Foodstuffs New Zealand launches new fleet of 100 percent electric vans

A new fleet of 100 percent electric vans is cruising around New Zealand, branded with New World, PAK’nSAVE and Four Square logos.

Auckland, New Zealand, 2017-Aug-08 — /EPR Retail News/ — Foodstuffs New Zealand officially launched the fleet at a ceremony attended by Foodstuffs New Zealand Managing Director, Steve Anderson and MP for Selwyn Amy Adams, held at New World Lincoln in Canterbury on August 4.

Foodstuffs New Zealand was awarded $500,000 by EECA from the Low Emission Vehicles Contestable Fund to implement a project that involved importing 28 electric vans from the UK.

“The EECA funding covered 50 percent of the project cost, with Foodstuffs New Zealand funding the other half. The EECA funding is designed to encourage innovation and investment that will accelerate the uptake of electric and other low-emission vehicles (LEV) in New Zealand that might not otherwise occur,” Foodstuffs New Zealand Managing Director Steve Anderson says.

Sustainability Manager for Foodstuffs New Zealand Mike Sammons says the van rollout complements the electric vehicle fast charging points that are being installed in a number of stores.

“We already have fast charge stations at the New World stores in Otaki, Warkworth, Te Kuiti and Kumeu in the North Island and Northwood in the South Island, we anticipate another half dozen will be installed over the next year or so. We see these charging stations as an important community resource. They will become increasingly useful to our customers as more New Zealanders transition over to electric vehicles over the coming years.”

With their brightly coloured branding, the Foodstuffs vans are highly visible on the road. Sammons says they’ll be a talking point in the 28 communities they are being distributed to around New Zealand.

“EECA’s aim is to encourage the uptake of electric vehicles by making this funding available to businesses. Our store owners are very happy with them and we think our customers will take an interest in them too. For Foodstuffs, this is just a small part of our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint and make our business more environmentally sustainable.

“Fully electric vehicles produce no emissions improving both local air quality and helping reduce global warming. They use battery technology, which powers an electric motor. They require less maintenance and are extremely quiet. They’re also very functional and can accelerate and climb hills better than a standard petrol vehicle,” Sammons says.

There are 28 stores involved in the programme. Thorndon New World in Wellington was the test store, and received its electric van in May. The store offers a delivery service, for which the van has already proven very useful.

All 28 stores will have their vans on the road by the beginning of September.

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Source: Foodstuffs NZ

Foodstuffs’ kerbside-recyclable trays named the New Zealand’s top waste minimisation initiative for 2016

Foodstuffs New Zealand’s world-first recyclable butchery trays have been named the country’s top waste minimisation initiative for 2016, at the Green Ribbon Awards in Wellington.

Wellington, New Zealand, 2016-Jun-13 — /EPR Retail News/ — The kerbside-recyclable trays, which are being rolled out nationwide and will be in use at all New World and PAK’nSAVE stores by the end of July, were recognised for being an innovative, sustainable solution to a environmental issue that has challenged retailers for years.

Made of 50% recycled plastic, the trays themselves can be put in customers’ kerbside recycling bins. They will replace the current trays that are made of non-recyclable polystyrene foam, 100 million of which end up in NZ landfills every year – equivalent to 14 Olympic-size pools’ worth of polystyrene.

Foodstuffs (NZ) Ltd Sustainability Manager, Mike Sammons, who managed the project from conception to commercialisation, alongside Alto Packaging, says the Green Ribbon win is “great recognition for a great kiwi solution.”

“It was a massive challenge finding a cost-efficient, functional, sustainable solution,” says Sammons. “But we also knew the eventual pay-off would be worth it, in terms of the environmental benefits.”

“To now take home the top prize in the waste reduction category makes that investment even more rewarding.”

Foodstuffs (NZ) Ltd Managing Director, Steve Anderson, says the company is thrilled by the win and what it means for the environment, here and overseas.

“This accolade underscores Foodstuffs’ long-standing commitment to move our packaging towards being 100% recyclable for our customers, either at kerbside or back at store,” Anderson says.

Sammons says single-use packaging doesn’t make financial or environmental sense: “Going to the trouble of manufacturing a product from a finite resource, then using it once for a few days before relegating it to a landfill is simply inefficient and irresponsible.”

“The clear trays are highly sought-after for recycling too,” he says, “which will hopefully incentivise local packaging manufacturers to invest in reprocessing post-consumer packaging, thereby moving us closer to the ‘holy grail’ of closed loop recycling in New Zealand.”

Anderson says Foodstuffs has exclusivity on the tray design for a limited period, after which it’s expected Alto will then supply many more retailers throughout New Zealand and the world.

“While we’re immensely proud to have been recognised here at home by the Green Ribbon Awards, the real prize will be seeing these trays in use internationally in years to come.”


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Foodstuffs' kerbside-recyclable trays named the New Zealand’s top waste minimisation initiative for 2016

Foodstuffs’ kerbside-recyclable trays named the New Zealand’s top waste minimisation initiative for 2016

Foodstuffs to roll out its new recyclable butchery trays at New World and PAK’nSAVE stores

Foodstuffs innovative new recyclable butchery trays that have given the big thumbs up by customers and stores alike, with consumer research revealing a staggering 90% of customers prefer the recyclable trays to the old polystyrene foam ones.

