HSS LiveHire; New Features Enable Absolute Control

HSS Hire, the UK’s award winning and leading tool and equipment hire company has announced new features to its successful tool management system, HSS LiveHire, which will give users “absolute control” like never before.

The recently launched HSS Livehire is a free online hire management system which gives larger clients firm control and complete transparency of tool and equipment hire contracts. Unique to the tool hire industry, free to use, and with 24 hour customer support, HSS LiveHire has been described as the most powerful tool the hire industry has ever offered.

The ease-of-use and customisable nature of HSS LiveHire provides a personalised and tailored management system, with a live dashboard which keeps users up to speed with live contracts, outstanding invoices, as well as any items which may need to be offhired on a given day.

HSS LiveHire allows for separate user accounts to be installed, with differing levels of access if required. All products include an image and a comprehensive product specification, as well as a downloadable operation and safety guide.

Fiona Perrin, Key Account Director as HSS, explains: “The level of detail HSS LiveHire enables clients to access and manage is remarkable. Our aim was to put the control and management into the hands of our clients, and we believe this innovative system does just that.”

New features which have recently been introduced include electronic proof of delivery and collection, in addition to an electronic expected time of arrival for each hire. The latter is the latest part of hire information which can be accessed and viewed in ‘real-time’ in the ‘my hires’ tool.

Perrin adds: “We believe having access to a wealth of ‘real-time’ information regarding hires creates greater efficiency and control which, in turn, combine to ensure projects are completed on time and on budget.”

The clever yet uncomplicated tool is easy to navigate, intuitive to use and effective at helping clients get what is needed, when it is needed both on and offhire.

HSS LiveHire is the latest pioneering hire service run by HSS Hire. HSS Onsite, HSS Assured and HSS Pitstop are all services run by the award-winning tool and equipment hire specialists.

HSS Hire also have over 250 stores and supercentres located around the UK and Ireland, stocking over 15,000 items for hire, such as Lawn aerator, carpet cleaners and chainsaws.

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UK POS Prepares Retailers For An Explosive Halloween

Last year’s retail figures suggest that Halloween is fast becoming the UK’s most favourable Autumn event, overtaking Guy Fawkes Night, with more and more Britons adopting the American way and hosting parties to celebrate. Here, UK POS lends its advice on how Halloween preparations can set retailers in good stead for the much-anticipated Halloween rush.

Consumers have become accustomed to dedicated seasonal aisles in stores and, with Halloween parties and half-term shopping contributing to a 10.7% rise in sales at clothing and footwear stores last year, retailers recorded the biggest year-on-year rise since May 2008*. Retail sales from 2009 also confirm that October last year was 3.4% ahead of the October 2008.

To make sure your Halloween promotions aren’t over looked, UK POS has recommended its most popular Halloween products; the ‘Wobbler for Data Strips’ is made of clear PVC and securely fits into shelf edge data strips, and perfect for those Halloween sweets, are the ‘Hang Strip’ or easy to assemble ‘Impulse Bin’. ‘Pavement Signs’ are ideal for promoting outside of shop hours and getting customers off the street and into the store.

Debra Jamieson, Sales and Marketing Director of UK POS, comments:
“Choosing products that emphasise special displays and indicate to shoppers where a particular product is, are essential. High street retailers and supermarkets increasingly have to compete with online retailers but have the upper hand in terms of visual impact and the opportunity to cross-sell, either on the aisles or at the tills. Halloween is a time where retailers can be more creative with their POS and choose more playful and creative options to encourage their customers to enjoy the occasion but they need to start thinking about this well ahead of the Halloween rush.”

UK POS has been manufacturing point of sale products for over 20 years and is continually adapting to changing market trends when it comes to working with retailers to market their offers. Best selling products include banner stands and snap frames. For more information on UK POS please visit www.ukpos.com or speak to a member of the experienced customer services team on 0161 431 4400.

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Corner Stork Baby Gifts Goes Wild With New Animal-Themed Baby Gifts!

Corner Stork Baby Gifts, a premier online resource for unique baby gifts and favors, introduces new animal-themed baby gifts to expand its collection of lovies, baby socks and sleep sacks.

Corner Stork Baby Gifts now offers six new products that are inspired by the animal kingdom: “Jakka the Giraffe” Little Expeditions Plush Rattle Lovie with Crinkle Leaf, “Ekko the Elephant” Little Expeditions Plush Rattle Lovie with Crinkle Leaf, “Mr. Sock T. Pus” Plush Octopus with 4 Pairs of Socks, “Mrs. Sock T. Pus” Plush Octopus with 4 Pairs of Socks, “Caterpillar Crawlers” Baby Socks Gift Set and “My Little Night Owl” Snuggle Sack and Cap.

