— one each in Comfort, Fredericksburg, Hondo and Kerrville. For additional information, visit JamesAvery.com or Facebook facebook.com/JamesAvery.

About the Drawing—Odds of winning depend on total number of entries received. Thirty James Avery gift cards will be awarded: twenty-four $50 gift cards, three $100 gift cards, and three $500 gift cards. Entries accepted August 2 through August 12, 2017. Hourly drawings on August 12 from 11:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. during the Grand Opening celebration at the James Avery Jewelry store located at the Domain. No purchase necessary. Must be at least 13 years old to enter. Only one entry per person per day. Winners not eligible to win a subsequent gift card in the same promotion. Winners need not be present to win. Employees and immediate family members not eligible for this gift card promotion.

Give us a call:  
(800) 283-1770

Source: James Avery Jewelry

Kering 1H 2017 results: consolidated revenue: €7,296.2 million, up 28.2% as reported, 26.5% on a comparable basis

London, 2017-Jul-31 — /EPR Retail News/ — First-half consolidated revenue: €7,296.2 million, up 28.2% as reported, 26.5% on a comparable basis

Luxury activities: up 29.7% as reported, 28.3% on a comparable basis Sport & Lifestyle activities: up 16.1% as reported, 14.3% on a comparable basis

Recurring operating income: €1,274.1 million, up 57.1% Sharp rise in operating margin: 17.5% Net income, Group share: up 77.6%

“Thanks to the execution of our strategy, we achieved outstanding revenue growth in the first half, clearly outperforming the sector, and delivered record profits and operating margins. These remarkable performances in all regions of the world and across all of our activities underscore Kering’s ability to innovate, create value, and gain market share. Our vision of Luxury, grounded in creative audacity and in the sincerity of our brands’ values, is more relevant than ever. This excellent first half raises our confidence in the Group’s capacity to realize another year of growth and improved operating performances.” François-Henri Pinault, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Record half-year performance
• Second-quarter comparable consolidated growth of 24.6% extending the strong momentum of the first quarter, up 28.6% comparable
• Significant improvement in operating margin, up 330 basis points on a comparable basis
• Two-fold increase in free cash flow from operations in the first six months, to €717.9 million

Luxury: remarkable growth in revenue and earnings 
• Sustained growth momentum at Gucci and Saint Laurent, both in revenue (up 43.4% and 28.5%, respectively, on a comparable basis) and recurring operating margin (32.0% and 23.0%, respectively)
• Solid six-month performance from Bottega Veneta, with comparable revenue up 2.0%
• Other Luxury brands up 10.1% comparable; acceleration at Balenciaga
• Recurring operating income up 49.4% to €1,254.2 million

Sport & Lifestyle: robust growth 
• Half-year revenue above the €2 billion mark for the first time ever
• Sharp growth at Puma (up 15.7% comparable) across all product categories and regions, coupled with a two-fold increase in recurring operating income
• Sport & Lifestyle recurring operating income up 128.7% to €110.0 million

Key financial indicators

Revenue for the first half of 2017 amounted to €7,296.2 million, up a sharp 28.2% as reported and 26.5% based on a comparable Group structure and exchange rates. This performance was driven by extremely strong sales growth in both mature and emerging markets, with comparable increases of 33.5% in Western Europe and 34.4% in Asia Pacific (32% and 28% of consolidated revenue, respectively). North America (21% of revenue) also posted a robust 20.7% increase in comparable revenue, while Japan (9% of revenue) continued on its growth trajectory, up 6.4%. Kering Eyewear contributed €162 million to consolidated revenue during the period, after eliminating intra-group sales and royalties paid to the brands.

Kering’s gross margin for the first half of 2017 stood at €4,725 million, up 31.2% as reported.

The Group’s recurring operating income surged 57.1% as reported to €1,274.1 million during the period. Consolidated recurring operating margin came in at 17.5%, up 330 basis points. By activity, recurring operating margin was 24.9% in Luxury and 5.3% in Sport & Lifestyle.

EBITDA(1) totalled €1,526.0 million in the first half of 2017, up 51.0% compared with the prior-year period. The EBITDA margin rose by 310 basis points on a reported basis to 20.9% in the first half of 2017.

Net income, Group share totalled €825.8 million in the first six months of 2017, up from €464.9 million in the same period of 2016. Adjusted for non-recurring items net of tax, net income from continuing operations, Group share rose 67.4% year on year to €872.3 million. Earnings per share amounted to €6.55 in the first half of 2017, up 77.5% compared with the prior-year period.

(1)EBITDA corresponds to recurring operating income plus net recurring charges to depreciation, amortisation and provisions on non-current operating assets. See figures in the consolidated financial statements in the 2017 First-Half Report.

About Kering
A global Luxury group, Kering develops an ensemble of luxury houses in fashion, leather goods, jewelry and watches: Gucci, Bottega Veneta, Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga, Brioni, Christopher Kane, McQ, Stella McCartney, Tomas Maier, Boucheron, Dodo, Girard-Perregaux, Pomellato, Qeelin and Ulysse Nardin. Kering is also developing the Sport & Lifestyle brands Puma, Volcom and Cobra. By ‘empowering imagination’, Kering encourages its brands to reach their potential, in the most sustainable manner. The Group generated revenue of €12.385 billion in 2016 and had more than 40,000 employees at year end. The Kering share is listed on Euronext Paris (FR 0000121485, KER.PA, KER.FP).

Emilie Gargatte
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