Inflatable Everything Receives Top Marks By Webuser Magazine

Inflatable Everything have gone from strength to strength in the space 8 months since the websites launch, pumping up their product range with hundreds of new products and attracting thousands of visitors per month.

The success of the business in such a short amount of time has not gone unnoticed, as the latest edition of WebUser magazine highlights Inflatable Everything as one of the best new websites around achieving a very respectful rating of 4 stars.

Inflatable Everything Receives Top Marks By Webuser Magazine

The highly regarded, best-selling publication praises the sites “smart and easy to navigate” design in its June edition. From costumes to airbeds, the review is a testament to the hard work of all those behind the scenes who have put in a lot of work to giving customers the very best in inflatable fun and a great user experience.

Inflatable Everything, who sell a wide variety of products from bouncy castles to England football party packs for those following the world cup, have big plans for the year ahead. Not only is the company the UK’s leading supplier of inflatable kayaks, but the company also believe they have one of the largest ranges of Inflatable products in the country and are still looking to expand further with new ranges.

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Inflatable Furniture To Aid Flood Torn Towns

Inflatable Everything, A Bishops Stortford based company that supply an extensive range of inflatable products, claim that during periods of high risk of flooding the government should do more to prepare those at risk by kitting out peoples homes with inflatable furniture.

For some people in the UK the threat of flooding which is usually perceived to occur during Autumn and Winter but can actually occur in Spring as well as Summer, has turned into an on going battle with nature to prevent their properties from being damaged and belongings being washed away by the ebbing tides.

Inflatable Everything, is highlighting that inflatable furniture such as inflatable mattresses, blow up children’s toys and even a boat shaped inflatable drinks cooler can be used to prevent household items including the beers from floating away and being damaged.

To pay for the equipment, Inflatable Everything are about to start lobbying the government to provide grants to people in the most affected areas, so they can prepare themselves for the future.

In order to get as much backing for the petition as possible and get a better understanding of the situation, team members at Inflatable Everything are to visit flood prone areas of the UK such as Hull and Doncaster, to gather signatures and get the voices and stories of the people heard.

As a safety precaution, inflatable kayaks and inflatable canoes should also be made readily available to help flood victims safely evacuate their properties and head for higher ground in the event of an emergency.

Steve Whittle, Marketing Manager for Inflatable Everything, commented on the situation by saying “With the cost of flooding for the UK now running into the billions, we think the government should provide grants to the worst affected areas so they can invest in inflatable items.

Steve Whittle also commented, “Given the spiraling insurance costs many of these flood risk residents have to pay, Insurance companies should reduce their premiums if customers invest in appropriate inflatable’s to protect their possessions.”

The major benefits of investing in inflatable products is that these products can be pumped up or deflated in a small amount of time and can be kept under the bed until they are needed which is ideal during times of crisis. This of course is perfect for residential areas that are built up on flood plains that have a higher risk of sudden flooding as a result of bursting river banks.

With major flooding such as that seen in Cockermouth costing an estimated £206,000,000 it is hoped that inflatable products and future innovations in flood protection could dramatically reduce the impact this natural disaster has on homes and families.

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Inflatable Everything Paddling Pools Become A Crowning Glory

Now more than ever, pregnant women all around the world are looking for more natural ways of giving birth. But Inflatable Everything, in Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire, has surprisingly created a splash with one expectant mother after the company launched a new range of paddling pools.

Inflatable Everything, the UK’s leading supplier of inflatable kayaks and bouncy castles recently launched a brand new range of paddling and swimming pools that the company thought would be ideal for the home and garden this summer. Within two days of the pools being added to its website, it received a phone order for one of the products but was surprised to discover the intended use of the pool. The customer, an expectant mother, wanted to use the pool to help with the delivery of her first child and required next day delivery because the baby was due within the next week.

Steve Whittle the marketing manager at Inflatable Everything commented on the unusual order, “When we launched these paddling pools, we simply assumed that they would be used by young children when the weather starts to improve. Never did we think that they could be used as a birthing pool. In this age of recycling, its great that mother and baby can enjoy the paddling pool again come the summer time.”

With recent studies suggesting that low risk women are as safe giving birth at home as giving birth in hospital, it is no wonder that more women are choosing to give birth at home on their own territory and on their own terms.

Steve went on to say, “We learn quite a lot from our customers, constantly checking what people might call our products and updating the site accordingly. So we are now going to mention birthing as its potential use and have added such wording to Search Engine advertising.”

Inflatable Everything which sells a wide variety of inflatable animals unfortunately do not stock a blow up stork, so they have been sent an inflatable Pink Flamingo instead as an early baby present.

The team at Inflatable Everything pride themselves on offering a great service including their delivery options but don’t expect to be adding home births to their range of services quite yet.

From paddling pools for home births to educational inflatables for young children and even fitness inflatables for adults, Inflatable Everything has products for every stage of a person’s life, though it is not looking into blow up coffins anytime soon.

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Inflatable Everything To Blow Up The Inflatables Market

Displaysense expands in more ways than one, while others are contracting, by launching a new business venture that aims to take the inflatables market by storm.

Displaysense, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of retail displays and shop fittings has launched a brand new sister site,, offering everything that could possibly be pumped, inflated or blown up, all from under one roof.

Inflatable Everything launched its website with a range of over 400 products and already there are plans to get this figure to over 1000 by January 2010 in order to truly be the home of everything inflatable in the UK. With inflatable costumes for parties and toys for children, through to inflatable canoes and promotional displays, the company aims to truly own the inflatable market.

To mark the introduction of this new business venture, Inflatable Everything is also offering an introductory 10% discount, in the form of a voucher code (IE1109PR), to customers who are looking to purchase any inflatable from its ever expanding range of products.

Steve Whittle the marketing manager at Inflatable Everything commented, “As a business, we are very ambitious and we are aiming to become a real household name that everyone will remember when they are looking to purchase anything inflatable, from inflatable party props to recreational inflatables. Amongst our range of inflatable products we also source a wide range of event and promotional inflatables such as giant inflatable blimps and merchandise giveaways that are suitable for advertising a product or service, which will appeal to all businesses including our existing Displaysense customers.”

Although Inflatable Everything has only been trading for a couple of weeks, the company has already been receiving large orders and plenty of enquiries for its inflatable products. From office parties to customers interested in seasonal inflatables, it has not been a slow start for the business.

Inflatable Everything also provide customers peace of mind with their 28 day money back guarantee and a one year guarantee on manufacturing defects, which Steve believes will encourage greater customer confidence in the brand and their products from day one. Although the company is only a couple of weeks old, the team behind Inflatable Everything and Displaysense at the RCH group, have a wealth of experience. And because of the meteoric sustainable growth of the group over the past 10 years they have been able to acquire the services of over 30 suppliers to help develop their range to ultimately become the UKs true one stop shop for inflatables.

The directors and all the members of staff at Inflatable Everything are really pumped up, believing that the next few months will prove to be very successful for the business and that 2010 will be the year when the company will truly start to see their market share expand.

About Inflatable Everything, is part of the RCH Group which has been trading since 1978. The product range at inflatable’s cover anything from inflatable party accessories and inflatable games to inflatable education aids and inflatable furniture – there really is no limit.

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