“Lovies are always popular gifts that babies use for companionship during play time and sleep time, and we’re excited to offer these two new products that are ideal for boys and girls,” says Brooke Plott, Brand Manager for Corner Stork Baby Gifts. Both “Jakka the Giraffe” and “Ekko the Elephant” feature a “jungle leaf” that crinkles when touched and are packaged in a safari-themed gift box that also features leaves and grosgrain ribbon imprinted with the animal’s name.

As with many of the items from Corner Stork Baby Gifts, the packaging and unique presentation are important selling points for the products. “Presenting baby socks as a caterpillar or an octopus shows the creativity and ingenuity that has become synonymous with the Baby Aspen brand, manufacturers of these and other unique baby gifts, which is why we are proud to be a leading distributor for these products,” says Plott. The “Caterpillar Crawlers” feature four pairs of socks with perky prints in a cute caterpillar presentation, while the “Sock T. Pus” includes a plush octopus with head that rattles along with four pairs of socks on the crinkling tentacles that can be removed and worn by baby. It is available in pink or blue.

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Penguin Books Announces Publication Of New Lorien Legacies Series

Penguin Books has announced it is to publish ‘I Am Number Four’ by Pittacus Lore, the first instalment of The Lorien Legacies, a mind-blowing new thriller series.

I Am Number Four is a tale of John Smith (aka Number Four) as he desperately tries to outrun his past, escape his mortal enemies the Mogadorian, blend into normal student life and above all pray his newly found powers, legacies from home; Planet Lorien, don’t give him away before he can complete his destiny and protect his future.

In an unprecedented move for Penguin, I Am Number Four will be published simultaneously in two editions on 26 August 2010 – one for adults (Michael Joseph) and a second for Young Adult readers (Razorbill). It has already captured the imagination of publishers around the globe and translation rights have been snapped up by over 18 territories worldwide. The film rights for I Am Number Four have been snapped up by Spielberg for DreamWorks and the movie will be hitting screens in early 2011.

“It became clear after only a few chapters that I Am Number Four is far more than an exceptional thriller, it’s a book to fall in love with”, said Mari Evans, Fiction Publisher for Michael Joseph.

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Guide to Top 10 Shopping Negotiating Tips Launched by DiscountVouchers.co.uk

Money-saving codes and vouchers website DiscountVouchers.co.uk has announced the launch of a new guide offering tips and hints on negotiating the best value deals when shopping in partnership with Pareto, one of the best-known training companies in the UK.

The guide is called ‘Top 10 Tips – How to Bag a Bargain’ and can be downloaded for free from the DiscountVouchers.co.uk website. The guide is designed to specifically to teach shoppers how to bargain for the best retail deals by haggling on things from cars to holidays to clothing.

Simon Terry, managing director of DiscountVouchers.co.uk, comments: “Prices continue to rise and budgets remain tight, and with the UK set to see a VAT rise it’s a great time to learn new negotiating skills to help save when shopping”.

“People in Britain aren’t so used to bartering and bargaining, but they’re getting more into the habit. They can though stretch their budgets further by using these skills and hints to get great bargains. Our guide in partnership with Pareto is there to help people learn to negotiate more value deals.”

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UK Travellers and Tourists’ Holiday Fashions Rated in New Survey

Poll carried out by leading consumer offers site illustrates the trendiest travellers and fashion faux pas

• Holiday Fashion Mistakes in Order –
1 ) Socks and Sandals
2 ) Exposed beer bellies
3 ) Tight small trunks on men
4 ) Thongs on women
5 ) Sunburn
6 ) Football tops on women
7 ) Logo overload on clothes
8 ) Football tops on men
• Tourists from Birmingham and the Midlands have worst fashion sense in the UK, followed by Newcastle & the North East and then Scotland
• Americans voted as having worst fashion sense in world, Italians as best

As lots of Brits head off on holiday for the summer, new research carried out has shown up the holiday fashion faux pas committed by people. The new survey has illustrated that socks and sandals are the worst holiday fashion mistake, and exposed beer bellies are also considered a big mistake. The survey also revealed that people who come from the Midlands have the worst holiday dress sense.

The survey took in the views of 600 people and their views on what British holidaymakers wear on the beach. Men’s skimpy and small swimming trunks, women’s thongs, sunburn and having too many logos on clothing were highlighted as the worst fashion mistakes on holiday. A third of people believe that women wearing football shirts on holiday is a mistake, and 20% of people also reckon men in football shirts on holiday is unfashionable.

The survey reported that people from Birmingham and the Midlands have the worst fashion sense while away on holiday, followed by those travellers and tourists from Newcastle and the North East, Scotland, Essex and then Manchester and the North West. Travellers and tourists from Yorkshire and East England were considered to be the best dressed on holiday in the poll.

The research was carried out by money saving website DiscountVouchers.co.uk and one of the questions also focused on tourist nationalities. The Americans are thought to be worst dressed when on holiday, with the poll mentioning their loud shirts as well as socks and sandals. Next up in the worst dressed were the Germans, the Greeks and the British, while the Italians and Spanish were voted best dressed.

