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Boots Has Introduced Two New Ranges From Philips And Durex To Its Healthcare Offering, Aimed At Creating A New Level Of Intimacy For Customers

Boots is introducing two new intimacy ranges to its healthcare offering for customers, from global brands Philips and Durex.

The introduction of the new ranges from Boots is in recognition of a new government survey that revealed there are 26 million married or co-habiting couples in the UK. Experts agree that the sexual relationship of a committed couple constantly evolves over time and that discovering new experiences allows a couple to strengthen their relationship.

The range of Intimate Massagers from Philips allows partners to take intimate moments together to a totally new level. With their sculpted design, intimate massagers can be held comfortably in the palm of the hand allowing continual skin to skin contact. Specially created so that they are warm and smooth to the touch, the massagers can feel irresistible against the skin and have multiple stimulation surfaces for varied sensual experiences.

Philips Intimate Massagers are the first non-penetrative stimulators designed to please both partners. They are available in three different sets designed to suit different couples’ preferences. Dual Intimate Massagers are a pair of massagers designed for partners to use together while the Warm Intimate Massager is specially shaped so that it can be used on either partner, made with soft materials that can be automatically pre-warmed before use on its charging base. The Warm Intimate Massager with Candles is a gift set that adds three romantic LED candle lights, giving a long-lasting glow.

Paula Hall, Sexual and Relationship Psychotherapist explains, “As loving couples share each other through sexual intimacy, both experience a change in their body’s chemical and hormone levels. The presence of certain chemicals brings about emotional changes which enhance the strength of a long-term relationship; the more chemicals couples product together, the more bonded they feel.”

At the same time, is also introducing a new range from Durex called Durex Play. This range sees Durex moving from its more traditional area of contraception into sexual enhancement, with the range including a massage mousse, an orgasm enhancing gel for women and massage melts – combining freezable shots of smooth massage gel and lube.

David Hurst, Healthcare Buyer for said: “We recognise experts’ opinions that an enjoyable sex life can allow couples to strengthen their relationship, as well as having health benefits too – increased happiness, reduced stress and a deepening emotional connection. These two new ranges demonstrate a responsible, sensitive and discreet approach to sexual enhancement which we believe our customers will appreciate, and the fact that they can buy online can remove any fear of embarrassment, as it can all be done in the privacy of their own home.”

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