All The Power But Without The Tower – See And Buy The Incredible New HP Z1 Workstation Now At

If you’ve marvelled at the way computers have been packing ever-more impressive features into a compact body, then the just-introduced all-in-one workstation from HP will take your breath away.

Now, you don’t have to be stuck with a computer which you can’t upgrade to keep pace with the latest advances in processor power and memory capacity, because the HP Z1 workstation simply snaps open, allowing you to exchange components and add upgrades in no time.

This beautifully-crafted device incorporates a huge 27-inch (68.6cm) LED backlit display that will bring all your documents and images to life, and give you an unparalleled experience of the internet.

Changing components couldn’t be easier – with the click of a couple of buttons the screen lifts away to reveal the computer’s inner workings, so adding a new hard drive or extra memory is straightforward and will save you all the bother – and expense – of sending your machine to an IT specialist for upgrading.

Anthony Jones, HP Specialist at BT Business Direct said: “The HP Z1 is the result of decades of hard work by HP engineers, who have come up with the ultimate solution for easy upgrading, meaning that it needs no tools, and downtime is cut to the bone.

“We’re offering three versions of this state-of-the-art computer, with a choice of Intel triple or quad-core processors, up to 8GB of RAM, and 1 terabyte memory.

“It also comes with a DVD re-writer, high-definition webcam, digital-quality microphones and optional NVIDIA Quadro graphics card, which mean it offers a highly involving experience, and enough capability for the most demanding tasks.”

The HP Z1 is available now from BT Business Direct, and can be ordered online, with free delivery. The most power-packed computing experience in a compact package is available from £1,386.

Visit to see the HP Z1 in all its glory, and compare it with a great range of other desktop PCs designed to suit all levels of use and budget, or contact our Business Sales team on 0870 429 3010 for more information.

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New 3D scanning technology available from BT Business Direct

BT Business Direct currently has stocks of HP printers that utilise new 3D TopShot scanning technology, which can help to save time and money for small businesses.

The TopShot technology is available with the HP LaserJet Pro 200 Colour MFP M275 printer and can allow users to instantly capture a high-quality image of a 3D object. This means that you will no longer need to use a camera or computer when taking such pictures, and you won’t even need to invest in photographic backgrounds or lighting to get the job done properly.

The pictures appear in vivid colour thanks to the HP LaserJet Pro’s three angle LED flashlighting, and they will be available for instant uploading to your website or to print out. The camera automatically takes a total of six images, with different ambient lighting, flash strengths, and even from different angles. The photographs come in high resolution that you can then adjust to suit your needs, and the printer can also be used to copy, scan or print documents.

Not only this though, but the HP LaserJet Pro 200 also comes with a wide range of cloud based business apps that will allow you to carry out a number of jobs at incredibly fast speeds. For instance, the printer’s ePrint app can be used to print off postage labels, and you will be able to synchronise your smartphone or any other wireless device with the printer in order to benefit from wireless direct printing. This means that you can print documents straight off your phone and can do so from the office or when out and about.

Nadine Roache, Category Manager of BT Business Direct said: “We are very impressed with the new HP LaserJet Pro 200 printer and have already seen how popular it is with small businesses. This printer can honestly save you a huge amount of time and money, as it can do so many jobs in one. We would definitely recommend it.”

To find out more about HP’s 3D scanning technology or to buy a HP LaserJet Pro 200 printer, visit BT Business Direct now.

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Businesses turn to Plantronics for clear communications

Firms looking for cost-effective communications solutions are increasingly turning to market leader Plantronics to provide them with an edge over their competitors.

Known across the business world for their superior sound quality, reliability and comfort, Plantronics headsets, both corded and wireless, can be found in home offices and multinational corporations around the globe.

BT Business Direct is now pleased to be able to offer leading products from the Plantronics catalogue, which will help customers to improve their internal and external communications. The Plantronics Voyager Pro UC headset forms part of the range, allowing users to unify their PC and mobile communications anywhere, and automatically update their presence and manage calls with new Smart Sensor technology.