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Debenhams Reveals Shoppers Are Pocketing Luggage Charges

Debenhams has revealed that instead of paying expensive charges for stowing cases in the hold of the plane, canny holidaymakers are using their free hand luggage allowance and “wearing” the rest of their baggage. The fashion retailer has seen sales of coats and jackets with multiple pockets rise by as much as 350% over the summer holiday period.

The retailer is putting the new trend down to reports from the shop floor that customers prefer to pack heavier items such as books, towels, electronic net books and cameras, into large pocketed garments, rather than pay fees up to £40 return charged by some low-cost airlines for suitcases stowed in the hold.

As a result, sales of Debenhams’ John Rocha navy blue parka with six pockets have gone up by 350% and sales of the beige Mantaray five pocket bomber jackets, which even have a discreet pocket in the sleeve, have jumped by 200%. Sales of Debenhams Mantaray shower proof coat with 7 pockets have also leapt by 181%.

Carie Barkhuizen, spokeswoman for Debenhams, said: “Worn strategically, multi-pocket coats and trousers can offer up to 10 pockets to stow everything from spare pants and socks, to bikinis and sarongs. It’s traveling light like we have never seen before.

“Our sales assistants have even reported some customers coming in with specific items like net-books and paperbacks, to check if they will fit in the pockets before they buy the coat or jacket.”

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Parents Save On Back-To-School Shopping With Online Coupons From CouponChief.com

The back-to-school shopping season has arrived, which means online coupons are in great demand. CouponChief.com has thousands of valid coupon codes, covering everything from school supplies to uniforms, from hundreds of popular stores. Online coupons are even available to help with the most expensive back-to-school shopping list of all: that of a teen heading off to her first year of college. CouponChief.com never requires registration to use its coupons codes, but shoppers who do register can participate in the website’s Pays-2-Share program, in which they upload coupon codes themselves and earn money when shoppers use them.

August 2010 – A new school year calls for new supplies: pencils, notebooks, clothes and anything else the school or student deems necessary. Smart parents know that CouponChief.com has online coupons for many of the items on their student’s back-to-school shopping list. They use the website’s valid coupon codes to save money, and some parents even make money during this busy shopping season through CouponChief.com’s Pays-2-Share program. The program pays members who upload online coupons to the website two percent of all sales resulting from the use of the coupon codes.

Throughout the back-to-school shopping season, parents will find plenty of useful coupon codes, including these recent savings opportunities:

$30 Off a $150 Purchase at Office Depot – Families with multiple students will find that Online Coupons such as this one offer significant savings.

30 Percent Off and Free Dictionary on $50-Plus Orders at the Scholastic Store – This is just one of more than 25 online coupons available for the Scholastic Store, which features books, games, crafts and more.

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Debenhams Highlights Staggering Sales Rise In Low Necklines For Men

Debenhams has reported that for the first time men are using to their advantage what women have known for hundreds of years – that a low neckline can have a hypnotic effect on the opposite sex, sending sales of low cut v necks and their like spiralling.

Inspired by the successes, romantic and otherwise, of the likes of JLS, Peter Andre and Russell Brand, British men are snapping up tops with low necklines – to wear themselves. Sales of revealing men’s tops have doubled over the past year, according to fashion store Debenhams.

No longer opting for the standard crew or v neck, male shoppers are seeing no limits as to ‘how low to go’ and are searching out low scoop neck men’s t-shirts and plunging Y-necked men’s vests, perfect to show off a toned he-vage, the male cleavage.

Their wives and girlfriends are even in on the act, with 68% responding when questioned by the High Street retailer that they do like to see their partners in an outfit which reveals a significant portion of chest*.

Add to this the increase in slimmer-fit shapes and the demand for lightweight cotton styles giving a sheer look, and it appears men are wising up to how to draw female attention to their hard work in the gym and salon.

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MeMega Announces Range Of New Special Offers During Ramadan

MeMega, a technology specialist based in Saudi Arabia, is launching a range of special offers during Ramadan to encourage families to spend more time together during the religious festival.

The new special offers which MeMega are making available include a number of discounts on the latest technology to keep families entertained and engaged this Ramadan.

Ramadan, which this year runs until 9th September, generally sees Muslim families spending a lot more time in their homes as they look to enrich their soul through sacrifice, self-discipline and through fellowship with their families, friends and the surrounding community. This time is often spent with loved ones who have a similar goal and MeMega hopes that its offers on items such as cameras and DVD players will help to enhance the time spent together by many families during this period.

John Hinde, operations director at MeMega, said: “MeMega understands that Saudi families spend a large amount of time indoors together during Ramadan, which is why we’re offering this amazing range of electrical and home entertainment products that families can enjoy together.”

As well as discounts on many of its ranges, MeMega has special opening times for its showroom in Jeddah during Ramadan. The store will be open from 10am to 1pm and then again at 9pm until 2am to allow families to visit after they have broken their fast at Iftah. Traditionally this is a busy period in Saudi shops during Ramadan.

