Carrefour launches the Únicos programme in Brazil; one of its initiatives to combat and minimize food wastage

Carrefour launches the Únicos programme in Brazil; one of its initiatives to combat and minimize food wastage


Boulogne-Billancourt, France, 2017-Nov-07 — /EPR Retail News/ — Carrefour has launched the Únicos programme in Brazil, a marketing initiative for quality produce which does not correspond to the traditional food aesthetic marketing standards. In all, there are more than 10 types of fruits and vegetables with discounts starting at 30%. The programme encourages the consumption of produce considered “ugly”, because it is in unusual sizes and shapes that do not come up to the aesthetic standards currently adopted by producers and retailers in Brazil. Part of the Carrefour Group’s Sustainability Platform, the initiative contributes to waste reduction in Brazil, one of the world’s leading food producers. It also creates new possibilities of using this produce which often doesn’t reach the tables of consumers due to the aesthetic requirements of producers, distributors and traders today (11/03/2017).

Starting this month, the Únicos programme will be rolled out every Friday in certain Carrefour hypermarkets in São Paulo (SP) and will have its own communications strategy and store furniture in the Market format. Several varieties of fruits and vegetables, such as Italian zucchini, potato, eggplant, beet, onion, carrot, chayote, orange, gala apple, cucumber and tomato, will be sold in vacuum-sealed packages.

In Brazil, more than 40,000 tons of food are wasted annually. Worldwide, this amounts to 1.3 billion tons, according to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). Furthermore, according to the FAO, about 30% of food that is produced in the world is discarded and lost even before reaching the consumer’s table.

The Carrefour Brazil Group has therefore adopted several initiatives to combat and minimize food wastage. Since 2015, Atacadão, the company’s cash & carry format, has led the way in Brazil by commercializing produce considered non-aesthetically standard through the “Sans Form” programme, where “ugly” fruits and vegetables are sold at a discount. The initiative is currently rolled out in nine self-service Atacadão stores in the states of São Paulo, Rio Grande do Sul and Pernambuco.

Currently under implementation at Carrefour stores, the Únicos programme will be initially rolled out in two hypermarkets in São Paulo, located in the Pinheiros and José Bonifácio neighbourhoods, on the well-known Estrada do Pêssego. The initiative is part of the main pillar of the company’s Sustainability Platform in Brazil designed to combat food waste. The Platform has several programmes such as the ‘Zero Waste’ Movement which includes internal and external awareness initiatives with employees, customers and partners, as well as initiatives to contain and reduce waste of natural resources, especially food, in its day-to-day operations.

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Cerrado Manifesto: Ahold Delhaize to work together with leading companies to stop forest loss in Brazil

Zaandam, the Netherlands, 2017-Oct-26 — /EPR Retail News/ — Ahold Delhaize has joined 22 other leading retailers and food companies to endorse a letter of support for the Cerrado Manifesto, a global pledge to work toward halting forest loss associated with soybean production and cattle expansion in the Cerrado, a vast tropical savanna in Brazil.

The announcement was made on October 25 during a high-level summit in London that focused on creating deforestation-free commodity and supply chains by 2020. In addition to Ahold Delhaize, companies signing the statement included among others Carrefour, Colgate Palmolive, Kellogg, McDonald’s, Nestle, Tesco, Unilever and Walmart.

“We are making a commitment to help protect the Cerrado, which is Brazil’s second largest biome after the Amazon,” said Jan Ernst de Groot, Ahold Delhaize Chief Legal Officer and responsible for Product Integrity. “This is a key step toward developing sustainable sourcing strategies in partnership with local and international stakeholders.”

The businesses “recognize the critical importance of the Cerrado for its role in climate change mitigation, as a repository for biodiversity, as the source of many of Brazil’s fresh water systems, and additionally as a production region for the agricultural commodities used in our products,” the two-page letter of support says. “However, we also recognize the extent and pace of native vegetation loss resulting from cattle and soy expansion in the Cerrado poses a significant threat to these social, environmental and economic values.”

Recent research indicates the availability of substantial areas of already cleared land. “It is increasingly clear that development need not be incompatible with the protection of globally important landscapes,” the letter continues.

