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Halloween Safety Kit Introduced By Leading Photo Luminescent Product Developer

According to statistics, children are four times more likely to be injured on Halloween night than any other night of the year.

Each year, more than 650 children are hit and killed by cars while another 20,000 are injured. On Halloween that ratio rises dramatically.

This year FotoLum – a leading developer of photo luminescent products and Solutions – is offering an inexpensive, yet effective safety kit designed to increase children’s visibility without compromising their costumes. Fotolum products are far superior to novelty glow in the dark items. They are the result of years of research and testing on high-grade, proprietary, materials yielding photo luminescent performance unmatched in the industry.

The same material used in the FotoLum Halloween Safety Kit is used on helmet and equipment patches implemented by the Fire Department of New York and many other fire departments across the nation to which FotoLum supplies.

FotoLum also provided the photo luminescent vinyl used in shoes sold to help promote the August released movie G.I.Joe: The Rise of Cobra.

The company is involved in a broad range of industry applications ranging from photo luminescent, non-slip stair treads for public stadiums; to photo luminescent indoor and outdoor signage; to the boarding (skate board, long board, surf board, etc) market with its newly released board protection and illumination product – Board Brite.

The company’s well-known After-Lite product which attaches to a compact fluorescent bulb is widely embraced by the “green” community for its energy-free emergency lighting capabilities.

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