eBay’s branded podcast Open for Business returns for another season

eBay’s branded podcast Open for Business returns for another season

San Jose, California, 2017-Mar-13 — /EPR Retail News/ — After a successful first season that saw eBay’s branded podcast rise to the top of the iTunes Charts, Open for Business is returning for another season full of real-life stories, lessons and advice for entrepreneurs and business owners.

Every entrepreneur, small business or startup must navigate hundreds of tough choices and questions when launching and growing a business. How do you bring a new product or service to market? How do you hire the right people? How do you stand out against the competition? And, what’s the best way to finance the whole pursuit?

At eBay, we live and breathe entrepreneurship. For over 20 years our marketplace has empowered millions of entrepreneurs around the world to pursue their passions. Every day we strive to provide our sellers with the tools and resources they need to grow their business. We believe real-world business advice can be an invaluable resource and one of the most important factors in determining success. It’s for this reason that eBay and Gimlet Creative partnered to create the Open for Business podcast.

Created for anyone interested in or already building a business from the ground up, the podcast brings together eBay sellers, notable business leaders and a diverse cast of characters across the entrepreneurship community. Each episode features candid conversations, stories of triumph and failure, and the valuable lessons learned along the way.

After the success of season 1, which included a stint as the No. 1 business podcast on iTunes, and the positive conversations it generated, we are pleased to announce season 2 of Open for Business.

Season 2 will take the same entertaining and behind-the-scenes approach to shed light on the issues no one tells you about, the situations you wish you knew how to handle, and the information you should know when starting or growing a business. Host John Henry, an entrepreneur himself, returns to ask new and seasoned business owners about a variety of issues that are top of mind in today’s competitive business landscape. We also dig into what can be tough conversation topics for any business owner, like how to recover from failure and how to evolve your business to stay on top.

The first of six episodes – How to Reinvent Your Business – will be available on Thursday, March 16 and will explore the stories of small business owners who have had to rethink and pivot their entire strategy due to challenges such as increased competition, loss of customers and other unforeseen obstacles.

You can subscribe and download the episodes on iTunes, Google Play or stream directly from our Open for Business page, where we’ll also be posting behind-the-scenes details and other interesting tips specific to selling on eBay.

This year we’re also excited to take Open for Business on the road, creating opportunities for listeners to give their entrepreneurial IQs a workout and connect with likeminded entrepreneurs. The first event will take place in Austin on March 13 during SXSW Interactive. Designed as an entrepreneurship bootcamp, the event will give attendees a chance to roll up their sleeves and tackle important business challenges – from marketing, to financing to culture and brand building – alongside founders, seasoned entrepreneurs and small business experts. We will also be live recording a fireside chat on workplace culture, which you can catch as a bonus episode later this season. If you’re in town, be sure to stop by. If not, we hope to be in a city near you soon.

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“Open for Business”: eBay and Gimlet Creative launch new podcast featuring valuable lessons in entrepreneurship

“Open for Business” features insight and advice from small business owners and industry experts, showing how to start your own company.

San Jose, California, 2016-Jun-21 — /EPR Retail News/ — When she was in third grade, Corri McFadden started a sticker trading company during recess. “Everyone would trade their stickers, and they would go through me,” she says. “In order to trade stickers you belonged to the club, and I’m the one who would barter the trade.”

It’s no wonder that today, McFadden runs one of the Internet’s most successful designer consignment businesses. Her multi million dollar Chicago-based venture, EDrop-Off, has sold over 200,000 items. She built it from the ground up over the last 12 years.

Corri’s story is the first of dozens that will be highlighted – and tapped into – for valuable lessons in entrepreneurship as part of eBay and Gimlet Creative’s new podcast, Open for Business. The series debuted today on iTunes, Soundcloud, and anywhere you download podcasts.

At eBay, we’ve been witness to the thrill of entrepreneurship for more than 20 years, as we have partnered with small business owners on our marketplace to help them grow their businesses and pursue their dreams. Success is exciting – but it can also be daunting and bring with it a whole host of new challenges.  And while there is no magic formula, we do everything possible to help entrepreneurs every step along the way.

Open for Business shows how to build a business and talks to entrepreneurs about what keeps them up at night. Combining humor and intelligence, each episode tackles some of the most basic – and most difficult – questions new business owners face: How do you know when to quit your day job? What should you look for when hiring? And, it examines the good, the bad, and the ugly sides of starting a company.

This podcast also marks the launch of Gimlet Media’s in-house creative agency, Gimlet Creative.  Named one of the world’s 10 most innovative media companies by Fast Company, Gimlet was founded by veterans of This American Life and NPR . (You can listen to the story of Gimlet’s entrepreneurial beginnings in its own podcast, StartUp.)

Gimlet Creative is all about working with brands to tell great stories, and reach audiences on a deeper level.

To host this podcast, we tapped into John Henry, founder of Harlem’s first venture capital fund, Cofound Ventures, and an entrepreneur himself: He built and sold an on-demand dry-cleaning startup by age 22.

Charming and relatable, Henry has a knack for bringing out the best in his subjects, with some laugh-out-loud moments along the way. “There’s zero room for error,” a cemetery owner tells Henry, explaining the importance of hiring good employees. “You can’t put the loved one in the wrong space.”

The first “Open for Business” episode – The Entrepreneurial Mind – is available now and looks at what it means to be successful. Are people born with an “entrepreneur” gene? Do certain personality types fare better than others? When is it better to sell your company than stay? Check it out here, and be sure to visit our “Open for Business” page, where we’re posting behind-the-scenes details from the podcast and other interesting tips.


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“Open for Business”: eBay and Gimlet Creative launch new podcast featuring valuable lessons in entrepreneurship

“Open for Business”: eBay and Gimlet Creative launch new podcast featuring valuable lessons in entrepreneurship

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