The Great Gift Company’s Range of Presents Making Easter Shopping Easy

The Great Gift Company, an online retailer of gifts for men, has released a new range of gifts that are perfect if you are looking to buy someone close a thank you gift.

It is not just birthdays and weddings that people need to buy a gift and the Great Gift Company realise this and have made sure that the range of presents available match the requirements of all customers, whatever they are looking for.

Mette Downer, Managing Director of the company, said;

“Easter is a time that many people buy Easter eggs but instead of the calorific chocolate, why not buy something that can be kept and treasured forever!

We have introduced some great presents into our range for Easter and we have made sure that there is something for everyone, no matter what they are looking for and whatever their budget is.”

Some of the new products that are available online include;

“So Hungry I Could Eat a Horse” – Ok, it might be topical but it isn’t what you think! For those pasta lovers this is the perfect accessory to gauge how much pasta to cook. You have four different sized holes with the last one the shape of a horse! Priced at just £7.50, it is a great gift if you are having the family round for Easter Sunday.

“Body System Door Gym” – If the person you are buying for lives a hectic life (join the crew!) then this is the perfect present for them. The Body System Door Gym, available online for £22, fits on to any door and they can do all the pull ups, chin ups and arm and shoulder exercises they can manage.

Finally, “Taschen’s 100 All -Time Favourite Movies” is the perfect Easter gift for any film buff. This is the 25 year anniversary edition and has all movie types from horror to comedy and epic to musical. At just £18 it is a great gift to give.

The Christmas period was a very successful one for the retailer and 2013 seems like it is going to follow suit. If you are looking for a present to give someone for Easter, Father’s Day or any other occasion then visit the website at and see for yourself the quality and unique products that are available.

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Nexus Metal Sockets Provide a Good Base For The Electrical Counter

The Nexus range of electrical sockets manufactured by B G (British General) provides The Electrical Counter with a superb range to supply to the electrical industry. The range of electrical sockets has changed remarkably over the past few years and the introduction of the metal faced sockets has given a completely new outlook to all the electrical fitments and these allow the interior designer a vastly different set of parameters with which to work.

The Electrical Counter is able to supply the full range of metal faced sockets with a complete range of different faceplate materials and finishes. The Nexus electrical socket can be either a single or double ganged socket, which can be supplied with or without a switch. The Nexus electrical sockets are very neat in their design and the metal faces are of a very plain but sleek design. The sockets have a plastic gasket around the box to restrict the entry of any dampness but this is hidden from view so that it does not take anything from the overall appearance of the Nexus electrical socket. The metal faces of the Nexus Sockets are coated with a lacquer, which limits the fingerprint marks, which appear on the sockets from continual usage. These Nexus electrical sockets are becoming very popular as the metallic finish gives a completely different look to the finished electrical socket.

The different types of electrical socket metallic finishes are the item that impresses The Electrical Counter most of all. The different metal face plates that are available are Brushed Steel, Polished Chrome, Black Nickel, Matt Black, Polished Brass, Pearl Nickel, Antique Brass and Cream. This is a most impressive range of different materials and finishes and these really do look good in suit, the face plates are extremely sleek and will grace any building modern or elderly. Brushed steel and polished chrome have been around for some time but they still look excellent and fit very well in a modern house with the clean lines. Black Nickel is a beautiful finish that has been very popular over the past years and this fits in exceptionally well with modern house designs. Brass finishes whether polished or antique fit with a whole range of house décor and designs and will often prove very successful in the older house fitted with antique furniture. The Black and Cream switches are quite novel and give a totally different view and if installed into a house with the latest modern trends can really add to the décor.

The Pearl Nickel is rather a special item and has to be ordered separately but it is one design, which is particularly good at raising the profile of the installation, and there really is very little on the market elsewhere to compare with its appearance. The Electrical Counter is delighted with the total range of switches and sockets and this group of finishes is bound to become more popular as time progresses. A quick look at The Electrical Counter web site will reveal just what is available and any queries can be addressed by email or phone. This is certainly a range to watch.

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No Splash Or Relax With A New Desk And Games Table

Splash and Relax are rarely caught out with their name but there will be very little time to splash or relax with the BCE Riley 6 ft pool, table tennis and desk all built in one package. Splash and Relax now supply a vast range of Games tables be they for multiple usage with a large number of games or a single usage like pool, snooker, table football or air hockey. Whatever the requirements Splash and Relax is likely to have the full answer in their superb portfolio. The Olympics gave the British sporting public quite a lift and there is a definite mood to keep that lift going over the next year. The problem with the UK is that the weather is not that great for sporting activity for much of the year as outside activity is limited to wet or snowy Saturdays and Sundays. To counteract this, the games tables can be excellent at resolving this problem.

