U.S. Craft Beer Sales Dominate the South American Market

Sao Paulo, Brasil, 2017-Oct-11 — /EPR Retail News/ — Mexico has its tequila, Cuba has rum, Brazilians drink caipirinhas and now America has craft beer.  Though the U.K. holds the most breweries per capita, the U.S. remains the largest producer of craft beer with 5,000+ breweries.  In fact, the craft beer revolution has become so strong and established in Europe and North America that the trend has begun trickling southwards and is dominating sales in places like Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, and Peru.

“Sales of craft beer in Latin America are growing at between 20% and 40% a year, depending on which country you’re in,” said Daniel Trivelli in a 2016 BBC News article.  President of Copa Cervezas de America, one of the region’s biggest craft beer contests, Trivelli said craft beer sales in Chile grew nearly 25% from the previous year, which represented only 2% of the overall beer market in 2016.

Craft beer is a trend the world over, and South America is jumping on the bandwagon as its culinary scene continues to progress at an astounding rate, its craft brewing scene is getting global recognition through its introduction of America’s most popular and beloved flavors.  Here are a few of the popular craft beers from America you can find on your next visit to Central and South America:

Chub Scotch Ale • Oskar Blues Oskar Blues Brewery • Colorado

Oskar Blues Chub Scotch Ale, which was rated amongst the top 50 beers on Ratebeer comes from a funky little brew pub in Longmont, Colorado.  The dark brown color features a beautiful Beige cream reveals notes of cocoa, coffee, dried and smoked dark fruit.  Its potent alcoholic strength of 8% balances well between its sweet and slightly bitter taste.  From the brewery that began the craft-beer-in-a-can craze, the scotch ale tastes strong with big and deliciously complex flavors.

Even More Jesus • Evil Twin Brewing • New York

A black color and a persistent foam contain an aroma espresso, chocolate, and caramel.  This complex beer produced in limited quantities features an intense flavor of chocolate, coffee, and brown sugar.  Its sweet flavor, high body, and dry coffee aftertaste are recognizable throughout all 12% of its alcohol volume making it worthy of the vote of one of the best breweries in the world.

Independence Pass Ale • Aspen Brewing Company • Aspen, Colorado

Ideal for the adventurous home cook, the Independence Pass Ale is for the friend in the group who doesn’t like IPAs but wants to look like they like IPAs.  This hoppy yet balanced, high altitude rendition of the classic India Pale Ale style won Gold Medals two years in a row at the World Beer Cup, the most prestigious beer competition in the world.  A major catalyst for Aspen Brewing Company, this high-altitude rendition of the classic IPA boasts an all-around fuller flavor and smells of strong caramelized malts when you pour the off-white, hazy and “chunky” amber body into the pint.

Funk-n-Delicious, Belgian-Style Blueberry Sour Ale • Oceanside Ale Works San Diego  

Tastes as sour as blueberry jack hammer to the tongue with a hazy amber color and a thin, white, frothy head. Dedicated to using only the freshest hops and finest barleys, Oceanside Ale Works gifts to the world a series of Belgian style blonde ales spontaneously fermented with wild airborne yeast Blueberry, Peach, and Strawberry.  The Lambic/Belgian sours, aged in Johannesburg Riesling barrels with organic blueberries, gives off a mild sweet aroma and flavor of Belgian sugar, champagne, and grains.  One of the few remaining manual brew houses in the country, this 20-barrel brewery produces a hand-crafted beer with a 6% ABV you are sure to remember.  Whether you’re relaxing in luxury in Peru’s upscale Miraflores district, soaking up the arts in Sao Paulo, or experimenting with flavors in Argentina the craft beer revolution can be found nearby.

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Brewgooder to supply craft beer in 100 of the Co-op’s stores

MANCHESTER, UK, 2017-Oct-05 — /EPR Retail News/ — An ambition to turn craft beer into clean drinking water for One Million people facing water poverty has taken a further step forward for an Edinburgh-based social enterprise who have secured a listing with the Co-op.

Brewgooder, which donates 100% of its profits to water charities, has secured a deal to supply approaching 100 of the community retailer’s stores from this month.

Last year, Brewgooder announced its mission to provide clean water for 1M people by donating 100% of profits from sales of its craft beer to water charities – the month launching a programme of 60 projects with One Foundation benefitting more than 30,000 people.

