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Zoobies, the 3in1 plush animal that tranforms into a pillow and blankets was featured on CBS News

Victoria Pericon, founder of featured Zoobies™ last year for the segment titled “Parent Tools” on CBS News in New York City. The segment featured several products that highlighted some of the latest products that makes parenting a little easier. Zoobies™ the plush animals that transform into pillows and blankets.

More on Zoobies™
Zoobies™ was started by two young brothers who wanted to produce something “new, innovative; and extremely cuddly; something that would be both fun for kids and handy for parents at home and on the road”, says founder, JC Smoot. The patented Zoobies™ concept is the only plush animal concept out there that turns into both a pillow and blanket. After designing 12 animals for the brand new 2007 Safari Collection and unveiling them at the 2007 TIA Toy Fair in New York, they realized they were on to something big. Less than 5 months later they are in hundreds of boutique & gift shops across the country, distributing internationally, and have won three awards in addition to the Seal of Approval from Savvy Mommy.

Zoobies™ U.S. office is located in Provo, Utah. The Safari Line is the first of several that will be released down the road. The wholesale price is currently $14. They have been extremely successful with retailers like Jim Davis of Kids Center in Tucson Arizona who sold over 200 his first two months of carrying Zoobies™.

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