Splash and Relax are pleased to promote the BCE Riley range of games tables, Riley’s for many years was the face of snooker and pool in the UK but faded as the sports lost a little of their lustre as professional sports. BCE games tables were a small trading company that also lost its way. By 2002 both companies had seen bad times but were bought or merged with RLE a company owned by Stuart Lacey and fortunes were reborn. By 2006 the business was booming supported by the efforts of Ronnie O Sullivan and Jimmy White and it has progressed from then until today.

One of the most interesting products that Splash and Relax supply is the BCE Riley 6 foot Pool / Table Tennis Table / Desk. This is provided in a modern shiny white finish and to the outside world serves as a desk in a modern office at home or in the dining room or play room. The unit has a flat 6 foot long by approximately 4 foot wide top which when packed away has a white top which can be used as a desk or as a dining table. The table, however, can then be converted by removing the top and a fine pool table is exposed, there are a full set of balls and cues and all accessories are available from Splash and Relax. Pool is an excellent game for all the family and whilst not the most energetic does provide a good deal of walking exercise on a bad day. Pool tables do need to be level and these BCE Riley Games Tables are fitted with adjusters on each table leg to enable the table to be levelled. Extra exercise and a more energetic sport can be played by fitting the table tennis top and net on top of the snooker table to convert the table ready for a good game of table tennis.

Splash and Relax – – are delighted with the BCE Riley 6 foot Pool / Table Tennis Table / Desk as it gives the user the opportunity to play active games on a table which can be returned to a useful household application when the games are finished.

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This Weeks Managers Specials – Direct from Makro

Makro UK has slashed the prices of some of its top-selling ranges, to offer customers even better savings with the following Manager’s Specials*:

• Dolce Gusto Coffee Pods in 8 Styles – £3.69 per pack
• Jack Daniels 1ltr – was £25.28 now £18.99
• Dolce Gusto Coffee Machines – RRP £89.99 NOW £20

Available while stocks last from your local Makro Store

Makro stocks a range of products such as coffee machines for the home and business, office equipment, and garden furniture for the home, to enable businesses to buy direct from the wholesaler.

In order to purchase items from Makro, customers must either be business owners or be authorised to purchase products on behalf of a business. Items can also be purchased online or from any one of Makro’s nationwide stores.

Shoppers can visit the official Makro Store website today to find out more about the products that the cash and carry stocks, and to see any new items have been recently added. No Makro Card Required to purchase online.

– ENDS –

Manager’s specials are available from 20 -26 February to Makro tradecard holders. Maximum purchase limits apply – check in store for full details

• Terms and conditions apply
• Maximum 6 per customer
• Maximum 3 per customer
• Styles include Mocha, Crema, Americano, Espresso, Lungo, Chococino, Cappuccino & Macchiato

Terms and Conditions

Offer only available in store. Products and prices are subject to availability. Stocks are limited and will be fulfilled on a first come first served basis. Information is correct at time of printing – errors excepted. These special offers are only available between Wednesday 6th February and Tuesday 12thFebruary, and/or while stocks last, and are subject to change without any prior consultation. Makro prices exclude VAT where applicable. Prices are in GBP. Marked down products will have been on sale at the previous higher price, for at least 28 days in the previous six months, in all Makro stores. Makro and Makro Cash & Carry are trading names of Makro Self Service Wholesalers Ltd, Liverpool Road, Barton Moss, M30 7RT. Registered in England. Company number: 973269

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Agilence Inc. announces Catherine Penizotto as VP of Analyst Services

Agilence, Inc., provider of Retail 20/20™ the intelligence-based reporting solution for retail, announces the selection of Catherine Penizotto as Vice President of Analyst Services. Penizotto has over 30 years of experience in the retail and loss prevention industry. In her new role Penizotto will be responsible for all Analyst Services becoming the liaison between Agilence and Clients.

“Catherine comes to us with a diverse background in retail operations and loss prevention,” states Russ Hawkins, President and CEO of Agilence, “She has a vast amount of experience and will drive efficiencies for both Agilence and our customers.”