For companies that require headsets for their office, rather than traditional desk phones, Plantronics offers one of the industry’s most complete families of corded and wireless products for unified communications. Widely recognized for their sound quality, reliability and comfort, Plantronics’ audio solutions help companies extend the benefits of IP communications throughout the extended enterprise, fostering better business communication and efficiency regardless of where professionals are working.

Neil Hale, Category Manager at BT Business Direct, said: “Every business, from sole traders to global corporations, need to ensure that they have a communications system in place that is reliable and will play its part in helping their company to grow.

“We’re excited to be able to introduce this range of Plantronics products which we feel will give companies an edge over the competition by ensuring crystal clear conversations thanks to well-designed, comfortable, reliable headsets and unified communication solutions.”

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Bigger Cartridges Mean Bigger Savings – So Stock Up On HP’s Extra-Large Range For Officejet Printers At BT Business Direct

Black, cyan, yellow – whatever colour printer ink you need, make sure your cartridges are all ‘green’ by choosing from Hewlett-Packard’s XL range, available now from BT Business Direct.

These super-size capacity cartridges are kind on the environment and your wallet.

Not only can they print three times as many black-and-white pages in supreme laser quality as a standard HP Officejet ink cartridge, two-thirds of their content is made from recycled plastic. So not only does your cartridge save while you’re using it, it goes on saving once you’ve recycled it, which is an easy and convenient process through HP Planet Partners.

Throughout the life of your HP XL Officejet ink cartridge, you’ll get high-quality, fade-resistant prints, time after time, and you’ll save up to 50 per cent on the cost of each page.

And, to enhance their cost-cutting credentials, the cartridges are even designed to squeeze out the very last drop of ink, thanks to a user-friendly system which ensures that a crucial print job can be finished, even when one of the colours is close to running out.

In addition to these money-saving features, the improved pigment ink technology gives you sharper, more durable text and images, which even stand up better to being run over with a highlighter pen. “Cutting costs without cutting corners is a major objective of many businesses in these tough times”, said Nadine Roache, Print Category Manager of “The HP XL Officejet cartridge range saves you money on one of those smaller, but regular, business expenses, yet doesn’t do so at the expense of a quality result.”

“Getting twice as many pages from a single ink cartridge has to be a real bonus, as not only does it save on your ink costs, it also means only half the bother of having to change them – and that’s got to be a big plus for any business, no matter what the size,” she added.

Visit today, and start cutting the cost of your ink cartridges. And find out too, how we can help you with big savings on a massive range of home and office technology, including all-in-one desktop PCs and top-quality desktop printers. And ask about our limited-time free delivery offer on all orders over£49.

Visit, or contact our Business Sales team on 0870 429 3010 for more information.

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Firms Get Serious About Mobile Working With Samsung Series 3 Laptops

Businesses that need to find the right mix of power and portability are turning to the Samsung Series 3 laptop range, according to leading technology retailer BT Business Direct.

Capable of powering up within a matter of seconds thanks to an innovative technology which combines the speed of sleep mode with the stability of hibernation, the Series 3 Samsung laptops will help ensure that no matter where you are, you can have access to your work instantly by simply pressing the power button or just opening the case of your laptop.

Anyone who spends a lot of time out of the office will also appreciate the importance of being able to work efficiently. Again, this is no problem with the Series 3 machines which come with full-size island-style keyboards to make sure typing is easy and precise. Isolated keys with optimum spacing also mean extra comfort.

In business, appearance counts for a lot, which is why this particular series of laptops from Samsung has been celebrated for its sleek looks and sharp design. And business users can be sure their Series 3 device will stay looking new thanks to its scratch-resistant Duracase, which is also designed to repel fingerprints.

Nadine Roache, Category Manager at BT Business Direct said: “We have been particularly impressed with Samsung’s Series 3 range of laptops, both because of their looks and what they are capable of. Going by the response from customers, they are ticking the boxes for many of our business users.

“There is an incredible variety of laptops and netbooks out there on the market, but we believe customers will have to go a long way to find a comparable machine that offers the performance, versatility and looks of the Series 3 models.

“BT Business Direct has been supplying business users with laptops for years and so you know when you invest in one of our Samsung Series 3 laptops, you’ll be dealing with an industry leader.”

