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Displaysense discover illegal stowaway, as a standard product return ends in a hair raising experience

Displaysense the UK’s leading supplier of retail displays usually does not have to worry about illegal stowaways, but got quite a shock at the beginning of August as one of their products was inadvertently returned with an unexpected traveller on board.

The company which sells a wide range of retail display products from literature holders to display cases deal with returns on a daily basis and it was business as usual until one customer returned more than just their undesired product.

The customer, a clothes shop owner who lives in Lille, France, returned a mannequin on a next day courier service after purchasing the wrong gender of display and unbeknown to him, accidentally returned his pet cat as well.

It is believed that the cat must have been quite taken by the packaging used for the mannequin, climbed inside the box and fell asleep. The owner didn’t realise this when he re-sealed the box and the cat then endured a 200 mile journey and arrived at theDisplaysense head office destination in Hertfordshire, England.

Upon opening the box, the warehouse staff got quite a shock as a cat burst out of the box and hid behind some of the companies flat pack glass display cabinets.

Luckily the cat was eventually coaxed out and inspected for any injuries. Stuart Parnis the Warehouse manager at Displaysense described the young cat as being a little shaken by the experience but seemed to be enjoying all the attention and products around the warehouse, with lots of boxes and display cabinets to climb in and investigate. It is believed that the cat simply climbed inside the mannequin box as its owner repackaged the unwanted retail display.

A blue collar was found around the cats neck and it turns out she was affectionately named “etoile” which is the French for “Star”, accompanied by a return address clearly written on her collar. After Star had calmed down and eaten some food, the customer was contacted and made arrangements for the cat to be collected.

Stuart Parnis commented “It is true what they say, cats really must have 9 lives, but at least Displaysense were around to give its next life the purrrr-fect start.”

About Displaysense
Displaysense was established in September of 1978 as a manufacturer of quality point of sale displays. Displaysense has a wealth of experience in design and manufacturing and has been able to develop an ever growing standard range of over 1500 displays. The range is now hugely diverse including acrylic containers, display cabinets, mannequins, modular shelving units, exhibition displays and business card holders.

Displaysense works with a large range of clients including, retailers (multiple and independent), blue chip corporate clients, cafés, bars, restaurants and night clubs, shop and office fitters, marketing and promotions companies, designers and architects, product distributors, exhibition contractors and exhibitors, printers, councils and NHS trusts, charities, schools and universities.

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