Choose Brookes for Workwear this Summer

Ian Brookes, founder of discount workwear specialists, has once again placed focus on appropriate workwear clothing for this summer. With temperatures set to shift, it is time for the workwear wardrobe to shift with it.

Currently operating in their 8th year of trading, has firmly established themselves as the destination for discounted workwear, catering for workforces around the UK.

During that time they have learnt a thing or two about the importance of proper attire, not just in looking professional or formal, but for safety reasons too.

“Although during the spring and summer months there is more daylight which is great for labourers and construction workers, there a different kind of safety risks posed by the warmer temperatures,” explained Brookes.

“With higher temperatures, there is a tendency not to wear important safety equipment such as hard hats or clothing with extra padding.”

“It’s understandable to a degree because of the heat, but safety should be the number one concern when working on site,” added Brookes

Brookes offers established work wear brands such as CAT, Dickies and Carhartt and everything from workwear shirts to safety hats. Brookes also offers a tailored clothes personalisation and embroidery service which gives your workwear clothing a personal touch.

Popular with industries such as catering, hospitality, and construction the personalisation service is also popular with sports teams and organisations. And as you can add a branded logo or company information from as little as £1.10 per logo it is easy to see why it is so popular.

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Get Ready To De Layer With The Help Of Brookes As British Summer Time Begins

British summertime has officially begun! It’s an exciting time of year as evenings become a little lighter and the temperature (hopefully) a little higher. This inevitably means a change to the workwear wardrobe as (and without trying to jinx it too much) the jumpers and fleeces are packed away for 6 months. has been on hand for over 10 years to assist with this transition. Providing quality and affordable workwear to workers across the country, founder Ian Brookes prides his business on its ease of access. With all products priced at wholesale prices, is a great place to kit your workforce out for the approaching summer months.

“It’s a fantastic time of the year as generally everyone’s moods are lifted by the anticipation of warm weather and brighter evenings. For workers, it means shifting your workwear slightly, but it doesn’t have to be too much of a demanding task,” said Brookes

“Our Fruit of the Loom T-Shirts are made of great quality you can come to expect from the famous brand and make a great addition to your summer workwear wardrobe. We also have a wide range of polo shirts from a variety of brands such as Adidas, CAT, and Dickies. Like all of our products, they are priced at wholesale prices, and if you buy in bulk, you make even more savings,” added Brookes.

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Make Your Clothes Personal This Spring

Ian Brookes, founder of online workwear retailer has highlighted the site’s innovative workwear clothing personalisation service as an important tool which could be used to help work forces around the country.

Not satisfied with simply providing a quality service which supply’s the UK’s work forces with quality discounted workwear, Brookes has gone a step further and provides a full clothing customisation service which is proving increasingly popular not just with work forces but sports teams alike.

How fitting it is then that the eBrookes mantra is, “Making clothes personal”.

“We are finding our customers really want to make the most of the clothing they buy from us, and because we price our workwear at such a heavily discounted price, it is affordable to do so,” explained Brookes

“It can be generic text or a custom made logo which we can print or embroider on a range of clothing which really makes you stand out from the crowd.”

“We have recently been attracting a lot of interest from sports teams who customise their team jerseys and kit bags which really does give the attire a professional and high quality look.”

Ian Brookes also had his view on how personalised workwear can aid a workforce in more ways than one;

“In terms of workwear personalisation, I feel it’s has become so popular because it gives the workforce a greater sense of belonging and identity which promotes a more positive attitude. Generally when workers are happier they are more productive”.

So it’s not just a smarter workforce but potentially a more productive one which can be achieved with the help of personalising your workwear clothing.

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Workwear for all the weather – from Brookes

There were glimpses of what was to come but for the time being it is looking as though we will have to wait for a sustained period of spring weather. Working outside amidst such mixed weather could be classed as problematic, though thankfully because of online retailer extensive range of quality workwear, the problem is made a little bit easier to solve.

Currently retailing in their 11th year, specialises in quality and durable workwear which is also affordable. Established brands such as the likes of Carhartt, Dickies, and Fruit of the Loom are stocked in varieties and styles to match the any climate.

“It can be a confusing time of year for the workwear wardrobe,” says Ian Brookes, founder of

“This week has been a classic example, as workers shunned coats and overalls for attire more suited to spring such as polo shirts and t shirts. But the very next day workers were reaching for their bodywarmers again. It really does pay to keep covered during this mixed month, that’s for sure.”

Brookes prides itself on being able to offer brands at a considerably lower price than competitors, thanks to their wholesale pricing structure.

“It’s satisfying from our point of view that we are saving people money. It’s a system which really does work for everyone. And with the weather being so inconsistent thus perhaps people are having to spend more, its great they can do all their shopping in one place,” continued Brookes.

It is not just shopping either, but clothing personalisation can also be done on the site through an easy-to-follow service.
“It’s the perfect add-on and available on nearly all of our stock.”

“It portrays a polished and professional look and compliments the fine workwear attire we sell perfectly. From just £1.10 per logo it is a steal,” said Brookes.

Brookes are a UK based supplier of discounted workwear clothing, offering an extensive range of quality and durable garments to suit any working environment and at unbeatable discounted prices. Brookes provide a range of Hi Vis and personalised clothing which are ideal for workforces and teams, from established brands such as Dickies, Regatta, Fruit of the Loom, and Carhartt.

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New Year, New Site, and New Deals at eBrookes

Ian Brookes, the founder of online workwear retailer, toasted the new year with a fresh site and fresh promotions to match, and Brookes entering his 8th year in trading, insisted this will be his most exciting year yet., one of the UK’s leading quality discounted workwear suppliers, have long been associated with their impressive customisation facility and quality service, now also have an accessible new site, making it easier than ever to find the workwear you need.

