Face Of Debenhams’ Designer Collaboration H! By Henry Holland Swim Revealed

Henry Holland commented, “Fiona caught my eye immediately with her entry for our original ‘Find a Face’ competition. She looks lively, happy and fun so I thought she’d be the perfect girl to represent the new H! swim range.”

Face Of Debenhams' Designer Collaboration H! By Henry Holland Swim Revealed

Fiona entered a competition to have her face included in a one-off print designed by Henry Holland and used on a handbag and scarf in the Autumn H! by Henry Holland range. Henry was impressed with Fiona’s entry and decided to approach her to model his high summer swim range.

Sasha Nagalingham, swimwear buyer at Debenhams, said, “At 5’4” Fiona might not meet traditional criteria for a professional model, but she is beautiful, a natural on set and has a great personality – she’s someone the H! customer will really relate to.

“Looking at the images she produced, you wouldn’t think for a moment Fiona had never set foot in front of a camera.”

Fiona Kennedy, said, “I was a little dazed when I got the call – it was completely unexpected. I’ve never done anything remotely like this before.

“I’m a secret nerd, with a naturally small frame and never in a million years would I have thought I’d be modeling swimwear, especially for such big names like Henry Holland or Debenhams.

“On the day, I was extremely nervous, but after a couple of hours I just let my hair down and got in to the swing of things – it ended up being so much fun”

Fiona has written a blog for Debenhams about her day, what she thinks of the collection and how she feels about being spotted by Henry Holland.

The Henry Holland range includes bikinis and cut-out swimsuits in eye-catching photographic floral prints complimented by cute dresses and pinafore cover up pieces.

The H! by Henry Holland high summer swim and holiday collection has been specifically designed to appeal to the 17 – 25 year old age range and is a young designer fashion brand that translates the House Of Holland brand to the high street.

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Debenhams Finds Out How Fashion Suffers As The Week Goes On

Debenhams research reveals women take 36 minutes longer to get dressed for work on a Monday than on any other day of the week, new research shows.

According to the Debenhams study results, extra time is devoted to perfecting their hair, make up and clothing so that they can be sure of making a good impression on work colleagues. However, standards slip dramatically with each passing day, so that by the time Friday comes, the time spent on their appearance has slumped to just one quarter of the original figure.

Debenhams spokesman Ed Watson said: “Many women clearly experience a major fashion deficit as the week goes on. For some it’s a swift journey from Cheryl Cole to Nora Batty – in just five days.”

The data emerged during Debenhams network of personal shopper studies into women and men’s dressing habits throughout the week.

The results show that women spend, on average, 76 minutes getting ready for work each Monday morning. Twenty three minutes of which will be devoted to their hair, eighteen minutes on make-up, sixteen minutes to trying out different combinations of clothes with the rest taken up by showering and washing. However, this figure falls to just 40 minutes the following day, with time spent on hair falling to 12 minutes, with make-up and deciding what to wear both dropping to 9 minutes each.

By the time Friday comes, the total time spent on getting ready has collapsed to just 19 minutes – a quarter of the original figure. Instead hair preparation takes six minutes, make up just two minutes and deciding what to wear just one minute. Time spent in the bathroom remains constant at an average of ten minutes regardless of day of the week.

Men, by comparison, take on average 28 minutes to get ready on a Monday, a figures which slumps the very next day to 14 minutes before falling to a constant low of eleven minutes for the rest of the week.

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Burton Joins Forces With The British Forces Foundation

Burton and the British Forces Foundation are teaming up again after last year’s success saw hundred’s of happy dad’s come father’s day as the exclusive ‘Dad’s Army’ tees completely sold out.

Burton Joins Forces With The British Forces Foundation

Burton has committed to donating £1.50 for every T-Shirt sold to the BFF, which will ensure that the good work the company do supporting and raising the morale of our troops serving on the front-line around the world is set to continue.