It concludes that the 23 companies collectively “seek to collaborate to develop the policies needed to steer all actors towards a more sustainable land use pathway, and the monitoring and verification systems to give us confidence that our actions are having the desired outcome of protecting the unique landscape of the Cerrado.”


Ellen van Ginkel
Director External Communications
+31 88 6595134

SOURCE: Ahold Delhaize

Carrefour launches My Carrefour omni-channel data intelligence platform in Brazil

Carrefour launches My Carrefour omni-channel data intelligence platform in Brazil


Boulogne-Billancourt‎, France, 2017-Oct-17 — /EPR Retail News/ — Carrefour launches in Brazil the My Carrefour omni-channel data intelligence platform  which concentrates the company’s retail services in a single democratic, free and national benefits program, composed of offers, coupons and other exclusive and personalised advantages.    The new program translates the company’s omni-channel strategy in the country, which puts the customer at the centre of everything, offering more and more services that facilitate their day-to-day life. The My Carrefour application also concentrates Carrefour’s sale of food online, implemented as from this month initially for São Paulo (SP).

The program starts off as a platform that adheres to its retail formats and channels: supermarkets, hypermarkets, proximity stores, petrol stations and e-commerce (website and application). The food e-commerce will already be made available to 200 districts of the Paulista capital – pertaining to the central, western and southern zones – and the service will have six  delivery period options, one of the biggest on the Brazilian market. Integrated in Carrefour’s digital platform, the service invests in the speed of the purchase process and the quality of the logistics process.

In all, there are more than 6,000 food products at competitive prices, added to the more than 50,000 non food items already marketed by the website – an assortment with hundreds of marketplace options already in operation.  The geographical expansion of the new service of online sale of food products will take place gradually, over the next few months to the other districts of the city and, in future, to the rest of the country.

In addition to this differential, My Carrefour offers democratic and practical benefits even to non registered customers.  Those who opt to register in the free program, as well as a discounted price for various products marked with the purple label, will have access to different coupons issued according to their purchase profile and accepted in the Carrefour stores and site.  For those who opt not to register, it will still be possible to take advantage of the special price dynamic simply by providing their CPF at any checkout.

Registration in My Carrefour is also simple and practical, by means of the My Carrefour application (Android and IOS), on the site, and in the supermarkets and hypermarkets by means of tablets available at the entrance of the stores. In the 103 hypermarkets spread around Brazil, registration totems, benefits consulting and coupon printing will also be provided.   Integrated in My Carrefour, the network’s couponing platform issues digital coupons (application, website and e-mail), which are read at the till directly on the screen of the cell phone, and printed, delivered together with the tax coupon of the physical stores – which can be reprinted within the validity period.

In addition to redeeming the coupons in the different formats and channels of the network, such as Carrefour Express stores for example, the customer will also have access to special offer combos. And at the Carrefour petrol stations, coupon discounts are conferred per litre of fuel. In addition to the ads and point-of-sale communications of the physical and online stores, including the My Carrefour application, the program’s principal special offers can be conferred in the application and in the offer catalogues.

The My Carrefour application also offers the customer various other features, such as: store locator; bar code reader, enabling the price of the products to be checked remotely; digital bar code to speed up the identification process on the cash register; relevant promotional coupons based on purchasing history and preferences, including the physical store of interest; purchase history in the physical store and online to monitor expenses; and suggestions of offers based on these stored lists of purchases.

The sale of food online enables the list of purchases to be set up rapidly, with intuitive navigation by category and the option of building a list based on previous purchases in the application or physical store, a feature available thanks to the data intelligence system.  With deliveries between 07h and 21h on the day following the purchase, the service provides reusable packaging and fixed-price delivery. The quality of the purchase experience is the great attraction, made possible above all by the adoption of the so-called dark store strategy, a distribution centre concept whose operation is exclusive and dedicated, with a privileged location within the large urban centres.

