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Commissary’s this year “Customer Appreciation Case Lot Sales” are starting across the U.S. now

FORT LEE, Va., 2015-8-17— /EPR Retail News/ — With everyday prices averaging 30 percent less than other grocery stores, the commissary has earned its reputation as the best deal in town. But every once in a while – around spring and fall, in fact – patrons can find even better deals as stateside commissaries launch their “Customer Appreciation Case Lot Sales.” This year’s fall sales are starting across the U.S. now, as each store hosts individual two- or three-day case lot sales during one weekend between mid-August and the end of September. Commissaries in Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico are also participating.

“You will find much higher savings at the case lot sales, up to 50 percent on some items,” said Sallie Cauthers, marketing and mass communication specialist at the Defense Commissary Agency headquarters.

Cauthers explained that some of the best values are found in bulk purchases. “If you have a large storage area, you can stock up on bulk supplies of paper products – toilet paper, paper towels and more – and save sometimes double off our regular commissary prices.”

The sales events are not limited to just a few select items. “These sales provide shoppers super deals on bulk items including cereals, breakfast bars, chips, beverages and paper goods,” she said. “Commissaries also offer great deals on seasonal fresh produce and provide high-value coupons for products inside the store.”

In addition to better pricing, case lot sales are distinguishable from big-box club stores by what is called “mix and match” offerings. “If you have a large family, you can’t go wrong with our mix and match section where you can take like items and mix up bulk-size cases,” Cauthers said. “Mix and match offerings include cereals, canned items, beverages and various other grocery items for year-round use.”

Customers have a variety of options to choose from. Sale items include products in the following categories:

  • Fruit snacks, pudding snack packs, granola bars, fruit bars, pastries, peanut butter and popcorn
  • Water and flavored water, teas, juices, juice mixes, sodas, sports drinks and breakfast drinks
  • Frozen pizza and sausage links
  • Chilled items to include cheeses, yogurt and yogurt mix
  • Prepackaged meats such as lunchmeat, bacon and pork loin
  • Pet supplies to include bagged and canned food, treats and cat litter
  • Pasta, barbecue and pasta sauces, spices, rice, oriental noodles and bowls, chili mix, and condiments
  • Cookies, brownies, pancakes and muffin mixes; oatmeal
  • Canned fruit, vegetables, soups, tuna and chili
  • Sandwich, storage and freezer bags; paper products and cleaning supplies such as bathroom tissue, fabric sheets and laundry detergent
  • Health and beauty care items including diapers, wipes, shampoo and conditioner, soaps, shaving gels, and body lotions

Commissaries in Europe and the Pacific, while not officially participating, may have substitute events such as sidewalk sales.

“Our commissaries offer the very best grocery products worldwide in savings and great value to our military and their families,” Cauthers said. “These twice-a-year sales offer even more value and savings for their hard earned dollar.”

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About DeCA: The Defense Commissary Agency operates a worldwide chain of commissaries providing groceries to military personnel, retirees and their families in a safe and secure shopping environment. Authorized patrons purchase items at cost plus a 5-percent surcharge, which covers the costs of building new commissaries and modernizing existing ones. Shoppers save an average of more than 30 percent on their purchases compared to commercial prices – savings amounting to thousands of dollars annually. A core military family support element, and a valued part of military pay and benefits, commissaries contribute to family readiness, enhance the quality of life for America’s military and their families, and help recruit and retain the best and brightest men and women to serve their country.

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