“We wanted to improve on the qualities of our old site and the site is now easier than ever to navigate around,” enthused Brookes.

“The eBrookes mantra of ‘making clothes personal’ seems more acquainted with the new site, and we believe we deliver a more personal shopping experience.”

Even better for customers are the current crop of promotions running throughout the site. All eBrookes products are already sold at wholesale prices, however there are currently no less than 4 best selling products on the sale rail.

The Dickies Super Redhawk trousers, popular with tradesmen or DIYers, are available from an astonishing £14.99. The Dickies brand has long been associated with quality and durability and now thanks to eBrookes, affordability.

Next is the less-than-half-price Ohio Jacket, now available at £12.99. The bomber style jacket has a polyester fabric outer shell and fleece lining, complete with elasticated waistband and concealed hood and is perfect to keep you warm while you work.

The ‘buy one jacket get the fleece free’ promotion has been a great success since its launch early this month, and features the popular Illinois Jacket which comes with a built in fleece for free. This waterproof outdoor jacket will now keep you warm as well as dry.

Then there are the half price workwear boots priced at a staggering half price (£19.99). These boots comply with safety standards and have a steel midsole and toe in addition to a dual density PU sole for extra durability.

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Layer Up To Stay Warm And Working This Christmas With Brookes

With only a few more sleeps to go until Christmas day and the arctic weather engulfing much of the UK, there is a definite festive feeling in the air. With sprits usually set to ‘high’ this time of year, its important the freezing temperatures don’t impact mood or productivity. It can be difficult getting out of bed when it’s dark outside and tricky to stay warm through the day, but there are ways to help yourself, says founder Ian Brookes. has been providing quality and affordable work wear for over 10 years, and this time of year Brookes is always giving the same advice; “The cold weather leads everyone to try and stay warm, obviously, but what often happens if you become so warm, you starting sweating. And sweating in the cold is not a nice feeling!”

“Thankfully the technology has been advanced and engineered whereby you can layer up to stay warm without perspiring.”

Brookes is right. Originally developed for professional athletes, advancements such as the ‘Helly Hansen Stay Dry’ fabric enables the wearer to stay dry and comfortable whilst working in demanding environments too.

“It feels comfortable on the skin too and is versatile. I wear mine when hiking and playing my weekly football this time of year,” added Brookes.

“Our main customers though seem to be workers who spend prolonged periods outside this time of year. Without a doubt, a base layer is the perfect first layer for your workwear attire, and which keeps your warm, but not too warm, and thus keeping productivity at a high.”

As well as offering base layers as part of the extensive Brookes workwear catalogue, Brookes also provide an innovative and increasingly popular clothing customisation service, which works to give a workforce bespoke branded workwear.

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New Brands for Brookes as Site Sets for Re-launch

As Christmas fast approaches, it’s an exciting time of year for any business or retailer. But for Ian Brookes and his online workwear site,, it’s a case of Christmas coming early., one of the UK’s leading quality discounted workwear suppliers, have recently added an array of quality workwear brands to their already impressive catalogue of clothes, and with Christmas and a new ecommerce site right around the corner, it couldn’t have been better timed.

Brookes pride themselves on offering quality work wear at affordable prices. Popular and established brands such as Carhartt, Dickies, Regatta and CAT have been sold at wholesale prices, and kitting out workforces across the country for just over ten years.

Now, other great brands have been selected to carry the Brookes quality and affordability guarantee too. Dewalt, Snickers and Mascot are three big players in the workwear industry, and are joined by Mascot, an international but family run brand whose product testing phase is famously stringent.

Panoply, MacMichael and Stormtech complete the set which will see Brookes heading into the Christmas season with its fullest catalogue of clothes since the company began.

“It is certainly an exciting time for all involved with Brookes,” beamed founder Ian Brookes.

“Like all retailers, Christmas is a busy time of year and I am absolutely delighted that not only is our new online store ready for launch, but we have added tremendously to our back catalogue.”

“As companies alter their workwear wardrobe for the colder days, it’s great we are able to offer our new and loyal customers more choice and more value,” added Brookes.

As you come to expect from Brookes, not only are all items engineered to the highest quality whilst sold at wholesale prices, but each of the new strands of workwear will be able to be fully customised with Brookes unique personalisation service, where prices start at just £1.10 per logo.

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Wrap Up Warm With Work Wear This Winter, Says Brookes

October has arrived, and it is all a bit too sudden. Just 5 weeks ago the weather was warm and bright and t shirts and shorts were in full flow. Now, with just a couple of weeks until the days get ‘shorter’ with the clocks going back, it is time to prepare for darker nights and colder mornings; you and your workers are going to need to stay warm.

Luckily, online workwear retailer is here to help. Having recently celebrated 10 years in trading, founder Ian Brookes has kitted out a few workforces during his tenure, and with the winters seemingly getting colder each year, he is not expected the importance of being properly kitted out to be diminished.

“September is definitely the cross-over month from warm to cold. I have some staff come into the office in shirts and some in thick fleeces. But when October arrives, you definitely notice a difference, so it is important you are fully prepared.”

“Last year we had the coldest winter for 31 years, and this year it is expected to be a similar story. With Brookes however, you can keep warm and your company identity, by making use of our personalised hoodie service.”

Brookes personalised clothing service stretches across many of their other products too, with established workwear brands such as CAT, Carhartt, and Dickies all available at trade prices.

“Just because the weather is colder no longer means your staff have to compromise on a smart professional look. Embroidered body warmers are a perfect fashionable way to keep warm if working outside, and they look smart too,” added Brookes.

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