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U.S. Craft Beer Sales Dominate the South American Market

Sao Paulo, Brasil, 2017-Oct-11 — /EPR Retail News/ — Mexico has its tequila, Cuba has rum, Brazilians drink caipirinhas and now America has craft beer.  Though the U.K. holds the most breweries per capita, the U.S. remains the largest producer of craft beer with 5,000+ breweries.  In fact, the craft beer revolution has become so strong and established in Europe and North America that the trend has begun trickling southwards and is dominating sales in places like Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, and Peru.

“Sales of craft beer in Latin America are growing at between 20% and 40% a year, depending on which country you’re in,” said Daniel Trivelli in a 2016 BBC News article.  President of Copa Cervezas de America, one of the region’s biggest craft beer contests, Trivelli said craft beer sales in Chile grew nearly 25% from the previous year, which represented only 2% of the overall beer market in 2016.

Craft beer is a trend the world over, and South America is jumping on the bandwagon as its culinary scene continues to progress at an astounding rate, its craft brewing scene is getting global recognition through its introduction of America’s most popular and beloved flavors.  Here are a few of the popular craft beers from America you can find on your next visit to Central and South America:

Chub Scotch Ale • Oskar Blues Oskar Blues Brewery • Colorado

Oskar Blues Chub Scotch Ale, which was rated amongst the top 50 beers on Ratebeer comes from a funky little brew pub in Longmont, Colorado.  The dark brown color features a beautiful Beige cream reveals notes of cocoa, coffee, dried and smoked dark fruit.  Its potent alcoholic strength of 8% balances well between its sweet and slightly bitter taste.  From the brewery that began the craft-beer-in-a-can craze, the scotch ale tastes strong with big and deliciously complex flavors.

Even More Jesus • Evil Twin Brewing • New York

A black color and a persistent foam contain an aroma espresso, chocolate, and caramel.  This complex beer produced in limited quantities features an intense flavor of chocolate, coffee, and brown sugar.  Its sweet flavor, high body, and dry coffee aftertaste are recognizable throughout all 12% of its alcohol volume making it worthy of the vote of one of the best breweries in the world.

Independence Pass Ale • Aspen Brewing Company • Aspen, Colorado

Ideal for the adventurous home cook, the Independence Pass Ale is for the friend in the group who doesn’t like IPAs but wants to look like they like IPAs.  This hoppy yet balanced, high altitude rendition of the classic India Pale Ale style won Gold Medals two years in a row at the World Beer Cup, the most prestigious beer competition in the world.  A major catalyst for Aspen Brewing Company, this high-altitude rendition of the classic IPA boasts an all-around fuller flavor and smells of strong caramelized malts when you pour the off-white, hazy and “chunky” amber body into the pint.

Funk-n-Delicious, Belgian-Style Blueberry Sour Ale • Oceanside Ale Works San Diego  

Tastes as sour as blueberry jack hammer to the tongue with a hazy amber color and a thin, white, frothy head. Dedicated to using only the freshest hops and finest barleys, Oceanside Ale Works gifts to the world a series of Belgian style blonde ales spontaneously fermented with wild airborne yeast Blueberry, Peach, and Strawberry.  The Lambic/Belgian sours, aged in Johannesburg Riesling barrels with organic blueberries, gives off a mild sweet aroma and flavor of Belgian sugar, champagne, and grains.  One of the few remaining manual brew houses in the country, this 20-barrel brewery produces a hand-crafted beer with a 6% ABV you are sure to remember.  Whether you’re relaxing in luxury in Peru’s upscale Miraflores district, soaking up the arts in Sao Paulo, or experimenting with flavors in Argentina the craft beer revolution can be found nearby.

About Velour Imports
Velour Imports Limited Liability Company is an export management company which distributes alcoholic beverages through the solicitation of sales of wine, beer, and ciders to a rising number of luxury resorts and hotels around the world. The staff secures purchase orders from approved distributors, importers and agents, in addition to developing brand recognition to help increase those sales. The organization holds federal and state export licenses in compliance with the laws and regulations that the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau. The company secures compliance, sales authority, and arranges logistics of product directly from manufacturers.

