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Keep to your New Year resolution with Earplug Shop

It has been said that taking care of ourselves and ensuring good health is one of the most popular New Year resolutions to make. During this time gym memberships see an all time high and fatty foods are thrown away, but people are also beginning to ensure their hearing is looked after too. Earplug Shop has suggested that earplugs are the best form of protection when it comes to ensuring good hearing, providing protection in most situations from concerts and nightclubs, to loud working environments.

The common misconception about earplugs is that they block out noises altogether. However, choosing earplugs by their noise reduction rating can ensure only the desired noise levels are blocked. Earplugs can also be chosen by use, whether it be going to concerts or riding a motorcycle.

Claire Brown, E-commerce manager at Earplug Shop said: “People are increasingly becoming more aware of the benefits earplugs can provide and with no known cure for deafness and hearing impairment many people are taking to earplugs when attending noisy events. There is a variety of earplugs available to customers that can help them block out wind and helmet noise when riding a motorcycle, reduce the level of damaging sounds when attending concerts and ear plugs that can help block the sound of snoring.

“Sleeping earplugs are one of the most popular varieties as people are becoming more aware of the importance of a good night’s sleep.”

Heartech SilentEar is the retailer’s top selling earplug, ideal for those who have problems sleeping or have to contend with a snoring partner. With their noise reduction rating of 32dB, wearers can enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep without any disturbances, giving their body time to relax and recover from the day’s activities. Mack’s Pillow Soft earplugs have also been a popular choice with Earplug Shop customers and are America’s #1 selling mouldable silicone earplugs. Not only are they known for their noise blocking properties, they are also waterproof, perfect for those who wish to seal out water when swimming and wanting to prevent swimmer’s ear.

Mack’s Pillow Soft Kids Size earplugs also share these properties. Children’s earplugs are perfect for protecting a child’s sensitive hearing, which can be easily damaged when exposed to loud noises on a regular basis. At Earplug Shop you will also find a variety of colours so you’re sure to find the right earplug in your child’s favourite colour.

For keen motorcyclists, the Moldex Spark Plugs are an ideal form of hearing protection. The idea of speeding off into the sunset on a motorcycle may seem like a dream come true, but for their hearing, it can be a nightmare. Helmet and wind noise can seriously damage a rider’s hearing and once it’s impaired that’s it. With a noise reduction rating of 35dB, these earplugs are a very popular choice with motorcyclists.

Alpine MusicSafe earplugs are not only ideal for those who love to attend a good party, they are also the perfect accessory for a DJ to have. An amplified rock concert can reportedly reach up to 140dB, which is the equivalent of an aeroplane taking off and 55dB louder than what is considered to be a safe sound. These are the perfect earplugs for DJs to wear as they are constructed with different attenuation rates and filter sets, giving the wearer control over what noises he or she hears.

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