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Lifestyle Inspirations Offers Free Personal Planner for Women in Time for 2010 Holiday Season

Lifestyle Inspirations LLC has just announced the launch of its newest product—MY LIFE MATTERS—a complete planning system for women. Like most day planners, MY LIFE MATTERS provides a practical way to schedule time and keep track of important appointments and commitments. Unique to this planner, however, is a flexible set of tools to help women master the important areas of their lives, as well as increase their sense of personal empowerment.

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MY LIFE MATTERS takes the concept of lifestyle planning in a new direction to encompass any of eight aspects of women’s lives: organization; physical health; personal finances; mental and emotional well-being; relationships; spiritual well-being; career, business, or volunteer work; and life dreams and passions.

Lifestyle Inspirations is the creation of three St. Louis women—Cecilia George, Bobette Kyle, and Laura Thake. Committed to their former Daysteps customers and the need for a truly comprehensive personal planner, the partners asked women what they wanted.

“We found,” says George, “that, while there are many books and resources about what to do in each area of life, there was little out there on how to integrate these changes and keep at it long term. MY LIFE MATTERS focuses on the how.”

Release of MY LIFE MATTERS 2011 calendar year edition is scheduled for November 2010. “But because we are eager to make it available to every woman who wants to organize and improve her life, we are offering November and December 2010 at no charge,” notes Thake. “The timing of this release is perfect because it will help with organization and budgeting through the holiday season. We believe our comprehensive approach to planning will have a major impact on the way women embark on self-development in all aspects of their lives.” These printable one-month previews can be downloaded from

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