Ace Sheds Secure The Family Jewels

Ace Sheds have developed a great range of differing wooden buildings from the common or garden shed to the summerhouse range and finally to the full purpose built self design building. All these buildings have the quality and design characteristics, which make them superb for the job they have been built to do and at a price, which is excellent, and at a fraction of what any brick or breeze block building would cost. As the name suggests Ace Sheds started life as major shed builders and whilst they supply other buildings the shed market is still a major part of the business of garden sheds in Kent.

Ace Sheds tailor make each shed to satisfy a certain part of the market and one of the best sheds that is produced is the Reigate Security Shed which is one of the strongest sheds on the market. Shed crime has become a major problem and the losses from these buildings have been very high over the last few years. This has been mainly due to the fact that criminals have not had to bring along tools to break in and therefore cannot be charged with possession of such tools, also the standard shed is usually at the bottom of the garden and in the quietest place and the darkest place so that the burglar can break in without waking the family or the neighbours.

Ace Sheds have taken this on board and produced a superb shed that is ideal for this application the Reigate Security Shed. The frame is a 52 mm x 25 mm with extra diagonal supports for extra strength, the cladding is tongued and grooved boarding throughout and the floors and the roof are also made of 12 mm tongued and grooved boarding. The windows are small and very high in the building, the standard fitting comes with plastic safety glass but toughened glass is a recommended option. There is a substantial door, which is 750 mm wide and fitted with security hinges and a 3 lever mortice door lock. The security on this Ace Sheds building is excellent and to break into the building requires some excellent tools to be used and the sensible burglar is not going to be caught with those. Even with the right tools the Reigate Security Shed is going to resist the burglar totally or cause the person to take a long time in the operation, which will deter all but the hardened criminal.

Ace Sheds have not just made this shed to be a safe but primarily as an excellent garden storage area and the Reigate Security Shed has a good storage area. The Sheds can be sourced in sizes from 8 foot x 6 foot to a large 14 foot x 8 foot which will cover most needs. This shed is ideal for keeping garden mowers and hedge trimmers as well as the children’s cycles safely and securely. Ace Sheds also recommend using a burglar alarm in certain cases and a no window option is also available to reduce any chance of seeing inside the building.

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The Tonbridge Chalet Wooden Summer House From Ace Sheds

Ace Sheds have now developed a fully comprehensive portfolio of summer houses ranging from the small to the large and from the simple design to the ornate but one of their proudest achievements is the Tonbridge Chalet Wooden Summer House. This particular summer house has a great pedigree but it really is one of the most versatile of all of Ace Sheds range of summer houses. The design is simple but the overall finish is such that it creates a strong almost Austrian type of building, which will fit well in any garden.

Ace Sheds have tried to create the typical chalet design with a smart shallow style roof, with a central apex, which extends over a delightful little veranda, the roof whilst looking good also allows there to be good headroom throughout the building. Ace Sheds have designed the building so there is a good oblong central room with the front being in the long side of the building. The floor area of the overall building can be anything from 9 ft x 8 ft up to 12 ft x 10 ft to allow the finished size to be a personal choice of the customer, the size of the garden and the number of people potentially using the summer house will ultimately determine the size of the building. One thing to note is that Ace Sheds have been very careful in pricing these units and that the purchase of the largest sized unit is an exceptionally good deal and well worth exploring if the summer house will fit the site.

The great feature of the Tonbridge Chalet Wooden Summer House is the delightful Georgian windows which extend over the full width of the front of the summer house from waist to head height with two windows fitted either side of a pair of double doors with Georgian windows in the top half of each door. There is also a large Georgian window fitted in one side of the building with Ace Sheds offering the option of fitting another Georgian window in the other side wall. Unlike your standard garden sheds, this mass of windows gives a good deal of light to the building and also enhances the view for the people using the summer house but it is the Georgian design, which gives the building its character. The double doors allow the building to be opened up fully to the weather on a great summer’s day but which is still capable of retaining the integrity of the building on those damp days when the summer house is being used as an escape from house.

Ace Sheds have developed the Tonbridge Chalet range to give a hint of that lovely Alpine building which stands in the middle of the valleys of mountains because it fits in perfectly with the British garden but is still a great functional building which will give an excellent place to spend the day or evening in a good summer. It is also built so that when fitted with suitable electrical services it can provide a good place to go throughout the year. Ace Sheds have turned a standard design into a most attractive summer house, which can be bought and fitted for a price that will not break the bank.

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