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Sainsbury’s teamed up with Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust to raise funds and awareness for cervical cancer prevention

LONDON, 2014-6-10 — /EPR Retail News/ — This week is Cervical Screening Awareness Week and to mark the occasion Sainsbury’s has teamed up with Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust – the UK’s only cervical cancer charity – to raise funds and awareness for cervical cancer prevention. From 8-14 June, 50p from the sale of every pair of women’s knickers sold in store will go to the charity. Last year the partnership raised a fantastic £46,000 in just seven days. Chief Executive Robert Music tells us why the partnership is so important:

Every year in the UK over 3,000 women will be given the devastating news they have cervical cancer and, in some instances, will face aggressive treatment with serious long term consequences. It is in fact the most common cancer for women under 35. For those diagnosed and treated, quality of life may be significantly reduced for the rest of their life.

A further 300,000 women will receive the news they have a cervical abnormality (pre-cancer) that may require treatment. Both diagnoses can leave a woman feeling confused, scared and very alone. But thanks to fantastic partnerships, like ours with Sainsbury’s, we are now able to reach more women than ever before with our support services. Our services include a national helpline, an online forum, Ask The Expert and local support groups across the UK.

Cervical cancer is unusual in that it can often be prevented thanks to the cervical screening programme and more recently the HPV vaccination programme. It’s estimated that the screening programme saves 5,000 lives every year but it could be saving more. Currently across the UK more than 1 in 5 women do not take up their screening invitation. In 2013 that accounted for almost one million women who failed to attend screening potentially putting their lives at risk.

We know that several barriers exist that could be stopping women from taking advantage of screening. Previous studies commissioned by the charity have shown that fear, embarrassment, a lack of understanding or feeling the test is irrelevant have proven to be a common reason for avoiding making an appointment. We also know that cultural and religious reasons can be found amongst minority communities.

Raising awareness across Sainsbury’s UK stores has been an incredibly impactful way of spreading the message and promoting the importance of cervical cancer prevention. Thank you to everyone who chooses this week to treat themselves to some new underwear, your money makes all the difference to supporting those affected and preventing many more from being diagnosed with the disease.


Robert Music, Chief Executive, Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust
Robert Music, Chief Executive, Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust
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