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Melrose Jewelers Rolex Watch Information & Education Guide

Rolex: Melrose Jewelers, USA’s #1 online Rolex watch retailer, today launched the world’s largest Rolex Watch Education & Reference guide at The MJ Rolex Reference Guide includes analysis on distinguishing between Genuine and Replica Rolex watches, a history on Rolex watches and the Rolex corporation, Rolex cultural events & the significance of Rolex in the media, Rolex care & restoration, as well as comprehensive histories and analyses of 18 Rolex wristwatch models including the Rolex Day Date President, Datejust, Explorer, Rolex GMT-Master, Milgauss, Oyster Perpetual Datejust, Submariner, and the Rolex Yacht-Master.

Business Week lists the Rolex brand as #71 in the world with its brand value at nearly $5 billion. Rolex watch sales along with luxury goods sales are booming, even with the housing recession. Now, individuals interested in purchasing a Rolex, looking up reference information about their Rolex watch, looking to care for or restore their Rolex watch, or interested in learning about the history of Rolex’s brand, watches, and its company can now use the Melrose Jewelers Rolex Reference Guide to obtain independent, unbiased information about Rolex.

Mike Moon, Head of Market Research at Melrose Jewelers states, “As the nation’s largest online retailer of Rolex wristwatches, we realized there was an immense amount of incorrect information out there about Rolex watches. Every website has their own opinion about what differentiates an authentic Rolex from a fake one, what certain Rolex reference numbers mean, and which events in history helped to name and shape the Rolex watch models like the Rolex President and Datejust. It’s just not fair to the unknowing consumer who has to spend hours upon hours searching about Rolex only to be potentially taken advantage of. We’ve invested a lot of time and money into creating the MJ Rolex Reference Guide with the sole purpose of cleaning up and clarifying an otherwise, very unclear industry with the belief that a more informed consumer base makes for a better overall industry.”

Melrose Jewelers,, USA’s largest online Rolex retailer, is a member of the NAWCC (National Association of Watch Collectors), the MJSA (Manufacturers & Jewelers Association of America) and the California Sheriff’s Association. Melrose Jewelers is not an authorized agent or affiliated with Rolex USA, Rolex S.A., or Rolex International. All Rolex watches offered by Melrose Jewelers are Preowned; no new Rolex watches are available from Melrose Jewelers. Rolex Datejust, Rolex Oyster Perpetual, Rolex Day Date Presidential and Rolex Oyster are trademarks of Rolex USA and a list of New Rolex Watch Dealers can be found at the Rolex website. Melrose Jewelers intends to complement the jewelry store offerings of Tiffany’s (NYSE: TIF), Zales (NYSE: ZLC), (NASDAQ: AMZN), Blue Nile UK (NASDAQ: NILE), and Signet (Kay Jewelers & Jared The Galleria) (NYSE: SIG) with Rolex wristwatches.

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