While the showroom, like many other shops and markets, will close down during evening prayers and the Iftar meal, but then re-open for much of the night, the MeMega website will remain fully operational throughout the period allowing customers to make purchases of laptops and other electronic equipment at their leisure.

About MeMega:
MeMega.com is Saudi Arabia’s leading specialist electrical and technology retailer providing the latest technology products, such as gaming laptops and home entertainment systems, to customers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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Fontana Sports Redesigns E-Commerce Site with Updated Technology

Celerant Technology, a leader in the retail software industry, recently completed the website redesign of its client, Fontana Sports, to increase web performance and refresh the look and feel of the site.

“We worked with Fontana Sports to update the E-Commerce site, which we launched a few years ago, with entirely new features and functionality to take their pre-existing site to the next level. We often work with our existing web clients to revamp their sites and add newly developed technology” said Ian Goldman, Celerant Technology President and CEO. “Our web team employed advanced navigational tools on the homepage and product pages to facilitate ease of browsing and overall site usability. Additionally, enhanced zoom capabilities have been implemented for viewing product images and a dropdown has been added to the shopping cart to easily view and update your pending purchases.”

Celerant Technology provides a complete multi-channel solution for retail organizations; from point of sale, to inventory management, warehousing, integrated E-Commerce, mail order and more. In addition to the point of sale at the store, Celerant offers an array of advanced e-commerce features that aid in extending products beyond the brick and mortar location. For Fontana Sports, these features include a scrolling display on the homepage to show new arrivals, top sellers, and brands; a collapsible category view displaying relevant types within a selected category; product filtering by color, size, brand and price; and a tabbed section on the product detail page to display specific information relevant to the selected item.

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Retail Deals Site DiscountVouchers.co.uk Reports Great First Year in Face of Recession

Since launching just one year ago money saving website DiscountVouchers.co.uk this week reports that it now generates more than £1.75m each and every month for retailers which list on its site. The website is benefiting from the consumer mentality in the UK which has seen shoppers look to save through bargain deals as the recession continues.

The website was launched in May 2009 and today enjoys more than 1.8 million unique users and subscribers as well as over 13,500 fans on its Facebook page. The numbers demonstrate just how much UK consumers have got into the habit of saving money at leading retailers through using bargain vouchers.

Simon Terry, managing director of DiscountVouchers.co.uk, says: “We’ve enjoyed a superb first year’s business at DiscountVouchers.co.uk, and the shoppers in the country really seem to have caught on to saving money through using codes and vouchers for top stores.”

DiscountVouchers.co.uk today offers users access to over 500 stores and retailers and is home to more than 2000 money-saving deals online every day, with offers updated every day. The website is building bigger and stronger partnerships all the time and growing retailer numbers through exclusive deals and promotional activities.

Terry continues: “Since launching we have gone from no users at all in the beginning to now having over 60,000 unique visitors every day, it’s a great leap. People know that we always offer them the very best money saving offers available from all over the web, and that we can help people save on everything from clothes to holidays. We also offer retailers access to a new distribution channel and this is shown by the increasing numbers of retailers that want to work with us.”

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House of Fraser Expands Its Online International Delivery Availability

House of Fraser already offers its customers a variety of delivery options; however in response to increasing demand in the international market houseoffraser.co.uk now offers a new competitively priced overseas delivery option for its online shoppers. Orders can be delivered to more than 20 countries across Europe, the USA, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

Women’s, men’s and children’s fashion is available for international delivery along with a selection of soft furnishing home, bed and bath products. Brands such as Linea, Episode and Howick, exclusively available at House of Fraser, can be delivered to European destinations within 3-5 working days at a cost of £6. Delivery to the USA also costs £6 and recipients will receive their order within 3-7 working days. Customers in South Africa, Australia and New Zealand will also receive delivery within 3-7 working days for £10.

The launch of international delivery is part of House of Fraser’s wider international and multi-channel initiatives.

Robin Terrell, Executive Director, Multi-Channel and International at House of Fraser said:

“As part of our wider multi-channel strategy, an international delivery option enables House of Fraser to delight customers at home and abroad. This service will contribute to the continued success of houseoffraser.co.uk by allowing our UK customers to organise direct deliveries to friends and family living abroad, as well as engaging with new overseas customers.”

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‘Hero Haggler’ Internet Contest Introduced to Find UK’s Biggest and Best Barterer

With consumers always looking to save money on as many items as they can today, top consumer bargain offers site DiscountVouchers.co.uk has introduced its new ‘Hero Haggler’ scheme to find the country’s best barterer. The new scheme has a first prize of a luxury trip to Marrakesh.

The scheme is designed to find the UK’s very best bargainhunter, and anyone from the UK is able to enter the contest by logging online and listing their three best examples of bargain hunting and bartering.