Figures from the United Nations show that more than 650 million people do not have access to safe, clean drinking water. Brewgooder co-founders, Alan Mahon and Josh Littlejohn, were both tackling homelessness in Scotland before combining their passion for craft beer and helping others with the development of their “Clean Water Lager” which is brewed at Brewdog’s Ellon brewhouse.

Alan Mahon, said: “We are delighted to secure this listing, we feel there is a real synergy given the Co-op’s community locations, heritage and ethical trading and, passion for quality beers. Not to mention its existing work to support clean water projects. This is our largest listing into the convenience sector, and one we are looking forward to growing in the coming months. It will provide a boost to our brand awareness and business development at a key time, while having an impact on thousands of people facing water poverty through our essential clean water projects.”

Jake Woods, Co-op’s Beer Buyer, said: “As a co-operative, collaborating with a social enterprise which has set out to use its profits to alleviate water poverty presents a great opportunity, it is an area where the Co-op has delivered significant support over many years – craft beer is an exciting category, we see significant potential for sustainable growth, and we are delighted to champion a beer that makes a difference to the lives of thousands of people.”

Last year the Co-op marked its tenth anniversary of its partnership with the One Foundation, it is the only major retailer with an own brand charity water, Fairbourne Springs where 3p for every litre sold is donated to The One Foundation to be invested in clean water, sanitation and hygiene projects in Africa. The Co-op is also the only retailer to partner the Global Investment Fund for Water – announced at the Global Citizen Festival, Hamburg, the Co-op also contributes 1p per litre to the fund from sales of branded bottled water.

Further information about Brewgooder is available at http://www.brewgooder.com

Further information:

Andrew Torr
Co-op Press Office
M: 07702505551
E: andrew.torr@coop.co.uk

Source: COOP

Asda extends its craft beer offering across Scottish stores with additional 25 new lines

Asda extends its craft beer offering across Scottish stores with additional 25 new lines


LEEDS, England, 2017-May-24 — /EPR Retail News/ — With customer demand for craft beer growing, Asda has today announced it is massively extending its craft beer offering across Scottish stores, after collaborating with 10 breweries to bring an additional 25 new lines to its shelves, with a contract value of £875k between them all.

For five breweries; Black Isle, St Andrews, Bellfield, Tempest and Alchemey this is their first listing with Asda after being recruited through the supermarkets relationship with Craft Beer Clan, bringing an additional 12 new product lines on shelf.

The other five breweries are celebrating after seeing their ranges extended include Deeside Brewery, who’s Lager 500ml is exclusive to Asda, Belhaven Brewery, Wooha, Lerwick and Heather Ale Williams Bros.

The new deals mean that Asda stores across Scotland will now stock over 100 Scottish beers, ales and ciders, as customers look for more premium drinking experiences from local brands.

Asda has worked closely with the Craft Beer Clan, utilising their expertise in the market and Scottish brewery contacts to secure a range of unique beers that offer customers drink experiences with authenticity.

The majority of the new lines will be available in 330ml format, as the smaller single serve bottles and cans soar in popularity. It’s not as simple as transferring existing brands into smaller packaging; it’s about creating new, exciting and innovative products, which can be seen by the new variants being stocked on Asda shelves.

Asda has set its sights on becoming the biggest craft beer retailer in the UK, and with 100 plus breweries in Scotland alone, it’s clear the demand for Scottish real ale and craft beer is still bubbling away. Particularly for the 10 Scottish breweries who are all celebrating after securing impressive new deals with Asda to stock a variety of beers in stores across Scotland.

Heather Turnbull, Asda’s regional buying manager for Scotland, said: “The craft beer culture continues to grow, and it’s clear customers are trading up to more premium beers, particularly ones which come from local brands.

“The new lines we have launched are all premium quality and will give customers a more local choice, with a variety of flavours to suit every palate and occasion.”

Rob Craddock, sales director at Belhaven, said: “We use Scottish ingredients to brew flavour-packed beers that we know drinkers will enjoy, so we are delighted that our new lines will be arriving into Asda stores across Scotland. Interest in craft beer continues to rise and three of our beers to achieve this major supermarket listing – Intergalactic Dry Hop Lager, Twisted Thistle IPA and Twisted Grapefruit IPA – also recently picked up prestigious Monde awards, so this deal comes at a real high point for the brewery.