Announcing easy access to American craft beer, Velour Imports sponsored the BeerFluence #localgoesglobal, social media campaign. Running until November 4th, each week features product reviews from a different blogger, homebrewer, or journalist from Brazil, Panama, the Cayman Islands, or the U.S. For full campaign details, or a list of to participating partners, visit

Sequential Brands Group partners with SPR Sports to bring its active brands to Brazil

NEW YORK, 2017-Mar-09 — /EPR Retail News/ — Sequential Brands Group, Inc. (Nasdaq:SQBG) (“Sequential” or the “Company”) announced today (March 08, 2017) that it has entered into a long-term license agreement with SPR Indústria de Confecção Ltda. (“SPR Sports”), a leading sports manufacturer and distributor to bring its basketball brand AND1, active lifestyle brand AVIA, and skate brand DVS to Brazil.

Under the new agreement, SPR Sports will manufacture and distribute a collection of active apparel, footwear and accessories for the AND1, AVIA and DVS brands. The new collections will first be introduced in late 2017 through Netshoes, one of the largest e-commerce retailers in Brazil, followed by a rollout to sporting goods stores beginning in early 2018.

“Entering the Brazilian market is another strategic step toward reaching our international expansion goals and driving continued growth for our brands throughout the world,” said Sequential CEO Yehuda Shmidman. “We see great opportunity in working with SPR Sports to bring our active brands to a region where a passion for sports and an active lifestyle is a major part of everyday life.”

AND1 is a premier basketball footwear and apparel brand that has remained synonymous with the game of basketball and its streetball lifestyle for nearly 25 years. AND1’s footwear, apparel and accessories can be found at select retailers around the world.

AVIA came to prominence thanks to its revolutionary cantilever technology, which remains the bedrock on which performance shoes are made. Today, AVIA continues to lead the active lifestyle movement with pioneering technology and stylish design for athletic footwear, activewear, and accessories.

DVS is a global skate brand dedicated to inspiring youth to have fun and always push forward. Known for its 20+ year history in action sports, DVS creates premium footwear, apparel and accessories for all sports including skateboarding, surfing, snowboarding and motorsport.

About Sequential Brands Group, Inc.
Sequential Brands Group, Inc. (Nasdaq:SQBG) owns, promotes, markets, and licenses a portfolio of consumer brands in the home, fashion, active categories, which includes the AND1®, AVIA® and DVS® brands. Sequential seeks to ensure that its brands continue to thrive and grow by employing strong brand management, design and marketing teams. Sequential has licensed and intends to license its brands in a variety of consumer categories to retailers, wholesalers and distributors in the United States and around the world. For more information, please visit Sequential’s website at: To inquire about licensing opportunities, please email:

About SPR Indústria de Confecção Ltda. (“SPR Sports”)
SPR Indústria de Confecção Ltda., is a multi-faceted Brazilian company focused on the sports market. In addition to working with major brands such as Kappa and the NBA, the company also manages the licensing of apparel products for the largest soccer clubs in Brazil including Sport Club Corinthians, Vasco da Gama, Cruzeiro, Botafogo, Vitoria, Bahia, Sport Recife, and Atletico Paranaense. SPR Franchises Ltda., a division of the company, is the largest franchisor of soccer team stores, with more than 150 franchised stores. For more information, visit:

Media Contact:

Sequential Brands Group, Inc.
Jaime Cassavechia
+1 212-518-4771 x108

Source: Sequential Brands Group, Inc./globenewswire

Luxottica Group to acquire one of the largest optical franchisors in Brazil Óticas Carol

Milan , 2017-Jan-31 — /EPR Retail News/ — Luxottica Group S.p.A, a leader in the design, manufacture, distribution and sale of fashion, luxury and sports eyewear, signed an agreement with the current shareholders of Óticas Carol under which Luxottica will acquire 100% of Óticas Carol, one of the largest optical franchisors in Brazil with approximately 950 locations.

Established in 1997, Óticas Carol sells a broad range of prescription frames and sunglasses, with annual system sales of approximately Euro 200 million. Óticas Carol has achieved significant growth in recent years, strengthening its management team and growing its retail footprint from approximately 500 stores in 2013 to 950 in 2016, largely through established partnerships with franchisees.

