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Environmentally-Friendly Floor Cleaning Solutions

Business managers and owners are ultimately responsible for making sure that all floors on their premises are kept clean and safe.

They can now be sure that their cleaning staff are doing the job as effectively as possible by equipping them with the new environmentally-friendly range of cleaning products from

Envodose floor cleaner and Envodose multi-purpose cleaner are both made to be environmentally friendly, and meet British Standards EN1275 and EN1276, which measure the effectiveness of cleaning materials in achieving their intending task.

“Because effective cleaning demands the best products available, we are constantly increasing the range of floor cleaning solutions which we offer our customers,” says Bhavna Mistry from

“This means everyone, from the cleaning staff to senior management, can be confident that any risk associated with a dirty, slippery or unsafe floor surface is eliminated as quickly as possible.”

As well as its new cleaning products range, Safetyshop also offers a range of products designed for floor protection, such as chair mats and carpet protectors.

While these products will achieve great cleaning results, it is also important that people who aren’t involved in the cleaning work are kept away from the area where it is taking place.

See here for a full range of safety signs such as wet floor signs and to alert people to stay out of areas where cleaning is taking place. All can be ordered by freephone, with next-day delivery available on in-stock items.

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