The contest is located on the DiscountVouchers.co.uk website and entrants who wish to challenge as one of the ‘Hero Hagglers’ are able to sign up onwww.discountvouchers.co.uk. The 10 top barterers and hagglers with then be entered into a public vote.

Simon Terry, managing director of DiscountVouchers.co.uk, said: “Everyone needs to be able to know how to find a bargain, particularly as the current climate rolls on and budgets remain tight. Our new scheme will help them find and develop the skills to save money, plus we also carry a huge range of discount vouchers are on our site.

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Debenhams Reveal Increase In Number Of People Working From Home

Debenhams has revealed new sales figures that show more people than ever before are working from home to beat the recession.

Demand for home office furniture and equipment – compact desks, chairs, and filing cabinets – has jumped by over 340 per cent in the past year alone, says department store Debenhams.

The trend could be good news for the Government which believes that encouraging more people to start their own business is the secret to beating the recession.

Debenhams spokesperson Carie Barkhuizen said: “Our figures show that thousands of people who have lost their job are seizing the opportunity to begin working for themselves.

“While redundancy is never good news, for many it will be the push they have needed to take the plunge and set up their own company.

“Judging from past history, there’s no doubt that many of tomorrow’s highly successful entrepreneurs are currently to be found running their very first business from the corner of their own living room.”

Small triangular shaped work stations, designed specifically to fit unobtrusively into room corners or under the stairs are the top sellers in Debenhams recently expanded office furniture list. Small, glass-top desks – just the right size for a laptop computer, a telephone with a printer alongside – are the next favourite buys.

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House Of Fraser Launches New Autumn/Winter 2010 Shoes Collection Online

House of Fraser, the leading premium department store, has launched its Autumn/Winter 2010 footwear collection by Dune online.

The Dune Group offers affordable luxury shoes and accessories, with brands including Dune, Pied a Terre and Bertie. The Dune Group was formed in March 2009 with the acquisition by Dune of the Shoe Studio Group and opened its first store in London’s Kings Road in 1993.

Autumn/Winter 2010 footwear concentrates on three main trends. From opulent velvet peep toes to platform courts and pull-on ankle boots, online shoppers will find Venetian Masquerade, Starlight Express and The Aviator trends all at houseoffraser.co.uk.

The Venetian Masquerade trend is a romantic yet striking story with an air of mystery surrounding it. An intense colour palette of ebony black, deep navy and rich red appears on opulent velvet peep toes and delicate lace up strappy sandals for a ‘belle of the ball’ feel. Lace, jewels, corsages and caging are prominent features in this theme. Black leather over the knee boots and suede peep toe shoe boots take on a subtle yet seductive approach.

Starlight Express makes a statement with sky scraper heels and bold shapes. The trend focuses heavily on chains, buckles, studs and zips in high shine metals appear on fierce suede or leather shoe boots, platform courts and statement lace up knee high boots. Flat laser-cut pumps have metal toe caps, carrying through the hardwear theme. Black, nude, grey and taupe are the key colours for this trend, with flashes of silver and pewter to highlight. Heel shapes take on a different dimension, soles are sharpened, and the wedge is set to return for AW10 in a big way.

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New Deals on Offer at DiscountVouchers.co.uk Make Summer Dining More Affordable

Top eateries are offering visitors some great deals on dining out in their popular establishments this summer by advertising a range of great deals via the DiscountVouchers.co.uk website. The website is home to offers from over 500 top name brands and the new additions look set to be extremely popular.

Kids can eat for free with the Frankie & Bennys vouchers available on the website and the deals will be updated and changed throughout the coming months. The deals this week include money off food at the famous brand name in its airport locations including Gatwick, Manchester , Glasgow , Birmingham and Stansted Airport.

All kids love pizza so why not take a look at the new deals available for Pizza Hut? Pizza Hut vouchers look set to be some of most popular ever to be listed on the website and eating out the whole family is now more affordable.

Families looking to go out for a meal to the ever-popular Café Rouge chains can now save money on various parts of their visit from drink deals through offers on main courses. The French-themed eatery is great for kids and couples and there are many branches all over the UK making it easy to find one close to you. Check out the current list of Cafe Rouge vouchers on the DiscountVouchers.co.uk.

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Displaysense Survey Reveals Weird & Wonderful Usage For Retail Displays

Displaysense has revealed the results of a new survey that shows many of the unique ways customers utilise the company’s products.

Displaysense’s recent survey was originally intended to be a standard survey to gauge the spread of their customers across the UK but it quickly became apparent that an entirely unexpected insight into their customers was to be gained.

Coat hangers being used to create cheap digital aerials and divining rods, mannequins used as paintball targets, wire chrome shelving units as rabbit runs and clothes pegs altered to make extravagant bottle openers are just some of the ways in which customers surprised the company when they reviewed the survey results.

Other ingenious examples uncovered by the survey included a heavy duty clothing rail used as a ‘pull-up’ bar as part of a regular exercise routine, storage jars used as goldfish bowls and even acrylic display blocks used as an assault course for a lucky hamster.