“Brazil is a great country, one we have believed in and operated in for 25 years,” said Leonardo Del Vecchio, Executive Chairman of Luxottica Group. “With this transaction, we take one step further in completing our vertically integrated business model, which has shown many benefits for all our consumers”.

According to Ronaldo Pereira, CEO of Óticas Carol: “The transaction brings Carol to a whole new level. Our franchisees will belong to a global eyewear company, which brings them a greater sense of security to continue to grow and invest in our brand. Now we have all the necessary tools to move forward with our expansion plans”.

The transaction, which is valued at Euro 110 million, remains subject to customary regulatory approvals and is expected to close in the first half of 2017.

Upon completion, the transaction will mark Luxottica’s entry into the optical retail business in Brazil, a region with excellent growth potential in eyewear. Luxottica currently operates a network of Sunglass Hut stores in Brazil and has a solid presence through its wholesale business and a manufacturing plant in Campinas.

3i Group plc, Neuberger Berman and Siguler Guff & Company, LP are the major selling shareholders involved in the transaction.


Alessandra Senici
Group Investor Relations and Corporate Communications Director
Tel: +39 02 8633 4870

Source: Luxottica Group

Wendy’s brings new consumer experience to its new stores in Brazil with NCR technology

São Paulo, 2016-Oct-28 — /EPR Retail News/ — The Wendy’s Company (NASDAQ: WEN) has opened its first two stores in Brazil, in the city of São Paulo. With capacity for over 140 people, Wendy’s is transforming the customer experience across its restaurants thanks to the technology provided by NCR Corporation (NYSE: NCR), a global leader in omni–channel solutions.

Wendy’s has rolled out NCR Vitalcast digital signage solution at its restaurant entrances, enabling the brand to promote its menu and promotions in a new way. After ordering and paying at the point-of-sale (POS) terminal, guests are given a device enabled with geolocation capabilities that enables the staff to bring the order directly to the customer wherever the customer is seated.

“Our goal is to deliver quality products in the shortest time possible. And more than that, customer convenience is our top priority, so we invest in technologies that enable us to automate internal processes and ensure customers get their food as quickly as possible,” said Marcel Gholmieh, from Wendy’s.

To structure these and other restaurant operations, “NCR was our chosen partner because it complemented our own working ethos and approach, which aims to provide the best experience to the Brazilian consumer,” says Wendy’s Marcel Gholmieh.

Cutting-edge technology
Wendy’s uses the NCR Aloha POS software that facilitates the management of daily activities and internal processes, with resources for reporting, menu management, customizable screens and a user-intuitive interface. The solution also includes increased data security for cloud storage between other points that make management more simple and secure with detailed control activities.

With fast service key to Wendy’s offering, the restaurant also uses the NCR Aloha Kitchen – a solution that ensures the management and control of kitchen orders straight from the POS terminal.

NCR Aloha Kitchen enables the analysis of production time of each dish of the restaurant, and allows order visualization in detail to time perfectly the different elements of the order so that customers receive high quality food quickly.

Mobility and productivity
Wendy’s is also using the NCR Pulse Real–Time, a mobile app that provides visibility of sales performance, labor and much more in real time.  NCR Pulse Real-Time enables senior and regional managers to better understand the performance of their restaurants wherever they are.

“The arrival of Wendy’s in Brazil shows how promising the hospitality sector is in the country. We are delighted to be working with this renowned fast food chain to provide the best solutions available in the market for restaurant operations,” Ricardo Carreon, director general for the Hospitality NCR market in Latin America and the Caribbean, “Due to the constant investment NCR makes in innovation, we can offer the best solutions, from hardware to software and services, and make daily activities more efficient with a differentiated experience consumer.”

The arrival of Wendy’s in Brazil is the result of the joint venture between Infinity Services, Starboard and a subsidiary of Wendy’s Company.

About NCR Corporation
NCR Corporation (NYSE: NCR) is a leader in omni-channel solutions, turning everyday interactions with businesses into exceptional experiences. With its software, hardware and portfolio of services, NCR enables more than 550 million transactions daily across retail, financial, travel, hospitality, telecom and technology, and small business. NCR solutions run the everyday transactions that make your life easier.

