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Blackwell Online Are Seeing Strong Sales Of Business Books, Despite The Current Business And Financial Downturn

Blackwell Online, the leading UK based book retailer, has seen strong sales of its business books, despite the credit crunch continuing to have a firm grip on most companies and businesses throughout the country.

As the UK enters into a period of increased business and financial instability, the question emerges of how well equipped today’s business leaders and employees are to manage their businesses during a recession, when the prevailing trend of the past years has been one of growth and stability.

Blackwell believes this explains why Blackwell Online has seen buoyant sales in the past six weeks – including the three top selling business books “Acquisitions Essentials”, “Ideas are Free” and “Future-Engage-Deliver”.

In fact Blackwell has a wide range of books addressing the theme of financial instability. A new book on Blackwell Online’s virtual bookshelves is “Panic”. This book looks at how people’s lives are ruled by the cycle of financial boom and bust. “Panic” is a collection of articles from contemporary commentators, giving a new insight into how markets operate and who really knows what they’re talking about.

To cater for the strong interest in business books and financial books which can offer advice on how to survive a recession, Blackwell Online has pulled together a unique collection which can be viewed online on the Blackwell business books page.

About Blackwell
Blackwell is the leading book seller of medical and education texts in the UK with over 60 outlets across England, Scotland and Wales. It has built an international reputation for bookselling excellence with links to academic institutions and libraries around the globe and has continued to expand its UK base on high streets and in university campuses up and down the country.

In 1995, became the first transactional online bookstore in the UK, giving people across the world access to over 150,000 titles. In 1998, Blackwell opened its central London flagship store in Charing Cross Road, the book-lovers’ Mecca. Since this time, two flagship stores, Broad Street and Charing Cross Road, have both won Chain Bookseller of the Year at the Nibbies, the annual British Book Awards.

Blackwell has now been trading for over 125 years from its world-famous flagship store at Broad Street in Oxford. Blackwell’s staff continue to be renowned for their expertise, depth of knowledge and love of books since the first Blackwell shop opened its doors.

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