Initially surprised by the results, the company has now set about using the data to improve their marketing and advertising campaigns, hoping to reap the rewards of their customer’s honesty in outlining how they use their products.

Steve Whittle, marketing director for Displaysense commented: “Whilst we’ve come across several strange applications of our products in the past, this survey has shown how varied and widespread alternative uses of our products are. Although the survey provided us with more expected data on customer habits, we’re certainly not going to disregard the more abstract ideas customers have employed.”

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Compton & Woodhouse Enter DRTV Marketplace

Compton & Woodhouse, the prestige jewellery and collectables brand, have announced the launch of their move into direct response television advertising (DRTV). The brands first two 60 second commercials will be screened across a raft of lifestyle and entertainment channels from 16 August 2010.

Compton & Woodhouse is renowned as a highly established press advertiser, and the move to television represents an exciting phase in the development of the brand. Marketing Director Simon Windsor comments: “There’s a whole new audience out there who we think will appreciate our unique, specially commissioned great value jewellery offers.”

Compton & Woodhouse will begin their DRTV campaign by featuring The Celtic Ring of Good Luck, a best-selling, 19 diamond, nine-carat gold on sterling silver piece from their highly successful range of Celtic-inspired jewellery. The ring is formed of solid silver clover shapes intertwined with gold plated three pointed knots, a traditional Celtic symbol, and contains 19 round cut diamonds.

The launch campaign will also feature an exciting new product, The Jewel of The Amazon ring, the centrepiece of which is a superb 2.5 carat purple amethyst stone, framed by 10 diamonds and set in nine-carat gold on sterling silver. The Jewel of the Amazon represents an exciting addition to Compton & Woodhouse’s highly successful range of coloured gemstone jewellery.

Mark Dugdale, Chief Executive, said: “These two rings represent what Compton & Woodhouse is about: intriguing concepts, beautiful design, high quality and amazing value…and you can’t buy these rings from anyone else”.

Established over 25 years ago, the brand is a respected retailer of exclusive collectables, fine jewellery and luxury items. Compton & Woodhouse originally built its reputation as a catalogue mail order business, but as times changed it then created a strong online presence to offer collectable lovers all over the world the opportunity to purchase quality products online. A brand moving with the times, they have now recognised a new opportunity to evolve, progress and reach out to new customers through direct response television advertising (DRTV).

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Online Shopping Has Saved Britons £27,024 EACH Over The Last Ten Years

A survey published yesterday revealed the astonishing figure that on average every online shopper is saving £2,702 every year by bagging top deals on the internet.

“Online companies have lower overheads than high-street operations and can pass on those savings to their customers,” said Fil Adams-Mercer, who is the founder of the UK’s largest internet parcel delivery company Parcel2Go.

The survey, of 3,000 shoppers conducted by an online internet insurance firm, discovered that the savings were made in deals for holidays, insurance, clothes, music, books, toys and electrical goods. Nearly three-quarters of those polled made said that they made most of their purchases on line.

The biggest saving was to be found in weekly supermarket shopping. 10 years ago the average in-store-spend was £71.22. Online shopping has seen that figure fall to£48.98. Over ten years, that would be a saving of £11,564.

Internet millionaire Mr Adams Mercer put his support squarely behind the Coalition Government’s plans to get 10 million more Britons to use the internet last month.

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Displaysense Announces Growing Trend For Plus Size Clothing Displays

Displaysense, the UK’s leading supplier of display cases and leaflet holders has seen a marked increase in requests from customers inquiring into purchasing display products able to accommodate clothes designed for the larger frame.

These requests range from larger mannequins that represent the fuller figure, to stronger and wider coat hangers that are able to display garments that use more material and weigh more than the average wire hanger is designed for.

Displaysense has also reported more unusual product requests including larger watch displays and a wider opening for their glass jars, both designed to appeal to those with wider wrists who may have been deterred from purchasing the products on offer for fear of embarrassment. These inquiries highlight the interest from companies that want to obtain displays that compliment products made for the growing population of overweight and obese individuals.

Whilst many retailers such as sports shops will want to keep their current designs and marketing strategies, others seem to be answering the publics call for a more varied and realistic depiction of the human body. Recent calls for the media to clearly label ‘touched-up’ and airbrushed photos are another indicator that consumers are losing patience with the growing disparity between what they see on the high streets and magazines and what they see in the mirror.

Steve Whittle, marketing director for Displaysense commented: “Staying relevant to your audience is one the most vital aspects of being a successful retailer. The fact that the population’s weight increase is driving shifts in consumer demands hasn’t really surprised us. Some of the more unusual requests have raised an eyebrow or two, but Displaysense is always open for fresh ideas when it comes to displays and visual merchandising.”

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Baby Stuff Gifts is Offering a Free Pastel Pancake Crinkle Bear with Online Orders

Baby Stuff Gifts, the popular online baby gift retailer of specialty baby gifts and toys, today announced their monthly special offer discount code.

