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Carrefour to hire 5000 young people on apprenticeships and professionalisation contracts during its “Block-release Training Day”

PARIS, 2014-3-28 — /EPR Retail News/ — Carrefour is holding its “Block-release Training Day”, helping young people throughout France by opening up all its Carrefour hypermarkets and Carrefour Market supermarkets to them. In 2014, Carrefour will be hiring some 5000 young people on apprenticeships and professionalisation contracts. This event – designed to help young people establish a foothold on the job market – will introduce them to 120 Carrefour jobs, and they will be able to use it to apply for them.

A day all about youth employment
On 28 March, Carrefour will be opening up its stores throughout France to its future employees as part of an event designed to inform them and hire them on block-release training programmes. Carrefour’s teams will welcome the applicants, providing them with overviews of the jobs that they do and talking to them about jobs and careers opportunities. The students will then be able to take part in practice interviews and submit their CVs.

All these young people, no matter how many years they have spent studying or what qualifications they have, will be to find some opportunity at Carrefour at the end of this day. In fact, the retailer will be recruiting 5000 young people on block-release training programmes in 2014 throughout France – mainly for positions in stores and warehouses. In 2013, the same number of young people were also hired by Carrefour under the same conditions.

Carrefour has set itself the target of converting more than half of these contracts into permanent positions.

“Carrefour sees block-release training as a solution of the future for hiring and training both young people and people seeking to professionalise their experience. We recruit new talent at all levels throughout France… people with or without qualifications. Because taking these young people on within the framework of block-release programmes gives them guaranteed training, a job and a professional future”, says Isabelle Calvez, Head of human resources for Carrefour France.

Block-release training – a stepping stone to the future
As France’s leading private employer in France, Carrefour has made a pledge to promote the talents of this new generation. In 1999, it signed an agreement with the Conseil National des Missions Locales (the national body for local employment advisers) in order to create employment opportunities for young people and is actively involved in the “Entreprises et Emplois” group which is made up of companies that are all partners of the CNML. Through this commitment, it is able to source new recruits locally and provide young people with solid professional experience.

Block-release training contracts are the solution of the future for training young people and developing their professional experience. In addition to their classroom-based training, Carrefour provides them with an opportunity to acquire solid experience in the corporate world – either in stores or at head office. To do this, Carrefour has trained several thousand mentors and apprenticeship directors who pass on their knowledge and experience to these young people every year.

For further information, Carrefour has set up a special website all about blog-release training:


Carrefour to hire 5000 young people on apprenticeships and professionalisation contracts during its Block-release Training Day

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