Wellington, New Zealand, 2015-11-10 — /EPR Retail News/ — The resoundingly positive results bring to a close a trial across 19 New World and PAK’nSAVE stores across the country and mean that national rollout is now planned for early 2016. An outcome that marks the end of a two year project to find a viable solution to the issue of the 100 million non-recyclable polystyrene trays currently finding their way into customers’ homes, and eventually to landfill.

Recently the tray was awarded top prize in the best commercial initiative category in either the private or public sector at the waste and recycling industry awards (WasteMinz). The award acknowledges the innovation and wide ranging consultation involved in bringing the trays to market.

Mike Sammons, Sustainability Manager, Foodstuffs New Zealand Ltd says, “Being the first to introduce a packaging solution that is so completely different is a bold move but we know it’s what our customers want and also what they expect from us.”

“We are proud to partner with Alto Packaging to bring a unique butchery tray design to the market place, this helps solve a very long running global environmental issue.”

“By moving to this tray, New World and PAK’nSAVE customers can avoid sending the equivalent of 700 rugby pitches worth of polystyrene trays to landfill each year,” continues Sammons. “The initiative also provides the recycling market with much needed revenue.”

“The meat tray ticks all the right boxes in terms of sustainability and performance and furthermore it’s made right here by one of New Zealand’s leading rigid plastic packaging companies.”

Customer feedback has been extremely positive with the below comments capturing general customer sentiment;
• “Can put in the recycle bin which is much more convenient”
• “Seems to curb the liquid spilling out”
• “Looks better”
• “Clean, fresh and environmentally friendly”
The new tray is made up of 50% recycled material and is accepted by every kerbside recycling scheme across New Zealand and as its made of clear plastic not black, it can be easily separated in the recycling centres.

“Customers pay nothing for the introduction of the trays and for those who have a cost associated with waste disposal they will in fact make a saving,” confirms Sammons.

The recyclable meat tray together with the new soft plastic packaging recycling project launched in Auckland this month, means Foodstuffs is moving closer to its target of moving their packaging to be 100% recyclable for their customers either at kerbside or back at store. Sammons confirms the business is committed to leading the charge on providing sustainable supermarket shopping solutions.

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Foodstuffs: New World and PAK’nSAVE stores in Auckland to champion the new soft plastic bags initiative

AUCKLAND, New Zealand, 2015-7-21 — /EPR Retail News/ — New World and PAK’nSAVE stores in Auckland will champion the new soft plastic bags initiative announced by Environment Minister, Nick Smith, over the weekend. The novel programme promises to introduce REDcycle soft plastic recycling bins at stores to enable shoppers to bring back their used plastic bags and other soft plastics all of which are currently unable to be recycled through the traditional bins people have at home.

New World and PAK’nSAVE stores in Auckland will champion the new soft plastic bags initiative announced by Environment Minister, Nick Smith, over the weekend. The novel programme promises to introduce REDcycle soft plastic recycling bins at stores to enable shoppers to bring back their used plastic bags and other soft plastics all of which are currently unable to be recycled through the traditional bins people have at home.

The recycling scheme, which is to be managed by the Packaging Forum and supported by the government, will commence in September with the roll out starting in Auckland followed by expansion to the Waikato, Wellington, Canterbury, Otago, Bay of Plenty, Manawatu and other regions over the next three years. The objective is to provide access to recycle soft plastics to approximately 70% of all New Zealanders.

Lyn Mayes, project lead, said soft plastic bags are not currently collected for recycling by councils because they can contaminate the recycling process.

“New Zealanders use more than 1.6 billion plastic bags in their homes every year.  This new project will take all soft plastic bags including bread bags, frozen food bags, toilet paper packaging, confectionery and biscuit wrap, chip bags, pasta and rice bags, courier envelopes, shopping bags, sanitary hygiene packaging – basically anything made of plastic which can be scrunched into a ball.”

“REDcycle, who also runs the programme in Australia, will supply recycling bins in selected New World and PAK’nSAVE stores. Initially the materials will be sent back to Australia where they are made into park benches and fitness circuits for playgrounds until there are facilities in New Zealand such as those planned at Astron Plastics,” says Mayes.

The project is to be funded through a $700,000 grant to the Packaging Forum which is being matched by industry and a $510,000 grant to Astron Plastics Group from the Government’s Waste Minimisation Fund. The grant to Astron Plastics Group will enable the business to establish a new dry-cleaning facility in Auckland with the capacity to recycle 2000 tonnes of soft plastics thus reducing the requirement to export the collected plastic waste.

Mike Sammons, Sustainability Manager, Foodstuffs New Zealand, says we are delighted that the pilot has been given the green light by government.

“We recognise that plastic bags pose an ongoing environmental challenge and a lot of our customers have told us they want a better solution for recycling plastic bags. Foodstuffs, and its brands New World and PAK’nSAVE, in partnership with other food manufacturers, retailers and packaging companies, have been actively looking for viable solution so that we can do our part to reducing the ongoing environmental impact.”

“From September, customers in Auckland will be able to bring their used soft plastics back to store and put them in the supplied recycling bins.  We will be actively encouraging our customers to get in behind this fantastic opportunity as its success in the initial phase will ensure further roll out nationally,” says Sammons.

The project is already supported by major brands including Pams, Cottonsoft, Huggies, Kleenex, New Zealand Post, SunRice, Astron and Elldex Plastics with many others committed to joining the programme.