BabyStuffGifts.com features amazing offer and a unique line of personalized baby gifts as well as personalized baby toys.

Nancilyn Gray Scott of Baby Stuff Gifts states, “August is a time for welcoming newborns. So we thought what better time to offer our customers a Free Pastel Pancake™ Crinkle Bear with any purchase the customer wishes to make over $30.00. This little Pancake Crinkle Bear is available in four pastel colors, made by North American Bear Co., known for making amazingly soft and huggable plush toys and dolls. Whether shopping for that perfect baby gift or for a new big brother or sister, now is a great time to buy and take advantage of our free gift offer.” The code to be used at checkout to redeem the free gift is FreeBear. This offer is valid for a limited time.

The online retailer of specialty baby gifts continues to stay on top of current trends, bringing customers unique baby gifts and plush baby toys that are ideal for customizing with baby’s name or monogrammed with baby’s initials. BabyStuffGifts.com has been selling personalized baby gifts and toys since 2007, constantly adding new items and embroidery designs to choose from.

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Escapade Unveils Superhero Football Team Costumes

Escapade has a few special new inclusions to their already huge fancy dress wardrobe and it has come just in time for the start of what we are all hoping will be a super Premier League season.

Escapade now stocks a set of special costumes for the most loyal of football fans. Supporters who don’t think that just a scarf is enough to show their team colours can now become superfans with the superhero football team costumes. Escapade currently stocks Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea and Celtic fancy dress costumes and is looking forward to increase its collection of teams as the season progresses.

Bhupendra Maisuria, director of Escapade, said: “In the future we hope to have superhero supporters costumes for every team and in every ground across the UK. Fancy dress is becoming more and more a part of the Premier League season and the superhero supporters costumes are a great addition to this tradition.”

Chelsea fans could be donning their costumes when the Premier League season kicks off on Saturday 14 August as their team start at home to West Bromwich Albion. Liverpool and Arsenal fans have to wait an extra day before donning their fancy dress costumes as their sides face one another at Anfield on the Sunday. Celtic superheroes may be seen in the far north on the Saturday as their team travels up to Inverness Caledonian Thistle on the opening day.

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IdeasByNet Launches New Eco Friendly Xpresso 2 Go Travel Mug

IdeasByNet, leading online promotional gifts distributor, has further extended its environmentally friendly ideals by launching its new Xpresso 2 Go Travel Mug to encourage people to reuse mugs and not use paper mugs.

The new launch forms part of a systematic approach by IdeasByNet to not only maintain and expand its own green company credentials, but also to encourage others to embrace more environmentally friendly practices.

Patrick Hathaway, Online Marketing Manager at IdeasByNet commented, “IdeasByNet is committed to reducing the amount of waste we use, and in particular we will never send brochures or participate in direct mail campaigns.”

Traditionally, promotional gifts are advertised to potential clients through the wide-scale distribution of brochures and supplementary direct mail programmes, however IdeasByNet is committed to the reduction of unnecessary waste and has pledged not to produce brochures nor distribute direct mail in any format.

Some of the green measures employed by the company include the use of the online store-front which has helped to reduce the company’s environmental footprint, and the implementation of paperless office practices whenever possible, with all paper for internal use printed on both sides prior to being recycled. The re-using of boxes, envelopes and jiffy bags is also encouraged, even when delivering to clients, and electronic invoicing is constantly encouraged for both clients and suppliers.

The Xpresso 2 Go Travel Mug forms part of the company’s plans to find new and innovative products that also endorse the green message.

The Xpresso 2 Go promotional mug is a double-walled, ceramic travel mug with a re-sealable, reduced spill, silicone lid that is designed as a practical and eco friendly alternative to replace the throwaway paper coffee mugs which are traditionally used by coffee shops.

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Ideasbynet Pledge Continued Support For World Mental Health Day

Ideasbynet has announced it is to lend its support to the UK Mental Health Foundation as part of World Mental Health Day, taking place on the 10th October.

The company, which offers a range of promotional products, will be assisting the UK Mental Health Foundation in promoting its ‘Tea & Talk’ campaign which encourages people to discuss their hopes and concerns over a cup of tea in order to help improve their wellbeing and mental health. Last year saw over 6000 people take part in the event.

Ideasbynet will be producing promotional mugs for the campaign which will then be sent out to TV presenters in order to promote the ‘tea’ aspect of the event. Some of the shows that Ideasbynet are hoping to see use the mugs include GMTV, Loose Women and This Morning.

Last year the company raised £30,000 for the Mental Health Foundation and hope to increase that amount to at least £35,000 this year. Ideasbynet’s work with the Foundation follows a string of charitable activities including the company’s associate director Jeremy Biggin raising over £700 for Sport Relief through sponsorship of the Sport Relief mile and an annual donation of gifts to Sheffield Children’s Hospital. Ideasbynet will also be taking part in activities to raise money for Children In Need later on this year.

