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DeLclima rides the wave of change in retailing thanks to advanced HVAC systems

DeLclima, riding the wave of change in retailing thanks to advanced HVAC systems, is the ideal partner for the biggest retail chains

Treviso, Italy, 2015-10-30 — /EPR Retail News/ — The world of retail is always testing new strategies to increase customer satisfaction and attract new ones. Until a few years ago, shoppers based their choices on store convenience, today statistics show that they are more and more interested in instore services and brand values. A growing number of stores are extending opening hours and organizing events, so transforming shopping malls into theatres. Another trend is the green values and ethics communication.

In this context, where the length of a customer’s visit is increased, it becomes essential on the one hand to ensure client comfort and on the other to contain the operating costs and the environmental impact of the structures, thus demonstrating the reality of the commitment to the environment. Anefficient, flexible, advanced and reliable air conditioning system helps to achieve all these goals.

In general cooling and heating represents between 44% and 48% of total energy use. By installing high efficiency heating and cooling systems, like DeLclima’s, retailers can reduce energy costs by up to 40% and reduce carbon emissions. There are several cases of big retailers chosing Delclima units to go in this direction.

Corio Group for the new shopping center Nave de Vero in Venice did not hesitate when choosing DeLclima chillers and heat pumps. With an area of ​​55,000 m2 and materials such as steel, glass, wood and stone, the shopping mall with a futuristic design every night turns into a theatre hosting events of all kinds. The decision to install DeLclima units along with a photovoltaic system in the parking area and solar panels on the roof, allowed Nave de Vero to cut energy consumption by 60%, as well as being the first shopping center in Italy to have received BREEAM certification ad interim.

Also Carrefour chose DeLclima but this time the purpose was to improve environmental sustainability. The French retailer, with 10,860 stores in 33 countries, is accompanying the new openings with the replacement of air-conditioning systems in Italian stores with the aim of reducing CO2 emissions and improving energy performance; in the last four months 20 stores in northern Italy installed DeLclima units (chillers, heat pumps and rooftop units).

Ikea, the Swedish chain with 276 stores all over the world, aside from offering convenient items, is committed to reducing their environmental impact, both in terms of its products and store management, with a sustainable energy policy. Again HVAC systems is an area of ​​great attention, not only to improve client comfort but also to minimize energy costs.

Ikea stores chose the advanced Delclima HVAC solutions and, by combining them with renewable energy sources, they have been able to ensure comfort and efficiency while minimizing CO2emissions.

Decathlon is also following a model of sustainable development starting from the selection of suppliers to the choice of installing efficient HVAC units in the newest stores. For these stores, Decathlon chose Delclima rooftop units with an advanced heat recovery system, which together with architectural and structural adaptations allowed for 40% energy savings.

This sample of projects gives an idea of ​​the growing attention paid by the big names in retail, and by the developers, architects, and designers specialized in this area, all of whom are committed to solutions that combine sustainability and efficiency.  These projects also demonstrates the popularity of DeLclima as the specialized manufacturer of technology for sustainable heating and cooling, putting them at the forefront in Europe and all over the world.

SOURCE: DeLclima S.p.A

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