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Debenhams reveals British tourists are marking their territory on the beach

Debenhams, the high street store, has revealed that super-sized beach towels, able to occupy extra room on crowded shores and sun loungers are soaring in popularity.

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Customers are using them to mark out more territory during holidays, providing a better defence against incursions from rival tourists fighting for space in the most popular resorts.

The new towels are up to 65 per cent bigger than normal, and designed using distinctive, bold, bright colours, making it obvious that the space is already occupied, even when the owner isn’t there.

Debenhams spokeswoman, Michelle Dowdall, said: “We’re calling it The Churchill Factor. British tourists have never forgotten his war time rallying call.

“They’re more determined than ever to ‘fight them on the beaches’ but this time they’re doing so using an entirely new Maximum Occupation technique.”

Just two of these beach towels , side by side, will occupy and block off more space than three normal sized towels did in the past. This means that a family of four British tourists, each armed with a super-sized towel, is now able to mark out up almost two thirds more prized beach side territory than before, putting competitors at a distinct disadvantage.

Applied on a national scale, it means that British tourists could be occupying up to 65 per cent more room on many of the best holiday beaches across the world this year.

Michelle Dowdall continued: “We don’t believe that rival tourists will take the introduction of bigger British beach towels lying down. It’s bound to spark the equivalent of an arms race in the beach towel industry, with a trend towards even bigger more vibrant models. However, none of this should create any extra tension during the family break. Experts tell us that the main reason for arguments on the beach is the lack of space between rival factions.

“Bigger towels will ensure that each holiday maker has greater personal space. They will be a force for peace rather than conflict.

“The key, as always, will be to get to prized areas early.”

Sales are increasing an average of 10% week on week, as families get set for their summer holidays.

The supersized towels measure 180cm by 90cm. Until now, beach towels have measures just 150cm by 70cm – a 65 per cent difference.

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