NCR is headquartered in Duluth, Georgia with over 30,000 employees and does business in 180 countries. NCR is a trademark of NCR Corporation in the United States and other countries. The company encourages investors to visit its web site which is updated regularly with financial and other important information about NCR.

Twitter: @NCRCorporation

Brazilian Media Contact – NCR:
DFREIRE Comunicação e Negócios – (11) 5105 – 7171
Debora Freire – – (11) 99976 – 1165
Paula Ires – – (11) 98594 – 8848

US Media Contact:
Tim Henschel
NCR Corporation

Source: NCR Corporation

BRAZIL: Carrefour re-opens six hypermarkets as part of its New Generation concept

BRAZIL: Carrefour re-opens six hypermarkets as part of its New Generation concept
BRAZIL: Carrefour re-opens six hypermarkets as part of its New Generation concept


Brazil, 2016-Oct-12 — /EPR Retail News/ — This Thursday (6th October), Carrefour is re-opening six hypermarkets as part of its New Generation concept, in the cities of São Paulo (SP), Ribeirão Preto (SP), Piracicaba (SP), Taubaté (SP), Uberlândia (MG) and Belford Roxo (RJ). The New Generation concept is an innovative approach to architecture, carried out all across its network and based on qualitative research on the behaviour and preferences of Brazilian consumers.

Carrefour continues to roll-out new generation concept started in 2015 and now has 62 stores in the concept “New generation”

The main change is to the Fresh Produce area – consisting of the meat, fish, bakery, fruit & vegetable, cheese and deli sections – which now offers customers a panoramic vista of the products on sale, with specialist staff in each section. In these sections, customers can choose from a wide selection of meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, cheese and deli products, as well as freshly baked bread at all times. At the meat counter, it is also possible to choose from a variety of special cuts. To ensure maximum comfort and practicality, there is also a café serving drinks and a variety of sweet and savoury snacks.
Finally the offer is enriched with 4000 new products.

Staff training is also planned, in order to ensure more personalized and informed levels of service.

For all request about the Carrefour Group (sales, financial results, governance, international,…), please contact the Carrefour Group media relations office:

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SPAR Group now majority owner in newly created joint venture SPAR Brasil Serviços de Merchandising e Tecnologia S.A. in Brazil

White Plains, NY, 2016-Sep-21 — /EPR Retail News/ — SPAR Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: SGRP), a leading global supplier of merchandising and other retail services, today (September 20, 2016) announced that it has taken a majority position in a newly created joint venture corporation acquiring ownership from The Interpublic Group (“IPG”) in Brazil of New Momentum and New Momentum Services (which were part of their In-Store companies). The new corporation is called SPAR Brasil Serviços de Merchandising e Tecnologia S.A., and together with the acquired New Momentum In-Store companies collectively will be called SPAR Brazil.

SPAR Brazil will be headquartered in Sao Paulo with a second office in Rio de Janeiro and will provide merchandising, in-store promotion and other marketing and retail services throughout Brazil’s 26 states. The acquired New Momentum In-Store companies will be consolidated subsidiaries of SPAR and are expected to add more than 20% to SPAR’s annual revenue.

This new acquisition adds South America to SPAR’s global coverage, which spans six continents and 50% of the world’s population with operations in the United States, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, India, Japan, Mexico, South Africa and Turkey.

“The arrival of SPAR in Brazil is very important to the development of this sector,” said Jonathan Dagues, the former Managing Director of the New Momentum companies prior to their acquisition by SPAR and now CEO and President of each of the SPAR Brazil companies. “SPAR’s global experience and sector intelligence, combined with its superior technology, give us a decided edge in the market as Brazilian in-store merchandising and marketing efforts continue to develop.”

With the acquisition, SPAR continues to add new Fortune 500 brands to its existing client roster as these large, multinational companies value SPAR’s global footprint and superior technology. SPAR Brazil’s clients will benefit greatly from the SPARtrac® Global Retail Service Operations System, which provides the field management, reporting, tracking and productivity enhancements global clients in Brazil have been asking for.

