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‘Board Brite’ Protective, Rechargeable Glow Strips Are A Hit With Boarders

One thing all skate boarders and long boarders can agree upon is the destructive damage caused to their decks from the inevitable “bail out”, crashing their board into a curb. A leading developer and manufacturer of photo luminescent products has solved that problem with an extremely cool side-effect. Board edges that glow brightly in the night – energy-free!

'Board Brite' Protective, Rechargeable Glow Strips Are A Hit With Boarders

Board Brite is created using military-grade, proprietary vinyl infused with rare earth photo luminescent crystals. It’s a process Board Brite’s parent company, Fotolum, has perfected for over a decade. The end result of this unusual combination of elements is a product that both protects and illuminates boards and boarding equipment. Backed with a superior 3M adhesive, the strips can be put nearly anywhere, giving the rider the power to customize boards accessories and safety equipment. In fact, the website states, “Use on decks, trucks, wheels, helmets, pads, gloves, skateboards, longboards, snowboards, surfboards, skimboards, kneeboards, skates, skis, and anything else you can think of!”

Prior to the introduction of Board Brite, boarders only protection alternatives were awkward nose and tail guards requiring invasive glues or screws. And illumination was limited to cutting holes in the board to install lights which also required the clutter of wires and the bulkiness of batteries. The self-adhesive 3M backing allows for a quick, clean application and it is waterproof which opens up applications for the water sports market.

The material used in the Board Brite is a variation of that used on helmet and equipment patches implemented by the Fire Department of New York and many other fire departments across the nation to which FotoLum supplies.

FotoLum also provided the photo luminescent vinyl used in shoes sold to help promote the August released movie G.I.Joe: The Rise of Cobra.

The company is involved in a broad range of industry applications ranging from photo luminescent, non-slip stair treads for public stadiums; to photo luminescent indoor and outdoor signage; to a variety of safety applications for home and business.

The company’s well-known After-Lite product which attaches to a compact fluorescent bulb is widely embraced by the “green” community for its energy-free emergency lighting capabilities.

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