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Get a phone system that helps your business get heard loud and clear with snom VOIP phones from BT Business Direct

Business owners and managers have enough on their plate dealing with the running of their enterprises.

So when it comes to the technology they choose to support its operation, they expect it to be practical, efficient – and to make their work easier.

That’s just what any business can get with snom’s VoIP telephone systems.

Designed and developed by pioneers in the field of VoIP technology, Snom business phones provide straight out of the box workability, and a unified communications system that manages your business’s phone system over its existing data network.

The biggest benefits to any business of VoIP phones are the crystal-clear voice quality which results from the harnessing of digital technology, together with the proven cost savings which making telephone calls over the internet offers.

All the snom end-to-end IP telephone systems stocked by BT Business Direct offer the most suitable array of business-friendly functions to make any company see the clear benefits of this ultimate in telecommunications technology.

“The beauty of snom’s systems is that they are straightforward to install, straight out of the box, providing a complete communication solution that integrates seamlessly with your existing phone system, and manages it for maximum efficiency,” said Nadine Roache, Category Manager of

To find out more, and discuss how a snom’s VoIP telephone system can help any size and type of business get plugged in to the benefits of digital telephones – and start getting their messages across loud and clear – visit, or call our UC team on 0870 429 3888.

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SMBs Turn To Billion For Stable And Secure Networking Solutions

Demand is increasing from small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) for safe, secure and reliable ways to run a network and connect to the internet, according to BT Business Direct.

The UK’s leading business computing, networking and ITC specialist has said due to changes in the way consumers shop for goods and the increasing reliance on the internet, more small businesses are finding they need to embrace the online marketplace in order to remain competitive. This in turn has led companies to search for reliable computing equipment that is simple to operate and can handle the growing needs of their businesses.

Neil Hale, Networking Category Manager at BT Business Direct said Billion is one manufacturer that is catering for the SMB market by producing award-winning devices that can be relied upon.

He said: “Many SMBs have been making use of networks and the internet for a considerable number of years now, but technological advances, wider adoption of devices by firms and shifting customer attitudes and habits mean it is now more important than ever to have IT equipment that is capable of performing a reliable service while meeting the needs of a business.

“Billion has brought out a range of network devices and routers that has made it incredibly simple for small and medium-sized companies to make use of the latest technology such as smartphones and tablets in the workplace, while running a fast, secure network.”

One of Billion’s best-selling products available through BT Business Direct is the company’s award-winning 4-gigaport wireless ‘N’ modem/router, which comes with a dual WAN interface with one ADSL2/2+ port and an additional Ethernet WAN port for cable/fibre/FTTC connectivity. The 7800N Billion routers also feature a business-class firewall to make sure information and files remain secure, along with ADSL2+ download speeds of up to 24 Mbps and support for superfast broadband up to 100Mbps up/down through the device’s EWAN port. It is also one of the first routers in the UK to ship with working IPv6 support out-of-the-box.

Neil said: “There is a lot of choice out there when it comes to networking options for small businesses but there is no doubt that Billion is helping to lead the way with regard to home and office networking solutions that are simple to use, built to last and won’t let you down.”

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Cashback Offer On Print-From-Anywhere HP ePrinters From BT Business Direct Makes Them A Smart Investment

Have you ever been caught out when giving a presentation by not being able to make quick prints of a particular page?

Well, with Hewlett-Packard’s ePrint enabled printers range, that can become a thing of the past. And right now at BT Business Direct, we’ve teamed up with HP to bring you a great cashback deal, saving you up to £75 on one of these state-of-the-art multifunction machines.

With an HP ePrint enabled printer you can tell it to print a range of documents or images remotely, using your smartphone, notebook, or any other mobile-enabled device. Each printer has a unique email address, to which you send your printing instructions, so you don’t even need to be in the same office, building, or even city to print out whatever you need. Get it all done in an instant – and what’s more, there’s no extra software to install.

BT Business Direct now stocks a range of these clever printers, which can really boost your productivity if you’re always on the move but need to make top-quality prints to impress a client.