Prior to joining Agilence, Penizotto established OPTIC Loss Prevention; a business consulting and liaison service provider focused on Loss Prevention and Asset Protection for independent retailers, business owners, and product providers. Previously, Penizotto served as Northeast Regional Director of Loss Prevention for Sears Holding Corporation, helping increase their margins and working to improve operations. Prior to Sears Holding Corporation she was Director of Asset Protection and Data Integrity at Penn Traffic, a regional grocery chain based out of Syracuse, New York. Penizotto also volunteers as the Academic and Retail Partnership Liaison for the Loss Prevention Foundation, a role that she will continue to hold.

“I am excited to join the Agilence team. Our 20/20 reporting product presents clients with a unique and intelligent way to identify opportunities that impact profit, customer service and performance. The Professional Analyst Services completes that offering with a cost effective means for the client to extend their team and support their fast changing initiatives. I look forward to helping our clients drive even greater ROI through these combined offerings,” said Penizotto.

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UK POS announces sponsorship for ‘Support for Independent Retail’

UK Point of Sale, the Greater Manchester-based manufacturer of point of sale products is delighted to announce its sponsorship of the 2013 Support for Independent Retail Campaign, which will include sponsorship of both ‘Independent Easter’ and ‘Independent Retailer Month’.

The support for this campaign provides year-round support, advice, ideas and inspiration to help independent retailers, and those who serve consumers, to get, and stay, open for business. UK POS will be offering support to these retailers throughout the year with advice on point of sale, marketing campaigns and how best to promote seasonal offers in-store.

Debra Jamieson, Sales and Marketing Director at UK Point of Sale, commented: “After being an official campaign supporter of Independent Retailer Month 2012, we are thrilled to be an official sponsor of the full campaign this year. We will be offering exclusive downloadable resources with advice on point of sale via, as well as offering advice to retailers through our Twitter (@UKPOSGroup) and Facebook page ( throughout 2013.

“Independent retailers have always an important part of our business since we started almost 25 years ago. This year is a very exciting one for us, following the launch of our new UK Point of Sale website in January, this announcement is yet another way we are consistently trying to offer support to our customers. ‘Independent Easter’ is just around the corner, so we’re really excited to be involved with this campaign for the first time!”

UK POS has been manufacturing point of sale products for nearly 25 years and is continually adapting to changing market trends when it comes to working with retailers to market their offers. Best selling products include acrylic free-standing poster holders and snap frames. For more information on UK POS please visit or speak to a member of the experienced customer services team on 0161 431 4400. Follow UK POS on Twitter at and join the company on Facebook at

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Electrical Counter Promotes The Use Of Wooden Switches?

Electrical Counter supply electrical components of all sorts to the electrical trade but one of the latest innovations have a throwback to the old days. Electrical Counter is pleased to be able to promote the Hamilton range of wooden facia switches which have been designed to give a completely different aspect to the standard light switch. The light switch was for so many years a standard design built solely from the materials which would best protect the user from an accident with the electrical power source. As the switches became better insulated to protect the user there has been a change in the light switches and sockets industry as they have started to use materials which previously would have been taboo.

Electrical Counter has been particularly pleased with the Hamilton Woods Ovolo collection as this has added a new dimension to their supply range. These switches have face plates made of wood and these wooden switches are a very ornate range using woods such as mahogany, light, medium and dark oak in a range of different designs. The switches are inserted into the middle of the wooden face plate, which can be of a vast range of different designs. Strangely the wooden designs are excellent but the idea that so many different types of switches that can be inserted into the face plates make’s the range unique.

Electrical Counter note that Hamilton Litestat have introduced as a first type the old fashioned brass toggle switch. This switch just fits the ornateness of the antique wooden face plate and can be sourced as a single switch or a double or 4 gang switch. Hamilton’s Woods Ovolo collection of switches and sockets however goes farther in that it is possible to get the same wooden face plate with a white, red or black switch insert as well as a satin or bright chrome switch insert. It is this different range of switch inserts which give the switch its different appeal. This allows the end user or the interior designer to choose from a very large range of different faceplate shapes and materials and then balance these with a different type of switch insert to give a very different look to the overall design.

Hamilton almost offers too many different choices but it does give the end user a chance for something quite original to be fitted throughout the house. The type of woods that these are made from and the amount of work that is required in their production obviously make these switches more expensive than the standard switches but the complete originality of the design is worth the cost.

Electrical Counter note that they are promoting these switches at the moment and there is a 50% price cut being offered at the moment. It is worth examining the full range of the Wood Ovolo Collection and seeing just what can be achieved by a careful regard to the design characteristics of these switches. It is also noted that matching sockets can also be obtained to complete the full installation.

