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Thomas Sanderson Has Unveiled INTU Metal Venetian Blinds, Designed To Offer Improved Light And Noise Suppression

Thomas Sanderson, Europe’s largest manufacturer and supplier of window blinds and shutters, has unveiled the new ‘INTU’ metal venetian blinds.

The new INTU metal Venetian blinds from Thomas Sanderson offer the traditional benefits of a venetian blind, such as adding a contemporary look to the home and offering a filtering of light, but with modification to the Venetian Slats and Tension cord position. The modifications entailed the moving of the cord and the holes that it is threaded through to the left of the blind, ensuring less light being able to get through.

The modifications to the metal venetian blinds also means customers can enjoy reduced daylight seepage, increased privacy, cleaners edges and a streamlined design.

Thomas Sanderson blinds are also designed to fit seamlessly into the actual window beading, rather than the window recess, resulting in a precision fit and the practicality of not needing to raise the blinds to open a window, as the blind will move with it.

Using a technical survey based on information provided by Thomas Sanderson surveyors, any customers buying the new blinds from the company will have their blinds manufactured to the exact specifications required by the customer. Each blind will be crafted by a highly skilled manufacturing team, with the blinds then being installed.

The new metal Venetian window blinds from Thomas Sanderson are available now in a range of colours of finishes.

About Thomas Sanderson:
Since 1991, Thomas Sanderson has grown from a family run business to an international company offering products and services throughout the UK and Ireland. The company is Europe’s largest manufacturer and supplier of conservatory blinds, window blinds, shutters and patio awnings.

Thomas Sanderson has remained true to its roots, offering a local service and continuing to make its relationship with each and every customer its main priority. The company takes pride in ensuring the standards of service on offer match the high standards of its products.

Thomas Sanderson has been established as the market leader for over 17 years, and now offers businesses the opportunity to be associated with a national company, backed by local service. Thomas Sanderson has developed ‘refer and reward’ partnerships with over 1300 home improvement specialists, allowing them to offer their customers a complete range of products that add the finishing touches to any home improvement project, and with minimum fuss.

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