Nadine Roache, Category Manager from BT Business Direct said: “Multi-tasking is a buzz-word for many businesses, but the ability to do more than one thing at once makes any company much more productive.

“It used to be that you could only do more than one thing at once if you were at your desk – but now, thanks to these incredibly smart printers from Hewlett-Packard, staying productive and connected wherever you are is so simple.

“And HP’s cash back offer* now makes it the perfect time to upgrade your business to these state-of-the-art machines.”

Visit the HP Printer Cash Back Offers page on the BT Business Direct website to see the full range of models available under this deal, and more about the machines themselves.

Then order from, or call our Business Sales team on 0870 429 3010.

*Full terms and conditions of the offer are here, and detailed specifications of the models available are on the BT Business Direct website. Prices shown exclude the cash back available, which varies from model to model.

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Epson WorkForce Pro Business Printers Now Available From BT Business Direct

Entrepreneurs looking for affordable, efficient and quick printers tailored for the demands of running a business should look no further than BT Business Direct, which is now offering Epson’s WorkForce Pro range of business printers.

Specifically designed by the manufacturer to meet the needs of modern entrepreneurs, the WorkForce Pro devices can cut printing costs by up to 50 per cent per page. And it doesn’t matter how big or small your company is – the Small Business range is optimised for the requirements of small to medium-sized enterprises, while the Professional range caters for larger companies.

“Business customers regularly approach us with concerns about the cost and speed of business printers, whereas others find the printer they have is simply not cut out for the needs of a busy company,” said BT Business Direct’s Nadine Roache, Print Category Manager. “Luckily, the Epson WorkForce Pro range offers something to suit any type of business. Not only can you register for free 3 year warranty with Epson until 31st December the WorkForce Pro printers are also reasonably priced and more efficient than many other devices on the market, but they can also provide significant savings,– which could prove particularly useful in the current financial climate.”

The WorkForce Pro WP-4025 DW, priced at £154 before VAT from BT Business Direct, is a double-sided, network-ready printer featuring Wi-Fi capability. It can offer a reduction in energy consumption of up to 80 per cent compared to similar laser printers and also boasts Ethernet and USB connectivity. The WP-4515 DN, meanwhile, is also network-ready for sharing across workgroups and comes with Epson Connect 7 software to enable mobile printing.

A total of six printers from the Epson WorkForce Pro range are currently available from BT Business Direct, priced between £122.39 excluding VAT to £239. A wide range of other office technology, including business laptops, can be found at competitive prices.

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Latest DrayTek Vigor Router Goes On Sale At BT Business Direct

BT Business Direct has announced the addition of the new DrayTek Vigor 2830 Series to its range of wireless routers.

Vigor is DrayTeks flagship range and the 2830 is packed with defining features including its superior connectivity abilities and security protection.

In contrast with the previous Vigor series, the 2820, the new product offers selectable wireless bands (2.4/5.8Ghz), multiple private subnets, an increase from two to three simultaneous WAN connections, an 802.1Q VLAN tagging feature, a maximum of 60,000 NAT sessions, four gigabit LAN ports and a user management option, among other superior benefits.

The DrayTek Vigor 2830’s connectivity is one of its strongest features. It is compatible with all forms of ADSL and can also reach and use any of the UK mobile networks, via a 3G capable modem connected to its USB port.

BT Business Direct Neil Hale, Networking Category Manager said “the Vigor 2830 DrayTek routers aren’t just fast and efficient, but also very secure. Its tough firewall and secure VPN operate in a flexible but highly effective manner to protect against threats”

He added “We are also impressed by its content filtering features, which can be used to adhere to acceptable use policies within businesses; this can limit the risk of employee time wasting and stop the bandwidth being blocked up by the use of high volume activities such as downloading videos.”

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Business Printers Become More Affordable at BT Business Direct With HP Printer Cash back Offers

Many HP OfficeJet and LaserJet printers are now being offered with enticing cash back deals at BT Business Direct, one of the UK’s leading business and office IT equipment retailers. With up to £170 cash back on selected purchases, as well as lengthy extended warrantees, the two companies are helping to push down the cost of printing for all businesses.

