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Leading Online Retailer Is Authorized To Sell Genuine COGE Designer Palladium Rings, a leading online retailer of mens wedding rings, tungsten rings, titanium rings and unique contemporary jewelry designs for men and women, announced today that it is now carrying a selection of COGE designer palladium rings, wedding bands and partner bands.

“We are very pleased to be able to offer the finest COGE designer palladium rings and wedding bands to our customers,” said Ron Yates, founder,“In terms of luxury jewelry, COGE’s unique combination of precision German craftsmanship and innovative design is unrivaled. The addition of the COGE line complements our existing selection of high-end palladium, titanium and tungsten bands.”

COGE palladium rings utilize the most progressive fabrication techniques and feature avant-garde styling. Individually machine tooled and hand-crafted in Pforzheim, Germany, COGE’s artisan quality harkens back to a time before mass production, when each piece was handmade. A COGE wedding band bears the signature German precision and world-class quality control, because of the care each ring is guaranteed to meet the most exacting standards.

Most gold, platinum and palladium rings on the market today are cast, which will inherently lead to some metal porosity. While it might take a jewelers loupe to see, the porosity affects the shine and durability of the metal, and over time, small pinpoint holes will develop, causing the ring to wear down. COGE palladium rings resist this type of erosion because hey are individually machine tooled from a solid billet of metal.

The unique “lathing” process makes the COGE palladium ring harder and stronger, resisting everyday wear and tear more effectively than its cast counterparts. After a few months’ wear, most typical palladium rings will show scratches, however, the COGE grade of palladium is the highest quality and the hardest alloyed palladium in the world, as measured by the Vickers hardness scale or the Vickers Pyramid number (HV). COGEpalladium rings measure between 180 – 240, while typical palladium measures between 125 – 135.

In addition, the multiple step “lathing” process used to create COGE actually strengthens and hardens the material. As such, the COGE palladium ring is much denser and harder than a typical cast palladium ring. The heavier weight lends to a much more luxurious and rich feel that rests comfortably around the finger, without the extra weight of heavy metals.

An investment in a COGE palladium ring, as a superior alternative to a mass produced, lower quality cast ring, will ensure quality and value for many years to come. Wedding bands symbolize a lifetime of commitment and dedication, and deserve to bear the impeccable quality and beauty that are hallmarks of the COGE Design Group.

In addition to COGE palladium rings, brings cutting edge designs to market offering affordability and stylish value to couples in search for unique rings and contemporary jewelry. Enticing grooms and couples worldwide, the online retailer provides a multitude of styles and metals representing the best selection of palladium rings, titanium rings, tungsten rings, and mens wedding rings for the up and coming male and female demographic. For more information, please visit

About provides a wide selection of tungsten rings, titanium rings and black titanium jewelry uniquely styled for men and women. Experts in modern mens wedding rings and modern metals jewelry, leads the industry in contemporary jewelry fashions. For more information, please visit

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