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Christenings Has Just Become More Personalised

If you are looking for personalised baby gifts and baby christening gifts, then you will definitely adore the selection offered by Personalbabygifts.co.uk. What they have to offer are unique and better yet personalised mementos for your cherished one. Select f r o m an assortment of 1st communion gifts, christening jewellery and engraved pewter quaichs, as well as engraved certificate holders, tankards, baby cups, crystal christening bibles and books. Basically, whatever you are looking for they are likely to have it.

They also carry a number of various personalised baby gifts and baby christening gifts including baby name frames, personalised clocks and pictures, baby nursery mirrors, baby albums, and novelty money boxes. But the list does not end here. If you want to get your hands on unusual gifting items for babies or christenings then you will be pleased with the services that www.personalbabygifts.co.uk can provide. “We believe that every baby gift should reflect the occasion for which it is being given. That’s why everything here is personalised with a child’s name, a dedication or both!” And this is according to the people behind Personalbabygifts.co.uk.

Having traded online for about 4 years now, Personalbabygifts.co.uk is part of The Gift Centre Retail Group which does not only devote itself to unique personalised baby gifts and baby christening gifts but also to superior customer service. Featured in media avenues including GMTV, This Morning, Mother & Baby, and Cosmopolitan, their philosophy is simply to treat others the way that you would want to be treated in return. And based f r o m their continuing success, they are truly applying this philosophy.

A family run Scottish business, Personalbabygifts.co.uk operates in the border town of Hawick which is roughly about 50 miles away f r o m Edinburgh and Newcastle. ”Our aim is simple – to be the very best we can be by providing a unique experience to our customers and a pleasant environment for our visitors. We are dedicated to providing the very best in customer care, quality products and outstanding service and we do our utmost to reflect this in the gifts we have to offer.” This is taken straight f r o m the company manifesto.

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Coupon Chief’s Innovative Approach To Online Coupons Allows Participants To Save And Earn

CouponChief.com offers multiple benefits for using online coupons and the coupon codes offered at the site. Not only does the user save money on the purchase, but in the ‘Pays-2-Share’ program members can submit coupons and earn money every time the coupon is used. The ‘Coupons-4-Causes’ allows members to earn money for their favorite school, church or charity every time they shop online using online coupons. This inventive approach allows the members to save money on their purchases and earn money at the same time.

CouponChief.com, the leading supplier of online coupons, has combined money saving strategies with ways to earn money. This has resulted in more and more people flocking to the site to find and use the coupon codes. It’s also added to the growth of the site and resulted in more money being donated to thousands of charitable causes.

Online coupons have replaced clipping coupons from newspapers. The new generations of consumers, the Internet shoppers, appreciate the cost-cutting coupon codes offered by CouponChief.com. The fact that there’s a way to actually earn money with coupons is an added value. The ‘Pays-2-Share’ program is as ingenious as it is simple. After enrolling in the program participants simply submit any coupon codes for participating merchants that they find. Each time the coupon is used the person that submitted it earns 2% of the purchase price.

Another program created by CouponChief.com is called ‘Coupons-4-Causes’.
Participants of this program choose from thousands of causes to support. With every purchase they make at one of the Coupon Chief’s retail partners money will be earned for the favorite school, church, or charity.

Today’s economy has forced consumers to look for ways to save money. Online shopping is an easier way to shop as it offers the convenience of shopping from home and comparison shopping with a few clicks. And with Online Coupons Internet shopping is an easy way to save substantially on purchases made online. The process to use the coupons is simple. During the check out process participating merchants include a ‘promo code box’ or a place to enter ‘coupon codes’. Consumers can find those codes at Coupon Chief, enter them and save.

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UK POS Helps Retailers Shine In The Classroom

As figures have been released showing that parents pay out up to £201, 809 a year raising each child, and up to£37 a month on school uniforms*, UK POS is launching a campaign to help retailers strengthen their focus on their target audience through visual display holders and point of sale solutions as back to school is once again on the agenda.

No longer is there one local shop supplying uniforms to the surrounding schools. The age of the mass market is well and truly underway, with big name retailers stocking box pleat skirts, pale blue shirts and knee length charcoal grey socks which means there is even more reason to fight to stand out from the crowd with back to school offers.

The back to school market has changed dramatically over the last decade, with retailers now offering whole uniform sets for under £10. It is for this reason that UK POS is fighting to help the high street market their merchandise.

UK POS’ Sales & Marketing Director, Debra Jamieson, said: “We’ve noticed a shift in terms of customer buying patterns, especially over the last few years. Retailers are opting for more flexible solutions where they can update and change their offers regularly. We’re finding our Acrylic Freestanding leaflet Holders to be a really popular product at the minute. They sit on the head of a gondola with the image of the offer on display. Offers need to be visual in today’s competitive market place – the increase in sales of our poster holders support this.”

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