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Online Coupons Offer Savings Opportunities For Consumers And Growth Opportunities For Businesses is making it possible for Internet shoppers to use online coupons to save money on virtually every purchase they make. This website is easy to use and navigate. Coupons can be found by popular tags such as, toys, jewelry, clothes, boots, home décor, sports, skin care, home and garden, and much more. These tags make finding specific coupons an easy process. Additionally, many coupon codes can be found using a special search feature. In order to assist online merchants gain even more exposure they can add their site to the listings at

Online Coupons Offer Savings Opportunities For Consumers And Growth Opportunities For Businesses

In recent years there has been a growing trend toward online shopping and special offers such as online coupons make this type of shopping a more enticing experience. is the one-stop shop for distribution of online coupons and coupon codes. This Internet shopping savings is a simple concept and it’s easy to use.

No sign up is required. However, consumers can set up email alerts for online coupons of their favorite online retailers and track their browsing history. This feature is extremely convenient for anyone that enjoys online shopping.

Countless websites’ checkout process have a field that asks for either a ‘coupon code’ or a ‘promotion code’, but most shoppers do not know where to find these savings codes. is the place for such codes. The codes have been gathered and organized in an easy to find manner.

The website also offers a program called ‘Pays-2-Share’. This unique program pays visitors for contributing and adding coupons to the site. Individuals login and submit coupon codes for participating merchants. When the coupon is used a payment is made to the individual that submitted the coupon code. Payment is made in the amount of 2% of the purchase price. This payment is made even on purchases made by the submitter and the individual has an option of being paid via PayPal or check. makes finding Online coupons easy. Besides the search by tags feature, coupon codes are distributed via email promotions. Visitors to the site can also search for a particular store name. is the leading one stop shop for online coupons. It provides a quick and easy way for individuals to find discounts for the stores and items that they need. Coupon codes have been gathered and organized in easy to search data bases. Additionally, online retailers can add their site to the listings there in order to gain more exposure. is a user-friendly website that is simple to navigate and use. It provides savings opportunities for shoppers and additional exposure for online merchants.

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