Steve Adolph, International President of SPAR, commented that, “our new joint venture opportunity in Brazil is our first entry into the important South American market and it will serve as a foundation for further expansion throughout the region. Jonathan’s sector experience and strong leadership make him the best person to lead our expansion efforts and enhance our position as the leading global merchandising and retail service company.”

About SPAR Group, Inc.

SPAR Group, Inc., is a diversified international merchandising and marketing services Company and provides a broad array of services worldwide to help companies improve their sales, operating efficiency and profits at retail locations. The Company provides merchandising and other marketing services to manufacturers, distributors and retailers worldwide, primarily in mass merchandiser, office supply, value, grocery, drug, independent, convenience, toy, home improvement and electronics stores, as well as providing furniture and other product assembly services, audit services, in-store events, technology services and marketing research. The Company has supplied these project and product services in the United States since certain of its predecessors were formed in 1979 and internationally since the Company acquired its first international subsidiary in Japan in May of 2001. Product services include restocking and adding new products, removing spoiled or outdated products, resetting categories “on the shelf” in accordance with client or store schematics, confirming and replacing shelf tags, setting new sale or promotional product displays and advertising, replenishing kiosks, providing in-store event staffing and providing assembly services in stores, homes and offices. Audit services include price audits, point of sale audits, out of stock audits, intercept surveys and planogram audits. Other merchandising services include whole store or departmental product sets or resets (including new store openings), new product launches, in-store demonstrations, special seasonal or promotional merchandising, focused product support and product recalls. The Company currently does business in 9 countries that encompass approximately 50% of the total world population through its operations in the United States, Canada, Japan, South Africa, India, China, Australia, Mexico, Turkey and now Brazil. For more information, please visit the SPAR Group’s website at

Forward-Looking Statements

This Press Release contains “forward-looking statements” made by SPAR Group, Inc. (“SGRP”, and together with its subsidiaries, the “SPAR Group” or the “Company”), will be filed shortly in a Current Report on Form 8-K by SGRP with the Securities and Exchange Commission (the “SEC”). There also are “forward looking statements” contained in SGRP’s Annual Report on Form 10-K for the year ended December 31, 2015 (the “Annual Report”), which was filed by SGRP with the SEC, SGRP’s definitive Proxy Statement respecting its Annual Meeting of Stockholders held on May 19, 2016 (the “Proxy Statement”), which SGRP filed with the SEC on April 27, 2016, and SGRP’s Quarterly Reports on Form 10-Q, Current Reports on Form 8-K and other reports and statements as and when filed with the SEC (including the Annual Report and the Proxy Statement, each a “SEC Report”). “Forward-looking statements” are defined in Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended (the “Securities Act”) and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended (the “Exchange Act”), and other applicable federal and state securities laws, rules and regulations, as amended (together with the Securities Act and Exchange Act, collectively, “Securities Laws”).

The forward-looking statements made by the Company in this Press Release may include (without limitation) any expectations, guidance or other information respecting the pursuit or achievement of the Company’s corporate strategic objectives (growth, customer value, employee development, productivity & efficiency, and earnings per share), building upon the Company’s strong foundation, leveraging compatible global opportunities, improving on the value we already deliver to customers, our growing client base, continuing balance sheet strength, customer contract expansion, growing revenues and becoming profitable through organic growth and acquisitions, attracting new business that will increase SPAR Group’s revenues, improving product mix, continuing to maintain or reduce costs or consummating any transactions. The Company’s forward-looking statements also include, in particular and without limitation, those made in “Business”, “Risk Factors” and “Management’s Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results of Operations” in the Annual Report. You can identify forward-looking statements in such information by the Company’s use of terms such as “may”, “will”, “expect”, “intend”, “believe”, “estimate”, “anticipate”, “continue” or similar words or variations or negatives of those words.

