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CQout Has Announced That It Has Achieved An Important Milestone With Listings Of Well Over Half A Million Books And Comics

CQout which recently broke into the US market to offer its services to disenfranchised eBay users has grown to become eBay’s closest rival in the UK online auction market by establishing a reputation as a safe, secure and trusted auction site and now has almost 2 million current listings.

CQout Has Announced That It Has Achieved An Important Milestone With Listings Of Well Over Half A Million Books And Comics

Despite new electronic gadgets such as the Amazon Kindle and internet downloads, demand for physical books and printed matter remains as strong as ever. The recent news that a first issue Super Man comic sold for over $1m at auction in USA is further testament to the strong if not growing demand in the book auctions sector.

A major factor in CQout’s continued growth in a market that has seen online auctions sites come and go is the company’s dedication to ‘going the extra mile’ to help its users. This has proved to be especially important for sellers of books and comics who often have difficulties cataloguing their sales inventories.

“We had discussions with two other leading online marketplaces about listing our inventory, but they just seemed too big to care: their attitude was that it was up to me to reformat my entire stock control system to match their very inflexible listing requirements,” reported one major CQout bookseller. “What was so refreshing about CQout is that they obviously wanted my business and were prepared to work hard to get it. What we now have is the listing interface we wanted, with the added benefit that CQout doesn’t charge for listing items- so I’m paying commission only on what I sell, which makes it a highly cost effective solution for us.”

That ‘no sale, no fee’ policy on standard listings is one of the things that has always set CQout apart from its better-known rival, as is the one-off registration fee that CQout charges new users as part of their highly regarded security validation process.

“One of the reasons that we’ve survived so long is that we take a rigorous approach to security and the creation of a safe trading environment for all concerned,” said CQout MD Siamak Bashi. “But above all we’ve recognised since day one that most small businesses and sole traders are busy people who want to make their online presence as simple and hassle free as possible- and that’s why we’re prepared to ‘go the extra mile’ rather than expecting them to work it all out themselves.”

With online sales continuing to rise in the UK and USA, it seems that CQout will continue to be a page turner.

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