LVMH celebrates the 25th anniversary of its Environment Department

LVMH celebrates the 25th anniversary of its Environment Department


Paris, 2017-Sep-21 — /EPR Retail News/ — LVMH celebrates the 25th anniversary of the creation of the Group’s Environment Department on Wednesday, September 20th. LVMH will bring together CEOs from Group Maisons and prominent environmental experts for a special evening dubbed “Future LIFE”. The event offers an opportunity to spotlight 25 years of pioneering environmental initiatives by LVMH and look to the future.

The LVMH Group and its 70 Maisons have actively supported sustainable development since 1992, led by the Environmental Department. Created 25 years ago, the department supports the Maisons to help them thrive over the long term while respecting the environment.  The LVMH Group has made environmental responsibility a pillar of its growth strategy. A video retrospective recaps highlights of this engagement from the past 25 years.

In 1992, the year of the Earth Summit, LVMH decided to create a distinct Environment Department, reporting directly to top management. The new department was tasked with setting bold sustainable development goals, and supporting the Maisons in achieving these goals, ensuring their long-term development while respecting the environment.

LVMH focused even greater priority on environmental issues in 2012 with the creation of LIFE –  LVMH Initiatives For the Environment – a program that structures initiatives by Group Maisons and unifies efforts to meet targets in all areas of their operations, from production and procurement to retail and design. As part of this program, LVMH created an in-house carbon fund in 2015 with the goal of reducing CO2 emissions by the Group and its Maisons by 25%, contributing to international efforts to limit global warming. Over six million euros has been invested in green projects thanks to this fund!

To celebrate 25 years of commitment by the Group and the creation of its Environment Department, a special evening dubbed “Future LIFE” will take place on September 20th. Numerous CEOs from LVMH Maisons will be joined by prominent environmental experts. The event offers an opportunity to spotlight 25 years of pioneering environmental initiatives by LVMH and look to the future with LIFE 2020, a comprehensive and ambitious roadmap that encompasses all Group businesses and operations.


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LVMH Environment Department to mark its 25th anniversary with new objectives in the LIFE 2020 program

Paris, 2017-Sep-20 — /EPR Retail News/ — As the LVMH Environment Department prepares to celebrate its 25th anniversary, including a livestream on Facebook, discover the ambitious new objectives in the LIFE (LVMH Initiatives For the Environment) 2020 program. This roadmap will further boost the environmental performance of the LVMH Group and each of its Maisons.

The LVMH Group created the LVMH Initiatives for the Environment, or LIFE, program in 2012, accelerating an environmental and sustainable development strategy deployed since 1992. The cornerstone of the Group’s commitment to protecting the environment, this comprehensive program spans production, procurement, retail and design across all 70 LVMH Maisons. LIFE is a broad initiative that engages every one of the Group’s 135,000 employees.

Today LVMH reasserts its commitment to making protection of the environment a key growth driver, expanding the LIFE program with ambitious new objectives for 2020. This strong commitment is based on four pillars that engage all the Group’s business sectors and activities:  products, supply chain, CO2 and sites. For each pillar, concrete objectives have been set:

– Product objective: To mitigate the environmental footprint of product creation, by 2020 the Group aims to improve the environmental performance of all its products, covering the entire lifecycle.
– Supply Chain objective: More closely monitor the traceability and conformity of the raw materials used to create our exceptional products while at the same time preserving natural resources and applying the highest standards across 70% of procurement chains.
– CO2 objective: Reduce CO2 emissions by 25% by 2020, pursuing initiatives introduced to fight climate change. The LVMH Group pioneered a trend among businesses in 2002 by introducing carbon reporting at its Maisons. In 2015 LVMH again proved a trailblazer by creating an in-house Carbon Fund, announced during the COP21 conference.
– Site objective: All sites will target an improvement of at least 10% in environmental performance indicators including water and energy consumption and waste production. The Maisons are also committed to improving their energy efficiency by 15%.

LIFE 2020 marks an important new phase, giving LVMH Maisons a clear vision and strengthening the capacity for initiative. This roadmap has unlocked creative energies by opening up opportunities and driving innovation and growth while unifying teams around shared goals.

As part of celebrations around the 25th anniversary of the Environment Department, LVMH is hosting a special event that will be livestreamed on the Group’s Facebook page. Rendezvous on September 20 from 6:30 pm Paris time on!


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SPAR Hungary celebrates its 25th anniversary with renewal of 20 supermarkets and opening of new stores across the country

Hungary, 2016-Dec-23 — /EPR Retail News/ — SPAR Hungary ends the year on a high note with the celebration of its 25th anniversary. To mark this milestone year, a lot of investment has been put into the modernisation of SPAR stores, with the renewal of 20 supermarkets across the country, as well as the opening of new stores.

