Skip to content Skip to sidebar Skip to footer Features Creative Designs In Modern Metals Comparable To Platinum, a preeminent online jewelry retailer has announced a brand new addition to its considerable selection of titanium and tungsten jewelry, and mens wedding bands: a collection of palladium rings and wedding bands possessing all the quality and allure of platinum at a fraction of the price.

Palladium is an investment quality precious metal, part of what’s known as the Platinum Group Metals. Chemically similar to platinum, it is likewise prized for its purity, durability, and brilliant white color. Palladium also has a broad range of applications beyond jewelry including electronics and industry. Along with platinum, gold and silver, it is one of the four metals to be given an ISO currency code.

The popularity of this white precious metal has been rising steadily in recent years, thanks to its similarities to platinum, wide range of tech applications, not to mention platinum’s rising prices. To boot, one troy ounce of .9999 platinum was quoted at in the commodities market last week at $1636, compared to $470.00 per troy ounce of palladium.

In the last few months, experts have been predicting greater demand for platinum and palladium in the coming year, citing persistent demand f r o m industrial consumers as well as swelling demand abroad for jewelry.

Like platinum, palladium is a superior jewelry metal due to its rarity, luxurious white luster and hypoallergenic properties. (Actually palladium is slightly whiter, lighter in weight and harder than platinum.) Previously white gold- an alloyed metal, was the popular affordable alternative to platinum.

White gold jewelry however, depends on a rhodium coating for its brilliant hue, and over time the coating wears off and requires refinishing. Palladium, a much purer and more durable metal requires no such coating to maintain its crisp whiteness.

“More and more people are choosing palladium rings and palladium wedding bands over platinum; they’re discovering that they can have all the rarefied eye-appeal and superior quality of platinum at a small fraction of the price,” says Ron Yates, the founder of “For example, the ARDENT platinum wedding band by ArtCarved sells for $2885. This very same ring in palladium sells for $695, less than a fourth of the price!”

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