HP, a leading brand in home and office computing solutions from business laptops to business servers and of course printing, is offering BT Business Direct customers limited time cash back deals on their popular OfficeJet and LaserJet lines. These deals range from up to £60 on HP OfficeJet printers to an impressive £170 on HP LaserJet laser printers, meaning great savings for companies looking to replace equipment or invest in new technology.

HP’s OfficeJet all-in-one printers come with many of the functions that businesses will seek out when buying a new printer. Fax, photocopying and scanner functions are all included, along with optional wireless networking, to help ensure that integrating your new purchase within your existing office environment is effortless.

HP’s LaserJet range is the perfect solution for companies looking for quality and high speeds. A wide range of full colour models are available, as well as black and white laser printers and multifunction printers that include scanning, faxing and copying features.

Nadine Roache, Print Category Manger at BT Business Direct, said: “Our already popular range of HP printers and multifunctions are now even more affordable for large companies and home office workers.

“The OfficeJet range has become well known for providing customers value in terms of excellent print quality at an affordable price and with up to £60 cash back available, buying a new or replacement printer is more affordable than ever.

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Samsung RV511 Notebook Now Available At BT Business Direct – Delivering Power and Performance in a Small Package

With the right mix of features and a specification that meets the needs of modern businesses, the Samsung RV511 Notebook now on sale at BT Business Direct provides a mobile computing solution that is sure to impress.

As one of the most trusted names in technology, Samsung’s latest laptop offering includes many features that are designed to suit the needs of business users. Key for mobile workers is the inclusion of ‘PowerPlus’ technology which not only extends the life of the battery between charges but also includes an express mode for shorter charging times. The RV511 has a wide range of connectivity options including Bluetooth 3.0, fast 802.11 B/G/N wireless LAN and Samsung’s own ‘PhoneShare’ technology, allowing users to connect to the internet via their Smartphone’s 3G network, as well as make phone calls and send SMS messages directly from the notebook itself.

The RV511 also looks fantastic. With appearances being important in business, the RV511’s stylish design doesn’t disappoint. The 15.6” HD LED backlit display produces sharp and vivid images whether it is documents, presentations or HD Movies you’re viewing. Samsung’s dedication to providing the highest quality and standards is showcased with the scratch resistant casing, which helps to ward off everything from finger marks to everyday bumps and knocks. Its ergonomic design means the notebook is comfortable to use for any period of time.

BT Business Direct, one of the UK’s leading Business Laptops and Business Phone Systems retailer has three variations of the Samsung RV511 notebook available to buy, all of which include the Intel Core i3-380M processor and up to 6GB of RAM and capacious 640GB hard drive. All models come with the leading Windows 7 Home Premium operating system to make the most of the RV511’s capabilities.

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Take This Tablet To Solve All Your Mobile Business Headaches

If you’re always on the move, but your busy schedule means you need to have your work at your fingertips, then at BT Business Direct we’ve got a solution which will push all the right buttons.

The Viewsonic ViewPad 10 tablet PC is an affordable way to get right in step with the latest trends in portable computing.

Packing a mass of useful capabilities and features into its diminutive 10.1-inch frame, BT Business Direct’s compact solution for people who are always on the go comes with a choice of operating systems – Windows 7 Home Premium for ultimate compatibility when working on a network, or Google’s highly-acclaimed Android operating system.

Designed to offer the ultimate mobile device experience, Android opens up a world of personal communications and entertainment possibilities, and makes browsing and using simple applications on the move a total pleasure.

“This combination of operating systems is especially attractive for business users, as it means they can run their professional applications using the trusted Windows platform while on the move or in the boardroom,” explained BT Business Direct’s Jade Tomlinson

The ViewPad 10’s high-definition touch screen and 1024×600 LED backlit panel make it perfect for use anywhere, and its fast Intel Atom 1.66GHz processor, 1GB of integrated memory, 16GB hard drive and expandable micro SD slot.

All that capability makes the ViewPad 10 one of most versatile business tablet PCs available – and at BT Business Direct’s tempting price of £349.99 plus VAT*, it’s a small price to pay for such a large amount of freedom.

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