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The Door Store Has A Royale Approach To Door Supply

The Door Store has an excellent door supply business based around a superb web site, which fully encompasses its full range of internal doors. This excellent site portrays all the doors available in a vast range of different sizes and configurations all of which can be purchased at the push of a button with general delivery in a couple of days or less. Any queries will be answered by phone or email and there is excellent advice to be had if required.

The Door Store is very pleased to promote the Royale range of oak internal doors, which are manufactured so superbly by J B Kind. It is J B Kind who has really examined the market and they have something for almost every type of décor and architectural design that can be encountered in both home and office. The construction of a J B Kind door is excellent with the core being fully engineered, this means that the core is built of composite materials to give it strength and stability. A good base for a door means that it is ready for a superb finish and this is given by using a first class oak veneer to finish the job.

The JB Kind Royale Modern VT5 Oak Interior Door is a typical example of the type of oak door that The Door Store is proud to promote. This door is a flush door with five horizontal panels crafted to give an excellent modern appearance. This design uses a traditional oak veneer finish to give a very modern look, which can enhance any architecturally designed modern house. The flush door system in itself provides a very modern feel with the clean lines, whilst the horizontal panels not only give a different type of pattern than normal, it also makes the door look wider and is therefore ideal for narrow hallways where it will make the passage seem wider or in rooms with high ceilings where the horizontal design will make the room look wider and not so high. The Door Store is delighted with the finished design as the richness of the oak finish shines out. The J B Kind Royale Modern VT5 Oak Internal Door is a pre finished door and this means that the final user can relax on its preservation and decoration as this has already been done in the manufacturing process.

The Door Store in Leamington Spa – – can provide the full range of J B Kind Royale range of oak internal doors so that if the modern design is not to your taste then there are several other excellent options which are open to the designer. The Royale range really takes advantage of the use of the oak veneer and if this wood finish fits in with the present house décor and architecture there will be an internal door model in the range that will fit the building. This Royale oak internal door range can be used throughout the building to maintain the common theme throughout.

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Burglars Beaten by Beast Sheds, Heavy Duty Security Garden Sheds

Hapless UK burglars got more than they bargained for when attempting to break into a Beast Sheds customer’s garden shed; since the heavy duty, security withstood the onslaught and forced them to leave empty handed.

It’s a fitting example of just how safe and secure a garden shed from Beast Sheds can be, and suggests that more homeowners with goods to protect should put their trust in one of the most reliable manufacturers in the industry.

Beast sheds manufactures high quality, heavy duty, secure and rot resistant wooden sheds to suit any price range. A host of additional safety features are available to ensure that Beast Sheds garden sheds and summer houses can be trusted to securely house more than just gardening equipment. More and more are changing the way they think about their garden sheds and garden buildings. A wide variety of uses are growing ever more popular. These uses include creating garden offices, music rooms and gymnasiums.

With an extra secure garden shed from Beast Sheds, customers can put a reliable new roof over their valuables and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing these items are safe from almost anything.

Tanalised Security Sheds use extra strong treated wood, and have bolts through the hinges and locks, instead of screws. Additional ‘ledge and brace’ doors provide more framework than the standard door which is more difficult to penetrate.

After waking up to discover that burglars had attempted to break into their shed, one fortunate Beast Sheds customer was quick to pass on their gratitude to the company and shed a light on how their tanalised, heavy duty garden building was able to withstand the unsavoury attention it received.

They said: “As you’ll see [from the accompanying photographs] they’ve tried to prise pieces of the shiplap away from the supporting framework of the door then break the framework itself. Although they’ve made a bit of a mess they ultimately gave up, so the shed did its job.”

It’s a compelling example of how useful and reliable a garden shed from Beast Sheds can be.

For more information about all of the sheds and extra features available, visit the Beast Sheds online store today. It’s a simple to use service that allows customers to kit out their garden space with the perfect wooden building for their needs; one that won’t buckle under unwanted pressure.

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Eau de Lacoste now available from The Fragrance Shop

The best-selling Eau de Lacoste fragrances are now available from leading online perfume retailer The Fragrance Shop.

Eau de Lacoste Blanc is currently on offer at The Fragrance Shop, with a 30ml spray available for £24.99 and 100ml bottles priced at £44.50. There’s also a 30ml gift set available for £19.99.

