BT Shop phones sale now on

Online electronics and technology retailer BT Shop has kick-started its February phones sale, with savings of up to £45 available on some of its best handsets.

BT Shop is one of the UK’s favourite online technology retailers and stocks a wide variety of items, selling everything from office printers to computer hard drives. BT Shop offers the widest selection of BT products online and is possibly most well-known for its range of home and business phones.

The online shop sells over 700 telephony products, from accessories to answer machines, along with some of the most high-tech telephone systems currently on the market. Included in its sale are 17 cordless phone handsets and customers should act now if they want to upgrade today.

The retailer has chosen products from six of its BT telephones ranges for the sale. These include the BT Inspire 1500 Range, BT Hudson 1500 Plus Range, BT Graphite 2100 Range, BT Freestyle 750 Range and the BT Hudson 1100 Range. Many of these phones have received a full five star rating from happy customers and have excellent reviews that can be referred to when buying.

Caroline Hodgson, Marketing Executive of BT Shop said: “We offer all of our products at superb low prices so that our customers can benefit from state-of-the-art productss every time. Our current phones sale includes a number of our most highly-rated cordless phones and answer machines, all delivered free of charge within the UK as standard. We would like to urge any prospective customers to act now in order to get the full benefit of the sale and avoid disappointment though.”

BT Shop also promises to dispatch orders on the same day, as long as the items are in stock. To find out more about BT Shop’s phones sale and to buy products, visit now.

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New venture for popular contact lens supplier, Eyesbright

Eyesbright have built up a shining reputation for supplying fashion colour contact lenses for many years and now the company is set to embark on a new venture.

Eyesbright have just launched a new collection of prescription lenses that guides wearers to reputable suppliers. The collection has been broken down into brands to ensure customers can find what they’re searching for easily and conveniently.

Although Eyesbright do not currently hold any prescription lenses in stock, the contact lens supplier is happy to assist their customers find their ideal prescription lenses.

Managing Director of Eyesbright, Rob Doole commented: “We have had a lot of enquiries concerning prescription lenses and if the fashion lenses we stock are suitable. Due to this demand and the unfortunate matter that our plano lenses not being suitable for prescription wearers, we have begun a successful working relationship with suppliers, lending our customer with a helping hand when searching for their ideal contacts.”

The company has become a major player in the colour contact lens market and are now searching for new ways to bring their expertise to new customers. Sourcing the right corrective contact lenses can be quite a task for some people, especially when it comes to finding a pair that will suit a particular lifestyle.

Eyesbright are now guiding prescription contact lens wearers to a reputable supplier to ensure all products acquired are of equal quality to the coloured contact lenses that Eyesbright are so proud of stocking. Finding the suitable lens for certain prescriptions has become a concern for many people, especially for those who are new to contact lenses and are confused over the variety that may suit their lifestyle. At Eyesbright there is a full range of monthly disposable contacts, daily disposable lenses and even prescription lenses that can be worn over night.

There is also a specialised selection of lenses to choose from that can help correct problems such as astigmatism and presbyopia, short or long sightedness.

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New video baby monitor now available from BT Shop

Popular online electronics retailer BT Shop has expanded its baby monitor range with the new BT Digital Video Baby Monitor 1000, which comes with a powerful camera that allows you to keep a watchful eye over your child from afar.

Products from the BT Shop digital baby monitors range have won numerous awards in the past, from the Platinum Prima Baby and Reader award 2011 to the Mumsnet Best award of 2011. Each monitor within the range comes with high definition sound and a two-way ability that allows parents to talk to their child through the monitor, along with other excellent features. The BT Digital Video Baby Monitor 1000 is set to be the best of the range yet though, having an impressive array of abilities.

This new baby monitor is incredibly advanced, with a temperature display, automatic night vision, a 2.8” LCD colour screen on the parent unit, a maximum range of 300m and a fully adjustable zoom function. Up to four additional cameras can be connected to the monitor as well, giving full coverage of your children’s rooms.

The Baby Monitor 1000 will give parents peace of mind and it even has a total of five pre-programmed lullabies that can be used to sing your child back to sleep. The superb sound quality will allow you to hear your baby’s cries from any point within the house and the cameras can be wall-mounted. When multiple cameras are used parents can either switch between the cameras on the parent unit or each room can be viewed via split screen.

“We’re very pleased to be able to offer parents the new BT Digital Video Baby Monitor 1000,” said Caroline Hodgson, Marketing Executive of BT Shop. “The cutting-edge technology used in its design is guaranteed to help parents, and those with more than one child will find our additional cameras very handy.

“The monitor is available from BT Shop for just £119.99, and our extra wall-mountable cameras can be bought for £49.99 each. We can deliver items on the same day as well, so you can get your products as soon as possible when using BT Shop.”

To find out more about the BT Digital Video Baby Monitor 1000 or to buy, visit the official BT Shop website.

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