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Contractor-grade grow lights at wholesale prices facilitate winter and indoor plant propagation – a leading supplier of grow lights, residential lighting and commercial lighting, offers hydroponic growing solutions and savings on a variety of grow lights and grow lighting systems this winter season. Grow lights simulate the effects of sunlight on plants (photosynthesis), which may be diminished during long winter months experienced by many regions during this time of year.

“As the seasons change, growers may need to augment their lighting sources, and in most of the U.S., indoor growers will find a need to increase lighting,” stated Christina Roush, spokesperson for Access Discounts. “Professional and recreational home growers can take advantage of our full range of grow lights and grow light systems to effectively lengthen their indoor growing season, even during the most extreme outdoor conditions.”

Hydroponic gardening has grown in popularity due to its effectiveness in producing healthy quantities of fruits, flowers and vegetation. Plants grown hydroponically receive all of their nutrients from a water-based solution thereby eliminating the risk of soil borne parasites and illnesses. Indoor growing also eliminates the need for cultivation and weeding, and mitigates the effects of insects and rodents. offers a wide range of grow light types, each with its specific characteristics, that are available through its online store. High pressure sodium (HPS) and metal halide (MH) lamps provide the high intensity discharge (HID) lamps needed for the vegetative stage of plant growth. Lamps can be purchased by spectrum color, or as full-spectrum solutions and growing systems. Since light, climate and humidity all are factors in successful hydroponic plant growth, provides options for both commercial growers and the home grower.

Buying power and strong supplier relationships allow to obtain significant savings, which are passed on to customers. Manufactured in the USA, all residential, commercial and grow lights sold here are precision engineered to meet ETL, UL and CUL standards.

Specializing in an extensive selection of commercial and residential lighting and grow lights, brings affordable prices to retail and commercial customers. Commercial lighting solutions include high bay lights, low bay lights, wall packs, flood lights, exit and emergency lights, ceiling HID fixtures, HID replacement lamps, ballast kits, capacitors/ignitors, sports lighter, induction lights, garden bollards, conversion bulbs, barn lights, construction lights, motion sensor lighting, roadway lighting, vaporproof lighting and Skillers Work Wear.

The residential lighting selection includes bathroom lighting, kitchen lighting, ceiling lighting wall lighting, lamps, chandeliers, pendants, fountains, foyer, outdoor lighting and energy saving lights. Grow light systems, fluorescent fixtures, grow light ballasts, grow light reflectors, grow light bulbs, grow light accessories, replacement ballast kits, replacement capacitors, replacement ignitors and LED Gro Master

About provides a wide selection of grow lights, residential lighting and commercial lighting of the highest quality. Leveraging the close relationships developed with top lighting manufacturers, Access Discounts is able to provide the very best in lighting solutions at affordable prices. As a leading supplier of lighting fixtures for horticultural lighting, indoor and outdoor lighting, Access Discounts strives to bring quality lighting to customers nationwide. Founded in 2002 with headquarters in Milpitas, Calif., offers lights, lighting fixtures and accessories for residential, commercial and horticulture lighting needs. For more information, please visit

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