This Father’s day, opt for a wonderfully nostalgic tee to keep all of the Dads and the all British serviceman smiling. Each Tee is £16 and is available in selected Burton stores and on-line at burton.co.uk.

Glen George, Head of Buying at Burton said: “We are delighted to be continuing our relationship with The British Forces Foundation; after last year’s success, we are proud to, again, show our support to the cause. We hope it’ll raise awareness to the fine job these men do and to be even more successful than last year.”

Plus as another exclusive, Burton Online has teamed up with Kahuna watches to offer the chance to win one of 5 watches that are up for grabs. The partnership emphasises the long-term relationship between the two companies where Kahuna watches continue as part of Burton’s accessory offering.

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Debenhams See Fake Flower Sales Soar

Debenhams sales figures provides news which could reduce Alan Titchmarsh to tears, as UK sales of fake flowers soar due to an increasing number of hay fever sufferers.

Despite the popularity of The Chelsea Flower Show, and gardening programmes on TV, Debenhams sales figures show that record numbers of households all over the UK are opting for artificial flowers over the real thing.

It seems that this year in a bid to stop the sneezing and help solve their hay fever problems, shoppers have increasingly turned to pollen-free alternatives flowers.

Steve Lightfoot, Trading Director for Home at Debenhams, said, “With hayfever affecting over 12 million people in the UK alone, it’s no surprise that we have seen an incredible 92% rise in sales of our Grey Rose by Jane Packer range.”

Hay fever is the result of air currents circulating the pollen released by fresh flowers, which can irritate the sinuses. Fake blooms enable a room to be enhanced and personalised without having a pollen infested home – perfect for fighting those summer time sneezes.

Steve commented, “They’re perfect for people who want to have the joy and beauty of freshly cut flowers in their home – without the expense or the sniffles.”

So far this season Debenhams’ biggest sellers have been the cymbidium arrangement, followed by a red amaryllis with berries, where even the water looks real. Next in popularity are the red tulips in bud vase, then the hydrangea in glass bowl followed by the cream bonsai in black vase.

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Escapade Announces Special World Cup Discount

Escapade, fancy dress suppliers, has arranged that every time England wins a game of football during the 2010 World Cup, there will be a special discount in price for all the fancy dress costumes.

Escapade Announces Special World Cup Discount

This special deal will begin on the 12th of June. If England should beat the United States of America, Escapade will offer a discount of 5% from 10am the following day of the match that is valid for 24 hours. This will continue for each of the matches that follow, so if England went on to be victorious against Algeria then the discount will increase to 7.5% for the from 10 am the following day for 24 hours, right up to a 35% discount should England fans prayers be answered and England should reach the final and win.

The World Cup discount is however only for those who are in the know about the deal. Customers will first have to sign up to a mailing list available on the Escapade site or become a fan of Escapade’s Facebook page. A voucher code will then be sent to everyone who has registered at 10am the day after each England victory, so customers will be able to celebrate the evening away, and then make use of their discount for the next 24 hours.

From there, customers will have the choice of many fancy dress outfits, Halloween costumes and kids fancy dress.

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Displaysense Pumps Up Its Range To Include Giant Inflatables

Displaysense, the leading supplier of display equipment to the UK and Ireland has recently teamed up with its sister site, Inflatableeverything.co.uk, to provide new advertising inflatables to its range.

Displaysense has been working closely with Inflatable Everything over the past few months to bring on board some of its promotional inflatables and truly become the number one supplier of display equipment to the retail, exhibition and events market.

The new move means that Displaysense which already has over 5000 products in its range, including display cabinets and twin slot shelving solutions means that it can now offer businesses and organisations a chance to promote their products or services beyond just standard display equipment, with items from bouncy castles through to giant inflatable air dancers.

Steve Whittle the marketing director at Displaysense commented, “The move to bring on some of the advertising inflatables to Displaysense, felt like the natural progression for the company as we look for market growth and expansion over the next few years. We stand by our motto of selling a display for everything and that is exactly what we are doing. We don’t just sell shop fittings”.

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