Shoppers can also pick up the Eau de Lacoste Vert, Rouge and Bleu 100ml bottles for £44.50, with Rouge and Bleu 30ml sprays available at £24.99. For women, the sophisticated Eau de Lacoste Pour Femme fragrance is also on offer at The Fragrance Shop. The 30ml spray is priced at£32.50, with 50ml and 90ml bottles are available for just £44.50 and £60.50. Both the 50ml and 90ml spray come with a free bag.

“Lacoste has real pedigree when it comes to producing top-quality fragrances, and the Eau de Lacoste range is no exception,” said Daniel Thompson of The Fragrance Shop. “Simple yet distinctive, it’s not hard to see why the Eau de Lacoste selection has proven such a big favourite. It really has proven to be a worthy addition to the Lacoste collection.”

Designed to capture the feeling of smooth cotton on skin, the new Eau de Lacoste Pour Femme – endorced by Hollywood actress Amy Adams – is a crisp, clean fragrance which is sure to leave a lasting impression. Its distinctive tones of vanilla and balsam provide an enveloping base, while white pineapple, mandarin and bergamot provide powerful yet subtle top notes.

Rose, pineapple flower, orange flower and sambac make up the heart of the fragrance. Eau de Lacoste unfolds from top to base notes in an understated yet perceptible fashion, producing a sophisticated yet unpretentious fragrance ideal for a range of occasions.

To find out more about the Eau de Lacoste range and the wide selection of other perfume products available from The Fragrance Shop, simply visit the website at

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Ace Sheds Can Extend The Summerhouse Life By Many Years

Ace Sheds is pleased to be able to offer a roofing system for its complete range of buildings including summerhouses which is guaranteed to extend the roof life to 15 years as a minimum. Roof life has always been the major problem for wooden buildings as this has been a very vulnerable part of the structure if it is not looked after and re treated at regular times. The majority of roofs are made from a felt covering on a wooden base which is vulnerable to damage when installed in the wrong place Summerhouse roofs can be a little vulnerable to high winds and very bad weather and any felt roof must be kept in good order to give a good life cycle. Water ingress into the roofing area can completely destroy a roof and other parts of the building if not looked after.

Ace Sheds can now fit all their roof systems with Onduline Corrugated Sheets to upgrade the roofs of all buildings and these sheets are guaranteed for 15 years if fitted correctly. This is an insurance based backed water proofing guarantee. The Onduline sheet is a bituminous based sheet and Onduline is the leading supplier in the world of bitumous sheeting. This sheeting is supplied in 3 colours, which are red, green and black and the shape of the sheet is a rounded corrugation. It can be fitted onto any roof with a slope in excess of 5 degrees.

The roof of any Ace Sheds summerhouse can be fitted with Onduline corrugated bitumous sheeting by firstly putting on a tongued and grooved roof where the wood is 100 % pressure treated with chemical anti water preservative and with OSB for a building spray treated with chemical preservatives and then fitting the corrugated sheeting on the top of this. Ace Sheds note that the Onduline corrugated sheeting gives a good sound absorbsion and a high insulation to the roof. The colour is long lasting and does not deteriorate in a short time.

One of the biggest advantages of the Onduline corrugated sheeting is that when fitted properly, and Ace Sheds make a great effort to fit it properly, it is claimed to withstand winds up to 120 miles per hour. This means that even in hurricane strength winds the Onduline bitumous sheeting will save a roof from serious damage and keep the summerhouse in good order. The appearance of the roof with a corrugated sheet in position is something that concerns some customers, but the results of this corrugated finish is surprisingly good and fits in better than may at first appear likely.

The Onduline corrugated sheeting system is used worldwide on a massive range of buildings, in particular one of the major markets is agricultural buildings, it was is this worldwide acceptance of the system that attracted Ace Sheds to become interested in adapting the system to their range of summerhouses. This lightweight system of roof coverings has proved to be a major success, in particular where the roofs are prone to wind and in places where the corrugated roof appears is in keeping with other roofs in the area.

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Make someone feel special on Valentine’s Day with Red Sin from The Fragrance Shop

Red for love. Red for passion. Red for sin. Red Sin, the irresistible fragrance by Christina Aguilera, is available now from one of the leading online and high street perfume retailers, The Fragrance Shop.

The scent would make an ideal Valentine’s gift for anyone looking to spoil their partner on February 14. Designed to make a woman feel seductive, captivating and proud of her femininity, Red Sin is a fragrance that will provide a woman with a true sense of empowerment.