You should carefully consider (and not place undue reliance on) the Company’s forward-looking statements, risk factors and the other risks, cautions and information made, contained or noted in or incorporated by reference into this Press Release, the Proxy Statement and the other applicable SEC Reports that could cause the Company’s actual performance or condition (including its assets, business, capital, cash flow, credit, expenses, financial condition, income, liabilities, liquidity, locations, marketing, operations, performance, prospects, sales, strategies, taxation or other achievement, results, risks, trends or condition) to differ materially from the performance or condition planned, intended, anticipated, estimated or otherwise expected by the Company (collectively, “expectations”) and described in the information in the Company’s forward-looking and other statements, whether express or implied. Although the Company believes them to be reasonable, those expectations involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other unpredictable factors (many of which are beyond the Company’s control) that could cause those expectations to fail to occur or be realized or such actual performance or condition to be materially and adversely different from the Company’s expectations. In addition, new risks and uncertainties arise from time to time, and it is impossible for the Company to predict these matters or how they may arise or affect the Company. Accordingly, the Company cannot assure you that its expectations will be achieved in whole or in part, that the Company has identified all potential risks, or that the Company can successfully avoid or mitigate such risks in whole or in part, any of which could be significant and materially adverse to the Company and the value of your investment in SGRP’s Common Stock.

You should carefully review the risk factors described in the Annual Report (See Item 1A – Risk Factors) and any other risks, cautions or information made, contained or noted in or incorporated by reference into the Annual Report, the Proxy Statement or other applicable SEC Report. All forward-looking and other statements or information attributable to the Company or persons acting on its behalf are expressly subject to and qualified by all such risk factors and other risks, cautions and information.

The Company does not intend or promise, and the Company expressly disclaims any obligation, to publicly update or revise any forward-looking statements, risk factors or other risks, cautions or information (in whole or in part), whether as a result of new information, risks or uncertainties, future events or recognition or otherwise, except as and to the extent required by applicable law.


SPAR Group, Inc.
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Brazil becomes Starbucks first market in South America to enable mobile payment

BRAZIL, 2016-Jan-18 — /EPR Retail News/ — Starbucks Brazil has launched its mobile app, which includes mobile payment, allowing customers to pay for in-store purchases with their smartphones. Customers now have access to one of the largest mobile payment programs in Brazil and the fastest way to pay at Starbucks® stores.

Brazil is Starbucks first market in South America to enable mobile payment, following successful launches in the United States, Canada, U.K., and other select markets around the world.

In addition to the speed, ease and convenience of paying with a smartphone, the app allows customers to manage their Starbucks Card account, check their card balance, reload their card with any major credit card, and find a nearby Starbucks store with the store locator feature. This is all done through the password-protected app.

The app will engage and reward Starbucks most loyal customers – My Starbucks Rewards™ loyalty program members – by making it easier to earn, track and redeem rewards like free beverages and other special offers via their mobile device.

“Mobile payment is just one example of how we’re continually innovating on behalf of our customers to enhance the Starbucks Experience,” said Bianca Bader, marketing manager for Starbucks Brazil. “A growing segment of our customers here in Brazil are using smartphones, and we’re always thinking of new ways to add value and give them more reasons to choose Starbucks. After great success in other markets around the world, we’re very pleased to be launching our app in Brazil.”

About Starbucks Brazil
Starbucks opened its first store in Brazil in December 2006 and changed the specialty coffee market in the country. Today Starbucks operates over 100 stores in São Paulo, Guarulhos, Jundiaí, Campinas, São José dos Campos, Ribeirão Preto, São José do Rio Preto, Sorocaba, ABC Paulista, Santos, Piracicaba, Niterói and Rio de Janeiro.

In addition to its hot and cold handcrafted beverages and high-quality food products, Starbucks offers customers a “third place” – a welcoming and friendly environment between home and work where people can relax, listen to music and meet friends. The store environment, personalized service and the finest specialty coffees in the world together create the Starbucks Experience. To learn more about Starbucks Brazil, visit this website

For more information on this news release, contact the Starbucks Newsroom.

SOURCE: Starbucks Corporation


Brazil becomes Starbucks first market in South America to enable mobile payment

Brazil becomes Starbucks first market in South America to enable mobile payment