“The support from Asda and from consumers for brewers who have genuine provenance, and who really deliver on the flavour and quality of their beers, means it’s an exciting time for us and for Scottish craft brewing as a whole.”
Chris Miller, director at the Craft Beer Clan of Scotland, said: “The Craft Beer Clan works hard to promote Scottish craft beer at home and abroad, and it’s fantastic we’ve been able to work with a major retailer such as Asda.

“The craft brewing sector is renowned for its collaborations, so to be able to bring so many new brand listings to the supermarket stores across Scotland has been a great opportunity as we continue to build on Scotland’s reputation as a world-class producer of drink.”

Brewgooder, a craft beer label that donates 100% of its profits to clean water charities around the world, is also celebrating after securing a further deal with Asda to stock its Clean Water Lager at a further 171 stores across the UK, making it 357 stores in total.

0113 826 2829

Source: ASDA


Tesco expands craft beer range to over 70 beers in stores throughout the country

Tesco expands craft beer range to over 70 beers in stores throughout the country


CHESHUNT, England, 2017-Apr-12 — /EPR Retail News/ — Following last year’s success to expand the craft beer range to more than 400 high street stores, Tesco has increased the offer by nearly a third to over 70 beers in shops throughout the country. Drawn from our partnerships with nearly 30 breweries from the UK and around the globe, customers will be able to sample beers from Cornwall, Whitstable Bay and Scotland, and from as far afield as Sweden, Japan and the USA.

Reflecting the growing trend for craft beer in pubs and bars across the country, Tesco will become the first major retailer to stock the craft drinkers favourite tipple – sour beer. Sour beers are intentionally acidic and tart, and are most commonly seen in Belgium. Despite the name, sours are refreshing and a perfect accompaniment to food.

Tesco craft beer buyer Chloe Harrison explains:

“Britain’s thirst for craft beer shows no sign of slowing down. It’s a drink that is popular with both millennial and older drinkers looking for a more artisan experience and exciting flavours.

“We’ve scoured the globe to bring a range together which we hope will satisfy all tastes, and are thrilled to be able to introduce customers to some fantastic new beers from both little-known and highly recognisable breweries.

“And our new sour beer is the jewel in our crown. With summer just around the corner, its wonderful thirst-quenching quality and is perfect for drinkers looking for palate-tingling flavours.

“We think that sour brews are destined to become the next frontier for beer lovers, in the same way that golden ale helped convert die hard lager lovers over to light and refreshing ales.”

Tart sour beer is priced at £1.90 and is available in store and online. Brewed by Thornbridge Brewery in Derbyshire, it has a golden colour, white head with a combination of citrusy hops and hints of grapefruit and lemon, and has an ABV of 6%.

Tesco has seen its annual growth for craft beers increase by more than 40 per cent – the arrival of sour beer on supermarket shelves is likely to raise interest even further. The retailer is allocating an extra 350 per cent of shelf space in its beer aisles.

Other craft beers being brought in by Tesco include:

  • Kofra Stout from Norwich brewery Redwell
  • Forklift Truck Mango Ale by Glasgow brewer Drydate
  • Fourpure Session IPA made by Bermondsey brewery Fourpure
  • Double Brew Lager by Swedish brewery Wolf Warning
  • Flying Dog by Maryland, USA brewer Flying Dog
  • Hitachino Nest White Ale by Japanese brewery Hitachino

Note to editors

Tesco’s craft beer breweries include:

  • Anchor, USA
  • Belhaven, Scotland
  • Blue Moon, USA
  • Brewdog, Scotland
  • Brew York, England
  • Brooklyn, USA
  • Drydate, Scotland
  • Fourpure, England
  • Flying Dog, USA
  • Goose Island, USA
  • Hitachino, Japan
  • Innis and Gunn, Scotland
  • Meantime, England
  • Nogne O, Norway
  • Oskar Blues, USA
  • Pistonhead, Sweden
  • Redwell, England
  • Samuel Adams, USA
  • Sierra Nevada, USA
  • St Austell, England
  • Stone Go To, USA
  • Stone, USA
  • Thornbridge, England
  • Vedett, Belgium
  • Whitstable Bay, England
  • Vocation, England
  • West Beers, Scotland
  • Wolf Warning, Sweden

For more information please contact the Tesco Press Office on 01707 918 701

Source: Tesco