The largest investment went into the renovation of the Pesterzsébet INTERSPAR in Budapest. Originally opened in 1998, the hypermarket has been renewed inside and out, and offers customers a wide range of new products and services.

Natural materials were used for the new interior, which was designed in collaboration with international experts. The result is an inviting and innovative layout, providing customers with a pleasant shopping experience. There is a market-like fruit and vegetable section at the entrance to the store, an instore bakery department, a health and wellness area and a SPAR-to-Go restaurant, where top quality dishes are on offer.

The modernisation of Pesterzsébet INTERSPAR included introducing sustainable solutions to reduce the store’s energy consumption. In addition to high performance, environmentally friendly refrigeration systems, cost-efficient LED lighting has been installed throughout the store.

In Budapest, a completely new SPAR Supermarket has opened on the ground floor of an office building, creating 21 new jobs.

The new store is 600m2 and has been designed according to the latest SPAR branding and design principles. There is a deli counter, bakery and fresh produce section and special attention was given to the implementation of energy-efficient equipment such as LED lighting and efficient heating and cooling systems.

In addition to fresh goods and the popular A-brand products, the new store also offers a good range of SPAR Own Brand products of excellent quality and at favourable prices.

Since entering Hungary 25 years ago, SPAR has worked hard to develop its retail network. There are currently 345 SPAR Supermarkets, 32 INTERSPAR Hypermarkets and 108 SPAR stores in the country, providing jobs for more than 13, 000 people


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Levi Strauss & Co. expands its Worker Well-being initiative to mark 25th anniversary of its Terms of Engagement

SAN FRANCISCO, 2016-Oct-15 — /EPR Retail News/ — Marking the 25th anniversary of its industry-changing supplier code of conduct, called Terms of Engagement, Levi Strauss & Co. (LS&Co.) announced a new commitment to expand the company’s pioneering Worker Well-being initiative – both within and outside the company. By 2025, the company will aim to:

• Expand Worker Well-being to reach more than 300,000 workers;
• Implement the program with all strategic vendors;
• Produce more than 80 percent of its product volume in Worker Well-being factories.

In addition to these targets, the company announced it will share with the industry its Worker Well-being best practices, tools and standards in a move to exponentially increase the reach and impact of the program. Open sourcing best practices in this way has proven effective in driving outsized impact and system-level change.

“Our intent for the Worker Well-being initiative is to continue to serve as a catalyst to transform the apparel industry by setting a new standard for valuing and investing in apparel workers’ lives,” said Chip Bergh, president and CEO. “We have seen that when we lead, others follow. From our Terms of Engagement in 1991, to sharing our chemical management system with other brands, to open sourcing our Water.

Worker Well-being represents a groundbreaking shift in how companies address the needs of workers who make their products. Launched in 2011, the initiative has created proven, sustainable business and social benefits at all levels of the supply chain, including a demonstrated 4:1 return on investment for some programs. Through this initiative, LS&Co. has been able to show suppliers that healthy, financially literate workers are more productive, which contributes to the bottom line through reduced absenteeism and higher retention rates. These results spur investment in programs from suppliers themselves, which has taken Worker Wellbeing beyond LS&Co.’s initial targets.

LS&Co. is also taking measurement a step further by getting to the core of what “well-being” truly means to workers. Through a grant from the Levi Strauss Foundation, Harvard’s Sustainability and Health Initiative for NetPositive Enterprise (SHINE) program, based at the Center for Health and the Global Environment at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, will develop a universal Worker Well-being measurement toolkit for the wider manufacturing industry. The toolkit is meant to provide suppliers with a dashboard to track key performance indicators around workers’ overall levels of engagement, health and well-being beyond typical business measures. This will allow suppliers to better understand and analyze the impact of well-being on their workers and business in real-time.

This dashboard tool will also be shared publicly.

“Building a strategy and tool for suppliers to understand and actively monitor worker well-being represents a new chapter for the apparel industry,” said Eileen McNeely, Co-Director of SHINE. “The uptake of the well-being strategy starts with the vision, moves with the metrics and sustains overtime with proof that businesses, workers, families and communities benefit from enhanced well-being. We see a huge potential for this approach to create positive social impact and the next industry standard.”

LS&Co.’s Worker Well-being program takes a unique approach that is rooted in the workers’ self-identified needs, first and foremost. Before implementing any programs or solutions, LS&Co. starts by surveying factory workers to hear firsthand what they need to become more engaged, healthy and productive employees. Only then, LS&Co. and its vendors partner with local and national non-profits and NGOs to implement programs to meet the needs of workers. Programs generally focus on financial empowerment, health and family well-being and equality and acceptance, but are flexible to workers’ changing needs.

LS&Co. will share its Worker Well-being Guidebook, which contains all the tools and materials needed for companies to implement programs in their own supply chains, including the initial worker needs survey. The company will also share key results from countries it has implemented programs in to provide proof points.

The Worker Well-being resources are available here.

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