Christina Aguilera’s new fragrance helps to celebrate the beauty of femininity with its sweet, crisp opening notes of red apple, while the fiery spice of cinnamon adds warmth to the perfume and conveys its luscious, velvety overtones.

The middle notes of Red Sin are soft and welcoming, with Red cyclamen, which is also known as the sacred blossom of love, providing a light, floral scent. Cyclamen flowers stand for sincere tenderness and everlasting love, and down through the ages have been famed for their use in love potions. And what could be more relevant on Valentine’s Day?!

When it comes to the base notes, Red Sin relies on the smooth scent of musk, which has become something of a trademark as far as the singer’s fragrances are concerned. Also present are the creamy notes of exotic sandalwood, along with the spicy hint of red ginger. Combined, these ingredients help to make the wearer simply irresistible!

The Fragrance Shop spokesperson Daniel Thompson said: “Christina has for many years produced big hits both in the music and the fragrance world. Her latest scent, Red Sin is her most sexy yet. She’s carefully combined a series of saucy notes to create what is tipped to be the must have Valentines fragrance.”

Red Sin by Christina Aguilera is available online at, as well as in the firm’s high street stores.

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A new chapter in the Nina saga – Nina L’Eau by Nina Ricci

The Fragrance Shop announces to customers that the new perfume Nina L’Eau by Nina Ricci is now available for purchase.

Nina Ricci has recently launched a brand new version of the Nina perfume from 2006. Nina L’Eau is the fresh new offering for spring comprising the usual sweet and innocent scent Nina Ricci wearers are used to, but adding a touch of attitude to the mix.

The Fragrance Shop’s delicious new fragrance comes in a soft pink, apple shaped bottle, making it easily recognisable as a Nina Ricci scent. Women everywhere can experience the natural delicacy of Nina L’Eau, utterly reflective of all that is alluring about women, bringing out a soft, sweet side to the wearer, without forgetting her seductive and sensual nature.

Romantic and fresh, Nina L’Eau contains fruity top notes of apple, grapefruit, citrusy mandarin and exotic neroli. Heart notes of juicy cherry and mixed subtly with gardenia and watery accord, and the sensual musky base rounds everything off to create a unique smelling fragrance fit for the modern day princess.

Perfumer Oliver Cresp shows that the modern day woman is more than just hearts and flowers; she also has a strong and seductive side to her personality, all of which has been successfully captured and bottled to produce a romantic fragrance with attitude.

Daniel Thompson of The Fragrance Shop, said: “the house of Nina Ricci is an internationally renowned French luxury brand that has long produced fragrances synonymous with timeless chic and pure femininity. Nina L’Eau, the newest addition to the iconic brand’s perfume is sweet and innocent – a romantic fresh delight.”

Perfume lovers can purchase the new Nina L’Eau fragrance from The Fragrance Shop in 30ml and 50ml bottles, costing just £24.99 and £34.50 respectively. Nina L’Eau is now available for purchase nationwide at The Fragrance Shop and

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Help guests save the date in style, says Bride & Groom Direct

Why aim for pride of place on the mantelpiece with your wedding invitation, when you can hold out and go for the fridge?

Wedding accessories supplier Bride & Groom Direct is encouraging engaged couples to plan their big day in style and make sure their wedding date reminders stand out from the crowd. The firm has launched a huge range of 111 products to help ensure that couples’ guests keep the date free, and that wedding days don’t get forgotten.

Bride & Groom Direct has more than a 100 save the date cards to choose from, each of which sends a wonderfully personal message to family and friends who are invited to the big day. A single pair of red hearts on a plain white card can give a fantastically simple message, while more extravagant designs can be achieved with ornate patterns, ribbons and flowers.

For anyone who is not content with a place on top of the bookcase and wants to hold out for a prime spot on the fridge, save the date magnets are the only real choice. Capable of reminding guests every time they reach for the milk to make a hot drink, wedding fridge magnets are a surefire way to help keep the date free.

Mark Seekins, Managing Director at Bride & Groom Direct, said: “When you reach a certain age wedding invitations can start to come through thick and fast, so making sure yours stick out can be a challenge. And it’s one that Bride & Groom Direct is more than willing to lend a hand with.

“We’ve got a fantastic range of save the date items that will ensure your wedding is the hot topic in the homes of your friends and family!”

Visit Bride & Groom Direct‘s online store to view the range of wedding invitations and save the date magnets that are available to buy now.

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