New Fragrance Named ‘Love Etc’ Launched By The Body Shop

The fragrance has been created exclusively for The Body Shop by one of the world’s most talented perfumers, Dominique Ropion, who has worked with the world’s leading perfume brands, including Cacharel, Givenchy, Calvin Klein, assisting in the development of fragrances such as Armani ‘Code’, ‘Lovely’, ‘Dune’, ‘Euphoria’ and ‘Amarige’. Working closely with the Body Shop’s in-house team, Ropion created Love Etc which combines jasmine, vanilla, sandalwood and musk cream.

To gain greater insight into the generation of 20-30 year old women who most identify with the values behind ‘Love Etc’, The Body Shop also worked with respected socio-cultural trend expert Jolanta Bak.

“Perfume is a vehicle of dreams and aspirations – it conveys emotions, dreams, aspirations,” said Jolanta. “This fragrance appeals to women for whom ethical values are very important. They believe in justice, fairness and sharing, and they are less individualistic than previous generations.”

‘Love Etc’ is the very first Eau De Parfum to feature alcohol made from a fair trade and organic ingredients, grown in the foothills of the Andes, promoting environmental sustainability and biodiversity.

The launch of ‘Love Etc’ is supported by a new ‘Love Etc’ homepage which features video uploads of what people from around the globe expressing their views and opinions on love via the mediums of music, song and dance. Visitors to the ‘Love Etc’ homepage are also invited to send a love letter to a friend or loved one. The love letters can be sent direct or anonymously in order to share the love around the globe.

Customers are also invited in store to learn more about how the fragrance was created, with free samples of ‘Love Etc’ also be available in store. ‘Love Etc…’ will be available online and on the high street from September.

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Reflective Pet Collars Saves Pets’ Lives

It has been calculated that currently there are somewhere on the order of 72 million dogs owned by Americans. Those faithful pups are outnumbered by 82 million domestic cats! So it is inevitable that at any given time thousands of pets are roaming free, having escaped their owners for some “exploring” time.

Tragically, many of those escaped pets end up wandering onto the road and unseen, get struck by motor vehicles. The main reason for these accidents are the pets’ lack of visibility to the drivers.

FotoLum – a leading developer of photo luminescent products and solutions – has developed a line of pet collars designed to provide that visibility in multiple modes. Designed, developed and manufactured in Lenexa, Kansas, the FotoLum GlowTie 3-Way Collar is a unique solution born from years of research and testing. It utilizes high-grade, proprietary, photo luminescent materials, proven 3M Scotchlite retro-reflective coating, and high-visibility nylon webbing resulting in pet collar safety performance unmatched in the industry.

As you might imagine, the FotoLum GlowTie 3-Way Collar creates visibility in three ways. The base material is made of high-visibility, 1,100 psi coated nylon webbing. Its bright fluorescent orange color is an eye-catcher. The matching orange 3M retro-reflective shines brightly when hit with light, such as that from a vehicle’s headlights while the glow in the dark photo luminescence glows brightly for hours after proper charging from a natural or artificial light source. Available in 21″, 23″ and 25″ lengths, the fluorescent orange leashes come with a standard paw print pattern, or can be customized with the consumer’s request. Properly charged, the dog collars illuminate, then indicate for up to 12 hours.

FotoLum has just released the GlowTie Cat Collar available in full glow or glow with silver tread-plate reflective. The cat collar utilizes a unique bright blue glow in the dark color which will glow for up to 8 hours when properly charged. Collars are one size, 12″ long, and can be trimmed to fit smaller cats.

These collars can also benefit the pet owners as well. Results from a survey conducted by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission from 2001-2006 revealed an astounding yearly average of 87,000 fall injuries associated with dogs and cats. Any pet owner knows that their pet shows love by staying close. Take a step without looking and before you know it, your feet are tangled up with Fido.FotoLum GlowTie 3-Way Collar increases indoor visibility through their superior glow in the dark performance and high-visibility design.

All Fotolum products are made in the USA and recharge over and over, lasting for 10 years or more.

The same material used in the FotoLum GlowTie 3-Way Collars is used on helmet and equipment patches implemented by the Fire Department of New York and many other fire departments across the nation, including Atlanta and Los Angeles, to which FotoLumsupplies.

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Displaysense Has Been Carrying Out Big Changes To Its European Online Advertising Campaigns In Order To Meet The Demands Of Its International Customers

According to Displaysense, the UK’s leading supplier of display cabinets and mannequins, many companies are not tackling all of the issues surrounding international language barriers and could be missing out on business as a result.

Due to the success of the company’s European website, Displaysense has been bombarded over recent months with more and more seemingly unusual enquiries for products, which has largely been due to poor translation and misunderstanding of products and their purpose.

The company’s sales team has faced strange requests over the past year, including a customer from France searching for a ‘naked female model’, when they meant mannequin, and a lady from Germany enquiring “if your Fach came with screws”, with ‘Fach’ meaning ‘shelf’ in German. They have also dealt with partial translations from European customers, such as the Polish customer who was looking for some cack stands, when they meant cake stands.

In order to better service their international customers and avoid further embarrassment to the Displaysense sales team, keyword translations are to be added to the website’s search tool. As in the example of the shelving unit, the search tool will direct foreign users who use such phrases or words to the correct product and provide the facility to pay in Euros rather than sterling.

Steve Whittle, the marketing manager at Displaysense commented: “This is only the start of our international “driving business forward” campaign, where we shall aim to optimise our European site to offer the best in customer search results and the products put before them. Eventually we would hope to offer domain specific sites that are fully translated, but that is some time off yet.”

With changes in global trade impacting upon all forms of businesses on a day to day basis, Displaysense has recognised that it is now more important than ever to ensure that communication barriers are broken down and businesses focus their strategies upon the wider world.

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More Retail press releases, The Ergonomics Brand, Adds New Vendors And New Color

Ergonomics office brand Elbow Friend is happy to announce working with Georgia based healthcare services company Cypress Care, and online retailer Elbow Friend is also introducing a new color in its line of ergonomic chair accessories: The Midnight Black Elbow Friend, for the professional corporate environment.

Midnight Black joins other professional colors such as Executive Gray and Royal Navy, along with its more vibrant original colors Grassy Green, Sunflower Gold and Racin’ Red.

The Elbow Friend is a super-plush, detachable armrest cushion that attaches with velcro straps or adhesive velcro to a chair’s armrest. It was created by a Film & Television Editor who has spent more than a decade sitting in uncomfortable office chairs. Elbow Friend retails for $22.95 for a pair, samples and Press Kit are available to the Press.

“I found it to be especially effective when using a computer mouse.” – Theresa Wozniak, OTR (Occupational Therapist)

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